Karl Stefanovic hosts ACA Sunday

Nine has been denying for months that Karl Stefanovic would make the leap from morning television to primetime.

Tomorrow night Nine has another Sunday night edition of A Current Affair with Karl in the host chair.

It follows a Sunday edition last week which Nine says was a Pilot idea (what’s to Pilot it’s the same show on a different night?).

The episode will feature an interview with Year 10 student Casey who fought back in a case of schoolyard bullying.

Stefanovic, who also files stories for 60 Minutes, has previously hosted ACA although Leila McKinnon is considered the deputy to Tracy Grimshaw.

There’s little doubt that the Sunday edition is in response to Sunday Night on Seven, co-hosted by another former ACA host.

Meanwhile, are Nine still maintaining Karl is staying put?


  1. why would they do that rediculous story first on a man who still has over 10 million dollars and crying poor! how sad! How about the poor boy who lost his family in the floods and is getting bullied? That to me and my family was way more inportant than the poor broke wiggle!!!

  2. its the karl and eddie show watch karl interview eddie on aca sunday night then watch watch karl sqirm as eddie grilles him in the hot seat and bombs out because his as thick as 2 planks, what the hell are channel 9 doing talk about coles and woolworths duopoly karl and eddie are doinh the same at channel 9 please gives us poor viewers a break and get rid of these 2 idiots before they bring channel nine to its knees.

  3. Personally, I think we would rather watch the police spend 30 mins of them scooping up after their dogs on dog-bomb patrol than another 30 mins of excretion that passes for current affairs on Nine.

    What a joke…(actually I take that back, its not funny)

    The way things are going, we are not going to need to worry about carbon reduction from watching TV, because there is becoming less and less to even bother watching.

  4. You could be onto something David… Karl was flown into Melbourne tonight to do this, which is strange because 9 have an ACA set in Sydney, seems a lot of effort to go to for a “one off”

  5. I don’t watch ACA Sunday specially because Karl is hosting it, or doing a report on it. However, I do watch the morning breakfast show because he will be presenting it with Lisa. It will be a real shame if he leaves breakfast for this.. and breakfast won’t be the same if he does go. If he leaves my logie award will be a waste. He is good at making people laugh, and is not suited for the seriousness of these documentaries. It appears to me that he is just trying to compete with his brother. Karl, my message to you is to stick with Breakfast.

  6. I don’t understand why they just don’t put the interview on 60 minutes? That show could do with some decent ratings and it’s not as if there’s soo much to choose from content wise. That’s obvious with the amount of times they use stories from the US version.

    Get real NIne

  7. thanks god for thexextra channels far too much new and current affairs on tv just show you what kind of state the networks are in when all you get now days is this crap, whats next today tonight 7 days aweek? 60 mins to 90 mins?plezse hope this dont last

  8. Really shows how desperate you are for content when you have to extend ACA to the weekend to cover the poor ratings for Send in the Dogs Australia. Where is AFP? Where is all the other content that has been sitting on the shelf for the past 2 years that was promised in 2009. ACA has its place, Weeknights 6:30 where everyone knows where to avoid it.

    Big interviews and natural disasters like this wont be around every week and the Sunday edition will just become more about bras, weight loss, fashion and all the other things that make Aussie current affairs show so riveting to watch.

  9. While I love the student fought back he could have left the other kid in a wheelchair with that move, but I guess he won’t be picking on other kids anymore.

    As for the show, I don’t watch ACA or The Today Show so I won’t be tuning in. Wonder how many weeks Nine will give it?

  10. If they add an extra show, that means they have to come up with more content, which could mean a drop in quality (if such a thing is possible when I comes to ACA). Though, they pretty much run the same stories over and over so people might not even be able to tell the difference.

    What I’m more worried about is what’ll happen next. ACA/TT seven days a week, a la Sunrise and Today.

  11. @Alex …how is it good to see this tripe on air on a Sunday.

    It is rubbish on weeknights and now it is here on Sundays ready to insult the intelligence of the viewers.

    This is a travesty of judgement from NIne and more of an attempt to push Karl into prime time. We dont want him!!

    Also where are the howls of protest about too much news? If Ten were doign this all of the naysayers would be saying “its too much news” blah, blah….

    Nine have not made a positive move all year in regards to their schedule.

  12. @michael*oz – “Give me Karl over Chris Blahhhhh any day. What Does she do anyway?”.
    Pretty much the same as Karl, but with a more attractive face and better sense of humour.

  13. Ah yes… Eddie & Karl, just two of the many reasons I don’t watch Nine.
    The only show I’ve watched on Nine in the last few years is Hey Hey, which should be brought back ASAP!

  14. These shows are trailer trash, both ACA and TT. They should be yanked off the air. You just can’t defend these 2 shows. No one can imo, oh except the networks. Nine goes and brings us more of this trash. I’ll stick to The Amazing Race thanks.

  15. I cannot watch Karl.He reminds me of a spoilt public school boy who thinks he’s superior to others .He also definitely has no sense of humour when the joke is on him.

  16. And there’s now to be a Sunday version of ACA. The dumbing down process of all news and (real) current affairs at Nine continues to gain momentum.

  17. I reckon it’s pretty obvious they’re grooming Ben Fordham to take over from Karl. Why else would he be doing sport on Today. Get the viewers used to him so it’ll be a smooth transition.

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