Week 2

Nine takes Week 2
ASTRA: Week 2


1. Seven News Seven 991,000
2. ABC News ABC1 859,000
3. The Vicar Of Dibley Seven 822,000
4. Nine News Saturday Nine 818,000
5. No Leave No Life Seven 761,000
6. Kingdom Seven 755,000
7. Borderline Seven 739,000
8. Taggart ABC1 731,000
9. ABC News Update ABC1 681,000
10. Wipeout Nine 651,000

Seven: 28.5
ABC: 23.0
Nine: 20.4
TEN: 19.6
SBS: 8.5


Seven: 26.7
Nine: 26.3
ABC: 24.1
TEN: 15.7
SBS: 7.3


1. Today Tonight Seven 1,122,000
2. Seven News Seven 1,062,000
3. Nine News Nine 961,000
4. ABC News ABC1 836,000
5. A Current Affair Nine 823,000
6. Ten News At Five Ten 721,000
7. How I Met Your Mother Seven 711,000
8. 7.30 Report Summer Edition ABC1 701,000
9. Seven Ages Of Rock ABC1 694,000
10. Gary Unmarried Seven 659,000

Nine: 28.9
Seven: 24.3
TEN: 20.3
ABC: 19.9
SBS: 6.5


1. Seven News Seven 1,184,000
2. Nine News Nine 1,132,000
3. Today Tonight Seven 1,084,000
4. ABC News ABC1 988,000
5. A Current Affair Nine 966,000
6. Air Crash Investigations Seven 817,000
7. Cold Case –Rpt Nine 776,000
8. Ten News At Five Ten 770,000
9. 7.30 Report Summer Edition ABC1 736,000
10. How I Met Your Mother Seven 733,000

Nine: 32.0
Seven: 26.6
TEN: 18.8
ABC: 16.1
SBS: 6.4


1. Seven News Seven 1,224,000
2. Today Tonight Seven 1,168,000
3. Nine News Nine 1,166,000
4. A Current Affair Nine 980,000
5. ABC News ABC1 967,000
6. 7.30 Report Summer Edition Abc1 904,000
7. Survivor: Samoa -Ep1 Nine 837,000
8. Survivor: Samoa -Ep2 Nine 815,000
9. Lake Eyre: Australia’s Outback Wonder ABC1 801,000
10. How I Met Your Mother Seven 796,000

Nine: 27.8
Seven: 25.2
ABC: 21.4
TEN: 19.2
SBS: 6.4


1. Seven News Seven 1,274,000
2. Today Tonight Seven 1,231,000
3. Nine News Nine 1,203,000
4. A Current Affair Nine 1,086,000
5. Destroyed In Seconds Seven 990,000
6. The Mentalist –Rpt Nine 985,000
7. ABC News ABC1 976,000
8. CSI: Miami Nine 874,000
9.The Force – Behind The Line -Rpt Seven 819,000
10. Two And A Half Men –Rpt Nine 796,000

Nine: 28.3
Seven: 25.6
TEN: 17.9
ABC: 17.1
SBS: 11.1


1. Seven News Sunday Seven 1,425,000 344,000 396,000 353,000 156,000 177,000
2. Nine News Sunday Nine 1,285,000 334,000 444,000 254,000 139,000 115,000
3. Mighty Ships: Faust Seven 1,035,000 231,000 284,000 250,000 120,000 149,000
4. Two And A Half Men -Rpt Nine 1,023,000 274,000 390,000 144,000 108,000 105,000
5. Border Patrol Seven 1,022,000 216,000 272,000 268,000 108,000 158,000
6. Bones -Rpt Seven 1,020,000 254,000 264,000 248,000 123,000 131,000
7. 20 To 1 -Rpt Nine 910,000 302,000 390,000 118,000 100,000
8. The Big Bang Theory -Rpt Nine 817,000 186,000 309,000 161,000 75,000 86,000
9. ABC News ABC1 777,000 186,000 210,000 158,000 77,000 147,000
10. Second Test: Australia V Pakistan Nine 718,000 182,000 218,000 153,000 86,000 79,000

Seven: 30.9
Nine: 30.7
ABC: 15.9
TEN: 15.2
SBS: 7.3

Source: OzTAM


  1. yes that is one of the reasons i like the show but i like it more seeing the emotion and work that parents and the doctors do, some of those babies have to go through hell.

  2. TT is – as always – doing so well against ACA. I’m wondering what impact Sam Armitage has; is she popular or is Leila McKinnon unpopular? And is it just me but do they deliberately sex her up.

    Meanwhile, “Ryan” I have a sneaking suspicious you might just be Kim Watson in disguise. I’m guessing a huge reason you like Saving Babies is because of her? Lol.

  3. @ Goonies
    “I have been a Neighbours viewer for years and would be extremely peed off if it were to change it’s timeslot.”

    I have also been a Neighbours viewer for years and I was extremely peeved when it changed its timeslot from 7:00pm to 6:30pm. I feel that the 6:30pm slot is terribly claustrophobic and that it needs to escape and reclaim its rightful and original slot. And I couldn’t care less if Home & Away remained in the same timeslot. Those who watch both can record one for t’other.

  4. I found myself watching some of Gary Unmarried recently..and yes it was because of the rubbish on 9-10..but I found it wasn’t as bad as I expected from 7s promos.

  5. just saw that Australia’s Got Talent is coming back this year au.tv.yahoo.com/news/article/-/article/5206990/

    Sure it’ll be another ratings hit

  6. I have been a Neighbours viewer for years and would be extremely peed off if it were to change it’s timeslot.

    7PM flailing & failing badly now – entertainment level is dropping every ep and I totally agree re Dave Hughes, he seems to be getting worse and worse – did we all notice last night when he asked that idiotic question about whether or not the Ady Gill would be for sale? The guy on the other end was so dumbfounded by the stupidity he just didn’t answer.

    Re Malcolm being on a 6pm – will it then suffer from ‘your cut’ disease because of its classification? Friends / Seinfeld / Simpsons @ 6pm all end up being cut to shreds! They cut the words ‘crap-shack’ out of the Simpsons the other day!!

  7. I find it amazing how all you “would be” programmers have the answers for TEN to revamp and rectify their sliding ratings.
    I just wonder if the programmers employeed at TEN go through the same process.
    Enough about the issue. Let them figure it out. Thats what they are paid for. These people might consider some of the options being presented here but do you think they are going to adopt them….No….because they are paid to plan these things and they think they don’t need any help.

  8. David I don’t think 7PM would work at all at 6:00. I say move it to 10:30 if it doesn’t pick up in ratings. Obviously nothing can be done until Masterchef begins because ten simply don’t have enough commissioned shows to fill the schedule at the moment.

  9. tasmanian devil

    What if Network Ten shortened their 5pm news hour to half an hour with the 5:30pm Project following (the name is by no means obligatory). Up against Hot Seat, Deal Or No Deal, kids shows, overseas news, Bewitched and Martha Stewart, it could potentially do better. And it’s still non-ratings, so it could just be a trial, similar to moving The Bold and The Beautiful to 6pm last summer. That gives Ten some options: such as when when Neighbours returns, Malcolm In The Middle can just move down half an hour instead of replacing The Simpsons, and if The Biggest Loser performs poorly at 7:30, it can easily be bumped back up to 7:00.

  10. 17 Malcolm In The Middle Ten 530,000 153,000 149,000 79,000 77,000 73,000
    18 The 7pm Project Ten 527,000 160,000 153,000 117,000 53,000 45,000
    28 M-Japanese Story Seven 423,000 101,000 103,000 113,000 59,000 48,000
    31 Oz And James’s Big Wine Adventure Sbs One 320,000 75,000 115,000 63,000 27,000 40,000
    35 Gourmet Farmer Sbs One 278,000 71,000 102,000 58,000 16,000 31,000
    48 Stargate Atlantis 7two 182,000 40,000 44,000 53,000 27,000 18,000
    51 Mother And Son 7two 160,000 31,000 55,000 35,000 22,000 18,000
    52 The Bipolar Bears Sbs One 155,000 32,000 64,000 30,000 12,000 17,000
    68 The Graham Norton Show Abc2 121,000 18,000 49,000 30,000 15,000 9,000
    84 Fifth Gear 7two 94,000 24,000 8,000 35,000 13,000 14,000
    92 Bewitched Go! 89,000 26,000 22,000 9,000 13,000 20,000
    96 Seinfeld Go! 85,000 13,000 37,000 14,000 9,000 12,000

  11. How has Nine won thursday with only 2 shows in top ten.

    Also it is not good for Ten, they will come forth again because Ten only averages around 35 points for Friday/Saturday, while Two can easily get around 45 points

  12. Ten is on a roll, 2 nights in a row they have beaten abc! Though after their usual horrific Friday and Saturday shares, Ten will likely land in fourth for the week yet again.

  13. TvbytheNumbers reports ratings for only 3 hours a day (as do all the U.S. ratings reports) (from 8pm-11pm incl) because that is considered primetime in America. Our official primetime here is 6pm-midnight, but because most advertisers only care about 6pm-10.30pm and from 10.30pm-midnight is considered late night and has much lower rates, the real primetime in Australia is 6pm-10.30pm…which is still longer than America’s 8pm-11pm.
    The emphasis in America with the ratings is also on the advertiser friendly 18-49 demographic, an example being a headline stating that Biggest Loser Edging out NCIS in 18-49, even though NCIS won in total people by around 10 million people…almost doubling Biggest Loser’s figures.
    In the U.S. the story is about Biggest Loser winning in 18-49…in Australia that would have been ignored by most ratings reports and accused of being spin.

  14. I think the tvbythenumbers reference referred to reporting the ratings for 18-49 not an exact replica. But it’s a good model to work with..just reporting the total viewers + the 18-49 shares..or in our case perhaps the 25-54 shares.

  15. TVbythenumbers.com is American, so why would we copy that? It’s very different over there. I believe they only report ratings for 3 hours a day – 8pm, 9pm and 10pm.

    As for Ten programming, Neighbours needs to be left at 6.30 as still alot watch both Neighbours and Home and Away. The 7pm Project at 6pm would suffer even more.

    If we had the half hour break down of Ten news, I’m sure the first half hour rates much higher than the second as people swicth over during the second half, especially those who don’t care about sport.

    Ten News at 5.30 would probably work. Might also make for better programming from Nine at Seven for 5pm as well as it looks like they don’t care about 5pm while Ten has news on.

  16. Nah david, the show needs to go! its more a daytime or late night show. plus is just hasnt worked and they have tweaked it enough and its doing worse.
    If neighbours was moved before 6 then i dont think 10 would get those points for aussie content.

  17. Ten really do need to tamper with their line-up. I would go against moving their “News at Five” because of the good ratings it gets, however something like this isn’t too bad:

    4:00-4:30 – Neighbours; 4:30-5:00 – Bold and the Beautiful
    5:00-6:00 – Ten “News at Five” – National News Broadcast
    6:00-6:30 – Ten “Local News” – State News Broadcast
    6:30-7:00 – Current-Affair style show – National Broadcast
    7:00-7:30 – The 7pm Project; 7:30-8:30 – Realities

    This could cut costs because the state-based news is only half an hour, not the full hour. It also provides the 7pm Project with a “news” lead-in, and provides an hour of “soapies” with Neighbours and Bold.

    I’ve always wondered how Ten were going to work out the 7pm Project and their realities. If Ten do like they did last year they will have Dance and Loser on right off the bat. If they stop showing Loser and MasterChef every day they could get viewer backlash because Australian’s are used to seeing these shows every day …

  18. my god dave hughes is really really bad at what he does on 7pm! nearly everytime he goes to say something he stumbles or if he does say something its something really stupid

  19. There is no way on Earth TEN will be moving there evening news hour from 5pm. But what I think they should do is when they get their 3rd channel up they should have the news on from 6pm for those who can’t get home before 5pm, just encore the same bulletin but with the option to go live for breaking news if there is a big story.

  20. Do Australian TV viewers fall asleep at like 7:30? All our top viewed shows air before 7:30…

    David, follow in suite of TVbythenumbers.com

    Any chance you can give us a half-hour rating, (viewers and 18-49 rating) of all the TV shows that air on The Big Three in the 7:30, 8:30 and 9:30 hours?

    • It’s summer, everything is up for grabs. I also indicated last week Ratings data during Summer / OzTAM Timeshifting is undergoing some changes and asked for some patience during this period. Most of the industry are not back at their desks. There are many requests as to how to best present the info, but not until we see some consistency / trends in data. It’s only Jan 7 people.

  21. Perhaps 10 news could go 5.30-6.30? Neighbours needs to stay at 6.30 viewers are used to it there.

    And for anyone interested
    GO! 3.7%
    72 2.6%

  22. Vinnie: Can’t agree with you more about Ten News been at 6pm. I’d watch it, and I’m sure it’ll give 7PM project the ratings it needs. The only problem is where would neighbours go? 5:30pm maybe?

  23. LOL,

    Channel 10 upcoming movies…from the rotating stable of their 8 movies..

    ‘Billy Elliot” “Billy Madison” “Double Jeopardy”…Again and again and again.

    This surely must be a joke from TEN, they must be taking the p**s, is their main goal to run the station into the ground and get the lowest possible ratings every night.

    Why don’t they start running news broadcasts from 2008 with Sandra Sully in the 5:00 time slot, that logic would follow based on tens bi-polar like programming.

    As some said earlier, Just go away and don’t come back.

  24. 7pm Ratings are quite good given it’s Summer and targets under 50 yr olds which is where 7 & 9 make up most of their audience.

    David…noticed in Today’s Green Guide that they’ve started reporting on Total People, People 25-54 and People 18-49…any chance of you following suit?

  25. So for all that The Seige did the same numbers as Stargate & Supernatural, nice move ten.

    The big diff is that 10 would have a guaranteed 500,000 per week with Supernatural whereas there next “movie” could rate 300,000. And that movie will be “Love Actually”, or “jaws”, or “About a Boy” or another “Die Hard”.

    Bring back Stargate & Supernatural, TEN are w*nkers.

  26. Ten need the 7pm timeslot to work. Imagine the powerhouse they’d be if they had a consistent 7pm program and were then able to slam the other networks at 7.30pm with rotating seasons of their realities?

    For 7pm Project to work, they need to make it edgier and more intelligent. Comedy doesn’t need to be stupid. Even a shorter version of the Panel would be better. It needs a whole new relaunch. But remember, at least it rates better than Will and Grace.

    Meanwhile, does anyone remember if Nine did pick up the rights to Big Brother? Wouldn’t be surprised if a cheapened version ended up on Go!.

  27. I think ABC beat TEN because they were showing the Hopman Cup match between Australia and US.. that attracted alot of audiences. =)

    TEN probably deserves it i guess. Their programmes are so boring.

  28. Channel 10 needs to disinfect itself from Rove McManus and the ratings cancer he brought to the network. The 7pm project is a ratings disaster, it has become the weakest link into the crucial primetime slot. Channel 10 executives would be committing treason to their shareholders if they were to continue a show for another year that is averaging only 500k during primetime.

    Fortunately 2010 won’t see the return of 5th Grader and the Rove show and if sanity prevails the 7pm project too.

    If you want a bit of a laugh read the comments on Axe The 7PM Project! on Facebook.

  29. Time to go 7pm project! can’t even get 600,000 after a week off and a special story, this show will not do ten any favours if its stuck before the biggest loser or masterchef eps!! The 7pm project needs to be moved permantely to 10.30 slot and have 10 late news after it.

  30. 12 Bush Slam Abc1 730,000 189,000 209,000 160,000 75,000 97,000
    17 Gary Unmarried-Tue Seven 664,000 174,000 145,000 159,000 99,000 87,000
    18 Second Test – Australia V Pakistan Nine 651,000 184,000 210,000 125,000 70,000 62,000
    21 The 7pm Project Ten 518,000 121,000 195,000 91,000 65,000 46,000
    22 Malcom In The Middle Ten 511,000 127,000 159,000 67,000 69,000 89,000
    38 30 Rock (R) Seven 231,000 68,000 86,000 34,000 20,000 24,000
    39 The Circuit Sbs One 229,000 94,000 50,000 39,000 30,000 16,000
    46 The Cut Rpt Abc1 183,000 43,000 52,000 34,000 27,000 26,000
    56 Ugly Betty 7two 159,000 47,000 35,000 37,000 10,000 31,000
    59 House Tues Rpt Ten 148,000 42,000 55,000 21,000 20,000 10,000
    63 Poirot Rpt Abc1 137,000 32,000 47,000 21,000 18,000 18,000

  31. lol at Ten, yet another fourth place. Will they really continue with The (Failed) 7pm Project into ratings period. Last night (Tuesday) it got 518k.

  32. Can’t believe TEN dropped StarGate & Supernatural for really bad moveis that No one wants to watch and no one ever did want to watch. Yer, Jaws is a great film, one of the few decent ones you have, however rotating it 5 times in 12 months or so just shows how desperate you are. The Seige, LOL, good choice, morons.

    You dropped the ball, yet again TEN.

    You deserve everything you get, which is being the pond scum of the commercial channels.


  33. Dropping Stargate and Supernatural have not made any real difference to Ten’s share. Suggest the return of 7pm helped them to increase on last week while the movie most likely had average ratings just as low as the shows it replaced.

  34. @ byron- it was good to have it back even though it was only away for a week! will be even better when neighbours starts again next week.

    The Mentalist seems to hold up well with repeats..had seen last nights ep before but it’s such a fun show i watched it again,of course there was nothing else on!

  35. does anybody know what figures 7PM project got last night, and how it compared to the rest of the timeslot? Is good to have it back, last night’s episode was great I thought

  36. 10s aim is the 18-49 / 16-39 demos,14yos wouldn’t make sense as they don’t count in ratings terms.

    I agree about the digital ch though..boooooooooring..all that sport bleh. How about all the shows you ditch from the main ch like Numbers,In Plain Sight,Monk et al and old sitcoms like Becker,Just Shoot Me..easily enough to fill another ch.

  37. everyone does release that in TENS eyes an “older” audience is anyone over 16.

    You can hear them “What, aim this show at people in the mid 20’s to mid 30’s, are you crazy, we are not going to put shows on for old fogies – the people with the real taste are 14 year olds.”

    Hope The Siege was a failure. TEN, you are a scum station that needs a corporate take over fast or just needs to shut up shop.

  38. What is with the docudrama crap 7 litters their channel with. Now I am thankful that our public service people are doing what they are getting paid to do, and I’m happy for people finding their families, but whatever happened to scripted shows…? Shows where people who are trained to act gone?

    Channel 10 needs to try and launch newer shows out of existing shows. Possibly move White Collar from Tuesday post-NCIS to Monday 8:30, try and take down The Mentalist, or at least dent it. Don’t air too much whatever reality show they want to air, otherwise overexposure will kill the show very quickly, it’s what happeend to “Millionairre” in the States in 2000. Keeping the Animation Fixation block might not be a bad idea. Possibly start a 2 hr comedy block as well, something like Office/Modern Family (coming soon)/Accidentely/ it may work.

    Scrap the 7pm project, what is it getting 500k viewers? I’m sure it costs more than 20k to produce every episode, 20k is around the amount it takes to import an episode of the simpsons or friends. 10 should just look at CBS or ABC, look at how they schedule shows, because the only timeslot they are competitive in is the 8:30 Tuesday one with NCIS. They should probably air The Good Wife 9:30 after NCIS, and hopefully for them, it gets a season 2 so they can launch it on Wednesday or something.

  39. Gawd TEN is really tanking this summer. No surprise tho as their line-up of repeats is not appealing. Nevertheless, Border Something, the umpteenth 2.5 Men, Bones repeats and 20 to 01 repeats do not deserve the numbers they’re getting – all terrible shows.

  40. The TEN Network seems to be going down the gurgler. Their strategy to place second-rate sport on their HD channel was foolish. Replacing ‘9am with David and Kim’ with probable advertorials will be yet another mistake. I really wonder if TEN would have enough watchable programming to fill another SD channel. TEN needs to stop focussing on youth, Nine’s vigorous, fresh GO! Channel is stealing that demographic handsomely. TEN should put some general entertainment back on a 10HD channel for the ‘older’ audience. A total revamp of the very tired TEN News, especially in Brisbane, would be a good start. When I hear that boring news theme, coupled with an equally boring studio set, I turn off, seriously.

  41. Where the hell is Stargate & Supernatural tonight?? Taken off for a 12 year old turd of a movie that flopped when released. hope it tanks for you ten. While we are at it, is it not time you got a proper digital channel as opposed to ONEHD. 24 hour sport is an acquired taste.

    You keep that atrocity 7PM show going and take off the only decent thing you have on your lame arsed channel.

  42. No one is watching ch10 as they only have 1 good show & that’s White Collar and the rest are crap. They should buy some decent shows and then maybe we will start watching.

  43. why does ten even bother with d grade movies! die hard 2 has been played too many times and everytime it gets crap ratings and ten still dont learn, u think they would have realised the potential of a new movie on fta when nanny mcphee drew in that big num a while back. Everyone has a major dvd collection so showing a movie we have prob seen at home a hundred times wil never work.

  44. if we learn one thing from this summer it is that people would much rather watch repeats of familiar shows than new episodes of new shows.

    disastrous night for ten. a distant 3rd in all demos as well as a 4th overall. fair enough that 9 won demos, they have a young skewing lineup but 7 had 2hrs of docos and factuals and still beat ten in 16-39 by a good 3.6% and by 8.7% in 18-49. ten’s summer excuse that their audience is not watching tv can only go so far when the few young people that are watching tv have no interest in ten.

    and last week sunday was one of ten’s better days (they came 3rd!!) so the week is not looking bright.

  45. What a pathetic share for Ten, once again coming fourth behind abc which is becoming increasingly frequent. They may as well screen a test pattern.

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