Returning: My Kitchen Rules, Parenthood, Grey’s, Housewives. Airdate: Conviction Kitchen

More titles coming and returning to Seven:

Monday Jan 31
7:30pm My Kitchen Rules. Season Premiere.
8:30pm Conviction Kitchen. Premiere
9:30pm Brothers & Sisters. Season Premiere.

Tuesday Feb 1
7:30pm My Kitchen Rules
8:30pm Parenthood. New episode
9:30pm Parenthood. New episode

Wednesday Feb 2
7:30pm My Kitchen Rules
8:30pm Criminal Minds. New episode
9:30pm City Homicide. New episode

Thursday Feb 3
7:30pm How I Met Your Mother. Season Premiere.
8:00pm How I Met Your Mother
8:30pm Grey’s Anatomy. Season Premiere.
9:30pm Desperate Housewives. Season Premiere.
10:30pm Private Practice. Season Premiere.

Monday / Thursday titles continue on Monday February 7 and Thursday February 10.

There is a TBA at 7:30pm Wednesday Feb 9 followed by Criminal Minds, City Homicide.

No schedule for Tuesday Feb 8 which presumably heralds the return of Packed to the Rafters.


  1. I am so disappointed with Chanel 7 – i watch very little TV but when i do it has always been Channel 7 due to the better selection of shows but….i am devastated they have taken Parenthood off the air – Please bring it back. Very happy Rafters is back and Deperate Housewives but des DH have to be on a Thursday and so late? Thursday is when i might be out later due to shopping hours – i work full-time so Thursday is a chance to do the groceries! Channel 10 have improved – not as many reality TV shows and some quality viewing eg Offspring – never thought i’d say 10 would rival 7!

  2. No-one has commented or probably noticed that ‘Minute to Win it’ has gone. Im quite a fan of that show, even though admittedly its tacky. Wonder if Ch7 will put in on 7two or Mate?
    I gave up on Desperate Housewives at the start of the last season, as its getting silly now.

  3. This line up is rather dumb.Did 7 ever learn it’s mistake from dumping How I met your Mother and Cougartown and the rather short lived Benidorm in favour of criminal minds on a Thursday.I agree the hour of comedies between 7:30 and 8:30pm is a good thing but the rest of the shows don’t belong there.

    Even going back to the All Saints days 7 were a lot smarter then not to put three medical shows on the same night but rather spread them out over the week.

  4. This lineup looks oddball.

    Friday would be a better fit for the Medical Dramas and Housewives/B&S back to Mondays and Thursday should go back to Comedy Night Crime Shows on Wednesdays while Parenthood can stay where it is.

    Did 7 not do their research on what Night Medical Dramas fit in after All Saints ended?They screened that on Tuesdays from memory back in the day.

  5. From what I’ve heard Conviction Kitchen is set in a restaurant but not about the cooking. It’s all about turning these peoples poor lives around. you know give them a second chance

  6. My prediction for 2011… the slow cooked death of cooking shows. There are way too many on TV now riding off the Masterchef craze. Just like Gordon Ramsay, the ratings will fizzle out.

  7. it seems everyone hates the idea of Desperate Housewives on Thursday because it doesn’t belong between Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practive. Add me to the list. Bad idea, Seven.

  8. I dont mind it. Im surprised they move DH to 9:30. I presumed they would just move it to another night. But thursday night are great now. The Good Wife at 8:30 then DH at 9:30. Thursday night used to be so boring.

    Just glad to see Brothers & Sisters back. Although it wont be the same without Rob Lowe but looking foward to see the Walkers dramas. Love that Parenthood is back and so happy to see PTTR coming back so early in the year.

    Im willing to give Conviction Kitchen a go. I like shows that see people turn there lives around but I heard 2 dont go well.

    Also good to see Cougar Town given another go. I actually didnt mind it and tuesday nights rock on7. Also I hope MKR does well again.

  9. according to bones is returning monday jan 31 8.30pm
    i really really hope theyre not going to change the night, i really liked it on sundays

  10. Mondays…. Even I’m used to DH being on a Monday and I never watch it! Brothers&Sisters is falling apart as it is in the U.S, so I don’t know why they’re tear them apart- unless they’re trying to schedule one cooking show after another to try and let MKR’s strong ratings to CK. . .

    Loving that Parenhood’s being treated well– starting off with a double episode, then one Rafters starts the following week, it’ll get moved back to 9:30pm. What follows Parenthood? Cougar Town. Congrats to Ch7, they’ve nailed Tuesdays.

    Wednesday’s are pretty smart, except anyone else thinking MKR is on one too many nights?

    Thursdays.. ergh. HIMYM double ep- as if we haven’t seen enough repeats already. Haven’t they learned from the debacle last year (where HIMYM was canceled) because they relied on a double ep?
    Don’t get me started on splitting Greys and PP.

    I’m guessing Sunday’s will be Sunday Night, 2 doco/reality shows (Border Security, etc), Bones and Castle— if they were smart. Or maybe is Sunday 730 going to be No Ordinary Family’s slot?

  11. I am a Seven supporter but what they have done here is murder. I mean they have basically screwed with their shows. I actually like the DH and Grey’s pairing but Monday should have been the night they air those shows not Thursday. Having seen DH and B&S i don’t see the reason why B&S gets a higher profile timeslot. Its not fair.

    I don’t know what Seven are thinking but they keep shocking me.

    Amazing Race Australia won’t air until after Easter i recon. They wouldn’t be ready with it yet. I have always thought that.

    Wednesday 7:30pm i recon is No Ordinary Family. Its rated PG. Mind you the ads for this show have disappeared these last couple of days. Have Seven had 2nd thoughts?

    Sunday will remain unchanged and finally Seven have learnt its lesson on one count having Criminal Minds at 8:30pm with City Homicide at 9:30pm. Thats 2 things they have done right (Sunday as well) but my biggest concern is Conviction Kitchen on Monday. 2 hours of cooking shows is a bit over kill. I actually like Conviction Kitchen’s premise and it could be the shock hit of 2011 but it also could be road kill.

  12. Unusual putting How I met your Mother before Greys/DH and Private Practice.

    HIMYM if they had given Home and Away the axe never to return at the end of last year would do a lot better as a 7pm nightly offering.

  13. If Seven are planning to show Winners and Losers on Mondays at 8.30pm then maybe they should have shown Desperate Housewives there for a few weeks and moved it to 9.30pm. Brothers & Sisters could then follow Packed to the Rafters on Tuesdays. The 10.30 slot could have been comedies from Monday to Wednesdays, mon 30 Rock, tue Cougar Town and Parks & Recreation on

  14. I am not to keen on hearing this new line-up I enjoyed all combinations especially Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters and Packed to the Rafters and Parenthood. Hopefully seven will reinstate all the combinations again. But we will see how things go!

  15. Conviction Kitchen, will have it’s death sentance. 2 hours of coooking & then more Tues/Wed is going to be ‘dogs dinner’! Conviction kitchen is way too far out! I know a chef who worked for a prision and it’s more sour grapes. Only privileged prisoners get a chance to cook in the kitchen. I’d bet the audience want a crzed crim, who tried to redeem his.herself.

    I don’t like MKR, It’s just not cooking at a pro’s level. I don’t see the point. Sorry if sound ungrateful to all those MKR fans :( .

  16. I have read most the comments below & see that Ch7 is very unpopular with their decisions!
    I knew DH was going to move, glad 7 stuck with it last year, not sure it will work between two medics!
    Agree Mondays now a switch off I love to cook but 2 hours loses me, wouldn’t have been keen with 1 hour!
    Winners and Losers could be Sundays? Popular time slot…
    TBA on Wed 7:30 either Border shows I won’t watch or trial of Aussie TAR? Maybe Sun nite for that too
    We shall see what rates & what doesn’t…

  17. Why are they airing conviction kitchen now?? Massive overloa it won’t hurt masterchef only themselves they should have saved conviction kitchen till after my kitchen rules or for the end of the year
    Don’t like desperate housewives on Thursday but at least it’s a night you can sit up late because it’s a Friday the next day I guess I don’t mind being a little tired on fridays

  18. I wonder which they’ll show first, The Amazing Race US 18 or Australia, I hope they fasttrack the US season next month but seeing as they’ve already shown a few ads for the Aussie version, it may be shown first. I hIghly doubt they’ll show both seasons at the same time, but who knows. Also glad to see Parenthood return so soon, about the only thing that appeals to me on that list.

  19. Nothing there of interest to me except Criminal Minds. Like others I think Conviction Kitchen will not last long but who knows when you see some of the rubbish that rates.

  20. Two of my favourite shows are getting stuffed up. That’s a bad timeslot for Desperate Housewives and even worse for 30 Rock. They have never given 30 Rock a fair chance. It needs to be on at 10.30pm after a comedy/drama like Castle, Brothers & Sisters or even Desperate Housewives. My favourite shows were once all on Monday or Tuesday but now they’re all over the place and it will be difficult to remember where to find them.

  21. Seven has 5 great combinations, and they’messed it all up.
    Housewives/ Brothers and Sisters
    Criminal Minds/City Homicide
    Greys/Private Practice

    I mean, they’re basically spin-offs of one another, then it’s a “fill in the blanks” job with the 7:30 timeslot, with 2 nights of the same redundant,phone-to-vote reality show (Kitchen, X Factor, Dancing, whatever Seven can scrape together) 1 night of sitcoms (Mother + something else) 1 night of American reality (Amazing Race), 1 night of those godawful but cheap-to-make bevy of shows with the word “Border” in them, and there, you have 5 nights of great viewership for at least 3 months.

    10:30 shows are even easier, repeats/dead comedies/miracle makeover shows.

    And there you have a simple, easy-to-remember schedule that fits all.

  22. Don’t know why they virtually axed CH then proceeded to give it a pretty good timeslot in the opening week of ratings.

    Where is TAR? Either season 18 or Australia?

  23. thursdays on seven always rate badly, last year it took months before it even won a thursday night. but with shoes like that, i think it will do well. greys used to do well in its thurs 8.30 slot before it was moved to tuesdays last year.
    and i think conviction kitchen isn’t really a cooking show, its more to do with the story of the ex-cons. Dont see how it pairs up with b&s though!
    and yes! where is TAR australia??? its what im looking forward to the most this year!

  24. Seven usually had good match ups for their shows but no longer it seems. I don’t want to wait through Private Practice for 30 Rock. I don’t want to wait through Conviction Kitchen for Brothers and Sisters. I don’t want to wait through Grey’s Anatomy for Desperate Housewives. Epic Fail for Seven.

  25. That’s stupid moving Desperate Housewives to Thursday between two medical dramas. Also very disappointed that 30 Rock is moving to 11.30pm again and after Private Practice. That sux. How about at least trying it after Cougar Town on Tuesdays at 11pm and then show double CT towards the end of the season when they run out of new 30 Rock. Also agree that’s it’s stupid to have two cooking shows back to back.

  26. highly suggest new season of HIMYM it is the best yet.

    but god help me if channel 7 take it off after 5-6 episode like the last few seasons (only to bring it back 5 months later) imma be pi**ed. off.
    not that i wouldnt see it coz i already have, but because it deserves to have a full run.

  27. Poor Desperate Housewives – although I’m not surprised.

    Even though last season was actually very good, it died the death on 7 last year – despite them sticking with it in its traditional timeslot – which was a credit to them.

    Maybe it would have been better to see it move to 7Two in the Monday slot?

    Will be interesting to see how long it lasts on Thursdays.

  28. Great… I have to choose between Dexter and Brothers & Sisters, and Law and Order SVU and Desperate Housewives.

    I’ve been watching these shows for years, and now I have to choose between them?! Argh!

  29. Wow, that’s a Big demotion for Houswives. I gather this means this season hasn’t fared well in the ratings in the US? I don’t know as I try to avoid spoilers.

    With all the shows staring a week before ratings, it makes the begining of ratings somewhat of an anti climax.

  30. Thursday nights are too much – I thought the Greys/PP combination and DH/Brothers & Sisters combination worked well.

    Knowing 7, this will all change in a few weeks!!

  31. I would rather have Brothers and Sisters after Packed to the Rafters. I think the grittier Parenthood would do better after Conviction Kitchen. I hate Desperate Housewives crammed between Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice because I don’t like either of those shows. Not much of a match up with How I Met Your Mother either. That schedule is all over the place.

    Doesn’t Private Practice clash with 30 Rock that you announced yesterday?

  32. Oh I forgot to add, Not liking how they stuck Desperate between Grey’s and PP, also not sure if it’s happened this season but what happens if they have a GA/PP cross over like they did late year, in the US PP runs before GA.

    Also interesting to see City Homicide return, wasn’t that axed?

  33. stupid moves with housewives and greys. why must they always change the night, particularly with greys?? they should have left deperate housewives on monday 8.30 and put grey’s anatomy tuesday 9.30 after rafters followed by private practice.

  34. Thanks for the update, good to see they are bringing back Parenthood sooner with double eps and not holding off until the 2nd half of the year.

    On the negative side I don’t like double eps on FTA as they put the 2 eps together and cut both the star and end credits making the unaware think it’s a 90 minutes episode.

  35. Was expecting DH and Grey’s to be the other way around.. And where does this leave No Ordinary Family? 6.30 Sundays?

    Can’t see anything I’ll be watching on here…I’ve already seen HIMYM to episode 12 of the new season. Happy to say its just as good as seasons 1 and 2 after a horrific season 5

  36. It would probably be better having Grey’s Anatomy at 9:30 so it can lead in to Private Practice, but it probably doesn’t matter. I reckon this new female skewed Thursday lineup is going to bomb.

    Interesting that there’s no Winners and Losers, obviously now coming after Easter.

  37. A good line up, but where is The Amazing Race Australia?, maybe Seven are waiting until latter in Feb when the 18th season of the Amazing Race US verison is on so that seven can show both the TAR Aus & the US TAR back to back.

  38. Wake up seven if you think 2 cooking shows one after the other are going to work then you are very much mistaken show 1 of them first and once that series is finished show the other one

  39. So this year means Desperate Housewives has its first timeslot change, because it’s now on Thursday night in 2011, since it has always on a Monday night since the beginning until last season.

  40. I like the Criminal Minds, City Homicide pairing. But still think both of these should have been put on Monday nights.
    When’s Winners & Losers start? That should be put on Wednesday. And Convictions Kitchen seems like a strange place at 8.30.
    And as for Thursday, would it not make more sense to put Housewives first so Private Practice can follow Grey’s.

  41. Private Practice at 10:30pm are you kidding!? Desperate Housewives has gone down the drain with Australian viewers decreasing more and more every year while Private Practice has held its own and yet they put Private Practice on later. It should be like last year with Greys @ 8:30pm and than PP @ 9:30pm with Desperate Housewives on a night that has drama programming on (such as Packed to the Rafters)

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