ONE to broaden its horizons

In recent weeks ONE has been playing everything from Ice Road Truckers to The Manchurian Candidate, neither of which are sports-related.

But soon the channel is expected to reveal its plans to incorporate more general entertainment aimed at males. It will pit the channel in a closer battle for eyeballs with 7mate.

The moves are in response to the soft figures for the sports channel, while Seven and Nine are on the attack with three stronger channels.

ONE is likely to retain big sports events, but will add entertainment programmes, including Sons of Anarchy.

Head of Sports David White announced he would be departing after 14 years with TEN. The channel will reintegrate its scheduling, promotions, publicity and marketing into the Network Programming team.

Programming of ONE will fall under the domain of David Mott and his team.

White has not indicated where he will wind up, but some observers note Premier Media is looking for a new CEO after the resignation of David Malone.

TV Tonight is hearing whispers to the contrary that could see him remain with a commercial network.

If TEN can sort out ONE at the same time as fixing its revamped news hour, and roll out MasterChef too, it will be better positioned to compete.

Source: The Australian


  1. @ Dot, I bought season 1 and season 2 DVDs from a nice website that sells lots of TV boxsets that are not available elsewhere. I suspect they are not “official” but the quality was good and it beats downloading from the Internet!

  2. Ben is exactly right. Live Sport = Ratings, as evidenced by Foxtel’s ratings. Show the sports that everyone is interested in – AFL, cricket, tennis, EPL. NBA, NFL, F1, NCAA etc and you will actually get ratings!! Did you actually think pro bull riding would get more ratings than these sports??

  3. I hope One/Eleven or whoever it is actually airs Sons of Anarchy. I was told that it wont be released on DVD until it has aired on free to air television. How frustrating!!

  4. That’s OK that ONE-HD are changing a little bit. It’s a business channel so i guess that it still shows mostly sports programs most of the time & Live. I am enjoying the AFL programs “The Game Plan” (Thurs 8:30pm) & “The Final Siren” (Sun 7pm) plus “One Week At A Time” (Mon 9:30pm). Much better than The Footy Show.

  5. Also noticed on some nights on ONE they’ve been playing movies for a while-guess is part if this plan to have more general entailment type programming.

  6. Here is a tip for the programmers at One HD Sport. The top 25 highest ratings programmes on paytv this week happen to be 24 Live sporting events. Yes One HD Programmers, Live Sport = Ratings. I know its a radical idea showing Live sport on free to air across Australia, just try it and give it a go.

  7. Peter A., figures have been up for One lately due to finally having live sport on in primetime – netball, basketball, AFL, F1. This week there’s the swimming.

    I don’t get time to come here anymore – someone somewhere else linked to this article – but I see people still don’t understand that “daily ratings” only covers 6pm-midnight, which until recently there was next to no live sport on. I knew I’d see bigger figure for One the next time I looked, because I’ve noticed all the live sport on in primetime lately (almost every night).

    Did David White resign or was he pushed? With what they’re doing to One now, I’m not surprised he’s going. Just when they’re finally getting a good amount of live sport on in primetime and the figures that refllect that, they want to “widen their horizons”. Someone with a surname starting with P just wants to get into a “daily ratings” p’ing contest, as I suspected way back when his involvement was first announced. sigh. Even if it’s not a particularly fascinating sport (not dobbing anything in) I’d still rather watch live sport than that other “adventure” rubbish they’ve been showing to try and get a bigger primetime share.

    As for whoever made the comment about the F1 coverage being poor, you obviously don’t remember what it was like on 9! No practise? How about no race until a ridiculous time of night and nothing else at all. I hope they can at least stick to F1 and NFL, even if some other things get tossed (still have no idea how the american sports are doing, since they never fall in primetime to see the effect in the “daily” rating).

  8. Scrap ONE and replace it with an HD simulcast of ESPN, CNN, Sky News (with Red-button service) or a completely new channel such as an AFL-dedicated channel like the old Fox Footy.

  9. even more reason they should get rid of the ant-pay tv regulations why should free tv get rights to sport when all they really care about is stuff like this.

  10. It’s good that they are getting away from sport but couldn’t they put something better on, like some real genuine entertainment? I mean if Ice Road Truckers is the best they’ve got to entertain us then they have some serious problems. Ten has made many Australian programs over the years, it would be good to revisit some of those.

  11. Armchair Analyst

    It is sad that ONE HD is showing documentary style content and movies. However until it aquires the rights to better events then this is what will happen. the channel must be on it gives a real alternative to the other channels which are clones of the main channel news and sport excluded. If one hd is to be axed i hope it is replaced with some thing trully entertaining. Then there is the question of all those sports rights which they have aquired. I am pretty sure that the NBL, Netball Australia and other non high profile leagues are breathing heavily and sweating over the future of one hd. If i was to give some advice to the board at Ten (not that they would listen to me anyway) i would urge them to stay the course and build ONE HD up just like Fox Sports was built up. But the reality is that investors only come when either its a good buy or when the organisation is succesful.

  12. As a non-sports person, I’m still a little disappointed that OneHD want to go down the 7Mate path. The great thing about niche channels like OneHD, ABC3 & News24 is they give Freeview an edge over Pay. If there’s already a 7Mate, why would TV Tonight readers want another one? Yes, TEN is a business that has shareholders (like Packer) to think of before they consider the greater good, but I’m a non-affiliated viewer that wants all FTA networks working together to compete with Pay.

  13. probably a good idea to replace some of what is obviously filler programming(kitesurfing replay 5:30pm today) which something people will actually watch.

  14. so i guess all the defending ten has done of this channel about their advertising rates and nicheness advantages of a 24/7 sport channel turned out to be bull.

    the problem i see is that 7mate is a purpose built mens channel with their graphics, branding and vo’s clearly directed at the beer guzzling male. ONE has the clean polished look, while it may have more integrity and suits a sport channel well, i think 7mate has the right idea in term of appealing to the right people.

    but a good decision nonetheless, so many people have seen this day coming since day dot. if they listened earlier they could have saved themselves 2 years of embarrassing raitings.

  15. What an absolute disgrace. If they actually showed decent sport, it wouldn’t be failing in the ratings. I see that Channel 7 have purchased the rights to Wimbledon. Why didn’t ONE purchase these rights? Wimbledon, along with the other Grand Slams, would be the perfect kind of thing to show on ONE.

  16. Hey kazorama, if you’re still reading, head to the Camelia grove Hotel in Alexandria – Several AFL supporter groups including Collingwood, Richmond, Hawthorn, West Coast & St Lida watch their games there – the Pies v Blues game is on live this Friday night.

  17. If they had just listened when they decided to scrap 10HD for One they could have been leading the digital pack ages before Go! or any of the others launched. Guess I have to add One back into my EPG. Sounds like they have the rights to prisonbreak now, I hope they show the first season soon.

  18. @ sam – we agree totally!

    My partner is an AFL fan and it’s kinda pointless to show ‘before the game’ at 1am after the game(s). Why they showed a film rather than AFL on Saturday night was confusing as well – since we’re in Sydney, it’s hard to find a pub/club, etc that will show AFL on foxtel (on a single screen) rather than league.

    And UFC has disappeared from their schedule completely….

  19. About time somboby came to there senses and realise
    you can only take so much sport. It was a total waste of a high definition channel
    as most of the programing was std definition

  20. Wednesday nights seem to be movie night. I’ve said this elsewhere before but the channel should be more like 7mate and by the looks of things it could very well be. their Wed movies are even FTA premieres like The Marine, Hitman, Assault on Precinct 13, The Comebacks and this Wed is Jarhead. yep, all movies aimed at the blokes! I’ve seen them play old classics too, whenever theres no sport to be played they throw on movies. theres so many shows they could play like Walker Texas Ranger (meant to be on 11) 24, Prison Break, The Unit and of course Sons of Anarchy. playing sports is fine… if theres no live sport to be played but why not throw on some shows and movies!

  21. as long as sport remains the priority and they don’t delay live sport for anything stupid, aka anything not live sport, then I don’t have a problem, this looks like a move to keep the channel operating as close to it original intention as possible while gaining a higher audience share.

    I have been fearing that they might scrap One entirely and re-launch it as something else ever since I noticed its weak ratings from the very beginning

  22. ONE HD has been the only channel left on FTA that shows consistently decent HD programming. I hope it doesn’t become like the so-called HD channels of 7 and 9 and just show mainly SD dross.

  23. Normally I’d be opposed to this sort of thing, but as long as they keep sport during the day, they don’t delay sport in favour of drama series and continue to have quality sports focused shows like One Week At A Time alongside the other ‘bloke content’ it should be okay.

    Also, who can be mad at anybody willing to put Sons Of Anarchy on the air?

  24. Douglas Quaid

    I think ONE sort of have the same problem as SEN radio station: It has a solid base to draw upon (Sports fans) but it struggles it expand from that core audience. I’m not sure if adding non-sports related material is the answer, it will just annoy the sports core base in my humble opinion.

    I think they should try re-scheduling their programming and focus on the core sports events. For example, they have fishing shows around the 6:30 or so timeslot, they should move that to weekended.

  25. An absolute pox on Ten/Eleven/One. Have been enjoying a Ten/Eleven renaissance of late, inc GN at 6.00pm but am very disappointed about the news Sons of Anarchy that were promised for Eleven are now going to One. Can not PVR One (because more and more now days programs of interest are conflicting in the schedule) – had never seen the need because there is no interest in all the sport it showed and the other stations HD channels were meh! Now they announce heading in the general entertainment direction while saturating their primary channel with sport.
    Sorry, but looks like another excursion to find it somewhere else.


  26. I wish they would close the channel down and give the sport back to foxtel. Im sick of trying to watch the F1 and having a million commercial breaks and then not even showing practise sessions.

  27. Yeah 7mate does have some pretty good stuff like Xena, Engineering feats, Axe man, Nbc Today. One HD just struggles with “entertainment value”. UFC, Nascar, Netball, are probably all great sports but are boring to watch! As for watching movies on One,
    I’ll stick with GO!.

  28. I think Mr Mott does a great job. While it’s a nice idea to have a dedicated sports channel, it is somewhat unsustainable in the competition for ratings and advertising dollars. I trust that ONE will keep its commitment to bringing us significant sporting events, and I think that adding general entertainment is the way to go.

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