Seven to screen four AFL matches from 2012

The Seven Network will air four AFL matches in 2012 after Network TEN confirmed it was not interested in buying 2 games per week from Seven.

Seven was able to onsell some of the 4 Free to Air matches if it had a broadcast partner but has always said it would happily screen them all, by utilising its digital channels under the new anti-siphoning rules.

“It is a bit of a shame. It’s the choice of the network. It’s purely a business decision,” Barham told The Age today.

“Everyone is disappointed but understands the decision.

Lewis Martin, General Manager, Channel Seven Melbourne said in a statement: “We are excited about the prospect of carrying all the AFL games for which we bid.

“But we wish to acknowledge that Channel TEN has been a terrific AFL broadcast partner for the past five years, and their commitment to the game over the past decade. We understand and empathise with how difficult these decisions can be.

“That said, we have planned to broadcast all four games every weekend from next year – plus finals, the Grand Final and the Brownlow Medal – and we look forward to becoming the sole free-to-air destination for AFL.”

Before the Game, produced by Roving Enterprises, will also remain with TEN for the current season but there are no decisions about its long-term future yet. There is also no word on AFL panel shows on ONE beyond this season.

FOX Sports will televise all AFL nine matches live from next season.


  1. AFL Saturday on TV is dead. But what we know for sure is that when people turn on their TV’s to Ten in 2012, on a Saturday Afternoon or Night, there will be no Stephen Quartermain or Anthony Hudson there to greet them.

    Seven should go like this in 2012 with their Telecast in which they haven’t done since 2000 or 2001: AFL Intro including Seven Sport Opening Clip, Match Preview & Sponsor Board, ad break & then Opening Bounce.

  2. Just cannot wait but one main problem for Foxtel’s AFL telecast in 2012 is that Eddie Everywhere might be commentating for the games. However, I am looking forward to games in glorious HD 😀

  3. well done TEN. Finally you have seen the light and dumped the road-kill that is the victorian handball league. Just to think for 10 years (Repeat 10 Years) TEN have been shoving that $^&# down the throats of people from NSW/QLD and for what? Getting its arse kicked in the raring by the Iron Chef before and now most of the digital channels.
    Time to spend the $40M p/a you guys pissed down the drain on vicball, on thing thats people in the two most populated states actual want to watch.

  4. My predictions:
    * Foxtel will do all commentary, camerawork, graphics etc. etc. and Seven will take the Foxtel pictures instead of their own, with Seven’s commentators restricted to a panel in between quarters. That’s what’s happening at the moment in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth when Seven takes Fox’s pictures.
    * One HD will remove All sport by October.
    * Nine will retain the NRL.

  5. 7’s line up should look like this:
    Friday and Saturday Night:
    Bruce, Dennis, Matthews, Paul Roos, Richo

    Saturday and Sunday Afternoon:
    Brian Taylor, Dwayne Russell, Tom Harley and Tim Watson

    Wildcard: Sandy Roberts. Seven stableman – loyal, has been calling for the AFL for last 2 years.

  6. Live Wimbledon was a great way to start of for Seven, but I am sad that is in SD on 7Two and not in HD on 7Mate. Live AFL on Seven would be great. Match shown on 7Mate at 5.30 in Perth, then replayed at 8.30pm on Seven would be the way to go in the West . Do you think that this will happen guys?

  7. Saturday nights in 2012 will see TEN repeating the same movies they have shown 100 times. The C.E.O Lachlan Murdoch is protecting his Fox Sports channels by dropping AFL. My tv channels will be on Channel 7 “Live” AFL and never again on TEN.

  8. Im more shattered that Before the Game may go. CH9 nine havent had the footy rights in years but they still have a successful show. It wont work on 7 because some of the panelists are signed with 10. Its my favourite footy show.

  9. Foxtel might be covering all games live from next year but the games that seven owns the rights to will simply be simulcast live onto foxtel. (I.e same commentators, same camera angles, mega wall etc. As for the other games they will be produced exclusively by foxtel. Overall there is almost no point getting foxtel while seven have the rights for 4 games they will show the games of that states team which means that seven in nsw, qld, sa, and wa will get coverage of up to 6 out of the nine games. Also if all of foxtels games will be in HD this means the games seven broadcasts will be recorded in HD which will mean seven mate coverage will be in HD. People need to stop complaining and accept the deal as it is not going to change. The best part of the deal is that all fta afl is on one network. And the way things are going at seven with live wimbeldon and v8’s I wouldn’t be surprised if they show the afl live.

  10. Seven will have to go after and try and sign Fox Sports Brian Taylor & Ten’s Tim Lane and Robert Walls, and don’t forget Anthony Hudson, after all he was with Seven before moving to Ten in 2002.

  11. Nine still want these games. The management there since it’s been taken over and been very much focused on Victoria has made the channel go backwards badly. Looks like it’s set to continue.

  12. Oh joy, this means Channel 10 has room in their schedule for more Adam Sandler or Hugh Grant movie marathons!!! They might even give Mean Girls a run for the zillionth time.

  13. Seven will go after Dwayne Russel and someone like BT for sure. As for special comments they will most likely select some more recently retired players or coached. If they are smart they will poach paul Roos (a gun)

  14. David @ Green Point

    Secondary digital channels will be a boom and a blessing for Australia’s high profile sports. It’s the answer to the network dilemma – the major footy code in each state gets broadcast on the main broadcast outlet, while the lesser gets direct screening on the secondary digitals. Switch ‘n’ swap – it’s gonna work!

    In the meantime, it seems 10 plans to attack 9’s NRL contract, and 7’s keen to chase the State of Origin games.

    An interesting period in TV sports is looming…

  15. If channel seven airs some of its football on 7two or 7mate what happens to those of us who live in areas that still do not recieve those channels. I don’t have a problem with them being on seven but if they want to put them on their digital channels they need to make sure the rest of Australia gets those channels first.

  16. I would have been quite upset if I didn’t have foxtel. Can’t wait for all games live and in HD with no ads siren to siren next year. Will be fantastic! I feel sorry for people who choose to not get or can’t afford to get Foxtel. 4 highly compressed sub-standard definition games chock full of megawall goodness.

  17. Ok i know nothing of sports but i do remember the biggest rating even for AFL is it’s Grand Final which did get very good numbers but is shown in the afternoon which doesn’t count to it’s network win in prime time

    SOO is shown 3 times a year and shown in prime time which ensures a network win for the night. So in terms of ratings success wouldn’t it make more sense for TEN to want to pass on AFL and go for the NRL?

  18. When Ten partnered with Nine and Foxtel to win the 2007-2011 AFL broadcasts rights, it was widely praised as being a breath of fresh air against Seven’s dour coverage. So why all the backlash against Ten, with its coverage to end after the Grand Final? Ten was the first network to show the AFL in HD and take coverage into NSW and QLD seriously. I hope Ten does not walk away from the AFL entirely, it should keep shows like Before the Game and One Week at a Time. When the network’s financial position improves in 10-15 years’ time, I believe it will bid for part of the AFL rights again.

  19. Lachlan Murdoch has no idea how to run the TEN network. He is a NRL fan & not a AFL supporter which means TEN will bid for next NRL rights. TENS ratings in Melbourne without AFL will slump even further so much i think the ABC will beat them. Shame Lachlan Shame.

  20. Ryano said ‘I noticed 7Mate will show Friday night AFL live this week’

    Which State is that Ryano… Perth? If so, not live to the rest of Australia…We have watched the game and gone to bed by the time Perth see it ‘Live”.

  21. How will this affect the V8 Supercar coverage? The Sunday Footy coverage will clash with race coverage like last week, surely V8’s wont allow them to be shoved on 7mate. Hopefully C10 will come to the rescue and give the V8s proper coverage.

  22. deedeedragons – first of all, shame on you! :) However…

    1) It won’t effect you that much. From my understanding all swans games (and GWS games) must be shown live or near live on FTA tv into sydney just like the current deal (though there may be scope to show them on digital channels.) It just means they will all be on 7 rather then split b/w them and 10. Also if you have foxtel every game will also be shown live.

    2) as for Ten and the NRL the latest talk is they are very keen for the Friday and/or Monday night games. Apparently Murdoch is a big league fan and Ten lost about $10million per year on the last AFL deal so he believes NRL represents better value for money. That and with no AFL it seems even more stupid to have a sport channel (though it has been rebranded to a large extent) without any sport. Though there is the conspiracy theory that the real reason they aren’t getting the AFL is because News Ltd(i.e. the Murdoch family) owns a stake in foxtel/Foxsports they want to get rid of all sport on One to get more people on foxtel……..

  23. I noticed 7Mate will show Friday night AFL live this week, this is due to happen as part of the 2012-2016 contract, I wonder if this will be the case for the rest of this year?

  24. deedeedragons said: As like most Sydneysiders i jump on the Swans bandwagon when they’re doing well, what does this mean for me?

    Shame on you… Most ‘sydneysiders’ do not jump on the bandwagon. I have been a loyal fully paid Swans member for 18 years (the last 8 of those years I have lived in Adelaide and to this day still pay my full membership x 2) and never have I, or the members around me, jumped on the Swans bandwagon… Think you maybe getting confused with the ‘Chardonnay’ members from the Adelaide Crows mate :)

    Re 10 commentators – Malcolm Blight, Anthony Hudson and Matthew Lloyd… give me Tim Lane before these guys, any-day.

    @Ryano – would be really surprised if Seven even bothered picking up Anthony Hudson, especially whilst Bruce is still around. 7 did not want Huddo years ago, and don’t think they will again, thankfully.

  25. John Jackson

    I do wonder what this means for Before The Game after this year. Will it continue in some format? Afterall The Footy Show (AFL version) has gone on for years without having the AFL rights.

  26. Its a wise move from TEN – I love the AFL, but I’ve noticed the numbers slipping on FTA, and with the new deal ensuring live coverage of FTA games are also on Fox, there is no market viability for this to be realistic for TEN – more than half the audience will migrate to pay tv and watch the games there with no or differents ads. It was a stupid deal that 7 made here, they should have just been forced to broadcast their own games Live

  27. Its a shame, AFL would have made ONE HD in the years ahead.
    7MATE are going to rule the roost for some years to come thanks to it. Hopefully Anthony Hudson will be picked up by Seven for the extra 2 games. Not sure what other Ten talent will end up at Seven. Quatermain will presumably stay with Ten.

  28. deedeedragons

    two things:
    1: As like most Sydneysiders i jump on the Swans bandwagon when they’re doing well, what does this mean for me?
    2: Hopefully this means Ten will go after the NRL hard.

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