ABC2, ABC3, ABC News 24: 2011 slate

HBO drama series Generation Kill, set in the 2003 Iraq War, is coming to ABC2 next year. It will be joined by a new local comedy series, Twentysomething, about two former high school friends who embark on an unusual entrepreneurial journey. Also coming to ABC2 is Party Down, Wired and a special from Eddie Perfect.

ABC3 has a new series of My Place, Escape from Scorpion Island and a new game show, Splatalot.

Twentysomething, local comedy series 6 x 30min.
ABC2 Live Presents Eddie Perfect, 1 x 90min
Generation Kill, HBO miniseries, 7 x 1hr
The Warehouse Comedy Special, 10 x 30min
Wired, UK Drama 3 x 45min
Party Down, US comedy 10 x 30min
Blood, Sweat and Luxuries, UK factual 6 x 1hr
River Monsters, Jeremy Wade angling series 7 x 1hr
The Filth and the Fury, Sex Pistols film 1 x 100min
Academy Season of Films incl. Sunset Bvd, Chinatown, Raging Bull, Platoon.

ABC2 Live Presents,
Good Game,
Being Human,
Durham County

ABC For Kids
Giggle & Hoot Goodnight Hour,
Bananas in Pyjamas,
Play School
The Octonauts,
Little Charley Bear,
Mr Moon,
The Hive,
Mike the Knight,
Rah Rah, The Noisy Lion

Wiggly Waffle,
Timmy Time,
Grandpa in my Pocket

Splatalot, new game show 26 x 30min
My Place S2, 13 x 30min
Escape From Scorpion Island S5, 26 x 30min + 1 hr special, 13 x 13min
Go Lingo! (working title) 50 x 30 min
Gasp! 52 x 12 min

The Avengers,
The Jungle Book,
Deltora Quest,
Almost Naked Animals,
Legend of Dick & Dom
The Little Prince,
Jolly Rabbit,
Life with Boys

Studio 3,
Prank Patrol,
Good Game SP,
News on 3

ABC News Breakfast,
Afternoon Live,
Business Today,
Capital Hill,
Contact Sport,
The Drum,
One plus One,
The Quarters,
The World,
The World this Week,

Plus existing news and current affairs shows.

ABC: 2011 slate


  1. I love Being Erica and would love to see season 3 – please please screen it on ABC2. Am also waiting for series 2 of Misfits.

    Lawrence Leung is awesome :)

  2. chris gagliardi

    ABC1 & 2 are idiots for in the night garden but the good thing is i thank ABC2 and cbeebies for a Austar a clash of charlie and lola that both chanels air at 5pm est

  3. Generation Kill was quite good. In terms of TV shows about wars, much better than The Pacific turned out to be.

    Party Down is also great, but a niche comedy. One you’re into it and digging it, it just gets more and more funny. Even past episodes are better the more you’ve watched.

  4. @Kirben I read it in a newspaper article last year, I can’t find it online but I insist you contact the ABC or Nickelodeon Australia and they can tell you in more detail.
    @David Knox Why would Dance Academy be delayed a year?

  5. I’m glad Generation Kill will be seen by more people. It might catch a few True Blood fans too. And Party Down means one less DVD for me to buy. I saw the first episode on Foxtel a while ago and it was very funny. I hope this means an early year start, not October/November 2011.

    However, should I be concerned that Being Erica is not on the ABC2 list?

  6. @Matt: Can you give a reference on that? Nickelodeon TV series have not been exclusive to a single (free to air) TV network in the past. With different cartoon series from Nickelodeon shown on the ABC (i.e. Fairly OddParents, The Wild Thornberrys) and Ten (i.e. My Life as a Teenage Robot, Spongebob Squarepants) in the more distant past.

  7. @Kirben, the ABC lost all of it’s rights to Nickelodeon related series to Network Ten. Even the episodes already brought from: The Fairly Odd Parents, Zoey 101, Catdog, ect. cannot even be rebroadcasted.

  8. You know, I’m really shocked being that it has Doctor Who & Torchwood already ABC hasn’t gotten Sarah Jane Adventures yet. I would have thought that would be a perfect show for between 6 & 8 on a weeknight to replace The Tribe.

  9. @chris The Drum is great viewing. Dinner in our house revolves around 6:05pm!

    Generation Kill and Deadwood are great. Shame they’re so late though. Anyone interested will have already seen them by other means…DVD I mean..!

  10. generation kill is an amazing show about iraq made by david simon who made the wire and even has some of the marines its based on acting in it
    party down is one of the funniest shows i’ve seen it was brilliant its a must for any veronica mars fan its alot of the same actors same creater etc

  11. Twentysomething is a comedy….it was made for channel 31 a few years ago and it is Absolutely Hilarious. Jess Harris the star and creator is sooo funny!
    Should be great!

  12. I’d expect ABC2 too air How Not to Live Your Life season 3 sometime next year. This is currently airing in the UK, and has had 5 episodes air so far.

  13. Will ACB3 be airing the final 2 seasons of Heartbreak High? They cut it short a few months ago to replay the incredibly inferior Sweat. The ABC produced the last couple of seasons of HBH so I’m wondering why they didn’t play the final ones?

  14. Overall the ABC3 looks bleak, with few new titles, and little variety.

    Gasp will be shown by Nine in February 2011, and later repeated by the ABC3.

    Kid Vs. Kat (Season 2) was confirmed as licensed, by the moderator on the ABC forums too.

    Several series (Deltora Quest, Jolly Rabbit, The Jungle Book, The Little Prince) were actually announced early this year or last year, but we are still waiting to see them.

    I’m looking forward to The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes at least, but I’m surprised the ABC got the rights. Since Disney bought Marvel, and are showing that series on their channel in the USA.

    The Jungle Book and The Little Prince look quite promising too, from information and previews provided overseas so far.

    I wish the ABC would license more seasons of The Fairly OddParents though, I have just about given up hope of ever seeing that series again.

    The ABC3 still really needs some decent cartoon series, and much more variety. Especially as the amount, and frequency of repeats continues to get worse and worse over time. The recent marathons of reality TV rubbish on the weekends, are the perfect example.

    It is ridiculous when the ABC keeps rejecting decent anime series, and we end up with an anime block on the community TV channels. The only anime series (Astro Boy 2003, Deltora Quest) on the ABC3, have been heavily butchered by English version, and aren’t even worth showing in that state.

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