Seven locks in Bones, Castle, Cougar Town, White Room, HIMYM

Seven has finally revealed its airdates for remaining shows next week including Bones, Castle, Cougar Town, The White Room and How I Met Your Mother.

Bones and Castle return to Sundays from this Sunday at 8:30pm / 9:30pm respectively.

Its new Thursday lineup is as follows:

7:30pm The White Room. Premiere
8:30pm Cougar Town. Premiere
9:00pm How I Met Your Mother. Season Premiere.
9:30pm Thank God You’re Here -rpt

Having dropped My Kitchen Rules from Tuesdays at 7:30pm, it now adds the show back to the schedule. On. Off. On. Off.

The schedule for next week now stands as follows.

Sunday Feb 7
6:00pm Seven News
6:30pm Trishna & Krishna: The Quest for Separate Lives
8:00pm Airways. Season Premiere.
8:30pm Bones. Season Return
9:30pm Castle. Season Return. Dbl ep.
11:30pm Air Crash Investgations rpt

Monday Feb 8
6:00pm Seven News
6:30pm Today Tonight
7:00pm Home & Away
7:30pm My Kitchen Rules.
8:30pm Desperate Housewives.
9:30pm Brothers and Sisters.
10:30pm Royal Pains.
11:30pm 30 Rock.

Tuesday Feb 9
7:30pm My Kitchen Rules
8:30pm Grey’s Anatomy. Dbl ep. / 24 7TWO dbl ep
10:30pm 10 Years Younger in 10 Days (NZ)
11:00pm My Shocking Story rpt

Wednesday Feb 10
7:30pm RSPCA Animal Rescue.
8:00pm ICU.
8:30pm Criminal Minds. / Lost: The Final Chapter 7TWO
9:30pm Gangs of Oz. / Lost 7TWO
10:30pm Highway Patrol rpt / Lost 7TWO
11:00pm SCU: Serious Crash Unit rpt
11:30pm Lost (7TWO rpt 1 ep)

Thursday February 11
7:30pm The White Room. Premiere
8:30pm Cougar Town. Premiere
9:00pm How I Met Your Mother. Season Premiere.
9:30pm Thank God You’re Here -rpt
10:30pm Family Guy.
11:00pm Family Guy rpt dbl ep

Friday February 12
7:30pm Better Homes and Gardens.
8:30pm NAB Cup (Mel / Ade / Per)
8:30pm M: Premonition (Syd / Bris)
10:30pm M: Working Girl -rpt (Syd / Bris)
11:30pm Scrubs rpt (Mel / Ade / Per)
2:00am NAB Cup (Syd / Bris)

Saturday February 13
6:30pm M: Madagascar rpt
8:30pm M: Ella Enchanted (Syd / Bris)
8:30pm M: Premonition (Mel / Ade / Per)
10:30pm M: Hide and Seek -rpt
12:30am M: In Dreams -rpt


  1. My guess is Grey’s will be doubles to episode 10 and then Private Practice will return because of the cossover episode. Was the OC really family friendly programming?

  2. No offence to Greys Fans but double episodes every Tuesday not entirely family friendly for those of us for the first hour who are used to OC/90210/Packed to the Rafters kind of programming but what is even worse is that it will probably be that way till about June.

  3. That Thursday lineup will do OK with 16-39 demo, but will get smashed in total people shares.

    Over the years 7 has always seemed to make their Thursdays a younger skewing and/or female viewing night.

  4. The Desperate Housewives show creator is signed on for 7 seasons and must himself know it’ll get run into the ground (similar to The Sopranos, that went on 2 seasons longer than it needed to), if he agrees to do an 8th and 9th season for the money (same with the main cast, who’d want a lot more money) so Seven should enjoy DH while it lasts 2 more seasons.

  5. Great scheduling by Seven apart from as people have said TGYH. I don’t understand why 30 Rock can’t be on the same day as the other comedies or at least at 10:30pm Mondays. I wish Seven would give it a better chance as 30 Rock is now in its 4th Season and is starting to become pretty popular. I also wish they would continue showing Parks and Recreation but I guess it’s only a summer show for now.

  6. The frequent changes of the schedule, particularly My Kitchen Rules, is reminiscent of what they did in the lead up to 7TWO with registering all the fake names and such.

  7. Looks like Seven is warming up the Thursday 9.30pm timeslot with Thank God You’re Here repeats before the Peter Helliar AFL show or the Matthew Johns NRL show (depending on where you live) starts in March.

  8. Oh bugger bugger bugger bugger, why did i have to have a birthday next week. Just realised Tuesday i won’t be able to record 24 because i won’t be home and 2 other shows on mum will record and watch. Wednesday won’t be home either and i want to record both Lost and Criminal Minds. Poo. Hope they’re on Seven’s online thingy, even though it will no doubt take forever to load and stuff up, might be my only option.

  9. With the exception of Bones/Castle/Criminal Minds that’s a very boring line-up.

    If White Room is a tv version of S&S I’l give it a go but knowing 7 it’ll be cringe worthy.

    And Grey’s is hardly a “ratings juggernaut” anymore it’s recent ratings being an all time low for the series.

  10. wonder how much of this will make it to printed guides, my printed one this week doesn’t show 24 or heroes on 7two. the networks seem to be holding on to info so long now that they don’t appear to even care about print deadlines anymore and are instead hoping that everyone is relying on the EPG.

  11. I agree with Guano, remember that “Mother” has been around for like 4 years, Cougar Town is hitting Aussie screens for the first time ever.

    Couple of questions for you David

    1) Double ep of Grey’s, over in the states, it’s a pretty huge ratings juggernaut, what do you think Grey’s will lead into?

    2) Where are all the docu-drama crap like Border and Cops rip-offs Channel 7 shoves in our face? Or do they return a little later on?

    3) FlashForward? Where do you think that would end up? 9:30 Monday after Grey’s? It comes back early March.

    4) I think I’ve asked this on another post, but I can’t remember which post, but when does the Superbowl air, and what channel does it air on?

    • Seven is doing double Greys this week and next. There are factuals on Wednesdays, and if MKR slips back to twice a week expect Tuesdays too. Airways returns this Sunday and after the Trishna / Krishna doco next Sunday I would expect Border Insecurity to return. I agree FF needs to move to a later slot when it returns -won’t hold up at 8:30 now. Superbowl is next Monday morn 10am on TEN and ONE with an evening replay on ONE. Hence The Circle starts on the Tuesday.

  12. sounds kinda jittery regarding my kitchen rules.

    No big deal to me, C7 force-fed me with so many promos / name-drops during the tennis that I have absolutely no intention of watching it.

  13. So The White Room is to television as Spicks and Specks is to music. And its one hour long…hmmm. If The White Room is the same sort of format as Spicks and Specks, it might just be too long.

    Maybe The White Room should be half an hour so they can stick HIMYM at 8pm. HIMYM at 9pm is a horrid time for it.

  14. I’m hopeful Parks and Recreation and American Dad will return but their saving them because they have to spread their content over 2 channels and they have been pretty good at playing out shows so their back catalogue is probably not that full compared to 9 and 10.

  15. Would have preferred Cougar Town matched up with 30 Rock and Tuesdays would have been a better slot than Thursdays. Viewers would have preferred the laughs on Tuesday in the Packed to the Rafters slot rather than dreary soapie Grey’s Anatomy which is past its ‘Use By’ date.

  16. Thursday looks promising, assuming The White Room isn’t a complete dud. Hopefully that Thank God You’re Here repeat is replaced with The Amazing Race when it starts in the US in a couple of weeks.

  17. How i met your mother at 9?? Really??? 7.30 or 8 would be much better. And screw TGYH repeats why not put 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation on that time instead. Bloody hell 7.

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