Inside Out off TEN’s drama list

Prison-based drama Inside Out is no longer on TEN’s drama slate.

Announced last year at TEN’s 2011 Programming launch the project will not proceed at TEN due to differences over the creative direction between the network and producers Freehand.

But there appears to have been some confusion between the show being commissioned, and being in development. Conceived as a 6 part drama, there was hope it might succeed to a series.

Whilst the thriller was enthusiastically embraced as a ‘reimagining of Prisoner‘, its premise was closer to Bad Girls and Widows. It tells the story of an innocent woman thrown in gaol, who comes to realise getting even is the best revenge.

Programming chief David Mott said last year, “It’s a story in a detention centre about a woman who, wrongly accused, seeks her revenge.

“We’re very excited about it. We’ve looked at Prisoner for some time now and wondered whether it’s time to revive the style of that show.”

The Prisoner links were also alluded to due to Prisoner writer Ian Bradley’s involvement in the project. The late Denise Morgan, who was instrumental on Prisoner scripts, was also part of Inside Out‘s development.

Following Don’t Stop Believing, this becomes the second project from TEN’s 2011 Programming Launch to be subsequently shelved.


  1. All I can say is thank god for channel 72 and Go, they show more interesting shows than the 7. 9 and 10, tv in oz is so poor compared to years ago.

  2. Good question about Network Ten’s drama points Courtney (Jul 3).

    Unless Neighbours moves back to main channel as part of the Murdoch shakeup they look to be in a rather big hole. The current programmers insist that Neighbours will remain exclusively on Eleven come what may. The current landscape will test their resolve.

    Press reports suggest that Ten has 13 x each of Offspring and Rush. Apparently Offspring 2 qualifies a series (not a mini-series like last year) so both it and Rush score 3.0 per hour. Total = 78 points. Average required for each of the next three years is 286.7 and minimum in any year is 250. Even if aiming for the minimum in calendar 2011, another 172 points are required. The drama rules tell us that’s somewhere between 43 and 172 hours, depending upon format and licence fees paid. Deduct from this other local or NZ series already broadcast this year (if any).

    Buying up more NZ drama series and local feature films is one legitimate way to fill the void, so in a cost conscious environment you might reasonably expect so see this kind of product playing late night and over summer. Then of course there’s any new local commissions that can make it to air before December 31.

    In the old days falling short of quota minimums wouldn’t have troubled the networks too much – a stern letter from ACMA, perhaps a short para in the financial press and it’s back to business. Now there’s a huge licence fee rebate hanging in the balance if they fall short of their quota obligations.


  3. @ Jake agree with u completely, Channel 10 wouldn’t know a successful drama if it hit them in the face. Maybe Channel 9 or even 7 can pick this up.

  4. daveinprogress

    John Edwards is a modern day Hector Crawford or Reg Grundy. His resume and prolific current output is both impressive and successful. Offspring, considering its quirky charms, has outrated most of the other tv dramas of recent years. It is brave, distinctive and boasts the best ensemble on the box. Long may it shine.

  5. A poentially ratings winner “Inside Out” canned???? Why does this not surprise me…because Channel 10 are involved…..that’s why. I think It’s time Channel 10 just shut down…..completely…..

  6. Offspring rated over 1 million because Masterchef went overtime this week but never usually does so. Has a John Edwards show ever rated over 1 million?

    • Anyone would think it was the first time the show hit 1m. It isn’t. But to answer your question: Paper Giants, Rush, The Secret Life of Us, probably Police Rescue and Fireflies for that matter.

  7. Offspring rated over 1 million this week and is one of the highest rating shows for the week and massive in key demographics. Why do some people try to discredit it and shows by John Edwards?

  8. I’m not knocking John Edwards, but I do hope that Ten commissions some new dramas from other producers. Plus something outside of Melbourne.

  9. I too was looking forward to this. They should have just let the producers have free reign over the show rather than squabbling over the direction of the show. I wonder what the creative differences were?

  10. Ahh geez looks like now we’re stuck with more of John Edwards’ drivel that doesn’t even rate and can’t even get decent numbers. When will networks give audiences what they actually want? This really had the potential to be huge.

  11. They must be running into drama quota problems. Ten is way below their drama obligations with Neighbours on 11. All their drama comes from John Edwards – why don’t they commission from anyone else? Rush4 and Offspring 3 is not exactly pushing the boat out. I guess with 100 jobs to go tomorrow it’s no fun working at Ten right now. Is it any fun working in TV any more? Falling audience share, budget cuts, job losses. As I said when Lachlan took over …. those poor bastards, there they were all focussed and happy. No longer.

  12. The only time I have ever seen it spelled ‘gaol’ was in year 4 when I was learning about convicts. But I Googled it: “due to American influence in Australia, the spelling “jail” is now more common in popular contexts such as the media, the spelling “gaol” being mainly retained in historical use and in the legal profession.”

  13. I heard this was dropped three months ago. It was never going to be anything like a relaunched Prisoner. It was just some wishful thinking from some fans of that old show but good to see it written somewhere that neither Ten nor the producers ever intended it to be Prisoner 2.0.

  14. What a pity, I was looking forward to this. I was a huge fan of Prisoner, and I would love to have seen a similar show with better production quality, because let’s face it, Prisoner had great lovable characters and storylines, but the sets, production qualities etc were shocking, looking back at it now.

  15. Just been watching the Prisoner reruns on foxtel so was really looking forward to this. The best drama idea Channel Ten have had in years and they can it. Absolutely appalled that this has happened.

  16. More cost cutting at TEN by Lachlan Murdoch. The AFL was shafted so now this prison series. Murdoch prob gave himeself a pay rise over this. TEN is going backwards

  17. What a shame, there would have been many people looking forward to it, if it was anything like the original there’s no doubt in my mind it would have easily become an instant success.

    I wonder what the creative differences were, I’m assuming Ten wanted 6 foot blondes that look like models as Top Dogs of a tough women’s prison which is what Bad Girls did whereas the writers/producers probably wanted to stay closer to what Prisoner was like, casting more ordinary actresses and making it more realistic.

    Anyhow I guess now we’re stuck with Rush and Offspring and the lousy ratings that go with it. Hopefully another network, maybe Channel 9 can pick it up because it really is different to anything else and was a winning formula made by producers with proven success in the past.

  18. P, I know a hell of a lot of people who spell it like that, including myself. What a petty comment to put up on here.

    I find this unfortunate. I wonder if the creators will take it elsewhere. It would be good to see

  19. Gaol? Everyone spells it like that! It’s how it’s supposed to be spelt. 😀

    Sad about this! It sounded interesting. I wonder what the “dispute” was?

    Ten probably wanted to try and turn it into a reality show, somehow. 😉

    • Inside Out was out some time ago, over creative differences not costs. Also, as I previously reported 11 out of 10 was never promised a production as part of its deal, although clearly there was a desire. But looking back at TEN’s prog. launch there is quite a bit, including the News revamp, that has evaporated. This week will shed more light.

  20. Let’s not forget the 11 out of 10 programme that hasn’t appeared and there is a growing list of Australian programming that isn’t being made at the Ten Network.

    It appears that Ten has gone away from what they used to do well (making programming that was different to everything else on TV) and is now copying similar programming to other stations (Can Of Worms, Renovators).

  21. What the hell are TEN going to do about local drama points?!? David, do you know how many more they need to score by year end? I’m guessing not, but probably a lot?

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