“I’m Michael Rowland”

Last week on ABC News Breakfast presenter Virginia Trioli appeared to have an identity crisis….



  1. cracker. pure gold. I reckon I’d be that brain dead at that time of the morning but get my name wrong…..nahhh. virginia has a great wit and sense of humour and reckon that it was a wasted oportunity for a bit of fun. good pick up

  2. Yes, it is that “new” system that the ABC have implemented.

    Still, if ever Rove comes back to television, and if ever he asks me who I’m turning for, I now have an answer – it that’s Michael Rowland, count me in (so to speak).

  3. Armchair Analyst

    Its amazing that she didnt correct hereself. she must have been in some kind of trance not to notice the blunder of the century that she made.

  4. hahaha JB reminded me of Anchorman too ‘ Go f*** yourself San Diego’ and Bruce Almighty as well ‘I do the cha cha like a sissy girl. I like-a, do, da-cha cha hahahah

    Really, doesn’t come across very professional

  5. look i dont really know this lady all that well…maybe i should…but this just adds to the argument that some presenters will read whatever is put on the prompter infront of them, or have you ever heard of pre reading your script……brings me back to the fantastic scene in “Anchorman” where he told San Diego to go… after Applegates charcter changed the autocue… ahhh good times

  6. Ha ha ha ha OMG did she really just say that. They really will read everything from the autocue. This reminds of me of Anchorman. “I’m Ron Burgundy?”

  7. WTF?!! She didn’t even realise by the look of it – shows she must be on auto-pilot when reading those things – maybe they should pull a prank and put “i am a clown” (or something much funnier – couldn’t think of anything lol) and see if she reads that!

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