Judge Judy update

Ever since TEN took Judge Judy off the air readers have been venting a quiet storm on TV Tonight.

The show had to make way for arvo replays of The Renovators, while Huey’s Kitchen also returned with new episodes recently.

None of that is appeasing aggrieved fans of the very boisterous judge.

Here is a taste of their arguments:

Channel 10 had got so bad that the only time I ever switched to it was to watch Judge Judy. Now, clearly, I won’t be watching Ten at all. Whoever does their programming is either in touch with the tastes of the viewing public, and I’m just part of a minority, or they just really don’t care, and I’m part of a majority who have are are in the process of abandoning Ten.

I will Not watch anymore channel 10 until Judge Judy returns, and until then I will just download JJ episodes from YouTube… screw you 10

So disappointed Judge Judy is no longer on 10 – it was my half hour break in the day. I always recorded it in case I was held up and unable to get home in time and then watched it as soon as I got home. Please bring it back.

Seriously, How could you Channel TEN! We don’t like repeats of reality shows and we don’t like 3 hours of cooking shows! So disappointed at Ten.I’m not liking the new channel ten, seemed to be a lot better before someone bought a huge stake in the company last year.

Bring back Judge Judy! No one cares about the stupid renovators.

On top of the loss of Peter Everett from Ready, Steady, Cook (and those complaints keep coming in, now having broken this site’s records), TEN’s arvos have gone from guilty pleasure to public whipping boy.

Judge Judy is scheduled to play at 4pm on Friday and again next Wednesday, but on days when Renovators is an hour she’s out.


  1. According to TV Week (and they’re usually right- based on schedules) JJ comes back to channel 10 and affiliates this coming Monday- 19/9/11 at the usual time of 3pm. Obviously Channel 10 realised what a mistake it was to take the show off!

  2. yes i am p*ssed off with ten network taking my beloved judge judy off or just putting on half a show i hate cooking and the silly renovators get judge judy back you have spoiled my afternoons

  3. Bring back Judge Judy – my one high point of the day I have watched &recorded it for years to ensure I never missed an episode. I dont even care if it airs at 3.00am.
    Apart from an occasional news episode it was the only program I watched on 10 – now I avoid everything on 10 – I hope your sponsors are watching & reading these complaints !

  4. What does 10 expect when it takes off a show that has been running for more than 12 years and has performed well (hint hint, network programmer) – people are going to be disgruntled. Foxtel’s eps of JJ are mostly repeats, and like everything on their channels are recycled regularly. I personally have gained a lot more than just entertainment value from Judy Scheindlin. She is quite moral, ethical and sharply intuitive about human behaviour and logic. Granted the show is heavily edited, but her mental detective powers and bullshit radar give her the empowerment – not just that acid tongue and brash manner. She is great value.

  5. I could have done without Huey’s Kitchen, but don’t you dare take away my Judge Judy! It’s one of Ten’s unique brands and it performs quietly but solidly. As such, is much more of an asset.

  6. Secret Squïrrel

    Thanks, David.

    @Blindowl – SBS3 & 4 are not actual channels as such. They are logical channel numbers which currently point to the SBS1 data stream. Think of them as being like placeholders for when SBS gets its other multi-channels of the ground.

  7. C’mon Ten.
    Show some commonsense, The Renovators, for me, is a waste of space.
    I avoid it at nighttime and during the day, I like a lot of other viewers want a break from reality. Judge Judy is good wholesome fun and is plain entertaining.

  8. Come on Channel ten have a heart. Don’t you realise that there is a following out there for JJ. I can’t believe that your programmers are so blind. Put JJ on at another time but don’t take it off completely. Unbelievable.

  9. Billy Freeman

    @Armchair Analyst, since when has learning from a TV show become the criteria for watching it? You don’t learn anything from it but she’s entertaining.

  10. Maev....Sydney

    Judge Judy,,,,cannot stand the woman….never could….turned over to Nine to watch ET…before they started repeating reality shows also…..
    That was when I was watching RSC……have tried again on odd occasions….just not the same without Pete!

  11. bugger, been waiting for Hueys cooking show to return for ages but up here in fnq we are getting bloody infomercials at 3. So no Huey or judge Judy. you suck southern cross ten.

  12. I have only watched one episode of RSC since Peter left, and I’m not going back. I used to watch JJ occasionally (she is a hoot). There are just too many cooking shows on TV these days – it’s ridiculous how lazy programmers have become, when in doubt put on a cooking show. It amazes me that, with a whole world of programmes to choose from, SBS decides to show so many cooking shows (and soccer shows!!). [ I digress but David can you explain to me why SBS has an SBS3 and an SBS4 which broadcast exactly the same as SBS 1?]

  13. Secret Squïrrel

    OMG – David’s comment re RSC comments breaking site records caused me to have a look – 422 comments and counting! Plus another 263 and 264 on the two later news articles and a mere 46 on the programming return article. nearly 1,000 comments, almost all of which appear (I skimmed them) to be strongly supportive of Peter Everett and negative about the change. Will be interesting to see if the ratings are noticeably down because what are people who were watching TV at that time going to do now?

    • Yup. The Peter Everett backlash is almost universal and it’s consistent. Every day. Often after another episode airs when more people turn from their TV to Google for an answer. Often they say “I thought he was on holidays, boo! He wasn’t perfect but he was the show!” The comments as you have rightly pointed out are spread across a number of RSC stories -but it’s unprecedented. And TEN knows it from the calls they have been getting.

  14. Armchair Analyst

    Foregive me for supporting Ten here, i know i dont do it at all these days since the ownership changed but i thought that axing Judge Judy was a good idea. I dont understand the appeal of that show, its about American legal gardon and disputes not australian i mean what exactly do you even learn from it? So i think they made a rare but good decision their .

  15. Watch Judge Judy Daily on Bio. Foxtel Channel 117
    Double eps throughout the day.

    2:15-3:15am Tues-Sat
    7:30-8:30am Mon-Fri
    12:30-1:30pm Mon-Fri

    Pay Tv premiere eps
    6-7pm Weeknights

    11:30pm-12:30am Mon-Fri


    Weekends 7:30-10:30am

    Can’t be home for those times? IQ it!

  16. The Renovators isn’t really the problem. When the encores first started, Judge Judy was still on, however Ten edited out half of the episode, to accommodate the 70-minute Renovators episodes. As I’ve mentioned many times before, why don’t they put Huey’s Kitchen on at 4pm (when the cooking shows are usually on) and bring Judge Judy back to 3pm? It rated well, yet was still yanked from the schedule, you can’t win! All I can say is, thank you Bio!

  17. I think they should replay Renovators on ONE.

    I catch the occasional episode of Ready Steady Cook and Colin Lane has improved. He interact more with the chefs and the studio audience.

  18. Kerry, the only problem with watching on Foxtel, at least for me, is that i’ve seen virtually every episode they’ve aired in the last few months.

    Ten’s schedule makes little sense given they’ve often got three cooking shows with The Renovators sandwiched between (which is the case today).
    Surely that’s one too many cooking shows.

    I assume this came about because they made a last minute decision to replay The Renovators daily, which initially meant quite a few episodes of Justine Schofield’s show didn’t air as expected, thus when it was time to bring Iain Hewitson’s show back, they hadn’t finished airing the show it was to replace (that being Justine’s show) so now they’ve got extra episodes of Justine’s show to run through and Judge Judy is the casualty of that.

  19. Not everyone has or wants Foxtel Kerry. There should be enough options on free-to-air with all of those multichannels for us to get enough quality TV without a monthly bill.

    I guess this is better than nothing. But I second dumping that Renovators repeat. I was watching it simply because there’s nothing better in that timeslot, but with so many spoiler ads throughout the day on Ten it’s a bit useless. I understand wanting to promote the heck out of it, but maybe they should put those ads on hold until after the day’s repeat to avoid spoiling it for anyone who is actually tuning in in the arvos!

  20. I say dump the afternoon Renovators – not because I watch any daytime TV but Judge Judy always rates higher than the Renovators repeats and it is not helping the show out at all.

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