The Block shock as Polly & Waz sell the only house at auction

Polly & Waz have won The Block 2011.

Their property sold for $855,000 which was $15,000 above their reserve price of $840,000

They win $100,000 for making the most above their profit.

But the evening, filmed last night at Fitzroy Town Hall, was a night of high drama with a staggering 3 of 4 properties passed in at auction.

It was full of drama with cheers, tears, a proposal and a man in a hot pink suit.

Directly before their auction Josh proposed to Jenna in a moment of surprise emotion. With her family watching on via the auction monitor, Jenna said ‘Yes.’


Josh and Jenna: Passed in at $901,000
37 Cameron Street
Reserve: $950,000

Polly & Waz: Sold for $855,000
39 Cameron Street
Reserve: $840,000

Katrina & Amie: Passed in at $822,000
41 Cameron Street
Reserve: $860,000

Rod and Tania: Passed in at $832,000
43 Cameron Street
Reserve: $850,000

Rod and Tania also won a car following an online vote from viewers.

The couples had all elected where the order of the auction, with Rod and Tania nominating the final place. Josh and Jenna opted for first.

The outcome will be much as a disappointment to viewers as it was to the couples. After such high ratings it ended as an anti-climax, and contrasts to previous seasons where couples have walked away with sums up to six figures.

Amie summed it up best by saying, “A waste of time, really, isn’t it….?”

Being passed in at auction was not new to The Block. Last year a Vaucluse apartment was also passed in, but sold privately several days later.

Nine’s high profile night of television also included promos for The Farmer Wants a Wife, The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men and The Joy of Sets.

UPDATED: Soon after the final auction Katrina and Amie’s estate agent Glen Coutinho, from Hocking Stuart, announced that they had negotiated the sale of their home for $860,000.


  1. I thought the guy in the pink suit was right in not bidding. If the auction is flat, then why play the auctioneers game. Surely he is best off letting it pass in and then negotiatin after the auction. Who care’s if it is a ‘reality tv show’. If anything, this guy is astute and shrewd. It is an investment, and you should do all you can to buy at the very best price. It is not his job to make the contestants and viewers happy. It is his jobs to pay the least money possible for the property. I heard that he bought a property after the auction, so good on him. I, for one, thought that the pink suited gentlman played a very good hand. He dressed to killed, and performed the murder without anyone realising that he ‘did it’!

  2. I saw the guy in the pink suit in Bourke Street Mall on Saturday afternoon – out the front of Zara. He had a priests collar on and marrying two young people off. Not sure if it was for real, but it was definitely the same guy. I liked him on the block. It was ballsy to wear the suit, let alone bid. Well done who ever you are.

  3. Dave…you should check out The Renovators new first look trailer. They really raised the bar and they cleared some things up like mentioning the prize of the show. Great timing hahahhha!!
    Ye I think I’m the only person on this site who doesn’t watch the block…quality is crap.
    And to the other ppl who didn’t sell their properties…sucked in hahahahah!!!

  4. Steve Shannon

    What happened to the pillock in the pink suit? His bubbles for brains wife insisted they were prepared to pay 1,1 mil,,,, Things people will do and say to get on the front row of the auction. You looked likr a pair of prats!!

  5. Honestly mate, Rod and Tanya, had the viewers and the judges convinced that their house was the best. Not sure what happened, but I still know you guys had the best house on the block, I mean you had a spa, come on. Nothing can top that.

  6. Candice Fernance

    The real winner was that guy in the pink suit from ishop. At least there was someone there to keep us awake. It was other a pretty drab affair.

  7. Why didmt they just give everyone the bloody Toyota Corolla they were driving around in, i reckon that may have been a good idea.There not that pricey.everybody likes a new car.

  8. A few thoughts:

    1. What happened to the promoted “make a comment on facebook and watch it here”??? – I saw no facebook/twitter comments on screen. I wonder whether Ch 9 stopped that once it turned pear shaped because they knew what comments they would get!!

    2. The auctioneer on Josh & Jenna’s house p*ssed everyone off with her “vendor’s bid” – she was trying to push the price but all it did was backfire and I think this put off everyone for the rest of the auctions. Someone made an opening bid of $750,000.00 – she should have taken it and let it run – at least that would have been remotely interesting to watch.

    3. A number of people have made comments about contestants on other reality shows walking away with nothing – the difference on those other shows you aren’t all there until the end. On The Block, all contestants work all the way to the end – not until they get kicked off – that’s the difference.

    4. I posted a comment on the Block facebook page last night – apparently they didn’t like it – it got deleted – Hahahahaha

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