Scott McGregor to leave Neighbours

Hunky Scott McGregor will finish his role as Detective Mark Brennan on Neighbours.

McGregor began on air in August in a six month stint before graduating to a regular cast role in December.

But TV Tonight understands contractual negotiations have led to the role being written out.

A TEN spokesperson confirmed he will wrap on the show in April but remain on air until August.


  1. Hope Scott returns to Neighbours soon. Kate & Mark made a lovely couple. Kate could do with some happiness at the moment, she has never been the same since Mark left. If Mark returned it would definitely out a smile back on Kate’s and the fans faces.

  2. Right

    1) Past few months storylines are getting silly and pointless.
    2) If the writers could they would have kept mark in. Did they offer him a massive salary to ensure he doesnt go into modelling? Surely they realised the fans loved him.
    3) Want the show to make the characters more authentic

  3. stacey says:
    June 22, 2011 at 10:36 pm

    bring mark back. As a 40+ I luv to watch he is smokin

    agree stacey,

    Scott needs to return. He’s the best piece of eye candy the show has had in ages. Mark and Kate need to be together. Kate deserves to be happy. If Scott’s looking for a new girlfriend after with ex girlfriend Chelsea Butler, I’m available. same age as Scott.

  4. @ Tamar

    I cannot believe Brennan is leaving… hate how all the good characters leave or get replaced… :( i think Brennan should come back ASAP!

    Agreed. Scott needs to get his sexy butt back to Neighbours ASAP. He is so hot. Mark is such a good character and Scott is a great actor. It would be nice to see Mark return and for him and Kate to be together, they make such an adorable couple.

    Mark & Kate forever/

    join facebook page
    Protest to bring Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor) back to Neighbours

  5. Hope Scott does come back, he’s the best piece of eye candy the show has had in a long time. It would be nice to see Kate get a happy ending with Mark, she deserves it.

  6. Neighboursfan

    sarah says:

    yes i think that Mark Brennan is leaving because he wasnt in the opening theme song. Please dont leave! Kate and Mark should always be together.

    Sarah, totally agree. Mark and Kate are such a cute couple, best on the show at the moment. Their storyline has me glued to the screen, we need more shirtless scenes of Mark.

    He should be in the opening credits, as he is techincailly still a regular character and still has 3 months on the show. Kate and Mark forever

    join the facebook group
    Keep Scott McGregor on Neighbours

  7. yes i think that Mark Brennan is leaving because he wasnt in the opening theme song. Please dont leave! Kate and Mark should always be together.

  8. michelle says:
    April 16, 2011 at 7:10 pm
    mark dont leave neighbours i watch it to c your face your so hot

    Join this facebook group to keep him on the show.

  9. @ Anna says: Omgosh Scott Mcgregor is so Goooodd Looookinggg
    i dont want him to leave neighbours

    Join this facebook group to keep him on the show.

  10. Katie, join the group in the below post and add any friends who are Neighbours fans. Scott is very popular for ratings, the Neighbours bosses even said,

    The girls went mad for him. We haven’t seen a reaction like it for years, so his contract was extended until the end of next year.

    I agree he is the dishiest male the cast have had. Let’s hope they can get him back asap, I would like to see Kate and Mark settle down at No. 24, they are such a cute couple.

  11. Oh dear – keep coming back to this site hoping that Scott McGregor’s departure is not true. Have watched Neighbours from its earliest days – its unbelievable that the show’s bosses can’t see that he must send the ratings sky high when he’s in an episode…what a shame as he’s the dishiest male that has ever been in the cast..

  12. Scott mcgregor he is the best thing to happen to Neighbours in years and we want him to stay if you feel the same please join the facebook group Keep Scott McGregor on neighbours.

  13. Aussie soap fan

    Scott signed a 1 year contract extension in December, so I highly doubt he is leaving. I find it very hard to believe that the Neighbours hierarchy are willing to let a very good actor leave after only a 6 month contract, when they have have had some of the most wooden talentless actors ever seen in a soap. Also with the amount of characeters that are leaving, you would think they would do whatever they can to keep Scott on the show, they are losing and have lost more than enough regulars, do they not want to get some continuity going with their storylines??? I say Save Scott McGregor and Keep Mark Brennan on Neighbours. Here’s hoping Scott stays and it’s just a rumour he is leaving, would be such a shame to see a great character in the making leave. the spokesperson could have got it wrong. Neighbours is on channel 11 now, so shouldn’t channel 11 confirm it.

    A neighbours source confirmed ‘the girls went mad for Scott We haven’t seen a reaction like it for years, so his contract was extended until the end of 2011. so hopefully he stays, as there is a lot of contradicting info about him leaving/staying.

    • There is no contradicting info. He is leaving. TEN (which is also ELEVEN) confirmed it when I broke the story.

      In today’s TV Week Scott McGregor talks about his departure: Shock soap star exits Neighbours hunk Scott McGregor and Home And Away’s Luke Jacobz have both revealed to TV WEEK that they’ll be leaving our favourite soaps. Keen to pursue modelling opportunities in Europe, Scott says he’ll be filming his final scenes in April before heading to Germany. Meanwhile, Luke has already wrapped up his time in Summer Bay and is staying tight-lipped about his next move. Bon voyage, boys!

      April is exactly what I reported in this article. Read the magazine and then come back and acknowledge this site was right from day one. Thankyou.

  14. Ten could be wrong and misheard something. This is how chinese whispers start. Scott signed a 1 year contract in November, so let’s hope he sticks with it and continues on Neighbours for the next 12 months.

    The neighbours producers should do what they can to try and keep him, they said themselves they have been bowled over by the reaction to him from viewers and fans and ratings are definitely improving with Scott on the show.

  15. Hopefully this is one bog rumour and he commits to he commits to his 1 year contract he signed in in November, he’s a great addition to the regular cast along with Jade. These 2 have brightened up the show and made it fun and exciting. Mark fits well into the 20s-30s group along with Toadie, Sonya, Jade, Libby, Lucas and Kate. Channel 10 need to keep Scott. If he does leave, bring him back ASAP.

    as Will said. they should do what they can to try and keep Scott, they said themselves they have been bowled over by the reaction to him from viewers and fans… if he stays ratings will surely rise, we need more scenes of a shirtless Scott.

  16. @ryan

    You do have a point, Scott is no real loss to the show, but the show does need new (or returning) regular characters.

    Jade at one point was only going to be around for 1 year, that may have changed, I would like her to stay, but if and when she does leave, its one less character.

  17. Why sign a contract for a year and then leave, it’s stupid. why is he leaving.
    Mark is hot and a very popular character.

    This was in TV Week a few weeks ago

    After initially signing on for a four-week guest appearance in Erinsborough, Scott, 30, says he was “stoked” when he found out his role would become regular. “Before I got this role I was going down the presenting route because I’d done a few gigs for a Foxtel motor show and another travel one and I was enjoying that,” he says. “But now that I’m on Neighbours, I’m really enjoying it.” A former model, Scott has also worked on game show Temptation, which is where he met his girlfriend Chelsea Butler. “She was the female model and I was the male model,” he says with a laugh. Together for more than four years, Chelsea was “rapt” when he got the role on Neighbours. “She’s fantastic,” he says. “She helps me rehearse all the time because she’s also done a bit of acting. It really is a great place for me to cut my teeth and learn about acting.”

    The spokesperson could be wrong, I’ve know tv tonight be wrong before. don’t go counting your chickens before they hatch. things could be wrong and changed, the spokeserson could have their wires crossed.

  18. Since I have my fighting hat on today, I’ve left the Herald Sun a comment about attributing the story to you. If Digital Spy and Holy Soap can do it, why can’t they?

  19. Gillian drop the stick already. You’ve edit warred on Wikipedia, told everyone on Nfans & Holy Soap that you don’t believe it, but I’ve never known David to be wrong and if a Ten spokesperson has confirmed it, then I don’t think there’s much room for doubt.

    This is sad news, I’ll miss Detective Hot Stuff.

    @Dan Chris Milligan will become a regular from March and James Mason will be getting more screen time from April. I agree that he should be a regular too. :)

    • Gillian: I don’t speak to “random” people. I dealt with a TEN spokesperson whose name I am perfectly aware of thankyou.

      Herald Sun is now carrying the same story. Oh yeah, with absolutely no attribution. Again.

  20. @ David Knox says:

    so called spokesperson?

    they usually say who it is, this coule be just some random person who decided to start a rumour.

    I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that this is all just one huge big rumour. Scott signed on for a year as a regular character.

  21. This better be a rumour and the spokesperson is wrong, they are not always right. Scott can’t leave, he’s too hot. He is good for the ratings.

    as Will said.

    they should do what they can to try and keep him, they said themselves they have been bowled over by the reaction to him from viewers and fans… Sort it out channel 10. This so called spokesperson better be wrong.

  22. “Oh no! Just when the female viewers were getting some eye candy”

    How homophobic, not all girls like guys, not all guys alike girls.

    Please don’t act like Angela Bishop.

  23. What a relief! I think he’s better off sticking to modeling and presenting for now – his acting needs improvement.

    Hopefully his departure will pave the way for Chris Milligan (Kyle) to finally become a regular, along with James Mason (Chris). They’ve got the looks and the talent, and would be great assets to the show.

  24. I don’t want him to leave either but could care less about him and Kate as a couple. He is way too hot stuff for her.

    Maybe he wanted more money in his contract to kiss her? :)

  25. The way things are going on Neighbours and I haven’t watched since they moved it to 11 They won’t have anyone left.I can’t speak on behalf of the older cast members but this may wind up being a grown up version of your Degrassi/Saved by the Bell type of shows from the Eighties reheated.

  26. He is great to look at, but not a great or even good actor. Perhaps he got a bit to big for his boots? It is a shame for Kate, they have really messed with her storylines. First replacing Declan and now ending a pairing that we all wanted to happen.

  27. So happy you used the word ‘hunky’!!! :)

    I’m glad that it’s a small cast. The writers could really do well with less characters. However, as a loyal fan, even I can’t see how the direction they’re going can pay off. The current storylines aren’t very exciting. The strange thing is, I do actually genuinely like and care for every character on the show. They need to start have stories that make me actually care to watch. No silly one ep storylines or ones that don’t eventuate to anything…

    Look at Kate’s love life!! Declan, now Mark… and he’s leaving now too!

  28. @ Craig,- yeah, he was from Temptation (which i wish would return, but that’s a different matter).

    I didn’t know that he became a regular – he’s not even in the opening titles (yet)

  29. I never really looked at him as a regular cast member anyway. I don’t even think he is in the opening titles (though I may have just not been paying attention).

  30. This is what will happen. The bad guys after the bloke on the motor bike. Whats his name the mechanic. Will get into a fight with this copper and kill him. If not it will be, once the writers sees this awesome bit of story line brain storming.

  31. That’s a shame, they should do what they can to try and keep him, they said themselves they have been bowled over by the reaction to him from viewers and fans… Sort it out neighbs

  32. Why the hell would you lose your most promotable, best looking male actor? The Exec Producer of this show keeps making shit decision after shit decision and she’s still there. How? It’s a joke, which is what she’s turned the show into.

  33. Neighbours has been better since being on ELEVEN and the injection of new blood (if only) through Mark and Jade has been good for the show, especially as they’re lookers…They need to replace him and the other characters that are leaving soon with some good looking good actors..quick sharp

  34. lol neighbours won’t have anyone left by the rate things are going. don’t forget donna just left and zeke rebecca and declan all leave next month, lol

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