Airdate: Dead Gorgeous

The ABC has backtracked from plans to give ABC3 the World Premiere of Dead Gorgeous, its new Australian-produced children’s drama.

The spooky series about 3 girls who died in 1861 but return to their estate as ghosts 150 years later will instead launch on ABC1.

Produced by Burberry Productions, the series features Melissa Howard (Rebecca), Poppy Lee Friar (Sophie), Alexandra Coppinger (Hazel), Blake Davis (Jonathan), Chris Milligan (David), Jay Kennedy Harris (Charlie), Aisha Dee (Christine), Gerry Connolly (Mr Griffith), Julie Forsyth (Haiwyn Sinclaire) and Julie Eckersley (Agatha Heggleby).

It begins 5:20pm Monday April 5th on ABC1 and is replayed from 8pm April 13 on ABC3.

Dead Gorgeous follows the comical adventures of three beautiful, strong-willed teenage sisters Rebecca (Melissa Howard), Sophie (Poppy Lee Friar) and Hazel Ainsworth (Alexandra Coppinger) who just happen to be ghosts!

When the three sisters died in a tragic coach accident in 1861, alongside their beloved nanny Mildred, they thought it was obviously some sort of cosmic ‘glitch’.

Taking matters into her own hands, Rebecca makes an application to the Ghost Council, the high court of the afterlife, requesting them to return her and her sisters back to the world of the living. But the afterlife is much like real life, bureaucracy is slow and forms get lost or misfiled. For the sisters, the wait was 150 years, stuck in limbo.

Upon their return to the estate, the girls quickly realise their home has been turned into a school. They now find themselves in a world unbeknown to them, and under the watchful eye of their colourful, ghostly guardian – Agatha (Julie Eckersley). The sisters can stay under one circumstance – no one is to find out their secret otherwise they will be sent back to the afterlife.


  1. hey, im really in hope of a season two of dead gorgeous and also hope my agent could get me an audition for it 😀 !!! i hope you are keeping in touch with all your friends from on-set

  2. To DG fan: Yes that was the person pretending to be me. School doesn’t really affect shooting schedules for us seeing as myself, poppy (sophie) and stella (mattie) are pretty much the only ones still in school but we’d have tutoring. there is no news on a new season though. fingers crossed.

  3. To the Alex C. who posted on May 8 AUS time you are fake. I know this because I didn’t post that and I’ve been posting here since last year. I am also no longer posting here because of this event. Any more messages from Alex C. are fake. To ask me questions add me on Facebook or Twitter.

  4. hey melissa poppy and alex i really like the show and u guys are Greatt
    1)what was it like auditioning?
    2) when was you first audition and how did it go??

    yeah and is there anyother shows you’ll maybe coming up on???

  5. I guess school has made everyone busy and there is no news on a season 2 of dead gorgeous so i dont think they will be creating one which suks :(

  6. noone goe son this aNymroe but hey i might get lucky :)

    im loosing hope of a series 2 but with all the airings it is possible!

  7. Oz Telly Addict

    Hello, if anyone still comes here. I do, just in case there’s any word regarding a dvd release….

  8. Oz Telly Addict

    Dear Santa, I’d like DG on dvd for Xmas…. please get Rudolph and his mates to have a word with the BBC and I’ll be extra-extra-good next year!

  9. I think it’s possible that a Season 2 will come out, there are just so many airings of the show. I’m not sure if the show is intended to be watched in this way, but I see it as how 3 refined and educated young adults enter a sub culture that is often so vapid and superficial and then all these truisms about that culture are pointed out by people so foreign to it.
    “Is that hat authentic, did you get it from the streets”, “Nah my mom got it for me”.
    I love so many of the lines from this show, like that.

  10. Oz Telly Addict

    If anyone still visits this page, I hope you’re all doing fine! There’s still no news of a UK release for Dead Gorgeous and there doesn’t seem to be a second series happening, but I have my fingers crossed something will happen, at least on the dvd front. Oh, and it’s my birthday as well.

  11. Oz Telly Addict

    Still no sign of DG on dvd over here. The world is a cruel, cruel place. Woe is me.

  12. Oz Telly Addict

    I hope something turns up for you to audition for, it must be quite amazing (and a bit weird) to see yourself on tv!

    You have an end of year concert? Wow. Is your school one which specialises in drama and music, or do they all do that kind of thing?

    It’s getting colder here in England and even though the sun is still nice and bright, the warmth is gone and winter is well on the way. I can do without the cold stuff, bring on summer again!

  13. Well I have done a few things with my friends where we take drama classes. We’re preparing for our end of year concert and I have some school to catch up on too. But we’re on holidays now.

  14. Oz Telly Addict

    Hi again, Alex and DG1.
    I’m glad the show is being repeated down under, that shows the tv execs have faith in it! I have my fingers crossed that they’ll take the plunge and sort out a second series. I sent another email to the BBC a fortnight ago to ask if there’s a UK dvd release date yet, but there’s still no word from them which is a shame.
    By the way Alex, have you had any other auditions for anything, or is school top of your priorities at the moment?

  15. Oz Telly Addict

    Cheers David, this is a nice site to visit and well monitored. Here in England we’ve just had a repeat of DG but the episodes have shot by and I managed to miss a few, of course – and there’s still no sign of the dvd being released. Ohh, the terrible unfairness of it all…. but never mind, I’ll remain patient and keep an eye out for it. It’s been a real treat to see such a well made Aussie show. I love the accents and the scenery as well. Other than the usual soaps we don’t have seem to have Australian programmes over here any more, I think Steve Irwin’s wonderful series was the last one. Shame.

  16. You guys surely love this show to keep up all these comments!

    Dead Gorgeous will be repeated on ABC3, 3:55pm weekdays from Tues Sept 21.

  17. dead gorgeous one

    Hmmm. Im just wondering if they do make a second series how awesome it would be. Polar bears???? haha. Us aussies are heading into Spring now.

  18. Oz Telly Addict

    Hello again Alex, thanks for coming back. I just picked up Picnic At Hanging Rock on Blu-ray and it looks amazing. I would love to go there… although I might not go wandering off on my own! So that’ll be yet another Aussie place to add to the list of reasons to visit Australia and stay a while!

    I’m amazed the tv companies are being so slow with a second series for DG. Have you got anything else in the pipeline Alex, or are you up to your neck in school stuff now?

    And before I forget to ask, how cold is your winter getting now? Any sign of snow yet, or the odd polar bear?

  19. Wow so sorry, I haven’t been on, Picnic at Hanging Rock is a great film and sorry I don’t have any news on a second season yet.

  20. Pleese someone tell me if there is or if there isn’t going to be a second series pleeeeeeessseeee!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Dead Gorgeous is on CBBC again! Recording all of them I have so missed that theme tune, brilliant

  22. dead gorgeous one

    Wolf creek is quite scary lol.

    Oz Telly Addict, why not look for a dvd player region hack code? That’ll make your dvd player play dvds from any region.

    Yeah, dg has a lot of memorable quotes.

  23. Oz Telly Addict

    They just showed the first episode on tv, it’s being repeated each weekday here in Britain on the CBBC programme, hooray! There are some great lines even in this first one, which I’d forgotten…..

    Jonathan: ” You… you don’t have a pulse?”
    Hazel: “Yes, that is because we are technically dead.”

    Hee hee, the humour scores every time in the delivery and the writing is just brilliant. And SO many visual gags. Great fun.

    By the way, DG1, Wolf Creek looks a bit spooky and severe for me!

  24. Oz Telly Addict

    I will search for Wolf Creek and take a look, thanks DG1.

    You’re so lucky to have DG Volume 2 coming out next month, there’s still not even the tiniest hint of it over here. Not a blip on the horizon or anything. I might go to the BBC studios in London and wave a protest banner outside and go on hunger strike for a fortnight, or something like that. Or perhaps I’ll just send another email to them begging for a release date. Yes, that makes more sense….

  25. dead gorgeous one

    Picnic at hanging rock? I will check it out. Wolf creek is a good oz film. I really enjoyed the suspense of it.

    I just found out dead gorgeous volume two is coming out 30th Sept.

  26. Oz Telly Addict

    I saw a brilliant Aussie film at the weekend, Picnic At Hanging Rock. Wow what a film!! If you haven’t seen it, then try and see it some time because it’s so well made and definitely off-centre. I even listened to the commentary as well. It looks fabulous and the story is very odd, and it’s very un-Hollywood. I can’t think of too many Aussie films apart from that one, unless anyone can suggest something.

    The reason I’m telling you this is because the main character in it, called Miranda, was played by a girl who didn’t originally audition for that part and that made me wonder Alex, did you audition for Hazel’s part, or one of the others? And did the other actors land the parts they auditioned for? I can’t imagine the cast in different roles, but maybe things turn out unexpectedly.

  27. Yeah it’s winter, Dead Gorgeous took place from September to December but casting and read throughs were before that.

  28. dead gorgeous one

    Welcome back Oz Telly Addict.

    How were your holidays? No tim tams? What a shame. You can try them when you come to Australia, one day, hopefully lol.

    Yeah, it’s Winter, isn’t it Alex? Our Winter’s from June to August, the coldest month being July. I’m pretty sure there’s Winter season everywhere, seeing how the earth rotates and all that stuff lol. Our sunny barbeque season is in December. Our Christmases are hot. No snow.

  29. Oz Telly Addict

    Alex – it’s winter in Australia? I thought it was always a sunny barbecue season where you are. I had no idea Australia had winter. How cold does it get? We’re having summer here in England, but I don’t think anyone’s noticed. Windy, rainy, grey and about 13 Celsius today! And while I’m thinking about it, what time of the year did you film DG, because all those episodes looked nice and warm to me. Proper Aussie weather! Lol.

  30. Oz Telly Addict

    Wow, I took a look at the Eistoddfod pages on the web (there’s a good one on Alex, well done there!) and it looks like a brilliant idea to get kids into performing and dealing with being well and truly put on the spot. How scary would that be in front of an audience? Very, very scary I bet! By the way, you did extremely well to land a third place in the under 16s, Alex. Was the whole thing fun?

    I was going to order Dead Gorgeous vol One from, but Australia’s Region setting is different to the UK so it wouldn’t play over here. I’ll carry on being patient and wait for the BBC to get round to it.

  31. No sorry no new news yet. Manningham Eistoddfod is a competition involving reading, performances, music etc. Its sort of like a talent thingo.

  32. Oz Telly Addict

    Hello, I’m back from hols now and I’m happy to see you’re still posting, phew!
    I bring bad news, Dead Gorgeous One – there are no Tim Tams whatsoever in Greenland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden. I was keeping an eye out on my trip and feel terribly disappointed to bring such news. England also seems to remain oblivious to them too! I did spot plenty of strangely named things to eat, even whale meat and elk, but no little Aussie biscuits!

    Alex, well done on your placings. Sadly I have no idea what a Manningham Eistoddfod is, but would love to know! And also a reading and duologue have me befuddled as well, so do tell what they involved. Sounds very theatrical to me.
    Any news on more Dead Gorgeous, or are things still quiet for you on that front?

  33. dead gorgeous one

    Alex, congrats for the Impromptu Reading. I don’t even know what that is lol.

    How are you anyway?

    It’s getting really cold now in Australia.

  34. No one is really talking much now are they, well Manningham Eistoddfod went well, Cammille and I placed 3rd in the Impromptu Reading and 16 years and under Duologues and Caroline and I placed 1st in the 13 years and under Duologues.

  35. I’ll still be here. I’m back at school. It’d be great for you to see Australia, to me it is now home.

  36. dead gorgeous one

    Nice. Holidays! Mine just ended. Have heaps of fun lol. Dead gorgeous is filmed in Melbourne…in the ainsbury international school I think. I saw it in one episode.

    I will probably still be here lol posting or something haha.

  37. Oz Telly Addict

    I’m away on my hols for a week or two now. Wish I was going to Australia, but that will have to be some time in the future, one day. I’d love to go South to North and see Alice Springs and Ularu (i think, it was Ayer’s Rock) and then see the East and South coasts for Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Should take about four or five years to see all I want to! And I’d want to see where Dead Gorgeous is filmed as well, wherever that is. Somewhere on the southern side, I think. I hope there are still people posting comments on this site when I get back, especially about a new series or the full dvd of series one. Bye for while, everybody especially Alex and Dead Gorgeous One!

  38. Oz Telly Addict

    Dead Gorgeous One, I have The Corpse Bride on dvd, I really liked it although the maggot on the bride always bothers me! Horrible.
    Ghostly love stories (with funny bits) seem to be few and far between but Babushka had me laughing away. That’s why I liked Dead Gorgeous so much, there are similar themes in them both. Babushka’s heavier on the spooky stuff, though.

  39. dead gorgeous one

    Ooh. That movie sounds interesting. I will look it up. Thanks for that recommendation Oz Telly Addict.

    I wonder if I know any ghost love stories…hmmm….The Corpse Bride is kinda a ghost love story, right? lol

  40. Oz Telly Addict

    Alex and Dead Gorgeous One, while we’re all waiting for a new series (and the dvd!) can I recommend a great big ghost story? It’s romantic, funny and unpredictable to put it mildly. The Babushka Inheritance is not a million miles from DG, but works the other way round. The leads go back in time, not forwards. Mind you they do go forwards and backwards at certain bits.
    The secret love of a 15yr old boy dies suddenly, but he starts finding messages from her left all over the place. He has the ability to heal animals but only with her to help and guidance. Anyway, his other best friend changed school months earlier, but she keeps appearing to him in odd places dressed in old style clothes. Turns out she’s actually been bumped off and is now a confused ghost. After a weird train journey he arrives in 1890s Russia (which is where he came from), his secret love is engaged to an officer and everybody is after him – and he needs to find out why, how his friend died, and how to escape with his true love. And there’s a foul mouthed parrot in it as well. I loved it!!

  41. Yes i use twitter but rarely. I have two accounts and you can follow me on either.

  42. dead gorgeous one

    Extras lol. I wonder if people take acting classes just to become an extra. That would be funny.

    Alex, do you use twitter? I always hear about celebs twittering about stuff and then somehow it becomes a massive headline in a magazine. Ive tried twitter before but…I didnt get it lol

  43. My computer is disagreeing with this site at the moment so if i take a while to reply that is why. I know facebook causes a few problems I’ve experienced them and I tried to quit but in my time well…

    Well obviously extras didn’t need agents but for a titled role etc you do need an agent.

  44. dead gorgeous one

    Alex, was there anyone in dead gorgeous who didnt take acting lessons and/or didnt have an agent?

  45. Oz Telly Addict

    Ha ha, I remember the oatmeal one. How completely revolting for you, Alex! You must have been stunned when you read the script and found you had to do that! You did well to look so ‘enthusiastic’ about it, there wasn’t even a hint of “Oh yecch, my hair!”

    I’m a bit wary of Facebook, one of my friends had an awful time on it when her id was ‘borrowed’. People can be so selfish at times. Even on this site, a while ago someone used someone else’s name to send comments in. Sad really, but that’s how people can be.

    Dead Gorgeous One, we get quite a few Australian soaps over here and I do dip into them! I prefer the nature progs like Crocodile Hunter or Wild Down Under. Makes me so want to visit Australia one day. Oh, and films like Picnic At Hanging Rock, as well. What a strange but amazing film. Australia looks so good.

  46. dead gorgeous one

    I dont use facebook anymore but its okay. Green oatmeal in your hair? Nice lol. Yeah the science experiments looked fun. I like the episode smoke and mirrors where you guys do the egg thing.

  47. A tip for not laughing at lines is to think of it as you’re delivering the lines and not watching the show. Funny times were a lot of science experiments Stella (Mattie) and I do, oh and putting oatmeal in my hair. It went green.

    Yes the sets are huge and you can see some pics on my facebook account if you like. You’ll have to add me though to see them.

  48. dead gorgeous one

    Haha. I love tim tams. Theyre the best. Do you watch neighbours or home away in England?

  49. Oz Telly Addict

    No, here in England we don’t have Tim Tams. In fact I’d never heard of them until you mentioned them, so I looked them up on Wikipedia. I want one! They look gorgeous. According to wikipedia you can bite both ends off and use them as a straw. Sounds gross to me, yet strangely compelling. I imagine with a coffee they’d be heavenly. Thank you,, for introducing me to another slice of great Australian culture! Must find Tim Tams… must find Time Tams….

  50. dead gorgeous one

    Oz Telly Addict, do you have tim tams in the UK?

    Alex, being on a film set sounds really fun. Youre very lucky. And the school looked huge. Was it as big as it looked on film?

  51. Oz Telly Addict

    Alex, you all hid the giggles very well. On the subject of cracking up, were there any scenes which were difficult due to laughing your heads off? I imagine in a comedy you must find certain lines as funny as the viewer. Even big name actors who have been around for years and years suffer from giggles on set when things either go wrong, or the script is really funny.

  52. Yeah it was incredibly hard, each time we had to do it we would crack up. The shots took ages.

  53. dead gorgeous one

    Yes! That was the first thing I noticed. The cinematography was fab I thought. I havent seen a show do that before I think. I think it must be harder to act but its more effective on the audience.

  54. Oz Telly Addict

    Alex, one of the clever quirks about DG was the way the cast would occasionally look straight into the camera when delivering their lines, so that the viewer sees what the other character would see. Was that weird to do? I’d imagine looking into a camera and pretending to talk to a real person is a strange thing to do and tricky to sound natural. You all did it incredibly well, by the way!

  55. dead gorgeous one

    That’s cool. It was funny when Rebecca had to dig the gold out. I noticed one thing, Melissa always gets covered in stuff. Dirt. That green stuff from Grendel. Mayo. Egg.

  56. dead gorgeous one

    Me too. I would love a second series. It would be a shame if they didnt make one.

  57. Oz Telly Addict

    Oh, I remember it now. That’s a relief, phew! The bit about Beijing threw me, but I definitely remember the crazy races. Sophie has a heated conversation with Agatha in the middle of one race, but of course nobody else can see Agatha and therefore Sophie looks quite mad. LOL. Hazel had a similar thing in an episode with voices in her head. Hee hee, so many funny bits! I do hope a second series comes along.