Castle: trailer

Warning: Spoiler!

Here’s your look at the season premiere of Castle, with Richard┬áCastle (Nathan Fillion) saying he put┬áKate Beckett (Stana Katic) in the crosshairs….

It resumes in the US on September 19.

Meanwhile in local programming news, Seven will be replaying Castle episodes at 9:30pm Mondays from next week.



  1. I hope that Monday time is temporary as I might quit it. Unless the ABC messes up with Q&A. And they never repeat it sensibly although at least they do repeat it in the Eastern States now.

  2. With Seven moving Castle repeats to Mondays I have a feeling when performance shows start of The X Factor Seven might actually fast track Castle. Its the perfect opportunity. I am praying they do because having seen the finale my jaw nearly broke with that ending. I didn’t see that coming at all.

  3. ABC still using the “Start Here” campaign from 2007? I thought they were ditching that.
    Anyway, Castle looks good. Will tune in when 7 finally decides to put it on.

  4. Can’t believe Seven haven’t aired the finale yet. One of the best finale’s of all shows last season. I doubt Seven will fast track it too, so stuff it i’ll watch it on Sept 19 anyway (prob sept 20 here). Same night Hawaii Five-O returns too, so will have a lot to watch.

  5. Yeah I watch it back in May in the US :)

    It would be nice for Seven to fast track the new season but knowing Seven they will show a hand full of eps several weeks later then break for the new year and maybe bring it back months before in Feb or March.

  6. @Craig, thats a good question , i saw the final in the states so unsure if its hit here.With all the repeats its hard to keep up this day and age.

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