Week 4

Seven scores with Tennis
ASTRA: Week 4


1. Seven News Seven 1,186,000
2. Tennis: 2010 Aust Open – Day 6 Night Session Seven 982,000
3. Australian Open 2010 -Preview Seven 946,000
4. Nine News Nine 920,000
5. ABC News ABC1 776,000
6. The Bill ABC1 762,000 219,000
7. Taggart ABC1 717,000
8. Tennis: 2010 Aust Open – Day 6 Seven 635,000
9. ABC News Update ABC1 629,000
10. Ten News at Five Ten 624,000

Seven: 33.7
ABC: 22.4
Nine: 19.3
TEN: 17.6
SBS: 7.1


1. Nine News Nine 1,298,000
2. Today Tonight Seven 1,158,000
3. One Day Cricket -Australia v Pakistan Nine 1,103,000
4. Midsomer Murders -Rpt ABC1 1,047,000
5. Seven News Seven 1,029,000
6. ABC News ABC1 806,000
7. Ten News At Five Ten 718,000
8. Seven’s Tennis: 2010 Aust Open – Night Session Seven 627,000
9. The 7pm Project Ten 594,000
10. Malcolm In The Middle -Rpt Ten 584,000

Nine: 32.6
Seven: 25.3
ABC: 19.7
TEN: 16.6
SBS: 5.7


1. Seven News Seven 1,300,000
2. Today Tonight Seven 1,232,000
3. Seven’s Tennis: 2010 Aust Open – Day 4 Night Session Seven 987,000
4. A Current Affair Nine 957,000
5. Nine News Nine 956,000
6. ABC News ABC1 818,000
7. The Secret Millionaire –Rpt Nine 764,000
8. Ten News At Five Ten 726,000
9. 7.30 Report Summer Edition Abc1 663,000
10. CSI: NY Nine 658,000

Seven: 35.7
Nine: 27.4
TEN: 17.1
ABC: 14.9
SBS: 4.9


1. Seven News Seven 1,134,000
2. Nine News Nine 1,129,000
3. Today Tonight Seven 1,116,000
4. A Current Affair Nine 1,024,000
5. Tennis: 2010 Aust Open – Day 3 Night Session Seven 1,004,000
6. ABC News ABC1 892,000
7. Two And A Half Men -Rpt Nine 874,000
8. The All New Simpsons Ten 840,000
9. Ten News at Five Ten 789,000
10. Futurama Ten 770,000

Seven: 34.0
Nine: 29.4
TEN: 16.6
ABC: 14.3
SBS: 5.6


1. Seven News Seven 1,301,000
2. Today Tonight Seven 1,167,000
3. A Current Affair Nine 1,130,000
4. Nine News Nine 1,064,000
5. Two And A Half Men -Rpt Nine 1,020,000
6. NCIS -Rpt Ten 1,008,000
7. Tennis: 2010 Aust Open – Day 2 Night Session Seven 970,000
8. Survivor: Samoa -Ep2 Nine 897,000
9. Survivor: Samoa -Ep1 Nine 895,000
10. ABC News ABC1

Seven: 32.8
Nine: 27.1
TEN: 19.9
ABC: 13.1
SBS: 7.1


1. Seven News Seven 1,370,000
2. Today Tonight Seven 1,234,000
3. A Current Affair Nine 1,220,000
4. Nine News Nine 1,185,000
5. Two And A Half Men -Rpt -Ep2 Nine 1,057,000
6. Two And A Half Men -Rpt -Ep1 Nine 989,000
7. The Mentalist –Rpt Nine 988,000
8. ABC News ABC1 965,000
9. The Middle Nine 897,000
10. Ten News At Five Ten 884,000

Seven: 28.8
Nine: 27.6
TEN: 17.6
ABC: 16.5
SBS: 9.4


1. The Marriage Ref: Sneak Peek Seven 1,226,000
2. Coastwatch Seven 1,196,000
3. Seven News Sunday Seven 1,182,000
4. Border Patrol Seven 1,172,000
5. Nine News Sunday Nine 1,167,000
6. I Dreamed A Dream – The Susan Boyle Story Nine 1,131,000
7. Bones –Rpt Seven 1,043,000
8. Mighty Ships Seven 1,025,000
9. Movie: Oyster Farmer ABC1 899,000
10. Castle Seven 829,000

Seven: 30.6
Nine: 28.2
TEN: 18.1
ABC: 17.5
SBS: 5.6

Source: OzTAM


  1. @Sasha Sorak…Love Actually had 560,000 total viewers watching from 8.37pm-11.31pm, with Seven getting 587,000 and Nine 779,000. Love Actually also won in the 18-49 and 16-39 demographics. So, even though this movie is repeated often, it is obviously still a viewer favourite and was a good alternative to sport on Seven and Nine, especially for the female demographic.

  2. “Soooo how did Love Actually rate? hahahahaha’

    It won’t really matter to TEN. They will have already scheduled it to run it another 8 weeks, right after “About a Boy” “Billy Elliot” and “Jaws”.

  3. Very interesting Friday Night ratings. Not only did the tennis get beaten by the cricket, helping Nine News to win the night and Seven News to slump to 5th, but TEN got beaten by the ABC – again!!!

  4. @ tmorgan – I know exactly what you mean 7s graphics are horrid and the clothes some of the presenters wear are plain ugly.

    @ dakota – wouldn’t worry about Neighbours most of it’s audience are still in party mode it’ll pick up come feb. Doesn’t matter anyway 10 would be raking in the $$ thanks to the demos it attracts and it does well in the UK.

    On to the friday ratings – looks like the cricket really gave the tennis a hiding. Personally I prefer the tennis but seems I’m in the minority.

  5. Seven wouldnt skip the news for the tennis. That would give nine the entire audience of both networks and seven news would be history.
    As for ABC’s new news channel, I doubt any damage would be done to 7 or 9. People will still want to watch their local news and ABC will be all national. And I bet one of the commericals, probs nine will bring out their own news channel soon. Nine has been acting like CNN with all its Live and Streambox bumpers. Still would prefer Nine over 7 though. Seven has atrocious graphics and the worst clothing here in brisbane. Talitha Cummings deserves to be shot with the clothes she wears.

  6. Hey Boogie (Love the name btw :o) – altho I loved Doogie too hehe)

    Yeah from what i’ve gathered the ratings aren’t Hugely important here thanks to the UK, and in context of what ratings are normally like these days both here and in the UK, it rates well over there, enough for it to stay on. But it just makes me nervous when its so low. I’m sure it’ll be great this year, its an Anniversary year so it’ll garner enough attention and go back to normal with any luck.

  7. Does Ten have a stake in overseas sales of Neighbours? Because if it does own a decent chunk then they probably wouldn’t care what it rated domestically. Ramsay St is probably writing its own ticket.

  8. Hey Guys,

    Digital Spy UK has a small article about Neighbours achieving what they believe to be one of the lowest audiences here in Australia its ever had – citing approx 400k.

    I’m hoping that’s just because they started so early, either that or Malcolm In The Middle is a poor lead-in compared to The Simpsons!? I’m not going to start worrying until after Ratings start again though… I just hope things get better…

  9. David, I’d like your opinion on this.

    Channel 7 has promoted the hell out of Cougar Town, before and during tennis, much like they promoted Prison Break a couple of years back. Prison Break got 1.9m viewers for the pilot here, but due to the fact it is heavily serialized, it fell away fairly quickly. What are your predictions for Cougar Town pilot. It got 11.5m in the US, but has since steadied out at around 7.6-7.9m

    Also, the other heavily promoted shows

    V and Underbelly for 9.

    Good Wife and House for 10.

  10. “I normally look over all the Top shows etc, but now it bores me”

    Yes, it is hard to get your daily fix of schadenfreude when the 7pm Project ratings are not shown.

    (I know there are changes happening etc. No need to explain)

  11. @ Ben Tree – on Wednesday Alf did 42,000, Full House 67,000

    @ Matt – Couldn’t locate ratings for Neighbours on Monday or Tuesday, but on Wednesday it got 426,000

    Source: Mediaspy.org

  12. I agree with Jed about Kitty Flanagan on 7pm project – she was incredibly funny – only once did the control room fall out of step with her graphics and shtick. She is as mad as a march hair, and perfect for the show – balances out the more earnest panelists like Negus and the dimpled doctor. I think the show is doing better – the fresher look and pace is helping, also I’m with Jed about Dave Hughes – he is such a liability – not lucid, not witty, not an interviewer and not all that funny. Carrie and Charlie in my opinion have benefitied from more time to settle in Charlie especially taking risks and handling the quick pace much better. I like Carrie, not having watched Rove, and she is a good buffer for the blokes. Tom is great, Denise a little goes a long way for me, and her self disclosure sends the show in an altogether different direction. I like the doc, the money man and Todd who is just too cool for the room some nights. I hope network 10 stick with it – i am curious to see how the big shows – biggest loser et al fare in the 7.30 slot.. My concern is that 7pm project won;t deliver the audience to the marquee shows (Loser, Dance, etc) TIme will tell.

  13. Only 34,000 between T&HM and All New Simpsons. T&HM numbers have been down. I can see why! They’ve played the same episodes probably 3 times in the past year.

  14. I’m loving ALF and Full House on 7TWO.
    And the 7pm Project last night was great, Kitty Flanagin is hilarious, keep her on the whole time. As much as people hate 7pm Project, i like it, still needs work (Dave Hughes needs to go). But it’s a great alternative and i for one need it, because there’s no way i’m watching H&A or 2.5 Crap

    Back on the tennis coverage, why is Seven putting H&A back on next week?? That would mean matches will be 1 hour behind in Adelaide. Not good enough Seven. If you don’t want to show tennis and would rather show Deal or No Deal and H&A then give the rights to someone else. Personally i think ABC should have it, they could use 2 channels and wouldn’t care about ratings so they’d show a lot more matches.

  15. I;m actually looking forward to the new season of house, it should be good not having to see the same crap they had in previous seasons. and with jesse and the other chick involved more that should be also good cause i did like them better than the new doctors. The good wife also looks pretty good but i need to see more in the promos, and underbelly 3 looks pretty awesome aswell. 2010 is gonna be good viewing

  16. re: steven g

    no, 9 didn’t screw us around, they aired the episodes in the same order and style they were aired in the US. as jeff probst mentioned, “no reward challenge” today. they were back-to-back immunity challenges, i.e. 2 people going home in one episode. they’ve done it before.

  17. great to see ncis back where is should be, malcom in the middle needs to be axed completely getting under 400,000. I bet ten are holding off to see whether having the 7pm project before the bl, whether people will tune in before it, Anyways another day under 600,000

  18. Did 9 screw us over with Survivor last night. The first episode seemed to be a 2 episodes in one. An immunity challenge and then the vote and then another immunity challenge and vote in the first hour. The second episode was normal. I hate it when you are screwed by 9 and no one notices !

  19. Is this reduced ratings page only while you’re on hiatus David? I don’t like it, I find myself visiting it a lot less. I normally look over all the Top shows etc, but now it bores me, and I don’t even read the comments.

  20. ha ha ha.

    channel 10, Love Actually again of Friday.

    This surely must me a misprint, they must be yanking our chain, they be trying to drive people away from their station and have people collective say “what, is that on again, it was just on”. Guess what, it was just on.

    TEN, you are a tragic, woeful excuse for a television station.

  21. Despite being a Seven fan i must say the coverage has been good but its not enough. I have heard the reason Fox Sports isnt airing it is because Seven asked for too much money. I believe FOX should have paid it. They get money from subscribers to watch sport so it should have been agreed to! Seven and TEN gave in to Foxtel before with the AFL so why should Seven have to do it again.

    As for the anti siphoning laws they need to be changed. This is why so many things cant be shown on the 2nd and 3rd digital channels available. The laws stop it from happening. Its like getting TEN to show the 2 AFL matches on a Saturday afternoon, one on the main channel and one on the HD channel. People keep going on and on and on about it but its just not allowed.

    The Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games are in the same boat as is other sports. Its why Seven had to distribute its coverage of Beijing to SBS instead of their 2nd channel. Until the law changes nothing can be done.

  22. Does anyone here have the contact number of Channel 7 for Queensland? I’m sick and tired of the delayed night session coverage. I think i have to really do something about it.

  23. again FedEx. anti-siphoning laws do not allow 7 to air Australain open on 7HD or 7TWO digital unless it is a rerun that has already aired on 7.

    people suggest this when 9 stops the cricket for the news all the time but there is nothing the networks can do. if you have an issue with it, it is something to take up with the government, not tv networks.

  24. @ FedEx: Well we all know ch7’s main viewing audience are the oldies which is probably why they never try new things……I’ll let you have one, good quality, all day channel broadcasting the tennis – but that is all ok? :)

    Just on the demographics of seven, my grandfather thought their new channel was only available to HD tv’s and it took some explaining that they were all available in SD. Then the picture skipped and my grandma canned the whole digital side altogether !

  25. @Goonies: If I’m being selfish, I would be demanding Channel 7 to even skip the news program for tennis, but they won’t of course.

    What I’m talking about is how inefficient Channel 7 is using the channels they control. They could have shown tennis in 7HD and kept the news program going on in 7SD, that would definitely be a win-win deal right? The thing is they just don’t want to take risk, to try out new things. They wanna let ABC to take the lead of trying out new technologies. Did you realize that 7 Network was the last network to come out with the 2nd digital channel? The fact is 7 Network just doesn’t have the guts, especially when they are the highest rated network in Australia just makes it look more embarrassing.

    And come on, Hannah Montana or Home Improvement over the Australian Open coverage? This simply just doesn’t make any sense. And also showing us delayed night session matches, as if they were live, this is totally not acceptable in our modern world.

  26. @ FedEx and others – whilst you may want to drool over the tennis on six different channels, there is probably a pretty big majority of us who don’t.

    I thought these extra digital channels were to provide everyone with a bit of variety, pretty selfish demanding that all 3 ch7 channels show the tennis all day don’t you think?

    re Perth sunset, I live there and it is at about 7 – 7.30pm

  27. @ryan – The latest possible sunset (around Jan 8 ) in Perth according to a few websites I have looked up is 7.26pm- where do you get sunshine at 8.50pm from without daylight saving?

  28. i live in perth and we ditched daylight saving because its not needed here we had it and people didnt use it. In perth right now the sun goes down about 8.50 pm so we dont need more sunlight thanks! i dont want to be going to bed at 10 and its still light!


    channel nine has chosen to scrren “the middle” on monday nights at 8.00 pm. I believe that the “big bang theory” is a far more entertaining program and will tate much better than “the midldle” which without doubt will ne a long term loser.

  30. @messy, i understand it is totally in Today Tonights style to do trashy stories like that, and i’m no fan of Hewitts, but i just don’t get the rationale of the hosting network choosing to p**s off as many players as they can when i’m sure they’d want access to these players for the tournament. Yes its topical, but also not a very smart move. Remember when Seven who had AFL rights, did a story revealing players’ medical records. The players boycotted the network. Guess they haven’t learned their lesson.

  31. Lolz, I guess I don’t have any power to choose whether to adopt the freaking day light saving or not. But this doesn’t mean Channel 7 can’t do better than this.. This is pathetic. Totally ruined my “summer of tennis”

  32. @Fedex, why don’t you (and Quensland) join the rest of Australia in the 21st century by adopting daylight saving. Then you might not be dissapointed as you seem to be with the “non live” coverage.
    @Jed, this is called News. Not everyone things that Dokic, Hewitt etc are angels and these stories are topical and attract views. This is what 7 wants. This is no different to any other sporting event and the network televising it.
    I agree that with all of the resources available to 7, they should be showing more live coverage on more channels.

  33. Ten really need to pick up the rights to the aussie open and play it on one hd so there are no interuptions! they can play every game and every little part along the way like press conferences and so on after.

  34. I’m making a commitment of not watch Channel 7 whenever they’re not showing tennis for all the crap that 7 Network is giving me. They have the sole broadcasting rights for the Australian Open in Australia, yet they fail miserably to utilize the TV rights they own, leaving a lot to be desired due to their sub-standard tennis coverage.

    After the Australian Open finishes, I won’t be watching Channel 7 again this year until the next Summer of Tennis begins. I’m totally fed up with this crap. Apparently, Today Tonight enjoys acting like a gossip tabloid, creating fake stories out of nothing. Dokic is already under so much stress, Channel 7 certainly didn’t do her a favour by covering the stupid argument she had with her boyfriend.

    Channel 7, you can’t be serious. And thanks to you, my “Summer of Tennis” is ruined.

  35. And another thing on Seven’s tennis coverage…..Today Tonight is a disgrace to say the least, but day 1 of the Aust Open, they the network is coveraging, and they go and do a pathetic story with the woman on the plane that argued with Dokic’s coach and boyfriend. They make Jelena into the bad guy and then they had the gall to stay make sure you stick aroudn tonight for the tennis featuring Jelena. Let’s see if this incident will affect her. Bloody hell TT & Seven, have you no shame? And tomorrow night, a story on the Tomic/Hewitt feud. Seriously, hosting the tennis coverage and all they wanna do is dirt pieces on all the Aussie players, yeah good luck getting interviews Seven. It’s like they want us to hate these players, and then want us to tune in to watch them play.

    Rant over.

  36. Man i’m hating Channel 7. The way they cover tennis is so primitive, as if we were still in the “medieval” era. Come on man, we’re in the 21st century, 7 Network has at least 3 channels under their control, yet they failed to show more than 1 match at a time. This is so pathetic!

    And at 5pm in Queensland they cut off the tennis coverage for Hannah Montana. This is just beyond ridiculous! I know that it was 6pm in NSW and Victoria, and they had to show their stupid news program, but it was still 5pm in Queensland. They could show us another 1 hour of tennis before switching to their preposterous news program. And not to forget that that all the people from states other than NSW and Victoria are treated with delayed coverage for All the night session matches. I wonder whether they are so stupid that they think people may not realize that it’s “fake” live. Bloody hell!

    We live in a 1st first country, but watching a 3rd world coverage. Tennis fans from America have 6 different channels covering different courts, and also ESPN provides Live online coverage of 6 courts well. Ironically, Yahoo!7, self-acclaimed the “official online broadcaster” of the Australian Open, provides 0 live online coverage. providing us with some crappy short highlights video. The fact that Australian Open is actually held in Australia added to the embarrassment of 7 Network, where sports are still shown in delayed. How crappy is that?

  37. Channel 7. You have the rights to the Australian Open tennis. So bloody show it. Who cares about Deal or No Deal. And worse an Australian was playing. From now on don’t cut the tennis for Deal or No Deal especially when an Australians playing, i doubt there’s anyone that desperate they have to watch a game show.

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