Geek acting up on Seven show

Two weeks ago I asked Beauty & the Geek Australia host Bernard Curry if the geeks on his show were the real deal.

There had, after all, been previous contestants who were shown to be far more wordly than the way they were depicted on screen.

“This year 100% there are no performers whatsoever,” he told me.

But today’s Sunday Telegraph claims that Bendeguz Daniel Devenyi-Botos, signed up to the program to boost his acting career.

He says producers were aware he was an actor and approached him to be on the show after seeing him acting.

On a website for independent theatre outfit Shakespeare by the Sea he is listed as a Stage Manager, but with Acting credits:

TRAINING: Dip. Theatre Performance Sydney Theatre School, The Core from The Actors College of Theatre and Television and The Power of Performance from Actors Centre Australia STAGE. Among his more recents stage work includes: Twelfth Night, Find Me and Defenceless Inarticulate and Screaming For Attention for STS. Lord Arthur Saville’s Crime for GTS. Interrogate, Bare Boards for ACTT. Forging Ahead ACA. Speak Truth To Power for IGS and numerous productions for ATYP. SCREEN. Short films include; The Adventures of Dead Girl and Convenience. He also appeared in the Web series The Reaper.

A Seven spokesman tells the newspaper, “Bendeguz is currently studying history at university and his love of historical events is how he is identified on the show. Acting, among other pursuits outside of uni, is also an interest of his.”

But his biog on the show’s website doesn’t mention anything about Acting.

“I have no idea why (they) chose not to mention that I’m an actor,” he says.

In 2009 one contestant, Corin Storkey, was found to have fathered a child while in 2010 Daniel Iachini was reported has having had several girlfriends in the past, including a long term relationship of 18 months.


  1. I know someone who was supposed to go on this season, but bottled at the last minute. He definately fits the definition that 7 uses for geek. I used to get so frustrated with him…..No social skills at all.

  2. Gee, thanks Sunday Tele, I never would have known if you hadn’t told me. What’s going to be your next expose: The wrestling is pre-determined and choreographed?

  3. Well duh!!! I said this exact same thing yesterday to friends when talking bout the show. There is no way, any person talks or acts like that, geek or not. Just not believable at all so clearly it’s an act.

  4. If he is an actor, then he is failing badly. The essence of good acting is to convince the audience of the reality of the performance. He is “playing” a total caricature and is therefore unbelievable. Very amateurish!
    @ Lauren – I totally agree with you, but the show “claims” these guys are brainy and socially inept with the opposite sex guys who have no social skills. It’s the network who has created the definition. I have some really great geek friends who often seem extraordinarily attractive to some women.

  5. I turned off after they introduced the hot guy and nerd girl….it’s been done before, the American Version did it about 5 years ago…Aussie TV needs new material.

  6. I hope he bombs out this week. As much as the show is scripted and all, you can still see personality in all the others. This goose is just tarnishing an entertaining show. He is playing a game behind this facade that shows him as cold, snobby and downright unlikeable.

  7. with the tone the show takes it clearly doesnt expect the audience to take it as a serious competition, its just an entertainment show. it was clear Bendaguz was a actor from his first scene, but did it stop anyone from watching or enjoying the show.

    whats next? Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Gen questions unfair and geared *shock*

  8. What? You mean reality TV is not real? You mean it is al produced, doctored, shaped and prodded into the shape the network wants? Oh David, please, say it isn’t so!!!

    Seven. The home of inane TV. Beauty and the Geek, Andrew O’Keefe, Melissa Doyle, Winners and Losers … need I go on?

  9. If he was an actor then he didn’t do a very good job when they were asking the questions in week 1. He was huffing and puffing as though he was extremely nervous and couldn’t speak. You can’t be that nervous as an actor. So my guest is a plant playing a role.

  10. yeah this so called geek did not seem as authentic as the bearded ones, still the babes are seriously real…..those ‘zoo keeper’ shorts…uh…uh…drool

  11. At the end of the day, does having some social skills really make anyone less geeky? I definitely consider my husband a geek. He works in IT and he loves science fiction films and novels, reads nerdy fan fiction, enjoys live action role playing and Dungeons and Dragons, and spends hours at a time playing computer games. But I was far from his first girlfriend, he was quite popular in high school, and he has plenty of friends. I think people are getting too bogged down in a very narrow idea of what it means to be a geek.

    I also reject the notion that Seven tries to feed us that beauty and brains are mutually exclusive, but that’s another story.

  12. Watched 10 mins of this show and while I revelled in the bizarre trashiness of it, barely any of the participants seemed like they were acting naturally. Was still entertaining though!

  13. I suspected this nutcase wasnt the real deal. I dont think he did his acting career any favours either. He comes across just as a cold unwatchable person.

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