MTV announces new Aussie “reality drama” Freshwater Blue

Move over Jersey Shore and The Hills... sexy girls and hunky guys from Sydney’s Northern Shores are about to be hitting television screens.

MTV Australia will premieres a new “reality drama” series, Freshwater Blue, in December.

It describes the series as “a real-life entertaining, humorous and sometimes gritty, fly on the wall look at the lives of 12 young adults from Sydney’s Northern Beaches.”

Featuring nine females and just three males, it joins a genre of shows in which cameras follow the lives of real people, promising issues such as relationships, friendships, peer pressure, drinking and sex.

The development of the series has been the subject of speculation for some time. It will also include some locations on the Gold Coast.

While it is unscripted, the genre often involves situations that are assisted by Producers.

Rebecca Batties from MTV Networks Australia says, “After seeing a webisode that had been trialled by production company Freehand, the MTV team and I instantly loved it. We knew intrinsically that if we added MTV’s trademark production values, we could take it to a wider Australian youth audience through MTV. Freshwater Blue’s appeal is that it’s a 100% truly Australian – and 100% real life.”

Creator and Executive Producer, Toby Yoshimura, originally from New York, says “The show is what the cast has made it. It is all stories told from the heart and is 100% real life. My hope is that Australian audiences will get behind and love the uniquely Australian cast members as much as I do”.

Yoshimura has previously worked on Saturday Night Live and The Jerry Springer Show.

Cast member Nicola Johnson, says “It wasn’t all just fun and games – having to deal with my break up from a five year relationship was a big deal. It was hard enough anyway but it really wasn’t easy to go through that on camera. It was then that I realised how real this show was.”

Freshwater Blue is MTV Networks Australia’s first series commission.

It premieres in the rather low profile timeslot of 4:30pm Thursday December 2nd on MTV.


  1. this is ridiculous.

    just watched a scene where the blond biddy was having a cry about her harry being there ‘but not being there…’ even if it wasnt scripted it sounded like she pre-planned it!

    the reason the hills/laguna beach worked was because they are hot (sorry but) and theyre going somewhere… these kids are doing nothing. the guys are alright though…

    it doesnt matter so much where you are setting this as to who is on it…

  2. Well, Im going to go against the majority here and say I loved it!!!
    Yes its not highly intellectual tv, but that is why I spend all day doing my PhD in Psychology – I watch TV to zone out and turn my brain off.
    Thought it was very entertaining and reminds me of the days of friends, boys and all the dramas. Life gets more mature and inevitably better, but it is never as dramatic as that stage of life! Was great to remember when what bathers you were going to wear was your biggest problem. Hope they make more!

  3. Wow… that was the biggest waste of time.
    It’s like watching my own life… but more boring, with more makeup and awkard one on one convos, with some showing off for the camera thrown in.
    I am not watching this again.
    Going by how awakard most of the kids seem I would say it was scripted. But it’s so boring it couldn’t possibly be! I have enough whining from my friends about their breakups I don’t want to watch it on TV too!

  4. These kids are a stupid and an utter disgrace. They make everyone on the northern beaches look like some stupid cliche that is just not reality. Binge drinking? grow up. The world doesn’t just revolve around you.

  5. Sad. I’m speechless. My intelligence has been sucked into a void of nothingness, a characterless sea of vacuousness from which it’s a struggle to recover. Thank God I only watched the first episode. At least it’s not Australian ‘made’. An embarrassment to the region though, I’m sure.
    Where did MTV find that gaggle? Spoiled, brain-dead children of privilege, must have been a prerequisite. Facile pretentiousness, another. Opinionated morons, obviously.
    A drunken, high-school clique gone global. God help us.

  6. WTF I feel like I just watched a friggen year 8 video for an assignment. The cameras, music and even voice over are horrible! And I swear they are trying to remember their lines! The clip of the two boys talking about “lize” is so incredibly obviously fake. The Hills was good and The City because we got a view into careers you wouldnt normally. Yes they partied but atleast they were actually going places with their lives and not just skanking around trying to look hot.
    Why the hell would anyone want to watch this when everyone else their age is doing the exact same thing but actually making something of their lives at the same time. *vomit*

  7. this show is so bad i decided to unplug my tv and dissolve it in acid.

    Then I drove out to the nearest field and screamed at nature.

    Then I erected a large sign saying The death of MTV in my back yard and held an all night vigil.

  8. Why would you bother to create something like this? Look at some more original Australian productions like ‘Summer Heights High’ for example- despite obviously not being a reality- TV show, it’s still pure gold. Believe it or not MTV, it’s still possible to be popular with your demographic without insulting our intelligence.

  9. this is just embarrassing for australia and particularly the people who live in the northern beaches. this is not what australian media is like and this is such a poor representation of that particular age group. most people in sydney are nothing like this. i cant believe that MTV is creating more shallow crap. when will they ever learn that trashy, scripted reality tv shows with twenty-somethings are not entertaining for us????? this just pi**es me off so much :(

  10. Interesting how we have a whole page of comments on a show that hasn’t even aired yet. How can you criticise something you haven’t seen?? It seems to me there’s a lot of school-related bitchiness surfacing here and maybe a touch of envy at people who getting paid to do something that looks like fun. I’m not a fan of shows like this, but I don’t rubbish stuff just because it isn’t to my taste. If you don’t like this show, don’t watch it. Simple. And if you want to post a critique here, please base it on something other than ignorance and jealousy.

  11. i live on the northern beaches, and this show puts a shame on us. These girls are the typical stella girls and this show makes us all look like spoilt rich kids. besides this was filmed years ago, and the girls are like 20 now, so its not even relevant. And its called freshwater Beach not freshwater blue

  12. Here’s a thought to people making negative comments….You are most likely the typical Australian bogan that makes high cost television shows have a hard time rating, because you’re too crass and disgusting to relate to people of higher quality to yourselves, therefore don’t watch. Not that you could afford cable TV anyway.

    Or, you’re an idiot who, if you don’t like a show, you make judgements anyway regardless of if you’ve actually seen it. And you don’t know what the majority of people want to watch anyway because unlike some of us you don’t work in television. Don’t put your opinion on something if you are going to be negative, and don’t put an opinion in if you haven’t seen it. It hasn’t gone to air yet. And no one has seen the pilot (I’m looking at you Manly-Boy) except MTV Australia staff and executives. People like you don’t actually have valid opinions.

    Having many friends working in the US industry and wanting to follow suit myself, I gladly give a big f**k off to the filth majority of the viewing public in this country.

  13. Why is everyone commenting negatively on this? if you are all so above this type of show and you hate it so much and think people should be out living their lives rather than watching TV, then why are you all taking the time to blog about a TV show? Are you not sitting in front of your computer? Are you not blogging about a TV show? If you dont like it, or dont think youll like it, then bugger off and dont watch it! Jeez…

  14. Firstly, having lived in Freshwater all my life I can tell you that these people are not from Freshie! 2ndly, we do not act like these people! The only good thing about this show is that we have a new bunch of w*nkers to yell abuse at!
    Call it Manly Blue or Queensy Blue or something, leave us out of your sh*t!

  15. Haha, this show is absolute rubbish…

    I worked and went to school with a couple of the cast and I can’t believe how ridiculous this show is going to be… I’ve seen the pilot and there’s nothing to it! They all look nervous, it’s all scripted and I wish I didn’t know any of them…

    I wish them luck in their venture and hope they make something out of it, but to be honest I reckon it’s gonna be a real flop!

    If any of you get obsessed with them and wanna meet them just head to the Charlie Bar, Shore Club or Wharf Bar on a Sunday and you’ll see how normal they really are…

    MTV you’ve changed!

  16. Um, no.

    The Hills worked because they had great jobs and were gorgeous girls. These girls are not pretty enough for people to be interested in watching them. Sorry, no offence, but it’s true.
    At least find some hot girls and guys?

    Plus, the name sounds like a species of Yabby or something.

  17. once upon a time, mtv was a tv station dedicated to music. now, it fills its schedule with fake tanned and fake titted harpies whose idea of intelligent conversation is any sentence with less than three swear words. go die in a ditch, mtv, and take your horrible pretend reality genre with you.

  18. omg I watched some of the episodes when they were online and it is sooo badly scripted and hardly reality. Ive been told by people that the girls on the show went to there school and were really bitchy and bullied other kids pretty badly. So its really fake. Im really ashamed that everyone will now think that this is what everyone on the northern beaches is like!

  19. Oh god! This is going to be cringey!! Why do people waste their own time watching the lives of rich spoilt kids?! i dont get it!! we live in a beautiful country especially the northern beaches, get away from crap tv & go outside & live your lives! Reality TV should be banned!

  20. Classic Tall poppy syndrome Australia.

    If these kids get as famous as the Kardashians or the Jersey shore lot, shouldn’t we support them and not tear them down? Any series which is commissioned by MTV straight for Aus can only be a good thing, right? Doesn’t that mean that there may be more opportunities for Film/TV originality in this stagnant entertainment industry?

    Aussies do some things well, one thing we suck at is supporting one another due to jealousy. That’s why the majority of the talented people move to the US or UK.

    uh-oh. Looks like someone with a bit of initiative did something internationally recognized. Lets badmouth them!

  21. I find television here so incredibly boring and antiquated and this is another series that’s out of date before it’s even hit our lounge room telly’s. This was shot a year ago so in ‘reality’ this is such old news. Please Freehand TV, give up. You ruined Top Gear and you are now about to embarrass yourselves again.

  22. I am really curious as to why people bag a show in public. Do you think there might be some jealousy coming into play.

    Lets give them a chance and see what they have to say, lets face could be good for the Northern Beaches

  23. MTV’s “trademark production values” ??? LOL

    If iit were any good, it would be on a channel people actually watch. Must have been shot on mini DV and cost zero to make.
    The “creator” sounds like a genius with his Jerry Soringer experience.


  24. Omg gosh! Northern beach peeps!

    Stereotypically, they’re white, rich, spoilt and only know how to party…

    Why not do something in the west where people have ‘real’ issues?

    Just hearing about this show makes me feel stupid…

  25. I think this is great. Glad MTV is commissioning an original Australian series for once.

    Jersey Shore is a ratings giant for MTV. Regularly beats network and broadcast TV in both total people ane demos in the US.

    Though not sure how it rates in Australia, my guess is it is probably MTV Australia’s top rated show. If this is even half as successful as Jersey Shore for MTV AU, I think they will be happy.

  26. True, but David I doubt even SBS would stoop to the lows of MTV. I mean you can’t drop below rock bottom.

    @ johnjet. Thanks for that, I thought it would be along those lines.

  27. Congrats to all commentators, especially Son, Stu & Mike, for some of the funniest and pithiest comments I’ve read in a long time. LOL x1000!
    You people are the reason I read this blog. You give me faith that somewhere, somehow, a small island of sanity and perspective is still afloat in this sea of sh%t that is media entertainment.
    More power to your fingertips.
    Oh, and bad cess to this stinkbag of a series that can’t be axed too soon for my liking.

  28. On a different note, how can this show air at 4:30 and involve sex? Where’s the classification codes?

    It amazes me that people get high and mighty about an unbelievable cardboard lesbian on Home and Away that only kissed a woman, yet this sort of crap gets through the filter without a care in the world.

    Priorities as usual I see.

  29. Why do these networks insist it is ‘reality’ and ‘fly on the wall?’ It is scripted trash aimed at those with low intellects and a hunger for trash tv. I realise we all have different tastes and opinions, but really this is just pure, unadultered sh*t that will add nothing to Australian values and life, except the degradation of intelligence and the reinforcing of pitiful stereotypes. Though I guess this is MTV we are talking about, so no surprises.

    MTV AU must be in dire straits if they feel the need to commission home grown programmes to try and lure audiences.

    All is forgiven SBS.

  30. Hmm, I’m glad to see MTV making original content but this is a massive gamble.
    Let’s look at the shows you have offered for a comparison:
    Jersey Shore – I doubt there is one person who could say they care for any of the people in this show, they are all so awful that I would like to believe it to be close to impossible to actually watch this show seriously. And that’s coming from a massive fan.
    The Hills – not a fan at all of this, but I can imagine that it was the close inter-group bitching that made this show successful, because it was quality “real” drama. With 12 people, that can’t be replicated. I also imagine that it has an element of what made Jersey Shore successful, as I refuse to believe there to be anyone watches it with a serious concern for the future of Heidi and Spencer.

    So, unless these people have terrible personalities that make them so cringeworthy to watch that it’s humourous, I can’t see this working as a huge success.

    Find 6-8 people, with the right (well no, the really really wrong) personalities and stick them in a house together on the Gold Coast.

  31. Armchair Analyst

    Once again Australia demonstrating no origianlity. If this is a hit then god help us. Usually it is FTA making poor decision not Foxtel, oh well guess their time has come

  32. oh god.
    as a big fan of the Hills and massive loather of Jersey Shore, i can safetly say that this is gonna tank. Big.
    not only does it have a really dumbass title, but 12 people!? The Hills worked fine enough with 4-5!! Not even Laguna Beach had that many douches :\

    Keep Trying MTV…

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