Meet the new homes in The Block

There’s no ocean views this year. And there are no city views or park views in 2011’s series of The Block either.

In fact the four homes that will be renovated for Nine’s next reality series are staring at a bland road and a local shopping centre car park.

As property values go, it’s hard to see the appeal of Cameron Street, Richmond, which is the site of four adjacent run-down terraces. It’s a small roadway with room for parking space down just one side. This ain’t no Ramsay Street.

But the show has also proven in the past it can transform.

The Block began filming on Friday when this year’s contestants got their first look at the shells they have to make-over. No longer using a block of 4 apartments, the series is also set to be be stripped into a 7pm timeslot by Nine, although insiders on site wouldn’t confirm the move when asked by TV Tonight yesterday.

Nor do there appear to be any plans to have live to air auctions.

Adjacent to #1 is a corner lot which appears to be being used for demolition rubbish, while an old apartment block sits beside #4. At the end of the street is busy Church Street and nearby are a suburban footy ground, Victoria Street’s Asian restaurants, Richmond Plaza, a gay pub and the home of Molly Meldrum (he is even within earshot of The Block).

This is the first time the series has located outside Sydney, and the first time it has abandoned its apartment block setting. With the Melbourne winter on the way, contestants will want to start thinking about heating sooner rather than later.

The series will again be hosted by Scott Cam.


  1. Hi every1. The Block; large building of offices, flats etc. So quit harping about the ‘past’ Blocks! What the contestants are doing is hard but as others have mentioned, there is no authenticity or Wow factor! Where?? Ever1 is boring & safe with their color pallet. White, blk, beige…. Hmmm! Bit sad really. As for the judges – you need to get out of what ‘You like’. Let’s use the architecture, lets use period style finishes, & yes ‘old with new’ works! Then we might have some wow factor. :-)

  2. I have never seen a house that has been built on the same day as the concrete stumps went in and they build the joists and the bearers on the same day That would go for 3 of the block houses but the will always escape me is the one on the end where once a house that burnt down and totally burnt the side off the house that now stands there the old owner just slapped new weather boards on it and a new roof on one side just to hide the burnt frame ….. Its just a case of the buyer beware …. Just look at how the paint is already pealing off the roof and how many paint runs are on the front fence and that should give you an idea of what crap these houses realy are …… and if your not convinced just look at the ceiling and count the joins and then think how much it will cost you to make this house livable

  3. i feel sorry for the girls that builder that left them in the lurch is a pr*ck, and wants a huge amount of money for what??? i hope he realises he just made a complete arse of himself on national television, and i for would never hire him

  4. i agree with so many comments already written there are way to many ads and challenges i would like to see more renovating and like to see the couples renovating not tradies. a bit worried about different themes so far with the rooms at the end of the day these houses are for sale, wouldnt you want to revovate the houses to the best of their potential, keep with the heritage style? very interested to see the houses develop

  5. i have to agree with Toni 9th July the show has lost the plot…loved the original shows much more interesting… dont know why you have shelly in it either..too many challenges….corny.

  6. What a boring bunch of mish-mashed renovations styles. I mean where is the colour, all the couples seem so intent on painting all the rooms white, cream, or beige with perhaps at most a flash of colour. How dull.

    Then there is shag pile carpet that one couple continues to insist on using despite being told (now twice) that it is a market and stylistic mistake. Get real guys and listen. Shagpile went out in the ’70s and for a good reason, its horrible.

    What on earth were the sisters thinking on painting the cupboard doors in silver. It looked cheap and nasty.

    My real concern though is that all of the houses have heritage features and all of the contestants, the presenters and the judges can’t see this. How absurd. Heritage features like baltic pine floors, doors, skirting, mantles and windows should be stripped of paint and polished. That would look fantastic and add value to the properties. Not fakery as is mostly being splashed around in these places.

    Sorry but the renovations being undertaken and ideas used are so shallow in intent and achievement.

  7. I went and had a look at the finished homes (outside only) on the weekend. I must admit, the location was very disappointing! Who wants to look out the front window of their home and see a car park , bottle shop or a row of roller doors?? Love the show though. I think all the couples are quite nice and enjoy checking out all their design ideas!

  8. I am a bit fed up with the silly challenges. There are just too many you can see they are just trying to drag the show out. I would like to see a bit more renovating.

  9. Well it has been announced that the block is on at 7pm. So far it has never made that time slot. which is good as I can watch another station show before hand so thank you for that.
    I think they have lost the plot with all these challenges. The prizes are really not in with keeping with doing up houses. Wine?????
    What happened to the people themselves doing the work? Or even seeing the results of them doing the work.
    The block is starting to sound more and more like the Big Brother show with all the bitching and people going to the bathroom.
    Get back on track or the show will not be worth watching.

  10. Have made it through to thursday. When are they actually going to do work themselves. What is with all the ad breaks. It seems the ads go longer than the show and after each ad there is a re-cap of what you have just watched. Get that stupid Chaz off. What a pain in the butt she is. Cringe when she just happened to appear after a contestant just happened to call her. How many more of last years contestants are going to make a guest appearance?

  11. Those judges are so dumb they should have voted 4 the twins instead of the sisters
    they were horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i’m not just voting 4 them because their twins like me but because they were way better than the other guys!

  12. Its not really The Block – i.e. Block of flats. …i would have thought they would have the show in St Kilda or Elwood….similar areas to past Block shows. This one is gonna be interesting though…

  13. The four properties were brought for 950 k each and run down, after the renos they hope to make a profit though with the downturn and location of the properties this may not be so. The downturn in top-end property prices i.e. inner city is interesting. They will be lovely when finished – but if you want space and peace within 1 hour of melbourne – look athe the Peninsula or Bayside. I dont think anyone in their right mind would pay a million bucks – when they can get something more for the buck. Anyway horses for courses.

  14. I live around the corner and renovating myself so can’t wait to see what they do with these and how well they sell at auction. Nice to see houses being restored and not knocked down and turned into town houses. Richmond is getting a bit borning with every new developement a town house or appartment – bring back the “home”

  15. I live in this street and had to put up with the tight_fisted / tight_a*sed slumlord who rented these houses to anyone and everyone over the years.

    They were so run down I referred to them as “Da Crack Houses” cos you would have to be drugs to live in such filth and squalor.

    I went to an auction last week of a house that sold in Cameron Street for 1.368 million dollars. I spoke to the producer shortly after Channel 9 bought these houses and he intends to sell them all for over a million dollars each after the renovation are completed.

  16. “while an old apartment block sits beside #4.” I own and occupy a unit in that old apartment block and have to put up with the noise for weeks on end. They could offer to paint our on the outside to add street appeal for them

  17. ” while an old apartment block sits beside #4.” I live in that apartment block, do you think they may offer to paint the outside of ours to add value? lol

  18. When you refer to a “block” it doesn’t necessarily have to be a block of apartments. Like a ‘block of houses’ or there are ‘ten houses on my block.’

    But it will be interesting because in previous years we got to see water dripping from upstairs to down – arguments over common areas and courtyard division etc. This year they may not have much to fight about (although there’ll still probably be heaps of fighting.

    And what’s with Number 2’s front door?!?! It’s very bright.

  19. Good excuse to move to Melbourne, and get 5 minutes of fame on TV.

    By skylarking around, and being a general nuisance. And Hopefully get this stupid program shut down, before it’s even aired :)

  20. @David: I take it by your comments that you don’t renovate at all? Property so close to the city, any city, is always going to hold value.

    Scott Cam is a tradey cliche.

    Not sad to see the back of Maurello, or whatever his name was.

    • Jaye: I am sure they will look lovely when completed, and they are supposed to look like a mess now. But the earlier Block shows had an aspirational location element. The Richmond street looks a bit glum staring at a car park. Producers are smart cookies, let’s wait and see.

  21. While they are at it, I hope they dump the judges (belle magazine I think?) who seemed far more interested in awarding prizes to arty farty room designs that held little practical value to potential buyers.

    Who in their right mind awards first prize too a bathroom with no shower screen, a shower head that points at the sink cabinets, and a freestanding bath that dominates a corner so you can’t clean behind it??

  22. Great. Without all those visually appealing location shots The Block has used in past series, it will give the producers more time to shoe-horn in more product placement advertising.

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