Advertisers in Bolt revolt

Advertisers including Tele-Choice, iPrimus and Mr Rentals have instructed Network TEN not to place their ads during The Bolt Report, hosted by News Limited columnist Andrew Bolt.

Several advertisers were given bonus advertisements in addition to their scheduled advertising, with a number of advertisers unaware they would be promoted during The Bolt Report.

The news was uncovered after a Facebook event dubbed Operation: Bolt-Cutter has been set up by Melbourne writer/comedian Christian Price.

Price noted the advertisers during The Bolt Report’s debut on Sunday and then wrote to them his supporters “will never be buying their products or services again, ever.”

A Facebook user claiming to be the marketing manager at iPrimus posted on the page, “The advertising in question was a bonus spot provided by the network and usually advertisers are only notified of bonus spots after they air. It was in no way a targeted move by iPrimus to advertise during the show or to sponsor the show. After receiving feedback from our customers, we have instructed the TV network to cease allocating bonus spots to iPrimus for this particular TV show.”

Mr Rentals also replied that it does not share or support the views portrayed in the program and  informed TEN that no ads are to appear in the timeslot again.

But Price isn’t taking any glory, claiming the advertisers were already moving to withdraw their ads before he emailed them about his campaign.

“We may have nudged them slightly, but this was totally their call, their business decision,” he told The Music.

A spokesperson for TEN said, “Network TEN works closely with all of its clients to ensure that we find the right programs to help showcase their brands. We regularly recommend programs and timeslot that we believe will deliver very defined audiences for our clients.

“Since launching The Bolt Report, a number of clients who previously advertised within the Sunday morning edition of Video Hits have relocated their campaigns to some of our more youth-focused programming on TEN. The Bolt Report has been selling well and continues to attract interest from a range of advertisers.”


  1. If you dont like Andrew Bolt dont watch him,i dont like today tonight so i dont watch it but i am not going to start blogging about it or start a face book page,i have a life to lead,so i dont even watch tv on a sunday morning ,i am out leaving my carbon footprint on my motor cycle in SE QLD,you bloggers should join Rural Fire Brigades or SES or something productive and stop sitting in front of a tv waiting to whine about a person democratic right to free speech,i served so you people can do that,Goodbye

  2. Glen Beck is an opinion show,he always says ,dont believe me?,do your research,he has had standing invitations for a lot of pollies and Progressive thinkers to come on his show,never arrived,like all those sort of people they wont debate with logic,Beck is leaving to return concentrate on radio.did anyone hear on all these tv or radio stations about Lee Rhiannon speaking at an anti Israel rally or should i say a Palestine solidarity conference soon in Sydney,she will soon have a big say in the running of this country when she gets into Senate,These are the people we should be concerned about,not a free thinker like Bolt or Murray or a Smith.

  3. Mr Retter,where in my comment did i say the CSIRO are liars?i said they get their funding from the Gillard Govt,if they dont spruik the Party line,no fundingfor the nice hotels and business class airfares,do your research,see where the money comes from, the climate change debate is an industry where a lot of people are making money for nothing,the carbon tax is a Govt way to broaden the tax base,thats all,the public service has jumped by 20,000,Gillard needs another 200 people in her own staff,who will pay for all this and the public has a right to know but find this sort of thing on the ABC news,,,,can anyone put up a bunch of things the Mr Bolt has said or stated which have been proved wrong,who will all the left people go after next<Paul Murray,Mike Smith,Gary Hargreaves.the left calls anybody who does not subscribe to Get up like theorys as a right wing extremist,Racist,who should not be allowed airtime,the 6 oclock news has been dumbed down to such an extent people have no idea what is happening in this country,people look up to to Tim Flannery and see how he has been proved wrong time and timeagain,yet this govt is paying him 180,000 a year to be a salesman for nothing yet no facebook pages for him yet

  4. @Richo
    Thanks for your reply. You must have been too subtle for me on your first post!
    Generally I would agree with ‘giving people a fair go”, but I didn’t come down in the last shower. Bolt is a very tough customer and I’ve watched him in action for many years. Whether he believes what he espouses is unclear, but he’s made a tidy living being the devil’s advocate (and mouthpiece). Logic and reason look weak against bluster and bullying- and he well he knows it.
    So to cry foul for a guy who clearly doesn’t follow the rules himself is a bit rich. Anyway, we’ll agree to disagree.
    Democracy in action.

  5. @steveany

    “Enough Said” means there is no point giving this guy anymore publicity because that is exactly what he wants. Melbourne Comedian/Writer is another way to describe “Unemployed.” The same people who insult Andrew Bolt for being this, that and the other are the same people that would protest for freedom of speech and other rights. Just accept that he has a different point of view. Sending threatening letters to businesses advertising on Bolt’s show is petty, and is the trademark of a person with too much time on their hands, otherwise known as “Unemployed.” Here’s an idea… change the channel, but don’t send threats and ruin it for the people that do share his opinion.

  6. Where are these so call lefties shows? 100% of all News Limited websites and Newspapers are right wing bias, 95% of talk back radio is right wing Bias. Sky News Australia is about 75% Right wing bias, so where are these so called lefties shows? ABC ch7 and ch9 try to balance the politics, so these networks have to be lefties, how dare they ask difficult questions to the Coalition they should now you only ask the tough questions to the lefties!!!

    I want all media platforms to ask the tough questions to both the Labor and The Coalition parties to better serve us the Australian people to keep both sides honest in return will make Australia a better place. If I want propaganda I will go live in china, North Korea or soley watch Fox News.

  7. To LorenzoM..Regarding the Kosch Brothers..these brothers are the powerbrokers of the Republican Party in the US.
    .Their policies are what the Republican politicians adopt..please check Wikipedia ,under Kosch is mind bogling just how they are among the worst polluters in the US and how influential they are..all behind the scenes.
    From 2005 to 2008, Koch Industries spent $5.7 million on political campaigns and $37 million on direct lobbying to support fossil fuel industries. In 2007 Koch Industries became among the first oil firms that lobbied against a national standard for low carbon fuel standard in 2007.

    Greenpeace states that between 1997 and 2008 Koch Industries donated nearly $48 million to groups which doubt or oppose the theory of anthropogenic global warming. According to Greenpeace, Koch Industries is the major source of funds of climate denial.

  8. Anyone who says the ABC is biased to the left obviously neither watches or listens to the ABC. So they are speaking from a position of ignorance. Not surprisingly they’re also the sort to support Bolt,.

  9. For some they have a screw loose. Wtih Andrew his bolt is completely loose. Advertising or not, this guy is a racist, ignorant lunatic and is a shame to Australians.

  10. Bolt’s lowest point in my memory came during the death penalty trial for a young Australian about to be hanged in Singapore a few years ago for attempted drug trafficking.

    On the eve of his execution, the young man’s lawyer was being interviewed on Today at the same time as Bolt. The lawyer appeared to be devastated that his client was to die that die after all appeals had been exhausted.

    Bolt was rejoicing that “justice was being served”. As he spouted his usual rhetoric and offensively narrow minded opinions, the lawyer stopped him and asked if Bolt would feel better the next morning when he woke up knowing the young man had been executed. It was the first time I had seen him lost for words.

    He is a disgraceful human being targeting the people who need our help the most.

  11. Bolt’s lowest point in my memory came during the death penalty trial for a young Australian about to be hanged in Singapore a few years ago for attempted drug trafficking.

    On the eve of his execution, the young man’s lawyer was being interviewed on Today at the same time as Bolt. The lawyer was devastated that his client was to die that die after all appeals had been exhausted. Having arrived as a refugee with his single mother and brother, he had experienced more than his share of troubles.

    None of this concerned Bolt who was rejoicing that “justice was being served”. As he spouted his usual rhetoric and offensively narrow minded opinions, the lawyer stopped him and asked if Bolt would feel better the next morning when he woke up knowing the young man had been executed. It was the first time I had seen him lost for words.

    He is a disgraceful human being targeting the people who need our help the most.

  12. Listen to the leftards squirm at the thought of a conservative getting some air time. If you dont like it don’t watch! Keep up the good work Andrew.

  13. good to finally see Andrew Bolt get his own show,about time we had a different point of view to the ABC,Qand A,730 report,and CSIRO which has been bought by the Gillard Brown Govt,the left people will all throw barbs but will not come up with any reasonable answers to reasonable questions that are asked,we really are going down the Socialist path,distribution of wealth and open borders.lot of misinformed people will jump on Mr Bolt but he has been pretty much on the money with most things,

  14. @Richo
    What do you mean by “enough said” about ‘Christian Price’ exactly?
    As a BrisVegan I’ve never heard of him either, but what point are you trying to make?

    BTW I Googled ‘Christian Price Melbourne’ and got this at the top of the list:
    Christian Price (AjaxMcCoy) on Twitter
    Name Christian Price; Location Melbourne, Australia; Web fakemc…
    Bio Melbourne writer, comedian, satirist. Will poke fun at government for food – Cached – Similar

    So please explain?

  15. Let’s hope this extremist, being a puppet of right mining magnates, gets off the air. Doubt it though since Gina Rinehart could cover the cost of producing the show. But still, some hope.

  16. Just like I said in the comments on the review post. Happened to Beck, now it’s happening to Bolt even faster than we could have hoped.

    Jen13, who are these ‘obnoxious lefties’ on the ABC? The Drum on News24 has a panelist from the Institute of Public Affairs almost every night.

  17. I remeber Bolt saying how much he hated the movie Avatar , because the movie was “political” in that it wanted to stop logging of rain forests..Bolt wants all rain forests mowed down.
    Also his climate change beliefs come from the extreme right wing power players in the US..These are the billionaire Kosch Brothers who do not want anybody or governemnt from stopping them from polluting the envirnement with their diverse oil and gas industries.
    Bolt repeats everything they say via Rupert Murdoch’s press.

  18. @Mike Retter 2.34pm
    Exactly right. Well said.
    Not that your reasoning will have any impact on Bolt’s Orwellian sheep, but it was still worth your time putting it on the record and well worth our time to read it..

  19. the point is this guy is an extremist. Its not just a “different opinion” as if it were a reasonable, rational voice. He is a hate filled extremist, seething with anger. He has been proven inaccurate many times and yet people believe him like sheep. Thats why its dangerous because it is presented like journalism (factual information) when in reality it is extremist editorial (hearsay, rhetoric, hate, propaganda, bias). It is low quality.

    So the argument that any crackpot should be given a show is shortsighted and ultimately to continue the Americanisation of our country. We have a better, more fairer society than America so why do we want to follow them?

  20. I’m sure the advertisers will return if the shows ratings continue to be successful, they certainly continue to advertise with peopple like Alan Jones and Kyle Sandlinads who are reviled by many

    I’m surprised that people will go to such lengths to campaign against a person, who holds a different opinion to theirs, there is plenty of voice for alternate or left wing issues in Australia, and plenty of intelligent, well presented people who could host a show of their own to express their left-wing opinions

  21. Bolt supporters are without doubt, the wackiest group around. they keep saying he “tells it like it is” when he has been found to be untruthful many times. he is the ultimate spin-master, an angry man who fires up the wacky right-wing fringe who deny the Holocaust, global warming and evolution. An extreme nut bag!

  22. I don’t know who this Bolt guy is, but I gather he’s not popular with certain people!
    Surely though there’s room for all opinions to be expressed on TV?
    Why pick on him? Is he any more obnoxiously right-wing than the obnoxious lefties on the ABC?
    Interesting Sally that you know who was advertising on the show.
    Here’s a tip: if it offends, don’t watch it. How hard is that?

  23. Charlie Kelly

    It’s an interesting tactic Bold uses to convince you’re readers and supporters that you’re the only one that tells them the truth.

    Reading the comments in the other story on here, people actually believe he’s the only one that tells the truth about things like climate change. It’s pretty reckless to encourage people that only you tell them the truth and in doing so support conspiracy theories.

    Such as the majority of scientists and all major national and international scientific organisations are untrustworthy and part of a global conspiracy.

    Can you image what Bolt would be saying if a Iman was encouraging similar thinking in a small congregation?

    Of course Bolt starts by telling people what they want to hear, but by constantly reinforcing such beliefs and ignorance. Encouraging a lack of open minds and distrust in others is quite dangerous.

    The fact his supportors can’t understand how people might not like him, or think he has no credability is quite telling.

    If you can find it, track down his Finding Nemo review, hilarious read!

  24. It is really sad that wealthy media and mining people can buy into a media comany and put a show like Bolt on. Just goes to show that Rudd was right. If these people can afford this and run a campaign to change a government they should pay a super mining tax. How disgusting.

  25. Excellent news. It’s a tokenistic response but it restores my faith in Australians.

    BTW @FJ
    It’s pitiful that Bolt supporters have to resort to name calling like “stupid lefty tree huggers” in lieu of rational argument. You must be so proud of yourself.

  26. What gets me about Andrew Bolt is: Why does News Limited, which claims to be a reputable publisher of newspapers, continue to support and nourish the extremist views of someone who is, clearly, a pixel short of a megabyte. I defend free speech, but draw the line at racists.

    Who is he, anyway? Is he simply a home-grown nutter or was he spawned by some right-wing American think tank? News Limited is chocka with spooks.

  27. Ms Chastity

    I doubt if pulling advertising would have much effect in removing the program from air.

    It was reported beforehand that the project was a personal project of Ten director/part owner, Gina Rinehart in order to get her political views out in the open as she wasn’t happy with the political views of the 7 pm project.


  28. Good on them. Bolt’s a disgrace and can’t believe Ten would stoop so low and give a man his own show to spread his racist, sexist, and hatred filled messages.

  29. jay jay

    If they were to do that it would just become like Cross Fire in the US (which john stewart helped to get axed), perhaps they need a centerist to moderate the 2 wings.

    That might actually be a show worth watching.

  30. Great news..Why should those good companies be associated with a show that has such hatred.
    I hope Deep Spring water products and the Commonwealth Bank also take heed.They advertised on this woeful show and they should be contacted too.

  31. Hmm why was Bolt given a TV Show anyway? Ten should give him a left-wing co-host and make it a discussion show. Ten keep on making misteps with their news offering. Poor Bolt. All those years of close-minded and ignorant commentary finally coming back to bite him in the behind.

  32. Somehow I doubt Tele-Choice, iPrimus and Mr Rentals generate much revenue for Ten.

    When Telstra, McDonalds and the banks start pulling out it’s time to re-think.

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