Is this the last Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Gen?

I really hope tomorow night’s season finale isn’t the last we’ll see of Talkin ‘Bout Your Generation.

TEN is yet to announce a return for the show for 2012 and there has been speculation it may not resume with host Shaun Micallef. It would be a real loss.

Tomorrow night there are three good-sport guests: Lorraine Bayly, Craig McLachlan and Jay Ryan.

If McLachlan only just passes for Gen X then I have no idea how Lorraine Bayly passes as a baby boomer. But she’s TV royalty.

For the record, here are the years each was born:

Baby Boomers:
Amanda Keller (born 1962)
Lorraine Bayly (born 1937)

Gen X:
Charlie Pickering (born 1977)
Craig McLachlan (born 1965)

Gen Y:
Josh Thomas (born 1987)
Jay Ryan (born 1981)

7:30pm Sunday on TEN.


  1. It hope it is not the last episode of TAYG either. It is a great show and TEN would be crazy to get rid of it.
    Come on TEN! Bring back TAYG! And put it on a decent timeslot!

  2. I sure hope this isn’t the last. It is a great show, probably not one everyone would enjoy, but great for a good laugh, and just for a change. If they do drop it, no doubt they will put something new and innovative (like a Cop drama!!) in it’s place :-)

  3. Just watched on replay – and, oh no, I was laughing at Craig McLachlan :-)
    @MandyJ has it right. His impersonations were top notch.

    Shaun said “next week” so it’s game on, although this would have been a fitting finale. Each to their own taste of course, but personally I have an appreciation for quirky humour.

    And @timmy, as much as I would like to see Newstopia back, I have been pleasantly surprised by Micallef’s “game show” presence over this time.

    Should TAYG be lost to future generations, I can only hope we see Micallef’s face and that man’s associated voice on the television in the near future.

  4. Ok, the show’s not finished yet, but have to speak up for Craig McLachlan here – his impersonations of actors speaking famous lines were a total highlight!

    PS I wouldn’t watch if not for Shaun

  5. If this is a Ten decision, can they really afford to be picky? If this is a creative decision by Shaun, however, then not much can be done about that. This format works mainly because of Shaun and I would rather it ended while it’s still good than have it with a new host (or languishing for several seasons).

  6. Shaun Micallef is the best host for TAYG. I don’t understand why TEN has not renewed it for 2012 season as it rates very well across the country.

    Must be another stupid Lachlan Murdoch decision.

  7. Shaun was interviewed on my local radio station on Thursday morning and he said that nothing had been decided for next year (they asked him if the show would be back). Shaun said that it was a great show and that he would love to continue to host it, but that if he wasn’t asked, he would still love to see the show continue in some way. He made it very clear, though, that nothing had been decided, but that he hoped that the show would continue. He also said that Lorraine Bailey is a “bit of a ring in” because she was born before the start of the start of the Baby Boomers, but that “she’s good value” so it doesn’t matter.

  8. Oztvheritage(you tube)

    The actual format is nothing special. But the regulars make it. Put somebody else as host and it will die. Shaun is the only real fun talent on Australian tv. Let’s hope we see him somewhere else on ten.

  9. I don’t have a problem with anyone older than Baby Boomer being put in the Boomer team – where else would they go? Ian Smith was fun to have on and it would a shame if they had to pass him up because there’s no Silent Generation team.

    I’ve always considered 1981 onwards to be Gen Y (we used to tease my sister in law for being old because she’s born in 1980 whereas my brother is 1982) so Jay Ryan fits and I thought the cut-off for Baby Boomers was 1964 so Craig McLachlan fits in Gen X too. There’s no cut and dried dates anyway; it’s really up to them and who they can get on as guests!

    I watch it mostly for Shaun – I think most people either love the type of random humour he has or they think he’s an absolute idiot. Actually, some of his older shows I thought were pretty ordinary but the format of TAYG really works for him. I certainly hope it’s renewed.

  10. Craig McLachlan was in the final series of Rescue Special Ops..just sayin:) Anyway the definition of the gens is different everywhere you go. Somewhere I went defined Gen X as 61-81 which seems about right.

    If Shaun leaves I’ll still watch although it won’t be the same. Someone mentioned Colin Lane as a joke but he’d actually be a good replacement.

  11. They show has life but it needs to change the generation hosts and the look of the show, and the games.and then it needs to be put on one day @ 7.30 and left for the entire season!

  12. Would be a shame for it to end now. Shaun Micallef is easily what makes this show so great so it really needs him. But yeah they do need better guests some episodes. Will Jay Ryan be naked this week? if not he should be.

    If this does get axed, again it will be a case of the networks killing it themselves rather than viewers not liking it anymore. Ten kept changing days, timeslots, repeats some weeks, new episdoes the next, several episodes a week. Exactly the same situation as City Homicide. Quality still just as great, but the network ruined it.

  13. Tasmanian de√il

    TBYG has always used these year ranges for the generations:

    1946 – 1964: Baby boomer (however according to Wikipedia former guests Ian Smith and George Negus were both born before this, as was Lorraine Bayly)

    1965 – 1979: Gen X

    1980 – 1994: Gen Y

    For what it’s worth, Gen Z is 1995-2009 and “Gen Alpha” is 2010 and onward.

  14. I have no idea how they film this show but I suspect they film a couple each day they shoot. I remember watching the episode after Charlie had been in drag and it looked as if he was still wearing a bit of mascara. Either both were filmed the same day or that one hell of a everlasting mascara!

    TEN really isn’t in a position to be picking and choosing their line up at the moment. I could though imagine them not bringing it back if Shaun decided not to return although he has to keep in mind that not everything he touches turns to gold. Stick with what works Shaun!

  15. It’s fun to watch and harmless and something nice in a world dominated by crime shows at the same hour elsewhere except for SBS on a Sunday.

    I was born in the same year as Charlie Pickering

  16. Secret Squïrrel

    Shame if that’s the case altho’ I haven’t watched since it moved time-slots yet again. Shaun is the best thing about the show but the guests are an integral part, and it’s always at it’s best when they get involved.

    As for the age groupings, this isn’t the first time they’ve been rubbery with the categories, but where else would you put someone who was born before WWII? Agree that Jay Ryan is technically a Gen X’er but they’ve had early Gen Ys in Charlie’s team before too.

  17. I’m not a fan of this show, won’t be sad to see it go

    It always struck me as a poor man’s Spicks and Specks, but with childish games. Not as bad as Nine’s ‘Behind the Lines’, but close to it. Surprised it has lasted three years

    Then again, Big Brother was on for almost a decade…

  18. I really hope that it doesn’t get cancelled, either.

    This is probably more of a test for Ten than some would realise. Sure, it might not get the best ratings (still nothing to sniff at though). But those whom watch and interact with the brand are loyal.

    Add in the fact that it is a fan favourite – has yet to turn anyone away – and is perfect for targeted advertisements. Also good for leveraging the audience for other endeavours, and underpinning the schedule for the night.

    Does it need to be cancelled? No. Is it ready to be? No. Should it be? No.

    Will it be? I don’t know. Which is a problem for Ten, as it doesn’t show confidence in their ability to program.

    If it is? Then it highlights the fact that all sense has left Ten and it is now just about ratings.

    Which never works. 😉

    Anyway. Am looking forward to Sunday’s TAYG. If it is the season final, then I’ll enjoy it and wait for next year.

    If it’s the series final? Then I’ll still enjoy it, and then lose more confidence in Ten’s ability to run a TV Channel. 😛

  19. The reason why I don’t watch this show is because of the host Shaun Micallef. I watched the first episode and it’s a good show but I just can’t stand Shaun Micallef. If they have a new host, then I will start watching it.

  20. You can also make the argument that Jay Ryan is a generation x as 1981 is quoted as being the final year for gen x. Bayly being there is stretching it as baby boomers are described as babies being born after world war 2.

  21. The problem of this show is that they need more focus on the guests. And also choose better guests! Some weeks they have three of the most boring people. How are the audience suppose to respond? At that point, it stops being must-watch tv. I only watch it here and there, and it has certainly lost a bit of its magic…

  22. Hang on, not only is Lorraine too old to be a baby bomer, I think Amanda is too young. I know the definitions seem to change but IMO Gen.X should be anyone born in the 60’s or 70’s, which means that Charlie and Amanda should be on the same side. If you weren’t realistically old enough to attend Woodstock you’re definitely not a baby boomer. Amanda was still in kindergarten at the time! (Yeah I know there were young children there but that’s only because their parents were baby boomers.)

  23. I agree – this is a good show that needs to stay. Although…as much as I love it, the games/format is a tad stale. It’s only Shaun’s shenanigans and wit that keep me an every week watcher.

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