2010 TV Week Logie Awards: Nominees

Nominees for the 2010 TV Week Logie Awards have been announced.

The eight nominees in contention for the Gold Logie award this year include:

Esther Anderson, Home & Away
Wil Anderson, The Gruen Transfer
Rebecca Gibney, Packed to the Rafters
Adam Hills, Spicks and Specks
Paul McDermott, Good News Week
Rove McManus, Rove
Ray Meagher, Home & Away
Shaun Micallef, Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation

Last year’s winner Rebecca Gibney will again compete with Adam Hills and Rove McManus, but the other five names are all first-timers to the battle.

While Shaun Micallef has had a popular run with Your Gen, a campaign for veteran actor Ray Meagher mirrors one for Ian Smith in his final Neighbours year. Two years ago neither performer was even on the ballot paper for consideration.

The other contenders are likely to be outside chances.

The eight names have been named in today’s edition of TV Week and will be formally announced at an industry breakfast this morning, to screen live on Sunrise and Today.

Voting for the Gold Logie is the only category which continues right up until the day of the awards presentation.


Luke Jacobz, Home and Away
Todd Lasance, Home and Away
Ray Meagher, Home and Away
Hugh Sheridan, Packed to the Rafters
Erik Thomson, Packed to the Rafters

Esther Anderson, Home and Away
Rebecca Breeds, Home and Away
Rebecca Gibney, Packed to the Rafters
Jessica Marais, Packed to the Rafters
Jessica Tovey, Home and Away

Natalie Bassingthwaighte, So You Think You Can Dance Australia
Melissa Doyle, Sunrise
Adam Hills, Spicks & Specks
Rove McManus, Rove
Shaun Micallef, Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation

All Saints, Seven
Home and Away, Seven
Neighbours, TEN
Packed to the Rafters, Seven
Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities, Nine

Dancing with the Stars, Seven
MasterChef Australia, TEN
So You Think You Can Dance Australia, TEN
The Biggest Loser Australia, TEN
The Farmer Wants a Wife, Nine

Luke Mitchell, Home and Away
Charlie Pickering, The 7PM Project
Matt Preston, MasterChef Australia
James Stewart, Packed to the Rafters
Josh Thomas, Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation

Kate Bell, Home and Away
Carrie Bickmore, The 7PM Project
Ashleigh Brewer, Neighbours
Mirrah Foulkes, All Saints
Katherine Hicks, Rescue Special Ops

Better Homes and Gardens, Seven
Domestic Blitz, Nine
Getaway, Nine
Ready Steady Cook, TEN
Top Gear Australia, SBS

Deal or No Deal, Seven
Hey Hey The Reunion, Nine
Spicks and Specks, ABC
Sunrise, Seven
Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation, TEN

Before the Game, TEN
Sports Tonight, TEN
The Footy Show AFL, Nine
The Footy Show NRL, Nine
Wide World of Sports, Nine

Bondi Rescue, TEN
Border Security, Seven
Find My Family, Seven
RPA, Nine
RSPCA Animal Rescue, Seven


Roy Billing, Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities
Don Hany, East West 101
Garry McDonald, A Model Daughter: The Killing of Caroline Byrne
Ben Mendelsohn, Tangle
Aaron Pedersen, The Circuit

Justine Clarke, Tangle
Claudia Karvan, Saved
Asher Keddie, Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities
Susie Porter, East West 101
Kat Stewart, Tangle

A Model Daughter: The Killing of Caroline Byrne, TEN
East West 101, SBS ONE
Packed to the Rafters, Seven
Tangle, Showcase
Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities, Nine

Bushfire Disaster, TEN News Victoria
Godwin Grech, ABC News
Samoan Tsunami, Nine News
Victorian Bushfires, Seven News
Victorian Bushfires, ABC News

Code of Silence, Four Corners, ABC1
Liberal Leadership Meltdown, Sky News
Matthew Johns Interview, A Current Affair, Nine
Proof of Life, Australian Story ABC1
Rising from the Ashes, 60 Minutes, Nine

Chandon Pictures, Movie Network
Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation, TEN
Thank God You’re Here, Seven
The Chaser’s War on Everything, ABC1
Wilfred, SBS ONE

Golf: Women’s Australian Open 2009, ABC1
Horse Racing: Emirates Melbourne Cup Carnival, Seven
League: 2009 NRL Grand Final, Nine
2009 AFL Grand Final: St Kilda vs Geelong, TEN
V8 Supercars: Supercheap Auto Bathurst, Seven

Camp Orange: The Final Frontier, Nickelodeon
Dirtgirlworld, ABC1
Hi-5, Nine
My Place, ABC3
The Elephant Princess, TEN

Bombora: The Story of Australian Surfing, ABC1
Bondi Rescue, TEN
Darwin’s Brave New World, ABC1
Last Chance Saloon, SBS ONE
Law and Disorder, SBS ONE

Anastasia Feneri, My Place
Anna Hutchison, Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities
Camille Keenan, Satisfaction
Eva Lazzaro, Tangle
Matt Preston, MasterChef Australia

TV Week is also yet to announce who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

This post updates.


  1. Cherry Pizza

    @ Patrick – I wholeheartedly agree that Reg Watson deserves the Hall of Fame. However, he is an incredibly shy person and would most likely not collect the award if it were to be presented to him.

  2. I was scratching my head at first as to who Kate Bell was in H&A. When I realised she was the young actress who touchingly portrayed Charlie’s lesbian lover, I thought great. I hope the nomination means she get’s to return to Summer Bay, she certainly deserves a longer run on the show.

  3. The international guests this year are crap as per usual! Is it too late for them to get Chelsea Handler down here? now that I would watch!

    She could be Roves date.

  4. I’ll sound like an old broken record in here, but I’ll keep on saying it…

    Reg Watson for the Hall of Fame Award!

    He more than many other recent recipient deserves it for his huge contribution to Australian drama having created Neighbours, The Young Doctors, Sons and Daughters, Prisoner, etc.

    I can think of no other person who should receive it and it’s about time too – I think Mr Watson has been vastly overlooked and has earnt the right to stake his place in Australian TV history.

  5. i hope Ray Meagher wins the gold. he would be a more deserved winner than the bloke that played harrold bishop that was nominated last year

  6. The only awards that count, credibility-wise are the “Outstanding” Logie awards and the AFI’s. The “Most Popular” concept is so shallow, flawed and only boosts egos. Why do popularity contests get confused with “best” so easily.

    Micallef or Gibney for Gold
    Natalie for Popular Presenter

  7. tasmanian devil

    With regard to “New Talent”, Carrie Bickmore has appeared on Rove for three years already, so she can’t be classified as “new”. The “talent” part is just as inaccurate. And Matt Preston isn’t really doing anything new this year, apart from having a role in a TV show, and you don’t have to be talented to do that. Take Rove as an example.

    It would be great to see Shaun Micallef win the Gold Logie, although he would have been just as deserving any other year when he had a major television role. I’m tipping Rebecca Gibney though.

  8. I swear that people must vote for the same person every year.

    Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Melissa Doyle for Most Popular Presenter? Those two don’t deserve to be in that category.

    Deal or No Deal and Sunrise in the Most Popular Light Entertainment Program? These two shows aren’t as popular as other shows that would have missed out (Good News Week, Rove, even The 7pm Project rates higher than DOND and Sunrise.)

    I really want Paul McDermott to win the Gold Logie, but I must admit, it’s a bit weird that he is voted for the Gold Logie, but not Most Popular Presenter. Same goes for Wil Anderson. Why do they get the chance to go for Gold, but not for Silver?

  9. Esther Anderson? Is that some sort of joke? I get that its all about popularity but I still like to see Talent getting a look in as well. Im all for Ray or Shaun to win. Sad to see the most popular awards dominated by Home and Away and Rafters.

  10. I would hate to see Paul McDermott win Gold. Ray or Rebecca should win.

    What makes no sense:…
    – Carrie Bickmore under new talent? Huh?? She has been on Rove for two years.
    – Matt Preston as new talent? He is a critic/judge on a show. He doesnt have to do anything. He doesn’t act, doesn’t present.
    – Most Outstanding News coverage are the bushfires? No sense, they occured before last years Logies!!

    Another shamefull Logies this year… Looks like I will once again PVR it, see the results here the following day, then watch the recording in fast forward about a month later.

  11. Michael Brearly

    It’s a shame that the comedy section has been merged with light entertainment. Just shows how much Australian television undervalues comedy. If it’s done well, narrative comedy can be a huge money spinner. But there needs to be encouragement at all levels.

  12. Good to see My Place got a nomination after being d**ked around a few times on the scheduling. And yes, I remember James Stewart he was the ‘first’ Alex on Breakers. The second Alex was Don Hany. So, you’d have to say it’s a big night for ‘Breakers’.

  13. Oh so many sceptics and cynics. Enjoy the Lgies for what they are. I am sure that the people in the industry appreciate the annual awards.

    Popular awards are what they say, popular. Of course Home and Away and Packed to the Rafters will be up there for the awards, they are the most popular shows on TV for the people who vote! That is made evident by the industry awards being so different!

    My husband and I have enjoyed going through the nominees and speculating on the winners. Well done for all who have been nominated!

  14. Is it time for me, the award show loving fool, to give up on the Logies? This is the first time ever that I don’t know 4 of the nominees for gold. This saddens and surprises me because I do watch too much television.

  15. Home and Away is one of the worst shows on tv. Kate Ritchie was the only one who gave it some interest. Where are shows like City Homicide, Sea Patrol and Rush? These are written by very experienced writers, producers and directors and never fail to make great drama and storylines. Sea Patrol is probably better than Blue Heelers, written by the same people yet it never gets any awards ever.

  16. My predictions are for most popular awards;
    Gold: Ray Meagher, H&A….. Silver: Hugh Sheridan Rafter……. Silver: Rebecca Gibney, Rafters….. Presenter: Shaun Micallef, Your Gen – (hopefully not Rove)….. Drama: Rafters….. Reality: Masterchef…… New Talent: Luke Mitchell, H&A…… New Talent: Kate Bell, H&A……. Lifestyle: Better Homes & Gardens…… Light Entertainment: Your Gen……. Sports: The Footy Show: NRL……. Factual: Border Security

  17. Most Popular New Talent: Female
    Kate Bell, Home and Away

    what the hell? she has been in so many shows before home and away, and her role here was very small, only a week or 2. how did she make the shortlist for “new”. but good on her nonetheless, she did a good job

    btw, if you don’t know. she was the one with esther anderson in the gay kiss drama.

  18. i just realised that there is no more comedy this year. who made that decision? i guess that is one less reson for networks to start making any.

    can’t really argue with the popular awards, if people voted for them they are popular. i was however hoping jessica marais would get a nom for gold.
    again it is the outstandings that disapoint. (remember last year; scorched nominated for best drama, and so many great drama missed out) especially the news outstandings. why don’t they just ctrl+C, ctrl+V the walkley noms.

    i see border is not nominated for outstanding factual, didn’t it win last year?

    and no beauty and the geek in pop. reality? that show was fantastic. as was the apprentice, but no one watched that so it doesn’t surprise.

  19. That would be a blow to Matthew Newton’s ego not getting nominated for his work in Underbelly. rafters will take out all the awards which is a good thing. For people complaining about there shows not getting nominted then you should have voted. Although it’s a shame that City Homicide doesn’t get in there.

    Funny to see Matt preston in the best new talent and George and Gary wern’t even nominated to begin with. Im surprised with paul McDermott with the gold nomination becasue I didn’t think GNW highly rated. Glad to see Ray rewarded for his all years on H&A

    This would be Rove’s last year of nominations so it will be interesting to see how he goes.

    I voted for Melissa Doyle a couple of times because she is friendly and one of the nicest people on tv and off it. I also watch Sunrise. Everyone has there own opinion but everyones free to vote for who they want. But I also enjoy watching the Zoo the other show she hosts so it wasn’t just for Sunrise.

  20. Who atre the Popular nominees? I find it ironic that i know none of them. Esther Anderson? I guess its because i dont read tv week and dont watch soaps.

    I understand when unknown actors are nominated for ‘Outstanding’ awards…… but thats because they are nominated for their actual performance.

    Ban the Popular categories. What this country does not need is ego-inflated soap actors sharing the stage with unbelievable talent who dont get the same publicity

  21. i am glad ray go nomminated. i wonder if kochie went on a rant this morning about sonia kruger not getting nomminated again this year. sunrise doesn’t deserve a nommination either

  22. It is a little unfair to see only Home and Away and Packed to the Rafters in the popular category. What about Underbelly, Sea Patrol and Rush?

    It would be awesome if Hey Hey The Reunion took out Light Entertainment. I think the only thing that would be standing in its way is Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation.

  23. Yep, it’s an outrage that ‘Light Entertainment’ has been fused with ‘Most outstanding comedy’ category. When will the networks realise Australians love home grown comedy series and start developing more!

  24. Interesting that James Stewart can be claimed as a “new talent” nominee when he actually made his TV debut over a decade ago in “Breakers”

    Disappointed that Rush seems to have escaped the nominees list.

  25. Meh. Logies. Meaningless. At least there’s a decent list for Gold Logie though with Shaun Micallef, Rebecca Gibney, Adam Hills, Paul McDermott, Wil Anderson. How Rove is still there i dunno.
    Underbelly was not a critical success yet it gets Outstanding nominations. And again City Homicide and Rush miss out completely, these shows are brilliant and deserve some acknowledgement.

  26. I am happy overall with the ‘Outstanding’ catergories, especially with East West 101, Underbelly 2 and Killing of Carolyne Byrne being nominated for Drama / acting catergories, as well as Aaron Pederson up for The Circuit. All deserving

    I’m happy to see a few ‘hosts of ‘comedy/light entertainment’ up for the Gold this year, but who the hell is Esther Anderson?

    Why do people keep nominating Sunrise and Melissa Doyle for?

  27. I’d love to say something positive about the Logies, but what can be said? Once again, the voting process has proven itself to be flawed. Case in point – It’s wonderful to see Ray Meagher nominated twice, but why this year? Alf did not have unusually big storylines in 2009. So, as David points out, we must look to an organised campaign (read: Seven buying up copies of TV Week). Where is the integrity in this? It is, however, hugely refreshing to see that Nine did not force their way into the Gold and Silver categories, despite owning TV Week and the telecast.

  28. Look at the Most Popular acctess and actor nominations – Home and Away and Rafters only. They really should make them ore diverse. Would have thought internet voting would have helped but obviously not.

  29. Thank you David for the full list – You are always on the money!
    My main beef with nominees this year, is that they have merged light entertainment and comedy into one category. As someone who worked in television comedy for many years, the local industry has nurtured and developed sketch comedy and narratives since the barren days of just a Mother and Son and Kingswood Country and dare I say Hey Dad. Why no comedy category? Otherwise, lots of Channel 10 – first time gold for McDermott, Micallef – 7pm project – Packed to the Rafters to sweep again!

  30. Why the hell is Sunrise nominated every year for light entertainment? Its just stupid! With 2 or 3 breakfast shows and 3 morning shows there should be a new category so shows like Today can have a chance.

  31. Cherry Pizza

    I love that they try to make the Logies matter with a nominations breakfast with the ‘big announcements’ when, at 6:30am, I am well aware of the nominees because I went into the newsagent and looked inside the magazine.

    Yet another symptom of the Logies trying in all the wrong ways to redeem their image.

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