Airdate: The Renovators

TEN’s profile new reality series The Renovators will begin next Sunday night following MasterChef Australia.

The series hosted by Brendan Moar begins at 8:30pm with a 70 minute episode.

It will compete with Nine’s telemovie Panic at Rock Island and a first run episode of Midsomer Murders.

Seven is yet to confirm its offering (but new Bones is expected).

The TEN series will continue across the week:

Monday: 8:40pm (Can of Worms back to 9:50pm).
Tuesday: 8:00pm
Thursday: 8:30pm

All episodes except Thursday are 70 minutes.


  1. David Mott never said “scripted is king.” He said Content is king.


    A couple of questions to David Mott:

    1) Why, if “content is king” do you abuse your programs and your audience by:

    1) Not starting them on time.

    2) Cutting in to them in the most brutal way – often mid sentence – with promos and crass ads. And stupid “pop-ups.”

    3) Making it bloody obvious that you do not give two shites about your programs (your content) or your audience.

    4) Inflict your job insecurity on otherwise calm TV viewers. (Those with nous in viewer-land have other options. Don’t tell the pig-brained advertisers, though. That would spill the apples!)

    Your considered response is awaited with bated breath.

    Meantime, get a job. I have a mate whose mates flog used utes. Never know, could be a new career!

    Meantime, kindly look up the word “ethics”. Oh, and while you’re at it, the word “honesty”.

    Good night.

  2. This sounds like a program to avoid at all costs. Run!

    Young people in charge of cheapo power tools from supermarkets, without any sense of design nor form nor taste.

    And cheap paint.


  3. Can of Worms should have been rested for one week and CI to remain in it’s place.

    @Ellis – Reality shows are back in fashion and both Nine and Seven are equally to blame. Scripted shows don’t seem to work on TEN much with the exception of Offspring.

    In saying all that i think TEN are going to have a cracker week starting this Sunday.

  4. So basically from 5.00 until 9.30/9.40 we have no scripted shows? No drama? No comedies? Nothing? Five days a week? That’s some solid programming!

    What’s the point of trying to ride off the back of Masterchef if most people will just be fatigued by that point? They should have waited until Masterchef was over and start it then. Instead, we now have no real shows on. Pathetic Ten, totally pathetic!!!

  5. @ryan: I’m sure you are right… as David has already elluded, TEN have scheduled this way for the first week of The Renovators to capitalise on MasterChef viewers. Once MasterChef finishes (isn’t it rumoured to have its finale 31 July?), The Renovators will surely move to fill the MC slots.

  6. @David Knox and Kaylen – SVU at 9.30 next week is listed as a repeat. Why Ten bothered putting a new episode on for just one week is beyond me…
    I’m going to be so bored. My husband likes these reno shows, I think with The Block, Top Design and now this one it’s hitting saturation point…

  7. What is the go with these 70min episodes? Seems more reason than ever to start watching the show on the PVR 15 mins after it has started. Then rewind to the start and spool through all of the ad breaks. By the end you are back to real time with the show. That means you only spend about 55mins actually watching the show.

  8. This is the network from which the CEO said a week ago “Scripted is still king”.

    Now two thirds of his line-up is entirely reality. Congratulations David Mott, I hope TEN sinks and eventually falls to fifth place behind SBS.

  9. What is with Australia networks’s obsession with running the same show Every night of the week? Channel 10 has now essentially become a News, Masterchef and Renovators channel- feat. a guest show every night from 9:30… It’s Beyond overkill. Their whole network cannot work around 2 shows- especially not in the long run.

  10. They can’t expect MC numbers at that timeslot, and if it falters, the non-Murdoch owned press will tear it apart, it will be labeled a dud and Millions of dollars are p*ssed away – very risky!

    MC’s big numbers come from the younger viewers – I’m not sure they’ll find them at 8:30, even with the lead in.

  11. I love these shows but seriously with Masterchef, Block and now this all on at once, it’s a bit of overkill. I’ll be watching, abeit with Fast Forward button at the ready.

  12. I agree with MuchoTB. 6 hours of stripped reality tv is just too much per week. I know that the stations are trying to get bang for their buck and need to justify the high costs of these programmes, but surely they could just invest a good portion of that money into say half a Australian dozen dramas or comedies that could do just as well in ratings, have a better chance of distribution overseas, higher DVD sales, etc.

    I know I’d rather buy a copy of Wildside, Grass Roots, Kath & Kim, Wilfred or E Street versus The Block, The Renovators, Big Brother, Australian Idol, etc.

  13. What about Law & Order: Criminal Intent / SVU ? New episodes of SVU start this week (finally), and they only have four left. CI Just started up again. Can’t they just, treat their current viewers with some respect? :(

    • SVU goes to 9:30 Thurs.

      Bass: The plan is obviously for Renovators to success MasterChef shortly so it makes sense to run it off the back with a big lead-in. It’s a bit of a bookend to MC.

  14. Here’s a radical idea, why not stick the Reno’s in at 6pm?? gets the jump on the Block and hell perhaps 10 might start winning nights/weeks? Gives Negus a nicer lead in, and gives us all a rest from 2.5 hours of news.

  15. Can of Worms at 9:50pm? What a bloody joke. TEN you are pathetic people. I know you are launching a new show but this? Seriously? Talk about overkill with the renovation shows. I don’t watch them. The Block, Top Design and now Renovators. They are not on my watch list. Stupid move TEN.

  16. Yeah they should’ve waited until Masterchef was over before starting The Renovators. Unless, they keep it at 8:30pm even when MC finishes up, which might mean some of their other shows might return between 7:30pm and 8:30pm like TBYG, Modern Family, etc. However I am annoyed that they’re pushing Can of Worms to 10pm (which is what it’ll end up being). Offspring recently shifted to Wednesday especially for Can of Worms, now it’s being moved itself. Not a fan of the constant timeslot changes on Ten.

  17. I somehow think the timeslots are too late (usually series which are stripped across the week are before 8PM or after 10PM). Plus the timeslots are juggled around a bit so viewers might get confused and also it prevents other popular shows from competing.
    On the other hand, there is a strong lead in from MC.

  18. That said, I expect this will rate well for Ten. At least 1.1 million. Australia seems to love these shows as The Block and Top Design have proven lately

    Me, I can’t stand stripped reality series. Who has the time to watch this stuff six nights a week? No one who is employed or studying, thats who. Its got to be the oldies and stay-at-home mothers. Six+ hours a week for one show, thats just a waste of life

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