Returning: MasterChef Australia

MasterChef Australia returns 7:30pm Monday April 19th on TEN.

The timeslot confirms TEN will continue its 2010 strategy of key programmes in the 7:30pm timeslot.

The launch of the series will take place in the same week that TEN has finales for its two other reality shows.

The Biggest Loser concludes in a 2 hr finale at 8:30pm Sunday April 18 (The Good Wife and House are out for this week).

So You Think You Can Dance Australia ends with a 2 hr finale 8:30pm Wednesday April 21st.

The week of finales and launches is traditionally TEN’s biggest week of the year -it has previously won the same week against Seven and Nine.

MasterChef Australia launches with a 90 min premiere on the Monday, pushing Good News Week back to 9pm with a 90 minute edition (Supernatural is out).

Another 90 min ep follows on Tuesday 20th, Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd. A 60 min episode will air on the Wednesday ahead of the Dance finale.

It also means on Wednesday 21st we will be torn between Hey Hey, MasterChef, The Pacific, So You Think You Can Dance Australia, Spicks and Specks the premiere of Lowdown on the ABC and American Idol on FOX8.

Who loves their PVR?


  1. Linda Carlson

    For the first time i watched Masterchef Australia tonight and it was absolutely awful. If the food that was cooked tasted as bad as it looked then i pity those that had to sample it. You have a long way to go before you can compete with the chef’s i have just had the pleasure to watch the English version of this show which had 3 fantastic chef’s in the final that were very difficult to separate. The format of the Australian version is very poor and doesn’t appear to stretch the chef’s talents in any way. Sorry to be so negative but you must do better

  2. @Harry, i love the 1 hr eps!! 30 mins is too quick and considering there are 10 mins of ads during that you dont get much content, the 1 hr shows would allow them to put in every little piece of info instead of having to edit it out

  3. Franz Chong – On Wednesdays Masterchef would pull 1.9 million, animated sitcoms about 800k. TEN are not wasting their time with Masterchef.

  4. franz chong

    God No!!!!.I was actually hoping Ten would bring back the animated sitcom lineup for Wednesday Nights once the Biggest Loser and Dance End.Stop wasting your time with such crap Put on a Jamie Oliver Series of Cooking Specials or something along those lines if you muct have a programme on food.

  5. Ill be watching Masterchef, they better keep it the same – the format does not need changing. And please no 1 hour eps, too much. The Pacific looks good as well, might tape it.

  6. Why is this being advertised as “MasterChef Australia: Season Two.” It’s not like SYTYCD has “Season Three” tagged onto the end.

  7. The Good Wife and Supernatural bumped. Doubtless Ten will then claim that no one watches them and can them. As usual.

    Those awful dancing and fatty shows seem to be on 24 hours a day. Does anyone really watch them?

  8. tasmanian devil

    Monday nights for me consists of Mythbusters, The Mentalist and record Big Bang Theory, so Masterchef is definitely out. Wednesday is ABC1 night with New Inventors, Spicks and Specks, Lowdown and Beautiful People, but if Masterchef is interesting enough I can give The New Inventors a miss, and Friday is Masterclass which doesn’t interest me. As for Tuesday and Thursday, it depends what else is on, so it looks like Sunday is the only day when I’ll definitely be watching Masterchef. I couldn’t care less about Hey Hey or SYTYCD.

  9. I became hooked on MasterChef last year (a rarity for me and reality shows) but I’m a tad concerned that Ten may be in danger of pressing the overkill button if 90 minute eps are going to be the norm rather than the exception during season 2. Hopefully they don’t make the mistake of fleshing out the 90 minutes with a whole lot of ‘Big Brother’ style fodder, to the detriment of the show’s focus – cooking.

  10. Seven hours is a lot over five days. But, the first week of So You Think You Can Dance was also around seven hours too. This show will probably do the same as what Dance did earlier this year, by running overtime by almost fifteen minutes.

  11. Thank goodness for ABC2’s Spicks and Specks repeat on Thursday – there just aren’t enough PVR slots to handle all the great TV!

  12. I have never had this situation before. I have 5 shows vying for only 2 spots on my iQ between 7:30 and 9:30. Now I have to figure out what to do. I’m lucky that i have multiple iQs in my house so that helps. Looks like i’ll put Hey Hey and Lost on my main box, MasterChef and Pacific on my other box and record S&S on ABC2 another night. It’s so funny that now everyone is having this problem. Note to networks: Wednesday is not the only night of the week!

  13. Wasn’t TBL finale on Thursday night last year? Or was that the year before?
    I don’t see why they’re having a 90 minute Masterchef on Thursday, surely it would be better to have Masterchef 7:30-8:30 Thursday then have the 2 hr TBL finale from 8:30. Sunday will do well enough with Masterchef as it is, and I think having TGW and House following it would expose more of an audience to those shows. Also isn’t TBYG disappearing during Masterchef, and returning afterwards. I’d have Merlin returning at 6:30 before MC’s premiere.

  14. @ryaneco – Last year TEN slotted The Biggest Loser Finale against Underbelly and TBL didn’t seem to be affected by Underbelly:

    3 The Biggest Loser (Aus) – Finale Night Ten 1,798,000 565,000 469,000 342,000 171,000 252,000
    4 Underbelly: A Tale Of Two Cities Nine 1,705,000 469,000 571,000 278,000 184,000 203,000

    However Loser was much more popular last year, and Underbelly was affected by the non-ratings Easter break. Still, Loser will have a decent lead-in from Your Gen, so it’ll still do okay, depending on how much ground it makes up during non-ratings this and next week.

  15. The Biggest Loser has failed in the 7 30 slot. If someone wants to watch a show on another channel at 7 30, they will pick it and not worry about Biggest Loser. 7pm project is a good show, but I think its had its day. I wont enjoy watching MC at 7 30 :(

  16. John Jackson

    Wednesdays are going to be big nights it seems (and this is with me not even being interested in Masterchef, but I do like the two shows before it – Neighbours and 7PM). Really looking forward to Hey Hey, but it is going to run into Lost on 7Two for me (it was already hard enough with Dance and then Fringe on Go! but that seems to have taken a break). Now it is the night of The Pacific as well?

    I don’t have a PVR, just a VCR.. but it looks like with some of this I’ll be having to take advantage of the internet catch-up sites. Just a bummer 9/Go doesn’t have one yet.

  17. Is it confirmed whether or not Masterchef Australia is from 6:30-7:30 on Sunday nights, starting from April 25.

    There was a rumour going around that they move Your Gen to 6:30 and have Masterchef at 7:30.

  18. As for the wednesday battle not a big deal for me. I couldn’t care less for the return of Hey Hey, don’t care for Dance, Idol, Spicks and Specs is not must-see so will watch Masterchef on TEN then switch over to The Pacific on Seven.

  19. Woo! 20 Days to go! Can’t wait; very excited for its return.

    90 mins per night may seem like a lot but I won’t complain.

    That said; I can’t get enough of Masterchef so I’ll be tuned in every night.

    The Biggest Loser on Sunday will get slaughtered by Underbelly I would imagine.

    Ten would be better airing it on Monday Night 8.30 pm and launch Masterchef at 7.30 pm and only run it for the hour so Loser can acheive the highest possible figures it can. Or start Loser at 7.30 running till 9.30.

  20. i think 7PM will benefit from having masterchef after it. Look at how neighbours ratings went up as a lead in to masterchef last year.

    Wednesday’s really are a busy night. Id watch Lost and iQ the pacific and american idol. Hopefully 9 will replay hey hey on GO! later in the week, and it wont kill me to miss one day of masterchef, i hope… lol

  21. koverstreet

    I’l be watching Hey Hey ,taping MC and getting S&S from elsewhere. The Pacific doesn’t interest me at all.

    It’s a bit of a bummer they are skipping the auditions this year.

  22. Will be interesting to see how it does in the 7.30 slot, if it does well i will have no problem with 7pm staying put but if the figures drop look out!

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