Beauty & the Geek tops Thursday

Who doesn’t love a makeover?

Beauty & The Geek Australia was the top rating show of the night with 1.37m viewers.

Seven easily won the night.

Seven: 32.8
Nine: 24.0
TEN: 19.5
ABC: 18.6
SBS: 5.1


  1. P.S. I hope the above report was a joke from you David. If so LOL. I just wasn’t sure when I first saw it. As what OzTam has done isn’t funny to me. So will there be smoke signals in the next one I assume on Monday for the rest of the week? Too hard? 😉

  2. Does this mean David isn’t even allowed to publish individual channel breakdowns now? That’s just disappointing. Or was it just for yesterday? Also one figure man that’s just silly. What next — smoke signals?

  3. Interestingly same thing happened in the USA with NPD Group withholding sales figures for videogames and respective hardware sales…….seems some companies don’t want consumers to know how badly their products is doing.
    Hopefully OzTam will wake up to themselves and realise it is in their best interests to make the info freely available.If they are trying to generate income from this info then maybe we should start charging them for having ratings boxes in our households.

  4. We must have played Tony Abbott and made relentless negativity towards TENS’ woful figures. Then added a bit of Nine for measure. Seriously, I want to know what the good shows and sporting events rate. I’m not paying for it either! Couldn’t we get the top 20 and a network by network summary?

    I wonder what the Negus got? He’s on his last limbs.

  5. Why do we even have oztam? Wouldn’t it be easier if all tv’s made now included some kind of device which records your viewing habits.
    Oztam is a useless piece of sh*T with no way of showing us in any accuracy who watches what!

  6. @David, I can only assume that you’re being legally prevented from commenting or reporting on the absence of ratings info, though I can’t get an image of you tied to a chair with an apple in your mouth and chips up your nose out of my mind! Hope it can be resolved soon as the comedown from the lack of ratings info sucks.

  7. David if this blog is your complete bread and butter then I do hope your ‘hit rate’ doesn’t get affected too much because judging on this post, there is hardly anything worth talking about.

  8. @steven … Totally agree with you. People need to lighten up. Relaxation and entertainment is different for everyone and it is very rude to make assumptions based on what a person chooses to watch.

  9. I really enjoyed last night’s episode. Armchair analyst – why so critical ? Don’t you think people deserve the opportunity to find happiness in looking and feeling better about themselves? Both were really proud and more confident with their new look. Irrespective of social expectations surely the outcomes were positive for both of them.

  10. Well, you gotta give it to Ch7, they know how to make money. Very smart idea to break the B&G makeover into two episodes over two weeks. That is a very intelligent business move and it was always going to succeed.

  11. The other geeks get their makeovers next week – should be fun, especially Bendeguz without his trademark mo. Helen & Lachlan looked great last night.

  12. Armchair Analyst

    Theres something about these types of episodes or shows which is a little unsettling. Unfortunetly we live in a society which constantly tells people that they dont look good, so in order to conform to societies will they get a make over. This show just reenforces it, which is sad but an ugly reality of the current society we live in i know i have been stung by it many a time. I would like to see a mental makeover for the beauties if that is possible now that would be somthing. Although i guess thats easier said then done.

  13. The ratings are a pain. Less information. Looks like Seven did well across the night with their Trashy Thursday lineup. Nine didn’t do as well and had 2 episodes of the Mentalist from 9:30pm. Nine News would have been their best program with the usual win in Sydney and possibly Melbourne, while thumped in Adelaide and Perth. Ten looked liked its lineup did poorly and worse without the Renovators. ABC held up with its Drama lineup.

    If we get shares tomorrow for tonights ratings, we can determine how the rugby went.

  14. I love those on here that always play the intelligence card…Haha its so funny. You watch B&TG so you must not be smart…..sometimes smart people like to switch off and watch something a little silly…Because you watch scripted shows doesnt make you smart… fact making such bold stupid generalisations actually makes a very solid point to the contrary.

  15. I understand OzTAM is chucking a hissy fit at you & knowfirst at the moment about posting the ratings. ..mind clearing it up for the humanoids so we know whats going on

  16. I’ll copy and paste the info if hyperlinks are not allowed:

    “Changes to Daily Ratings Posts on Throng Australia

    New format for daily ratings posts.

    Due to changes in what data Australian ratings body OzTam allow websites like Throng to post publicly, daily ratings posts will now take on the following format:

    Part 1: Channel shares for all metro and digital channels once available, including combined network shares.

    Part 2: Top 20 shows on all free to air channels from the previous day/night, with five city break down

    Part 3: Top 20 shows on digital channels only from the previous day/night, with five city break down. This of course excludes shows that air on the five main channels.

    Part 4: Top 20 shows on subscription TV for the previous day/night. Total metro and regional only, and based on individual episodes – not an average as they often are for Subscription TV.

    A ratings day is defined as running from 2am-2am next day.

    Note that all five city metro ratings figures can not be reproduced, published or communicated (electronic or in hard copy) without the written consent of OzTam.

    Ratings posts therefore cannot be copied off Throng and posted onto another website – even if you acknowledge Throng and OzTam as the source – if you do not have consent in writing from OzTam to publish the figures.

    Throng Australia has permission in writing from OzTam to publish daily ratings as described above.”

  17. Im looking foward to seeing the other geeks get there make overs next week. Helens makeover looked really good and even Lachlan looked good.

    I bet some of those geeks really wanted to trade there beauty in for another geek last night but didnt want to be mean to there beauty.

  18. David, whats going on with ratings lately, I notice you haven’t been posting the full ratings lists and mediaspy have removed the ratings thread?!? Are you able to do an article on this?

  19. Each series the ‘make-over’ episode is always the highest rating show of the series. Knowing that C7 had only TWO of the geeks with make-overs. No doubt there will be another episode with the other geeks and their make-over results.

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