TEN: Summer schedule

TEN has released it schedule for the first week of summer and there are some surprises in store.

In the week commencing November 28th TEN has new episodes of Glee, Rush, The Simpsons, Raising Hope, Recruits, Undercover Boss USA, White Collar, Rules of Engagement, Neighbours and Go Girls.

Other brands are in repeat including Modern Family, NCIS: Los Angeles, Lie to Me and Law and Order: SVU. Good News Week will also repeat (would that make it Good News Last Week?)

The 7PM Project remains (so far with the same cast). There are several movies. And there’s a load of Simpsons repeats from a channel that is about to give up the brand.

But given many shows are being saved for ELEVEN, this is pretty good, with first-run episodes of popular shows. The inclusion of Glee and Rush is a bold move.

Raising Hope may become one of summer’s breakout hits….

Sunday Nov 28
6:00pm The Simpsons rpt
6:30pm Rules of Engagement rpt
7:00pm Rules of Engagement
7:30pm Hamish & Andy’s Caravan Of Courage: Great Britain & Ireland rpt
8:30pm Movie: Shallow Hal
10:45pm Movie: Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan rpt

Monday Nov 29
6:00pm The Simpsons rpt
6:30pm Neighbours
7:00pm The 7pm Project
7:30pm Glee
8:30pm Undercover Boss USA
9:30pm Good News Week rpt
11:00pm TEN Late News With Sports Tonight
11:45pm The Late Show with David Letterman

Tuesday Nov 30
6:00pm The Simpsons rpt
6:30pm Neighbours
7:00pm The 7pm Project
7:30pm TBA
8:00pm The All New Simpsons
8:30pm NCIS: Los Angeles rpt
9:30pm Lie to Me rpt
10:30pm TEN Late News With Sports Tonight
11:15pm The Late Show with David Letterman

Wednesday Dec 1
6:00pm The Simpsons rpt
6:30pm Neighbours
7:00pm The 7pm Project
7:30pm Modern Family rpt
8:00pm Raising Hope
8:30pm NCIS: Los Angeles rpt
9:30pm White Collar
10:30pm TEN Late News With Sports Tonight
11:15pm The Late Show with David Letterman

Thursday Dec 2
6:00pm The Simpsons rpt
6:30pm Neighbours
7:00pm The 7pm Project
7:30pm Recruits
8:30pm Rush
9:30pm Law and Order: SVU rpt
10:30pm TEN Late News With Sports Tonight
11:15pm The Late Show with David Letterman

Friday Dec 3
6:00pm The Simpsons rpt
6:30pm Neighbours
7:00pm The 7pm Project
7:30pm The Simpsons rpt
8:00pm The Simpsons rpt
8:30pm Movie: Intolerable Cruelty rpt
10:30pm Go Girls
11:00pm TEN Late News With Sports Tonight
12:00am Sports Tonight
12:30am The Late Show with David Letterman

Sat Dec 4
6:00pm The Simpsons rpt
6:30pm The Simpsons rpt
7:00pm The Simpsons rpt
7:30pm Movie: Back To The Future rpt
9:45pm Movie: Love’s Brother
11:50pm Dead Again


  1. Lol @ Ralph Malph
    The idea Ch10 are “burning off” Rush, perhaps just finishing the season, rather than waiting 3 months like the other channels.

    And as for no place in an older skewing 10, I thought Packer was going to target the yuoths even more….???

  2. They ditched the Cleveland Show for that Glee Crap….Bad move Channel 10 to go from a double dose of laughter with Good News Week as a lead in show to what is essentially a grown up’s version of High School Musical.

  3. I am so glad that TEN is showing new episodes of Rules of Engagement!!! :)

    It is my favourite show!!!!!!

    And the same with Recruits too, but I wish TEN would keep showing new episodes of NCIS.

  4. modern family and glee are tens highest rating shows and the way ten keep moving them around schedule viewers will eventually give up. modern family should have been left on Tuesdays from the start, thats where it rated highest, and Glee started its season on Wednesdays, it should stay on Wednesdays.
    also, wouldnt it be better to finish off remaining episodes of Burn Notice over summer since its ratings are low instead of holding off?

  5. Shocking…. no supernatural. does anyone keep their words these days

    even though i already bought the boxset i was going to wait til it came out on ten to see the new epis.. then i thought why shouldi wait for then to become competent. however i will of course watch it when it Finally does come on 11. i mean the station are idgits and don’t deserve my viewership, but the show has been constistently brilliant and they do. I’m not going to punish sn cuz im pi**ed at ten. however im not snobbing ten because of this… they just dont have anything remotely appealing…. funny a few years ago, it was the only station ireally watched

  6. Will be very interesting to see what fills the lineup with The Simpsons move to 11, given a lot of stuff is being saved for 11 as well.

    A pity they are showing Malcolm at 3:30pm weekdays now – last Summer it did a good job for Ten. It would’ve been good to see the last couple of seasons again that 9 buried on weekend afternoons.

  7. Looks like they just want to burn off the Rush episodes and show it as little as possible during the ratings season, maybe move it to a late slot and just use it for the drama points that they deseperately need. It’s quite clear Rush never has and never will be a high rater and really shouldn’t have even been renewed, it’s got no place in an older skewing Ch10.

  8. Bewdy, they are putting White Collar on again. and Raising Hope is looking very promising on the ads, quirky.

    No mention of Supernatural. Doesn’t matter, I’m just buying it on DVD as they release it in the US.

  9. stevie g, 1st showing of The Simpsons here was actually in The Tracey Ullman show, in the late eighties, prior to it being spun-off into it’s own series, however from memory that was on the ABC, so I doubt 10 would want to celebrate that anniversary, even if it hadn’t already passed. :-)

  10. @Tasmanian de√il I wonder if TEN are doing this because of PVR’s.

    I know now I hardly watch anything when it’s actually on, always Record it, with TEN I find I’m constantly double checking the Guide on the PVR in case of changes. I wonder if they think swapping things around will get people noticing other shows on too watch in there schedule (can’t say it works for me).

  11. Tasmanian de√il

    Ten’s messy scheduling recently is starting to get annoying, especially the temporary timeslots they are giving shows, even shows I don’t watch. It’s like they aren’t planning ahead. All New Simpsons, starts Wed, vanishes, an ep on a Sat, vanishes, two eps Fri 6:00, vanishes, double eps for two weeks Fri 7:30, then new eps on Tue. Glee, starts on Sun, moves to Thu, Sun again, vanishes, Thu 8:00, returns S2 on Wed, vanishes, now Mon. Modern Family, starts Tue 8:00, then Sun 6:30 and Tue 7:30, then just Sun 6:30, then Sun 7:00, then add an extra Wed ep for two weeks, then repeats. Undercover Boss, starts Sun, moves to Mon, extra ep Wed one week, takes a break, returns S2 for one week, replaces with Aus version, returns.

  12. @Dave – I think they must have got a BluRay copy of BTTF :)

    Loads of re-runs but still better than Seven, looks almost as good as some of the stuff Nine had planned. So they have Glee listed but no House or TGW? And when will the 2nd season of NCIS LA start?

  13. Cant you repeat the Hamish and Andy Indian trip instead of the UK one please ten. I missed that special due to being overseas.

    But at least I have the 7pm project to watch over summer.

  14. Pity Medium isn’t making an appearance, sure it didn’t rate however at least finish it off, Wgite Collar back is great, pity Lie To Me are repeats given that are new in the US, but it is in the silly season and it was a top rating show.

    Glee would have to have the week or so delay to sort out Music Licensing issues before being shown would it not?

  15. “And there’s a load of Simpsons repeats from a channel that is about to give up the brand.” I may have missed this one but where are the simpsons going?? does this mean ch 11?

  16. I’d liketo see the last season of Medium too.
    Happy to see White Collar back, though have to wonder why it’s on after a repeat of NCIS LA and not before?
    Where is The Good Wife?
    I’ll have a look at Raising Hope, but there’s not much else there except repeats repeats repeats. No thanks.

  17. I hope Raising Hope is a hit because it’s great. I think I like it more than Modern Family. Definitely a better line up with what Seven have offered, but still far too many repeats for my liking.

  18. @billy The 11:45 starts aren’t too bad but it’s even worse on Friday or Saturday morning, nearly 1:00am sometimes, it’s ridiculous. I’m hoping when Letterman moves to ELEVEN, it’s in a decent time slot like 10:30.

  19. Looking at the summer schedules I wonder if the networks really need 3 channels each. There seems to be endless repeats of everything and then they repeat them again.
    Wouldn’t the quality of pramming be better with just a primary HD and one SD channel each.
    I might take a walk !

  20. Stevie G,

    Didn’t the first season of The Simpsons debut on Seven because of their 20th Century Fox output deal at the time? I could be wrong…

    On another note, I’m sad that Modern Family is moving out of their Sunday evening timeslot. It clashes with The 7:30 Report for me now. Oh well.

  21. can someone tell me when Ten will put Medium back on? very annoyed. if they won’t put in the summer break I’ll have to wait til the box set comes out. grrrr

  22. No original NCIS? I must congratulate TEN on not airing NCIS, they’ve done the repeats to death. Good move, although interesting they are airing NCIS: LA both Tues + Wed.

    Good move by TEN to show new Rush – Rush rates poorly so they might as well show all the eps rather than wait till next year.

  23. Looks great, although I find it odd that Modern Family is in repeats when new episodes only just began. When does Neighbours finish for the year and Ten? Any idea when Medium is resuming? How old are the Good News Week shows? I agree that an hour and a half of Simpsons on a Saturday evening is a bit much.

  24. “The 7PM Project remains (so far with the same cast).”

    What’s this? Are there rumours someone is leaving the show? For the love of all things entertainment please let it be Carrie, the woman lives in the dark ages.

  25. Thank goodness that channel ten are keeping up with showing new Glee … it’s bad enough that Australia is now gonna be almost a week behind the US – if channel ten hadn’t kept new Glee around after ratings finished they would be stuffed coz we’d all find it elsewhere out of frustration!! … Good move ten!

  26. @reesie, Glee is not taking a two and a half week break…episode 7 is telecast in the U.S. on Tuesday 16th November and telecast here on Monday 22nd November (which is less than a week after U.S. and before another new episode is available), episode 8 will then be telecast in the U.S. a week later on Tuesday 23rd November and telecast in Australia on Monday 29th November. The show is still up-to-date and being fast tracked.

  27. I wish 10 would be consistent with the New Simpsons. Just saw a promo for 2 new eps this Friday at 7.30pm. Honestly, nights are all over the shop, some new, some old. I’m middle aged – my brain can’t cope! I have enough trouble remembering all my pin numbers let alone when my fave shows are on.

  28. Mmm not much there really – I’ll be watching one of my new favourite shows Modern Family, especially as I’m a new convert and missed most of S1. Aside from that and the usuals like Neighbours and Lettermen that’s it. Hopefully the NCIS rpts will be back friday nights too.

  29. I have noticed that NCIS is missing from the summer schedules this year. I don’t think we need Simpsons repeats anymore, because last year they replayed episodes between 1998 to 2002, which I am tired of watching it over and over again. I also think we need to get rid of Good News Week, I agree with David, it’s Good News Last Week and make NCIS: LA into new episodes instead of repeats. I might watch Eleven when it launches, I am too tired of this mess. Terrible scheduling Ten!

  30. Wow, looks good. Seven and Nine are gonna have to lift their game this summer if this is what Ten is giving us. Great to have White Collar back, loved this as a summer show last year.

  31. whats with Glee taking a 2.5 week break?
    theres no break in filming in the US so theres no big reason too.

    i know Raising Hope is taking its time slot but waiting over 2 weeks to pop a new episode on seems kinda stupid.
    maybe Ten is gonna advertise the shit outta the fact Gwenyth Paltrow is on it…. :\

  32. Although they have already celebrated a couple of 20 year anniversarys, The Simpsons actually started in Australia in 1991 ( same with Twin Peakes), so their move to 11 actually coincides with their 20 year anniversary in Aus. I guess congratulations are in order for a show that has been a ratings hit for that long.

    I don’t mind NCIS Los Angeles, even though I’m not a fan of the original NCIS, so i won’t mind catching the up with the repeats of that show, as I came in late last season.

  33. why are they airing no glee this week only to lose the fasttrack and air more eps in summer? this move to monday seems stuipider by the day.

    that’s a lot of simpsons (R)

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