Who will host Young Talent Time for TEN?

It’s trueA rebooted Young Talent Time will be announced as part of TEN’s 2012 Programming Launch next week.

After moving on from the AFL rights, Lachlan Murdoch and David Mott looked for a replacement for its Saturday primetime slot.

With the success of Australia’s Got Talent they knew they had a potential programme in their vaults, and pursued Perth-based Johnny Young who owned the rights to the show.

Young has always seen the format of an all-singing / dancing cast and contestant acts as having reboot television potential, but this time was on the receiving end of a call  from the two execs and suddenly found himself back in favour.

Earlier this year Young was joined by former YTT cast members in a 40th Anniversary Reunion filmed for A Current Affair. The original series ran from 1971 until 1988.

But for the reboot Young is expected to be involved behind the scenes, having previously said he didn’t seek to host any new version.

That leaves the field wide open for a new, contemporary host. Will they come from the field of pop, music theatre, radio, Pay TV, a former Australian Idol? Tim Campbell, Eddie Perfect, Matt Lee -or even a female host?

TEN, which was also to have had a resident “super-group” as part of Don’t Stop Believing, is hoping to capitalise on the show’s family appeal and the potential to create new musical stars.

It also isn’t clear whether the show will be produced in-house or by an independent production company.

TEN had always vowed any monies it was saving on AFL would be re-directed into new programming.


  1. hi, someone at th top asked about auditions. i will also be auditioning and the auditions are in october 1st 2nd and 3rd october in the technology centre :) hope this helps and goodluck

  2. I would prefer reruns of Young Talent Time not a revamped show.Joe Perrone would make a good host as he was ment to take over from John when he retired but the was axed before he could.

  3. Debbie Cameron

    I think one of the former team members would do a fantastic job…..Beven A,, Joey Dee, Rikkii Arnott, Natalie Miller, Courtney C, Karen Dunkerton. I think we would love to see them all on at some stage during the season.

  4. It’ll be interesting if it gets seen as reviving something that was (you have to admit) a tiny bit cheesy back in the day – well, lett’s just say I cringe watching back old episodes on You Tube…….

    I think if they pick the right host, let the talent shine, but don’t make it like a pantomine with overacting it might survive.

    Would be good to see it filmed in the old Channel Ten studios at Nunawading (now Global), a bit of history there. I did work experience at Ten in 1988, and walked through the studio between tapings and remember seeing one of the running sheets sitting on the boom operator’s tray – there were quite a few references to “insert pre-recorded” laughter :)

  5. I agree with Mr. Black! Dylan/Fuzzy would be perfect! Please not Tim Campbell/Damien Leith/Marcia Hines/Any other idols…they’re too daggy.

  6. Tim and Anthony together? Are they actually still even together? I actually like the thought of Eddie Perfect. Great talent that guy. Hosted that show high school musical show on FOX8 last year, would be awesome.

  7. Anyone from the original is now too old for the “junior” audience. The best you could do from 1988 would be Danni, but even she’s way outside the junior demographic.

    I think it would be fantastic to see it hosted by Ten’s Idol Alumni. Pick one of them (sounds like Leigth is popular) to permanently host it, then bring the others on for various co-hosting, judging, coaching, whatever..

    The point being to make it 100% totally deliberately the meeting point of Idol and YTT.

    Of course, the one thing we all need to argue over more than anything else: Is “all my loving” going to stay? I think we need something different (though not necesarily newer)

  8. Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you. Tomorrow I’ll miss you. And remember I’ll always be true. Then while I’m away I’ll right home everyday and I’ll send all my lovin’ to yoooou

    All my lovin’ I will send to you

    Okay hands up who used to sing along at the end. Not sure if I got the words right. LOL. How good would it be to have it back. I’m wondering who’ll be in the Team?

  9. So Tim Campbell seems a popular choice. Maybe Rikki-Lee Coulter and Anthony Callea could be the judges for three new weekly acts that compete. Much like when Ronnie and Maggie Burns did it or Evie Hayes and Fred Tupper. Rikki-Lee and Anthony or whoever does it, could take on more of a mentoring role too.

  10. Hating even the thought of McFaddden or Ricki Lee.

    The idea of an original member of the team as host has merit…or, what is Marica Hines doing? She certainly knows the indusrty and might be a ‘motherly’ host on a show featuring kids.

    Of all the names mentioned by previous posters I’d consider only a few – Leiith, Campbell or Callea. Dannii M would be fabulous, but probably far too busy.

  11. Think Damien Leith would be splendid. He’s a great role model, a singer/songwriter and now dancer and a lovely approachable bloke. He’s also had experience Hosting ‘Saving Kids’ and has hosted on Ch 7. Currently has experience with children too

  12. @Jay: Anthony Callea was not a member of the original Young Talent Time, given he would have been about six when the show ended and team members had to be at least 7 or 8 years old, if I recall correctly. He may have, however, attended the Johnny Young Talent School after the show had wound up.

  13. I guess I can throw away my 2 VHS video cassettes full of all my favourite moments and dance moves from the original 80’s version of YTT now that it’s coming back on then!! I’m not sure about YTT coming back, I mean I was a huge fan then but the thought of cheesy miming does not really do it for me anymore. And I’m a huge reality tv addict! I like all of the readers comments on hosts though.

  14. I think singer Anthony Callea would be a perfect host for this show. He was a member of Young Talent Time when he was young so he knows how it works, he’s an Australian Idol alum and he was a mentor on the Ultimate School Musical.

  15. I reckon it’s Ricki-Lee as well. Apparently she recently tweeted something along the lines of “Something huge/exciting happening, wish I could tell you about it but it’s a secret for now”

  16. Moanique in Brisbane

    I like the idea of Tim Campbell hosting, as soon as I read his name in the article, I thought it was a good idea. Perhaps Johnny Young could be a judge for the contestant segment of the show.

  17. My personal pick for host, is in David’s picture: original YTT member, Jamie Redfern.

    I actually remember watching Redfern’s own series (with his own team of kids), on Foxtel a few years back, and enjoyed it.

  18. Franz are you crazy?? Heartbreak High was absolutely nothing like 90210. 90210 was abouth wealthy kids. HH was about inner city kids and it was gritty.

  19. Fran Chong – FYI – “Heartbreak High” was actually a television spin-off
    from Ben Gannon’s popular 1983 Australian film “The Heartbreak Kid” and featured a number of the same actors (playing the same characters) from the film including Akex Dimitriades and Scott Major, so I think it is incorrect to label it simply as an “Australian version of Beverly Hill 90201”.

  20. It could be anyone.For your information Glee didn’t come along till about 2008/2009 so about twenty years later after YTT ended.This is a poor man’s version of that.Talk about Unoriginal and it’s not the first time Ten found something else overseas and tried to make an Australian Version of It.Anyone here remember Heartbreak High?It was a poorly done 90210 What would Tori Spelling’s Dad think from beyond the grave and it was nothing more than an Aussie Degrassi which ended two years earlier though came back as reruns on the ABC around 1995/96 This is no different

  21. As much as I would love to see Tim Campbell back on TV I would prefer him hosting a later time slot variety show. Some guest interviews, a bit of comedy, musical guests. Or better still he and Anthony hosting a show. Their recent morning radio show together proved they are very funny, entertaining and talented.

  22. I heard this discussed on radio a week or so ago when Johnny Young hinted at a revival. It was in the context of the success of young people on Australia’s Got Talent and that show’s ratings, plus the lack of variety/live music shows. Shine produces successful shows for all channels, including Pay-TV and SBS, not just Ten.

    I’ll be interested to see how it goes and wish it well – I think the ‘it’s cool to bag YTT’ has faded recently and there’s more acknowledgement of the amazing long-lasting stars it helped to create.

    I’d love Tim Campbell to do this as he can host, sing and dance and he’s such a warm personality, not to mention easy on the eye. Anthony Callea would also be a good fit but I’d prefer him in a coaching role such as The Voice.

  23. Tim Campbell might be the best choice from the list named, but I think his partner would actually be a bit better, he’s a genuine singer, a graduate from a contestant style showhimself and he mentored youngsters on Ul\timate School Musical.

  24. No doubt we’ll be told that this won’t be just another talent show but a talent show on steroids! (or something similar)

    When the new management took over, there was concern that the rather brave
    and innovative Ten we had enjoyed for a few years would be lost. With this,
    The Renovators and some other recent decisions, that concern now appears to have been justified. The channel seems at risk of losing its hard-earned and valuable profile, its commendable point of difference from channels 7 and 9.

  25. @ David – you’re right in that one of the other networks would have to show interest, but look at the case of The X Factor which was off the air for a couple of years before Seven showed interest. But with TEN being so cheap and not giving their programming a fair chance than TEN wouldn’t really care if another network did take it.
    @ deedeedragons – TEN needs to increase their Australian reality content to compete with Seven so they would be better off putting reality programming in the AFL timeslots instead of A-grade American programming which are better suited to Sunday-Thursday timeslots.

  26. Jared N, wouldn’t Adam Hills be doing In Gordon Street Tonight again? He did say on the final show this year that the show would return next year.

  27. I agree with Bass, Anothony Callea would be a great choice as he was a contestant on Australian Idol and he did go to the Johnny Young Talent School, also Wes Carr as well – but I prefer Anthony.

  28. I think Adam Hills coul go well as host. David, do you know is he is off-contract next year as Spick and Specks is ending? TEN should really consider him, he would be a great host.

  29. Some good suggestions, I wouldn’t mind seeing Anthony Callea hosting this, I think he would also be a great choice, very excited to see how this goes, and a credit to Johnny Young that he chose to step aside from hosting, I think had Daryl done the same, it would’ve meant that Hey Hey could’ve removed some of the excess baggage it was carrying in the 2010 run

  30. Fantastic. Another re-hash of another tired old show. Are we incapable in this country of coming up with fresh new ideas? You can only play follow the leader for so long before it all falls down. The TV industry in this country is imploding.a

  31. Also would love to see Damien Leith as host. He is known as the nicest guy in show business in Australia and was a fantastic fill-in host on the morning show recently when Larry Emdur was away. His experience as a previous contestant on a talent show would help too.

  32. I don’t understand why they are trying to reboot a series from the 70s-80s instead of rebooting their more recent reality shows that they didn’t give a rats a** about – Australian Idol and So You Think You Can Dance Australia. Nigel Lythgow said earlier this year that if TEN didn’t relaunch it then he would be taking it off them and giving it to another network. Now this has not happened yet but if I was TEN I would be taking that threat fairly seriously as it is an amazing show and if Seven got their hands on it then TEN would never win ratings season ever again seems though they actually care about their reality programming (as can be seen with TEN originally having The X Factor and treating it like a second rate program and now it is getting Seven to win ratings season year after year).

  33. I would have guessed it was being made by Shine (which is pretty much in house these days). They could just shift a few tools and film it at the “southern hemisphere’s biggest tv studio”. Or better still, we could see some set building ‘challenges’ coming to a certain 7:30/8:00/8:30/8:40/9:00/9:10pm weeknights ‘hit’ show.

  34. I think Tim Campbell would be a very good fit as a host of this show. I hope they make enough changes to distinguish it from the orignal show though.

  35. I like the idea of Tim Campbell – it’s a hoot on The Circle!
    Dannii Minogue would also be perfect, she can nuture the talent as she has been in the industry a long time herself – but I doubt channel 7 will let her go!
    So excited by this!!

  36. I think a YTT reboot would work if it is more like a Junior Idol format. Imagine 12 Jack Vidgeons battling it out – it would rate through the roof on a Saturday night. They could even mix in a Don’t Stop Believing supergroup.

  37. It would have to be someone really special if this was to actually go ahead- Young was genuine, which is why Somers can’t be used, too see through, Bert maybe?
    you need a father figure as opposed to host same age as group.
    Imagine if Micallef was given this gig, poor kids wouldn’t know what to do, hahaha.

  38. Oh Damien Leith would be perfect. He has a lovely manner, gets on well with all ages and has previously hosted for Channel 10 before with Saving Kids.

  39. Oztvheritage(you tube)

    If YTT is going to Saturday nights you would think Before the game is defiantly gone from Ten Which is a bit of a shame. That panel works very well together You would Think Seven will definitely pick it up

  40. Oztvheritage(you tube)

    Great photo with the team and Graham kennedy David! Wow this is big news! Love the nostalgic feel here but it has huge risk written all over it. It would have to have production qualities, no miming like the original and not be cheesy. Tim cambell would be an excellent host. And Johnny young would have to be seen on air at some point wouldn’t he??? Very Happy for Johnny!

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