Where is The Walking Dead?

A number of readers have been asking about which network has picked up new US zombie series The Walking Dead.

Based on the comic book of the same name, it tells the story of the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse and follows a small group of survivors travelling across the United States in search of a new home.

The series airs in the US on AMC, which also has Mad Men and Breaking Bad, and it’s been generating a lot of buzz since it premiered on Halloween.

The Wall Street Journal said that the “pilot episode is so good that it has hooked even a zombie hater like me.” The writer added that what made the show so good was that it looks cinematic.

After checking with a number of sources, TV Tonight had learned that no Australian network has yet picked this up.

Three networks showed interest in the series, but the rights are believed to be top price. Foxtel is still interested in the series, but no deal is yet finalised.

Unfortunately for a cult series like this, the longer it is delayed the more the audience could resort to piracy.

If James Packer really wants to keep TEN young, could he write a cheque for this one please?



  1. So it’s December 2011, why is there no Walking Dead on. Wish that our stations would stop pussy footing around and grow some balls we are dock of all the reality
    shows. Even Friday night Horror nights don’t exist anymore. Instead we are watching over Spoilt 20 year olds who still act like they are teenagers, survivors that are not really deserted on an island. Our cop shows mainly consist of RBT’s and DUI’s. Bring back shows like Australias most wanted, missing persons and show something new and daring like The Walking Dead, Grimm and many more. Give us variety, aliens, ghosts and the paranormal/ supernatural. Sick of the same murder mysteries, medical dramas and the family drama shows. Give us some gore and make us afraid of the night. Im a goody 2 shoes and the only time I act out is by watching stuff that spooks me, that is my thrill. Please satisfy it.

  2. Great series, unfortunately I had to download the series, because let’s face it we’re all just sick & tired of the same old reality shows being run year after year, who cares about the biggest loser etc, I’d rather watch fat people getting chomped on by zombies, serve them right for supersizing!, still the DVD/bluray is out this week, so I’d say the tv studios have missed the bandwagon!

  3. Foxtel is full of crap keep reguritating the same filth & free to air is slowly improving choice of programs – but lets face its Norman F%%$ Reedus the Boondock Saint – This is Huge – pick up the freakin show Dont make us beg…..one of the stations has to find the required elephant balls to buy and show the awesome series!!!

  4. Brilliant series. Just watched episode 4 and it’s the best one yet. Lots of tension, lots of action and no holding back on the blood shots. Love the occasional lense splatter as the zombies take a head shot with a bullet of a baseball bat. great production quality and more than just gore.

  5. Just came back from LA and caught an episode at my sisters house. What a great show. Not a big zombie fan, but this one got me hooked. Hope someone picks it up in australia

  6. This is so frustrating. I contacted AMC and they told me to contact my local Fox station. I got a standard response saying they had no plans to air it.

    I just read it broke premiere ratings records in 120 countries. I’m sorry, 120 other countries have it yet Australia doesn’t!!! We also missed out on all the cool promotional stuff like ‘Zombie Commuter Day’, where Greg Nicotero (Hollywood Special Effects Make-Up guru) trained people worldwide to do zombie make-up and freak out commuters!

    I’m doubley frustrated as my sister is Frank D’s assistant so I’m resisting the piracy route…for now!!

  7. Secret Squïrrel

    @Chris – “90% of the fanbase has already watched the shows before they finally air on SBS or ABC2” – Really? From which orifice did you pull that figure? You only have to look at something like Top Gear (UK) to see how showing a program’s ratings are affected by showing it on Australian FTA a year or more after it’s broadcast in its home country. Not a lot.

    If networks could even triple their audience (let alone multiply by 10 as your made-up data would suggest) simply by showing a program earlier, don’t you think that they would? As V has already stated, for some reason people seem to have a blind spot when it comes to SBS and ABC2.

  8. Just thinking that since SBS One has FTA rights to AMC’s ‘Mad Men,’ & with them recently airing Channel Four’s ‘Dead Set,’ maybe they could take it up? Would work really well on a late Monday night…

    I can wait, unlike some “fans.”

  9. “28 Days Later
    28 Weeks Later
    Thats what comes to my mind.
    Not very original.”

    That’s odd, the comic that the show is based on was created before those films came out. Hmm, interesting…

  10. I thought the first episode was great, but I’m surpised at all the praise its received because normally zombie movies have a very niche audience.

    If you’re a fan of the Romero-style apocalypse drama you’ll love it, but I wouldn’t think it’d appeal to all viewers which is probably why the big networks are hesitant.

  11. This is why people torrent shows. Listen up networks, just start putting everything up online, or even go through iTunes. I’d happily pay a small fee to watch this instead of torrent it.

  12. Mad Men and Breaking Bad on FTA are over a year behind Foxtel, which was already about 2 months behind AMC with airing episodes. 90% of the fanbase has already watched the shows before they finally air on SBS or ABC2.

  13. If ABC and SBS can’t afford it, TWD would be good for either Go, 7Mate, or Eleven, but if it’s only 6 episodes, the asking price won’t be justified for them, so Aus viewers will resort to piracy to see it. Nine were foolish to onsell Damages and Breaking Bad (that they both got through their Sony output deal) to Foxtel, as they would’ve been a good fit for Go, or Gem.

  14. @Barry Saunders The only reason that Breaking Bad and Mad Men don’t rate is that people for some stupid reason do not watch SBS or ABC 2. Look what happened to Top Gear when they put in on Ch 9! It rated better than it ever did on SBS. Which goes to show how stupid viewers can be.

    Me, i would rather it on SBS or ABC and they won’t stuff it around like all the other stations do. But i’m tipping i would have seen it before they decide to put it on anyway.

  15. Secret Squïrrel

    I tend to find the zombie apocalypse thing a bit hackneyed but this looks really good and has some good names both behind and in front of the camera. Interesting that two of the male leads are English (Lennie James is cropping up all over the place now).

    Unfortunately, this is unlikely to rate that well here in the land of safe and bland TV. chk chk, you conveniently forget how badly niche programs like this have been treated by your beloved Nine network. You’d be a fool to think this would be any different. This would be a perfect fit for ABC2 at 9:30 on Tue now that “Deadwood” has finished. Then we could see Andrew Lincoln again afterwards in “Teachers”.

  16. Seeing as it performed brilliantly on premiere (2.7 rating with Adults 18-49 – that’s larger than ratings for 10pm Sunday rivals ‘Brothers and Sisters’ and ‘CSI Miami’), you would think the networks or indeed Foxtel would be scrambling to grab this terrific program.

  17. I watched this the other night…easily one of the best things I’ve seen all year (along with Boardwalk Empire and Breaking Bad). I’m not a massive fan of the zombie/horror thing but it’s much more about human relationships, directed by Frank Darabont of Shawshank Redemption fame. Doesn’t pull any punches from the comic series in terms of violence either, some parts were quite shocking. AMC are quickly becoming the new HBO.

  18. Barry Saunders

    Yeah except Mad Men & Breaking Bad don’t rate! Sure write a cheque out to AMC to assure critical acclaim but for what I assume is a premium price probably isn’t worth their while. This should go to Foxtel.

  19. I watched the first episode a couple days ago and while it was mostly great, I’ve heard it falls down quite a bit afterwards from critics who’ve seen later episodes. Definitely not MM or BB quality.

  20. If you were to put aside the the locally produced vs. international darma argument , all that the comercial networks here need to do to back a winner is simply write a cheque to AMC for whatever their next project is. This network continues to produce great character driven stories (Breakng Bad/ Madmen) which don’t rely on lame tired concepts that run out of steam after half a dozen episodes.

    Nobody knows if this show will go the distance but if the pilot is anything to go by it has the potential to. Engaging characters, solid story and great cinematography & score.

  21. Even if they picked it up today we wouldn’t see it for months, right? Not till mid next year probably? It’ll be finished and out on DVD by then…

  22. I’ve watched the pilot and thought it was great so i’m gonna watch the rest of the series, well before it gets screened here. I reckon SBS would be the only hope for it to be shown here cos it doesn’t really seem like commercial network material. And they’d only put it on at 12.3am anyway

  23. I’ll try to wait until the DVD is released in the US.

    Since the series is only 6 episodes and finishes early in December, I’m hopeful that it will be released on DVD pretty soon after the final episode is screened. With the strong Aussie dollar, DVDs are normally cheaper from the US and I have no intention of waiting until a network in Australia screens it and then finally permits it to be released on DVD locally.

  24. There is a great review of the pilot script out there (on ain’t it cool I believe) that aptly covers it’s issues – great look and feel but distractingly derivative and isn’t “about” anything. If it’s “top price” then I see why the networks didn’t bother.

    Hopefully it will improve with more mythology and the subplots hinted at in the last ten minutes.

  25. I was starting to worry that nobody was interested in it, but I do wonder what kind of a time slot this would be shown if it were put on one of the commercial channels. It seems a little too violent for a 7:30 or 8:30 slot on channel 7

  26. It’s very disappointing to learn that no Austn TV network has picked up the rights to what sounds like an exciting show.

    Yes, reality shows are cheaper to produce, but in my book they’re generally far inferior to a well produced, tightly scripted drama with high production values — all apparent attributes of The Walking Dead, from what I’ve read over the last couple of weeks.

    It sounds like I’ll be buying this one on DVD.

  27. Oh Wow. that looks brilliant!

    Very similar to 28 Days Later it seems. But I love Zombies; think I’m waiting for a FTA network you’re wrong 😛

    Ten should get this on air for Eleven.

  28. This is the kind of program we need on Australian television – not a cop show, not a medical show but a balls to the wall zombie epic. If the local networks do not have the courage to produce something like this they should at least have the courtesy to purchase it.

    If there was ever a program for whcih fast tracking was mandatory it is this.

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