Downton Abbey: trailer

Here’s a peek at the trailer for Season Two of Downton Abbey.

It’s not sounding a lot like Seven will fast-track this season.

Yesterday Nine confirmed a number of fast-tracked shows, desperate to lift shares in the final quarter of the year. Seven isn’t under quite so much pressure and has possibly decided the older audience for Abbey isn’t as subject to downloads.



  1. hi
    im 14 years old and live in australia dose any one now when it airs in Australia i cant find out im nearly dying if i dont find out soon this is the most amazing series my grandma lives in england and told me it excellent just post on this page if now when it airs

  2. I am not a major fan of period dramas (usually)
    Having watched Season 1 of Downton Abbey, I cannot say that (in my 40+ years) I have had the privelege to watch a better quality drama production. Ever.
    If it has any fault, it is in both it’s addictive nature, and to highlight the sub-standard quality of regular television served to us on a daily basis.
    Channel 7 will not need to bother to air this show for the benefit of fans of Season 1. Anyone who has seen Season 1 will simply refuse to be held to ransom and actually wait for this to come on to free to air tv. Any existing fans of the show will well and truly already have Season 2 in their DVD / Blue Ray collection long before Channel 7 airs the first episode.

  3. This is one of the best shows to air in a long time – I’ve watched all of series 2 (tracked it down on I just couldn’t wait until after the new year for it to air here. Also, there will be a Christmas special, airing in the UK December 25th, so I don’t know when channel 7 are planning to air that, as I’m guessing the plot to it will be pretty important for season 3 (which will air in 2012 in UK).

  4. I have seen the whole 2nd Series and it is better than the first. Watched all 8 episodes. Outstanding. Bah Humbug to Channel 7 for not fast tracking.

  5. I was in the uk and saw Ep 1of series 2 of DA.. Hooked! Immmediately on return to Oz got the dvd and watched the lot in 2 sittings. Am considering flying back to the uk Tonight just to catch the rest of series 2 as I can’t wait til next year..

  6. @Kate — I think UK DVDs are Zone 2, while Australia is Zone 4. My Pioneer and Panasonic DVD recorders are both multi-zone and therefore play UK DVDs without any problems. There are other brands of DVD players that are also multi-zone, and there are ones that only play DVDs from Australia.

    Perhaps you could ring one of the electrical stores in your area and ask them whether your particular DVD player is multi-zone or not. Good luck.

  7. If I buy DA on will it work on an Aussie dvd player or is it a.different region or something? Sorry only mobed to Syd last week -should have waited until after DA series 2 had finished!!!

  8. Mum knows I’m on the net alot and has already asked me when this is available seven have rocks in their head if they think those fans are going to wait.

  9. @nicholasg — Thanks for the heads up. I’ve just gone onto Amazon UK and have pre-ordered Downton Abbey Season 2, which will be released on 7 November 2011.

    I’ll be watching the show without those awful pop-up ads and endless commercial breaks. Plus, big plus, I don’t have to wait until some time next year to see it.

  10. The DVD of S2 is released early November in the UK, just in time for Christmas. I doubt 7 even considered that would happen. Considering it commences tomorrow night in the UK, it will be done and dusted before we can blink.

  11. I’m really over Seven being so slow to fast-track programs. I wouldn’t mind a delay of a few weeks but when shows launch overseas in September (e.g. Downton Abbey in the UK or Castle in the US) and we don’t get them until February or March the following year it’s pretty inexcusable. I was just reading the other day about Harvey Norman selling a device that combines a subscription service to get around copyright restrictions from overseas catch-up programs with streaming content from all computers / tablets etc. to TVs ( . I’m sure there will be howls of protest about copyright issues but I doubt there’d be a market for this kind of service if networks fast-tracked shows.

  12. Seven may be surprised at how many viewers will get impatient with this one – it is a very addictive show!!
    Hopefully we get it in the first half of next year so there’s not too much waiting to be done!!

  13. I was not going to watch it last time….as the ads annoyed the heck out of me……
    Wound up watching it on ‘catch upTV’…..
    My BF buys the DVD’s…so will probably watch that with her this time….
    We also are the ‘older’ audience…..*sigh*….and would like to discuss it with others….chat friends OS….while it is current….not 6 months later…..

  14. I like the music, beautiful rendition of With or without you. I know 7 wont fast track it. Why would they? They are coasting in the ratings. But I hope we dont have to wait until the 2nd half of the year.

    I hope we see it in the first half. IT is a very good show.

  15. The song is The Scala & Kolacny Brothers version of U2’s With Or Without You. They’re probably most famous for that version of Radiohead’s Creep heard in The Social Network. I you like it don’t waste you time, iTunes Australia has nothing.

  16. No doubt 7 will put together their own promo’s for this season as they did the last. Oh, and what a stellar and tasteful job it was too. The brits know how to do drama and also know how to promote with subtlety and poise. I can already hear the 7 promo being reworked with beats and rock n roll style noir pop electro style.

  17. A very British promo- not interesting for me as I have never watched DA.
    As for the fast-tracking, Nine seems to have done a great job with it, while Seven hasn’t. Older audiences won’t download, but Seven need to think younger demos too, and I see a potential disaster by relying too much on the 55+ demo.

  18. Following the 6 or 7 episode run in the UK, the DVD will be available shortly afterwards through AmazonUK.

    I’m sure theyofthegrey will order it, less VAT and free freight (if total order exceeds 25 pounds) before 7 screens it next year.

  19. Best show in years! Can’t wait…It’s only an 8 episode season, so seven could get in done before the end of this year, but why would they? They are going along great guns with what they already have..

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