Cops LAC not returning

It’s official. COPS L.A.C. is no more.

Just a small line appeared in today’s Australian newspaper reported that COPS L.A.C. has been “dropped” by Nine.

It has been widely expected that the police drama starring Kate Ritchie would not return after disappointing ratings and reviews.

A Nine spokesperson confirmed to TV Tonight today that the show would not be returning.

Nine does have 22 episodes of Rescue Special Ops and 13 eps for the final season of Sea Patrol to come next year, along with several Telemovies. It may yet reveal further drama projects at its 2011 launch in early December.

Other networks recently reviewed their two police dramas. Seven is yet to officially clarify any production return for City Homicide. Unofficially, the outlook is grim.

Brighter news for Rush fans with 13 new episodes confirmed for TEN next year.

SBS also has a new series of East West 101.


  1. Cops – LAC was probably a little below Rush and City Homicide in quality. The scripts on these shows were more polished, in my opinion. That said, the characterisations in “Cops” were very engaging and the location shooting top notch. Gary Sweet and Kate Ritchie are very charismatic actors and although some of the solutions to crimes seemed a little too pat and easy, the show had something and was very enjoyable. Definitely a shame that it has been canned. Sometimes a second season irons out some of the flaws and quality comes through. Such a cutthroat business based on profits lends itself to either instant success or total banishment. I hope Kate finds something else to suit her talents.

  2. I think that Cops LAC should stay that was such a great show and I really think that 9 should reconsider their decision because I am sick of those stupid reality TV shows like the Boss is coming to dinner or whatever it’s called, I personally think it is a waste of time. I was looking forward to Cops LAC when I seen an add for it, I think that it is a cool show and that you should just give it a chance to expand.

  3. I really enjoyed watching COPS L.A.C, It’s not everyday, that you can actually sit down and enjoy a good aussie show, I’m sorry and dnt mean to offend anyone, but geez, we really need to look after our own, and i think they all do a great job, I loved COPS L.A.C And i am really disappointed that it is or maybe no more, I actually think that it out done the last 2 seasons of underbelly, and yet that got high ratings??
    Nothing better than true crime stories, and what better country than australia to film it with our very own talent!!!

  4. city homicide is a great show.why is seven giving it the axe..? ausies like to watch our own actors and stories , we have enough of those american csi’s.please reconsider seven

  5. COPS L.A.C is the best show I have ever watched! It is Much better than ‘Rush’ on Channel 10 – I think that is a piece of garbage. Cops L.A.C was a unique television show that actually had better ratings than once expected. Oh, and just to let you people know, it has not been completely “dropped” as the poster stated. It has yet to be determined, but it will most likely not be in the making for next seasons – although there is still a minor possibility.

  6. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Come on, script writers, start to give some good stuff instead of ever-fluffier soapies – with the occasional uniform thrown in, and the occasional murder (the script was the first victim). It ain’t working! Audiences are not stupid, in spite of the way the TV execs treat us.

  7. I would rather they have an Airline/Airport or going places kind of show instead of more crime if they have to try something other than 2.5 men or anything with Gordon Ramsay on it.

  8. I watched the first ep of Cops LAC and just couldn’t watch anymore, it was so bad.

    Maybe 9 could bring back The Boss is Coming to Dinner? It probably would rate better.

  9. I don’t want Aus drama to be like US or UK, that’s for them to do. Aus can make and has made great tv, Cops LAC was bad. Our dramas made, and what usually works here, like it or not, tends to be police or medical shows, but things outside that have been tried, some have worked some haven’t.

    Should we compare our productions to US and UK, or more fairly with say Canada and New Zealand, how much do they make, what type of shows do they make? We have 5 networks + cable, and each are only making about 2-3 ongoing shows each of a year at best, now and then limited series and telemovies. (if that view of things is wrong-please correct)

    This show needed to go, hopefully what comes along ‘new’ next, on any of the network doesn’t fail the same way, the tv industry’s drama producing stats are pretty small as it is.

  10. Despite the name, it never really went with the LAC concept – every episode seemed to revolve around a murder – which should have been handed off to Homicide. I think if the show had concentrated on the GD officers (less that horrible dragged-out Roy Billing backstory) and gone into their off duty lives as well, it could have been an interesting show.

    If everybody wants a new Blue Heelers, why don’t they do just that – a new Blue Heelers.

    When the US market stops producing cop shows, perhaps the rest of the world will follow suite – but don’t hold you breathe – you’ll suffocate. Cops, legal, medical, rescue… will always be the mainstay of drama – there’s a reason why shows about Librarians or Pizza Delivery are comedies!

  11. Robert Dandrea

    Iguess I am different om the othersthat pst in that I enjoyed COPS LAC, City Homicide, Rush,a well as othe cop shows from the past. I personally don’t enjoy reality shows. I’m not saying that these shows couldn’t have been better. They could be great lke Frost, Trial and Retribution, Taggart, etc from Great Britain which are the best myseries I have ever seen. We need good cop drama from Australia.

  12. anything has got to be better than another crime show but how about trying something new channel 9 to fill the gap till footy season 2011 instead of more Big Bang Theory or 2.5 men or CSI I am thinking bringing back those Airline/Airport and Changing Rooms kinds of shows we all know and love It would Tie in perfectly after Getaway too.

  13. Brad – it’s all about the demographics. Rush skews to a younger demographic – CH has a very old (but large) audience – not attractive to the advertisers.

  14. @Phoenix727 – Sorry, I didn’t mean to suggest that all cop shows are mediocre. I was merely pointing out that with City Homicide and Cops L.A.C gone if you happened to only enjoy dodgy cop shows than you don’t have many left.

    Of course there are fantastic cop shows out there but those two dropkicks aren’t even in the same league.

  15. It’s funny. Ch 10 keep Rush even though it is one of the most overrated shows on TV and struggles to get 750K, Ch.7 looks to axe CH and it’s getting about 50% more audience, Maybe Ch 10 have insufficient local content in their cupboard so have to keep failing series going even if they don’t rate.

  16. @ Dr TV, finally someone else points it out!! I know it’s very shallow to judge a show on its title but it really was a clunky one. To me (just personal opinion) it felt like they were trying a little too hard to make it sound CSI-ish.

    I know a show is much more than its title but I’m sorry, you’ve gotta put some work into that too. To be honest the title turned me off before I even saw the show…..and then I saw the show…..

  17. @DC, yeah, I’m thinking more 2012 onwards … it can take 2-3 years of development before a series is ready to shoot and edit. Here’s hoping they’ve got some good ideas!

  18. Jezza of the city

    The acting in CLAC was very poor with Kate Ritchie being the least convincing cop I have ever seen, followed closely by Roy B & Gary S.

    Kate just needs to go back to being a soapie doll…sorry its harsh but she can’t cut elsewhere.

  19. I think with 22 eps of Rescue, 13 eps of Sea Patrol , 3 Underbelly telemovies and Blood Brother telemovie, Channel 9 will already fufill their drama quote without having to make a new drama to replace Cops LAC

  20. Thanks David, that was my not so subtle attempt to get the goss on whether Don gets to tangle with Asher Keddie again. I figured the 2 dramas may fall in different parts of the year, but i don’t keep up with what’s in production & when.

  21. @Phoenix727, don’t forget networks have an annual drama quota they must fill so they’ll have to have something up their sleeve, I’d think, at least going fowd. This really is a superb opportunity for Nine to critically assess its drama output, regroup, try something different and break new ground. Is it gonna happen? Nup.

  22. The answer to what they’ll do next year to fill the space, simple, what 9 does whenever it needs to fill rating space these days:

    More episodes of Big Bang, Two & a Half Men & Top Gear, easy. It not hard when you have no imagination.

    Also, @PD: Not all cop shows are mediocre. L&O, NCIS (Which is rating its off in the states.) Homicide Life on the Streets, The Wire, Sherlock, I could go on, its just a shame we can’t replicate (Not copy, replicate.) the idea’s that work so well in the states. I think the problem is Australian TV producers think we watch Crime shows for the Soap style love stories instead of the actual crime mystery. There’s a reason Law & Order was on for 20 years and Law & Order SVU is going strong in its 11/12th season.

  23. Dear Nine (and other Aussie channels while I’m at it), Enough with the bloody cop shows!!! God, try something different for a change!

    That is all.

  24. So on the police drama front does this mean TEN wins since Cops LAC and City Homicide as gone? 😉

    Thanks for the update David, so we will have a little more CH, just no more being made.

  25. this show had some of australias best actors in it Roy billing Gary sweet kate ritche if it had been done right it could have been a great sucess but it wasnt done right and that is why it flopped

  26. I really don’t understand why, like the best British series, we don’t produce more limited episode series (6-8 eps per series) – Spooks, Luther, Dr. Who and the like. This seems to give the writers time to really develop their scripts and storylines, and gives the actors other opportunities to develop their skills and follow their interests outside the series. If the series fails then it’s not such a major issue – they just don’t make a second series. The ABC seems to follow this model (Rake, Bed of Roses etc) and SBS (East West 101, The Circuit), but not the commercial networks. It seems to me to be a model they might explore!!!

  27. If Ten and Seven are going for the female audience in Offspring and Winners and Losers when will the penny drop that Nine needs to focus on doing quality drama for women too. Women control the remotes when it comes to drama. Everyone else gets the fragmenting audience, while Nine is stuck in the 90s with RSO and SP. Underbelly is at saturation point so not sure how all the true crime will go next year.

  28. Like to support and be supportive of aussie shows, but this one was bad, and it never got better however long it went along for, didn’t see all the eps, but the space between watching, the show should of at least gotten better with time. It didn’t.

    The production side of things can take a fair share of blame, but I think the cast and the acting from same, they could all stand back and take a second look at themselves in the show also, from the top down, the seasoned to the newbies.

    Hope City Homicide can regroup and survive.

  29. I hope Seven keeps City Homicide and give it more episodes because it is a great show. Maybe move it to another day.
    And that is too bad about COPS LAC. I thought the show was ok
    And that is good news about Rush because that is a great show.

  30. I saw two eps of this. Both times the arrest was done in slow motion with music – Cold Case style. That’s what happens when you carbon copy another show…expect to fail.

  31. Nine should totally revisit the Young Doctors idea they had in planing a while back as there new drama. Make it like a Greys anatomy type of show that will attract both older and younger viewers and they will have a hit.!

    Kate Ritchie would have being a perfect fit for this show as well as it’s not as far a stretch from Home and Away that Cops LAC was. But knowing Nine they’ll probably just greenlit another cop show and wonder why it bombs in the ratings again!

  32. City Homicide is currently the #2 Australian drama, well #1 now Rafters is finished. It’s now rating above 1 million. It is a quality show, with a quality cast. Seven would be absolutely stupid to axe it, unfortunately they are stupid so they probably will. All they need to do is move it back to Sunday or Monday.

    I look forward to hearing what new Aussie show Nine will bring out next year and what ridiculous name they will give it. I predict something like FIRE S.O.S. or Doctors P.H.D.

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