Dancing with the Stars cast revealed

Seven has announced its cast for the 2010 season of Dancing with the Stars.

The line-up includes several Seven celebrities including George Houvardas (Packed to the Rafters), Esther Anderson (Home and Away), Rob Palmer (Better Homes & Gardens), plus Jo Beth Taylor, former AFL player
David Wirrpanda, Miss Universe entrant Rachael Finch, former rugby league player Jason Stevens, actor
Blair McDonough, country music performer Melinda Schneider, photographer Alex Fevola (wife of AFL player Brendan Fevola) and pop singer Tamara Jaber -wife of Australia’s Got Talent judge Kyle Sandilands.

Returning to the show are Daniel MacPherson, Sonia Kruger and judges Todd McKenney, Helen Richey and Mark Wilson.

The tenth season airs on Seven later this year.

Biographies are as follows:

Alex Fevola – dancing with Arsen Kishishian
Alex has built a reputation as a respected celebrity photographer. A self taught photographer, Alex published her first coffee table book ‘Snapshot – A Portrait of Success’ in July 2009. With many strings to her bow – mother, model, makeup artist, actor, racing stable track rider and strapper – as well as wife of AFL legend Brendan Fevola, Alex may add champion dancer to her long list of accomplishments.

Tamara Jaber – dancing with Carmelo Pizzino
Tamara is an ARIA award-winning singer/songwriter, with a performing career spanning over 20 years. At 18 she was a member of pop group Scandal’us, later pursuing a solo career (and scoring a top 20 single). These days Tamara is focusing all her attention on the brand new project for her and Reigan Derry, the duo Scarlett Belle.

George Houvardas – dancing with Luda Kroitor
Best known for his role as Nick “Carbo” Karandonis in the hit TV series Packed to the Rafters, George, scored the role soon after graduating from Screenwise. Although acting was something he always wanted to do George began a building diploma on finishing school. However, he never recovered from the acting bug and pursued his dream.

Jo Beth Taylor – dancing with Dannial Gosper
Beginning her singing career at the tender age of five, Jo Beth Taylor began performing professionally at the age of 13. In the early 1990s she began a successful music and television career. At just 22 years of age, Jo Beth hosted three weekly tv shows making her the youngest person to ever host a prime-time show on Australian television.

David Wirrpanda – dancing with Liza Van Pelt
David is a former Australian rules footballer who played for the West Coast Eagles between 1996 and 2009. In 2007 and again in 2008, he was named the 9th most influential Aboriginal Australian by the Bulletin Magazine. In 2009 he was awarded the Young Western Australian of the Year Award.

Rachael Finch – dancing with Michael Miziner
The stunningly beautiful Rachael was crowned Miss Universe Australia in April 2009 going on to represent Australia at the Miss Universe 2009 pageant. A successful modeling career has seen her travel the world representing Louis Vuitton and Chanel to name just a few.

Esther Anderson – dancing with Brendon Midson
Her popularity as policewoman Charlie Buckton on Channel Seven’s longest running drama series Home and Away earned Esther a Gold Logie nomination this year. Prior to joining the series, Esther was a successful international model. In 2009 she won Cosmo Woman of The Year.

Jason Stevens – dancing with Linda De Nicola
Former Australian professional rugby league footballer Jason retired from playing in 2005. Since then he has had worked steadily in the TV industry and he currently appears regularly on Channel Seven’s The Matty Johns Show as a panelist. Jason is also an author and motivational speaker.

Rob Palmer – dancing with Alana Patience
Since 2001 Rob has been the DIY and trade tips presenter on Channel Seven’s number one lifestyle program Better Homes and Gardens. A qualified carpenter Rob provides viewers with his expertise and extensive knowledge for their own DIY projects at home.

Blair McDonough – dancing with Jessica Raffa
With his big smile, good looks and charismatic personality Blair became a household name in 2001 when he appeared on the very first Big Brother. Since then he has forged a successful career as an actor on TV and the West End.

Melinda Schneider – dancing with Serghei Bolgarschii
Melinda is a leading light of the ‘new-breed’ of Australian Country singing artists. Making her stage debut at the age of three, she recorded her first song at eight. Melinda has won numerous awards including; six CMAA Golden Guitars, five MO Awards for Female Country Performer, seven ACE Awards – six for Female Country Performer and Performer of the Year in 2006.


  1. @sameer. you are dilusional to think these celebs on this show are on par with the ones in americas dancing with the stars, i think you have been watching too much of seven

  2. back in the days of big brother ( i want that show back) channel 10 was sometimes known as channel big brother now with agnt dancing with the z graders and soon the x factor channel seven will become known as channel talent show

  3. when comparing this lineup to the current us dancing with the stars, there celebrities are what you call equivalent stars in the usa, eg: they have similar celebrity statues in the us as compared to the stars listed to appear in the current aus dancing lineup,. nicole from pussycat dolls and pamela anderson who are worldwide stars. i admit this lineup probably needs one standout celeb but i don’t know how who they could of got who r bigger celebrites than this current lineup. all the big aussie celebs dont live here. i am convinced a lot of tv tonight viewers r rather cynical,

  4. I’m still shocked that Esther Anderson was up for a Gold Logie!!!

    She is stunningly beautiful…but she is a shocking actress! Especially during dramatic scenes!

    I think DWTS needed to take a leaf out of Idols book and have a rest for a year rather than scrape the barrel with this line up.

    Having said that….C’mon Wirra!!! Yay Eagles!

  5. First, there was Shane Warne’s “wife” who appeared ont he show despite Not being a celebrity, now, it is Brendon Fevola’s wife to appear on the show despite Not being a celebrity. The other celebrities are less than average!

  6. Worst line-up ever! Since when is a famous person wife a celebrity??? Clearly Kyle got it in his contract to find opportunities to further Tamara’s “career”. Honey, no one thinks you’re talented – please exit gracefully!

  7. Surely ACA are going to have to do a story about this false advertising. How can this show be called Dancing with the Stars when there are no stars in the show dancing.

  8. boring list of c-graders. i may watch to see esther anderson, just cos im curious to see how she does, i feel she will either be amazing or a complete trainwreck, no inbetween. lol.

  9. I agree with the comments, looks like the “stars” barrel has been well and truly emptied. That said, i can’t wait to see Jo Beth Taylor…. she’s been a favorite of mine for years!

  10. Not a particualrly exciting group of names – possibly the weakest ‘celebs’ over the 10 series. For me, Melinda Schneider will be interesting as I love her music, and this show may boost her profile – after Adam Harey benefited from being a mentor on It takes Two and Adam Brand won last year. I can almost predict the final couple already. Expect daggers for Tamara, Fivola, Rachel, the footy player. Sure there is some eye candy on display, but after previous seasons, the likeable and accessible will remain, and the unknowns and infamous tend to be chopped early.

  11. I posted a comment late last night about this show running out of puff and it looks like most agree. The line up is aweful.

    We are so much kinder to our pets when they are sick !

  12. What we really would like to see is some of these celebs lined up against the Gladiators or flying into mud (“Celeb Galdiator” or “Celeb Wipeout”)!

  13. I’ll think I might tune in to watch Tamara Jaber for her breasts. Oh sorry I fell for Sevens tactics. That’s why she is on right?

  14. LMAO,
    These people are stars?? Apart from Jo Beth Taylor & Jason Stevens i don’t know these so called stars…
    I only know Jason cause of the Matt Johns show.
    To have Kyles wife on is just to funny.

  15. Certainly no stars there.Isn’t it time they gave Mark a push from the judges to allow a spot for Vyle?
    Only saving grave here will be George’s chest.Woof.

  16. David, I’m inclined to believe that you’ve published a hoax article. Surely there has to be another list which Seven’s PR will be sending out tomorrow morning?

    Or has the name of the show this season been ammended to reflect ‘Dancing with the ‘does anybody know who we are”? When Sandra Sully switches over to Seven – then I’ll be watching.

  17. Still no reason to even try Seven in 2010. This kind of programming drives me away for ever. DWTS and X Factor, PTTR and CH. All boring.

  18. sillygostly

    I couldn’t help but snort at Tamara’s profile… and I quote… “with a performing career spanning over 20 years”.


    You mean to tell me that she had a “performing career” beginning way back in 1990? =/

    Gosh. Way to play with words, Seven. Prancing around as an infant at a family barbecue hardly counts towards one’s “performing career”.

  19. God help us. Seven have really scraped through the bottom of the barrel into the dirt below when you have to ask celebrity’s wives to be part of the show. You might as well rename the show “Dancing with the Partners”!

  20. so even though kyleswife can’t sing for her life even though the only person who thinks she can sing is her husband. 7 decided to put her on this show to give her more than 15 seconds of fame

  21. I think someone at Seven may have used the wrong bio for Tamara Jaber…

    Shouldn’t it read:

    “Tamara Jaber is Kyle Sandilands’ wife”.

  22. John Jackson

    For those saying Tamara Jaber is there because of Kyle, that may or may not have some truth to it but also remember that she was on 7 before she had even met Kyle. She was a part of Scandal’us which was formed on Popstars which aired on 7.

  23. just more of 7 flogging their rubbish shows again for this season of dancing with the stars. i wouldn’t even call this lot stars. i see todd i think i am the biggest celeb in australia McKenney is still a judge. 7 thinks this show is like the american one. the one in america have real stars with some ability dancing on their show. this show lacks that completely in both categories

  24. @nagelixin: Sara-Marie Fedele competed in season 2 of DWTS in early 2005 and was eliminated in the second round.
    David Wirrpanda is an interesting choice. He is fifth current or former AFL player to compete in DWTS, after Brodie Holland (season 3, 2005), Anthony Koutoufides (winner of season 5, 2006), Paul Licuria (season 8, 2008) and Peter “Spida” Everitt (season 9, 2009). Maybe Seven wants to boost the program’s ratings in WA, where Wirrpanda played for West Coast for 14 years?

  25. lol nagelixin, Sara-Maree Fadelle has already been on it. must have been 7 or 8 seasons ago now.

    don’t think corey is in the same boat as some of the others, he is pretty famous, if they could get him it would be a pretty big scoop, it’d make me want to watch it atleast.

  26. nagelixin – Guess what … Sara Marie from BB1 has already had her go at DWTS in either series two or three, probably the one that Hinch was in. And I think she was ‘evicted’ week one as well LOL

  27. Yawn! More dull programing from Seven they need to follow Nine’s lead and return hit shows that were once popular to try and gain back audience. Maybe Seven should bring back Dancing With The Stars. Where is Daryl Somers when you need him. LMAO!

    Not really big name stars here. The show should be called Dancing with People we Hardly Know. Might follow The Bounce and also head into Big Brother/ Australian Idol territory soon. Maybe Seven should ditch Daniel and make Kyle host haha

  28. Stars?

    The only stars I see were the ones when I fell over from laughing.

    Next Season we will scrape even lower.

    Melissa Tkautz, Casey Donovan, Corey (Facebook party kid), Sara-Maree Fadelle (another ex BB), Shane Paxton, The Tin Lids and Betty Boo.

  29. Anthony Mai

    Hmm… Not a really appealing group of celebs! There’s a few there who I don’t even know/care about… But I’m sure they all have fans :) I’ll be supporting Blair, but I’ve never been a loyal viewer of the show, so I can’t be sure if I’ll even watch it!

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