Returning: Modern Family, Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation

Favourite comedy series Modern Family makes a long awaited return next week. The show will be back at 8pm Tuesday August 9th.

“The Musical Man”
Phil convinces Claire and the kids to be in his new realty advertisement, but when he goes so far as to wrap the family minivan in the picture, the consequences are unexpected.

There will also be a repeat episode “Game Changer” on Thursday August 11 at 8pm, so make sure you know the new eps are Tuesdays.

Meanwhile Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation returns with new episodes in yet another new timeslot, this time 8:30pm Wednesdays from August 10th.

First guests are Todd McKenney, Dave Hughes and Kate Miller-Heidke.


  1. @ Tomothy, Rafters will be back sometime in August. W&L had 22 eps and have 4 to go. There should be 16 eps letf of Rafter Season 4, so if it ends end of Nov with no double eps, look out for it in the next 2 weeks…

  2. Charlie Kelly

    Hahaha wow

    I just assumed my Foxtel IQ lost the series link for the last handful of episodes and I didn’t notice at the time.

    So about a month ago, i sought other means.

    This is poor form from the network.

  3. Yeah it’s things like this that have turned me off tv. I watched the Modern Family finale months ago. Don’t think i watched nay of this season on Ten cos i couldn’t keep up with timeslot changes, day chamges, new eps, repeats. Ten have treated it like crap and it’s the best comedy on tv.
    And yet another timeslot change for TAYG. Way to ruin a good thing.

  4. Finally MF is back in it’s original timeslot that served it so well in the beginning.

    Is TEN bringing back NCIS at 8.30 Tuesdays? If not why not put TBYG on then? In saying that, Spicks and Specks is no longer stiff competition as it once was.

  5. franz chong

    I too miss GNW and would like it to come back.There are too many violent crime shows on these days If Ten can at least ditch one day a week of them to bring back Good News There will be many a happy viewer

  6. Secret Squïrrel

    I like TBYG but won’t be watching it at 8:30 on a Wednesday. I don’t understand why the networks like to move established shows around. What percentage of timeslot changes actually result in an increase in ratings? I guess they won’t be renewing it.

  7. Too late 10. I gave up waiting for Modern Family to return.
    I’ve just about totally ditched 7, 9 and 10 and instead wait for any shows not seen on Pay to come to Pay, where you can watch a whole season in sequence at the same time each week.
    Or there’s the DVD sets to buy or swap….
    Simple really!

  8. Wow, even though I cant stand Modern Family, I can’t belive they didnt finish showing this in May when in ended in the US. I thought this show rated well, so if it did, they should have fast tracked it.

    And….. Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation at 8:30pm Wednesdays… Terrible Decision. Its not a 8.30pm show, its 7.30pm slot on Tuesday was much better, but I guess that Seven keep winning in that slot.

    Any news on when Packed to the Rafters will be back, I thought Winners and Losers was only a short season (13 eps).

  9. They’ve moved TAYG again! But I’m glad both shows are back.

    For me, my viewing in Ten has diminished because I simply don’t have the time to watch 5-6 hours of reality television a week any more. They’ll get me back for a few hours now!

  10. daveinprogress

    Thanks David, great news re Modern Family. With so many shifts in timeslots for so many shows, it does the head in trying to keep up. I’ve really missed this wonderful comedy. I’ve been trying to get into Big Bang Theory, i’m slowly warming to it.

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