Can of Worm lifts its game

There’s hope yet…

Last night’s episode of Can of Worms delivered a far more engaging episode than its debut last week.

The show opened with a volatile question (instead of holding off on it) “Is the burqa out of place in Australia?” Tick.

Guests Don Burke, Jessica Rowe and Tom Ballard gave some food for thought, without always opting for the gag. Tick.

Dicko even consulted the studio audience for comment. Tick.

More amusing and cheeky input from Dicko. Tick.

And there were live tweets included in the show. Tick.

The second question “Do Australians swear too much?” produced even better results. Where else on telly can you see Don Burke saying he “I’ll be perfectly honest, I love nothing better than a good f***?”

It helped the show live up to its promise of being a hipper Q & A. Tick.

Working its way up to live episodes we hope….Tick?


  1. Democracy alows hipocracy to florish. We see it of late with iligal emigrants who with everything else, insolt us by burning out tax, with smoking cigarets. Shame.
    Shame for us more then for them who care not.
    Latest on news, is requested that police weres no wepon. OK then, the law for simple tefth must be 10 years in prizon. and so on, depending on crime.
    If not, then people will be forced to arm them self, in order to protect their life and property for which they worked all their working years. Now when elders should have peace and deserved rest, in comes the kriminals who have bin let of by djudg
    previous year for other “simple theft crime” Tell me if this is not hipocracy florishing
    in democratic sistem that every one who comes ilegaly seeks.
    And we welcom it. We even invent new tax by which to colect money in order to,
    not stop climat chaing, but to spend money on iligals. Or fight war in country where
    religion rules, and logic holds second place, where people vote with guns, and wemen are biten to submision, and the same dare to speak how west is out of control. And thats just the point why west bigins to crumble and spends tax on
    war whre people live happily by obaing stale existonce. Its their problem not ours.
    It is well known fact that chaing brings progres. So how can we chaing democracy
    for better.? My sugestion is, that only truth and justis should rule.
    Not dis organized democracy.

  2. 2nd ep was alot better esp- the editing More fun than Q&A with a good selection of topics.Too many pollies on Q&A. More comedy than current affairs. Even dicko is pretty good. Will watch again and we never watch commercial tv.

  3. Mister Floppy

    It’s true that some people think that Q&A is for Greenies, Commies and people who need to be told what to think. None of those people have ever managed to watch an entire episode.
    Don’t worry, your 8 cents a day is being very well spent.

  4. dwight_polite

    I wonder If people who watch T.V nowadays try to enjoy the programs there watching Instead of picking at them all the time , everyone seems to want to be a critic , when the simple thing would be to “turn the show” off If It’s not to your taste .

    Why are we so harsh on our local content , don’t you folks understand that your destroying peoples chances of a stable income ( actors . presenters , producers , writers etc ) , I’m not saying you have to watch and like the show , but be a bit more open minded about our products , because the less local content , the less chance of jobs for our local industry .

  5. I think anyone who makes a blanket claim that certain shows are ‘just for morons’ is a moron themself. :)

    Why can’t you just stick with ‘I don’t like it’ instead of trying to make out that everything is something it isn’t.

    I hate primtetime 7 & 9 but I am not going to call everyone who watches it a moron (I probably have though) because then I would be calling people like my own mother a moron and I know she isn’t one!!

  6. Armchair Analyst

    I watch both Q&A and Can of Worms. The reason why i watch the new one is because of it talking about issues which australia does not want to talk about and whould rather be in denial about. I am not a moron. I find both shows mentally stimulating. Q&A is a more p.c type of show and it has to be because it is on the ABC and guess who funds that? i like to be informed about political issues and other more acceptable issues which is what Q&A is for but i also like the more controversial issues on Can of Worms. It offers honest opinions not scripted crap, which we get from politicians. Honesty may not be nice but it is necessary. Australia we do need to talk. Seriously.

  7. Anyone who has met Don Burke knows that it’s only news when he doesn’t use foul language!
    People involved in the road test pet segment of his show got a huge shock to hear him go off.
    Oh, and I thought Q&A was for morons, especially unthinking red or green morons.

  8. Missed last night’s episode so I hope to catch it in repeat somewhere. It sounds like Don Burke and Jessica Rowe made great panellists. I thought Don Burke would be good, I love him on talkback radio so he would be fantastic on a TV format like COW. I’ve always liked Jessica Rowe. She’s intelligent and articulate and always looks so elegant. I

  9. Good Point JB. It is like Q&A for morons, which should make it a hit. The fact that Tony Abbott is preferred PM in the polls would suggest that we have a clear majority of morons in this country at the moment (or at the very least sheep).
    Perhaps (and lets hope) the pollsters are just doing their research in areas that are very big on the views of Allan Jones and the Murdoch press.
    How about some big issues on this show. “Do you believe that Work Choices is really dead?”, “Are Packer and Murdoch trying to kill off ONE to protect Fox Sports?”, “Are the Logies rigged?”.
    OK, the last one’s not a big issue, and we all know that they are.
    Get a host that can actually interview and not just read an autocue, and get some guests whose opinions people actually care about and this show just might work.
    BTW. Who the @#$%^ is Tom Ballard?

  10. Haha, sorry I missed it – I didn’t bother after last week’s lacklustre start.
    Can I catch up online somewhere?
    Seems Don Burke has done a Peter Russell-Clarke in terms of shattering public images through swearing. Search YouTube for Peter’s blooper reel – it is hilarious.
    Go and get it!

  11. I enjoyed it as well, much better than last week. The Roy Morgan bits are a little annoying, their stats really make no sense. How do you figure that Tasmanian women are more likely to swear on the first date?

    Don Burke is racist? News to me, all he was trying to say was why not try to integrate a little bit because this country still does have a lot of intolerant / uninformed and racist individuals who will look for any opprotunity to brand you as different and an outsider.

    Also, the nature of debate means sometimes people are going to get interrupted, it doesn’t mean the world has gone to hell in a hand basket, in fact it may actually push the respondent into blurting out their ‘true’ honest feelings rather than their ‘tv’ honest feelings.

  12. I only saw a few minutes of this show just to see what it was like. Have never been a fan of Jessica Rowe but I actually was on her side re: the swearing topic… but I reckon she would have dropped a few choice words when Eddie wanted to bone her :-) But I think she made an excellent panellist.

    Oh and Don Burke, made a reference to the word “bugger” and associated it to his gay colleague on the panel… oh… so clever, Don. My sides split. :-/

  13. I enjoyed last nights ep a lot! having not seen last weeks, i was gambling tuning in again but I really enjoyed it. Even though my image of Don Burke has now been skewed lol :) Definitely an improvement! hope they keep going :)

  14. I was highly critical last week of this! Only gave it 0.5/5 last night was so much better ! 3.5/5…..really entertaining and made me wanting more.

  15. Sorry…COW is just as poor programming as Hungry Beast and AFP btw wasnt that pulled off the air due to poor ratings? Whats happening over there @ Zapruders? Must be desperate for money and approval. They threw out Denton with the bathwater! Biggest mistake ever.

  16. Whats with that set design…kinda a try hard late nite tv show look¿ Well it aint workin guys and is distracting to say the very least although prob more interesting than the show itself! Dicko is far too weak. What a loada crap. I give it a few more wks. Ppl are watching more outta curiousity than anything else and to see if they can deliver on their promises or lift their game. Time will tell? Suggestion: employ highly controversial guests who will stir the pot and arent afraid to say what they really think. Step up the heat with the worms. Far too lame at the moment. Perhaps Denton should stick to what he is good @ being an interviewer and stop trying to win awards. He will never get a logie cause he just aint that talented behibd the camera lets face it B)

  17. I heard this described as Q&A for morons, which is propbably harsh but true. But it’s a format that can work. Not suprised there was an increase, i think Aker might have something to do with it. No more bloody Aker, no one with a brain wants to hear what he has to say or even cares. He’s why i didn’t watch episode 1. I kept flicking over last night to it, and was quite interesting. Dicko is a bad choice as host though.

  18. Glad to hear this was an improvement on show 1, since I was left thinking it’s not That bad and was wondering about my own standards of what passes for (relatively) engaging tv!

    Still, I was thinking the whole burqa segment was a bit too PC… 60% of general pop anonymously report it is outta place and 40% (was it?? Can’t recall so happy to have any of these figures corrected) to have it banned… Yet 100% of the panel facing network audience said it’s ok??? Hmm

    Bourne was main reason I watched, but felt least impressed by… He tended to joke a lot rather than really add anything of substance.

    Rowe on the other hand – quality stuff! I really liked her arguments and how she stood by what she said, giving her reasons and listening to everyone else

  19. Dicko needs to be a bit more generous as a host. The panellists are there to provide differing opinions and I didn’t really like how Dicko had to keep interrupting Jessica (on the burqa) and wouldn’t let her finish her sentences just because he didn’t agree.

  20. Apart from going live, the main thing the show needs is for Dicko to step back into just being an exec producer or something, and have Meshel Laurie be the host. Still it was massively improved over last week.

  21. I did not bother with it yesterday because the first episode was such a dud. Thanks for letting us know it’s improving, I might give it another go next week…

  22. Dicko uses the word “p**fter” repeatedly in a sentence and then ends the sentence, as to not offend anymore, by saying would you use the “p” word. Get rid of him and put Don Burke as host !

  23. @slydoggie
    I totally agree, the disjointed editing turned me off, I didn’t bother sitting for the 2nd question… I just watched my recording of Jamie’s 30-minute meal, far more interesting!

  24. Completely agree, David. Much better show last night. I only watched the second question though, Don Burke was hilarous, I’ve never seen that side of him! And by having people from the studio audience and at home via Facebook and Twitter participate in the debate, made the show better as well. Definitely an improvement from the first episode.

  25. the main problem with this show is the disjointed editing and Dicko himself. A better host would draw the show together and keep it on track. The problem with their questions is that they end up going off on different tangents to what the question actually was in the first place.

  26. Wow what a great episode, I’m glad you noticed it too David, is this really the same show as last week?

    In relation to my post yesterday predicting Don will be a bit racist whereas the good hearted Jess won’t be, I was also going to add that in these PC correct times a person can’t say what they want so I just knew it would be done in a very roundabout way by not outright saying that the burqa is unacceptable but rather very subtly cruising around the answer which is exactly what happened.

    I think as one gets older they are able to read people more and more and although I don’t think Burke is a hardline racist, I just knew he had that slight element in him whereas Jess (what a beautiful person she is) definitely does not.

  27. daveinprogress

    Jessica Rowe and Tom Ballard were good talent – Tom is an eloquent yet funny young guy and smart. Burke I can always do without, but the mix was fine. It still feels flabby, drawn out segments, not helped by the ad breaks. More content would help. Hip? Not sure how it will achieve that status. Needs to find its groove.

  28. This Can Of Sh#*t will never work. Why? Cause Dicko is in it. I give the show afew more weeks before it is justifiably removed from the airwaves….

  29. I really enjoyed the show last night. Very insightful and a great way to start a discussion on topics we are afraid to talk about.

    However would have been nice to have someone on the show who actually wore a burqa

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