If it’s Wednesday it must be ABC

ABC’s Wednesday entertainment line-up again put the commercial networks in their place.

Gruen Planet was the top entertainment show of the night with 1.11m viewers, followed by Spicks and Specks on 1.08m viewers. The Hamster Wheel may have dropped to 815,000 but it still won its slot and down just 8,000 on the preceding week.

Seven led from 6pm – 8:30pm with Seven News (1.16m), Today Tonight (1.05m), Home and Away (1.00m) and The One (825,000). Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior was down to 593,000 and Law and Order: LA was 475,000.

Nine was unable to break the million mark all night with Nine News on 949,000 as its best, winning both Sydney and Melbourne markets. It was followed by ACA (837,000), The Big Bang Theory (807,000), Send in the Dogs Australia (794,000), CSI (751,000) and Prime Suspect (524,000).

Also under the million mark was TEN with 700,000 for a Modern Family replay its best performer. The 7PM Project was 670,000. From there it was a series of also-rans with Bondi Vet on 528,000, Hawaii Five-0 (497,000), TEN News at Five (477,000), The Bold and the Beautiful (391,000) and 6:30 with George Negus (357,000). An Idiot Abroad was only 238,000 and will need longer to perform in the 9:30 timeslot.

ABC1’s other shows were ABC News (876,000), 7:30 (678,000), Poh’s Kitchen (578,000), and At the Movies (452,000).

Best for SBS was One Born Every Minute on 261,000. Amazon with Bruce Parry was 247,000.

Heartbeat led multichannels on 307,000 followed by Neighbours on 294,000.

Seven: 29.1
Nine: 25.9
ABC: 21.7
TEN: 17.9
SBS: 5.4

ABC1: 16.8
Seven: 19.6
Nine: 18.7
Ten: 11.3
SBS1: 4.5

ABC2: 3.4
ABC3: 0.6
ABC News 24: 0.9
7TWO 4.9
7mate: 4.7
GO!: 4.6
Gem: 2.7
One: 2.3
Eleven: 4.3
SBS2: 0.9


  1. @ A – I enjoy the ratings numbers too :-)

    I just don’t see how oztam restricting distribution of the numbers would help networks as they pretty much suck either way right now!

  2. @ Goonies

    I don’t watch based on what something rates as I’ve mentioned before I wanted the ratings because I like some shows and are curious on how they did. Also as an indication if it might show up the next week or the same timeslot with some channels. That’s why I’ve been a pest with some shows. Now they’ll just disappear and I guess I can guess why. Especially if they’ve been handled erratically. I’m also curious about figures in general especially for new shows. It was nice to have a small access to that.

    @ David

    I don’t suppose you can still have a Week X (eg. Week 44 ) and just use it as a collection of links for that week so people can find the ratings articles on that week. Lastly thank you so much for this site and the ratings. I hope it is still around for at least updates on last minute changes and general news.

  3. Why would it matter if we get ratings or not? If a show sucks we don’t watch. I don’t think ppl actually pick their shows according to the ratings do they?

    I really don’t see how this makes 9 or 10 more appealing.

  4. @steve sydney

    hawaii five o aired at 8.30 on Sundays, not 9.30. yes it did premiere to a million but couldn’t sustain that figure for very long. i remember that for most of the season it rated around the 600,000 mark which in an 8.30 slot is nothing impressive. even with the big masterchef lead in it didn’t do too much better, i think it may have topped the 700k mark a few times.

  5. Moanique in Brisbane

    I’m happy with the ratings being provided in this format, just a summary of how the shows rated against each other in the main timeslots. Perhaps this will also mean we won’t have to read the weekly request for ratings of obscure, rarely watched shows :)

  6. Armchair Analyst

    I enjoyed the pitch part of the show, where they had a dig at Kwantas (Qantas). I think the ABC have struck real gold with the current combination of SS, GN and HW. Hope it continues and as if we havent talked about this enough Ten and all but one of their channels keep going down, i think its safe to say that the new change at ONE has not work they dont seem to be getting any better ratings, i am pretty sure they were hoping to get the ratings 7Mate is getting, considering the similar demographic aim.

  7. @Sheba Percy – Idiot Abroad aired on ONE a few months back, TEN has always had the rights to the show, including the 2nd series to air in 2012. What I find annoying is they keep going on about it being in HD, ironic it’s now being played on a non HD channel. TEN should be airing the 2nd series now as planned on TEN, or at least put it on ONE.

  8. Yeah I agree. Why would it be someone from Seven that caused this? It has to be someone from Nine or Ten who wants to cover up their mistakes. How about you just run the network properly?

  9. @Jezza

    I think one of the major networks, i am not thinking it is Seven because they are at the top, have had a say about the ratings and i am more inclined to think its Murdoch at TEN or someone at Nine. Someone has pressured them because it just seems so weird that all of a sudden they decide to yank a lot of things.

    You are right. If you take the ammunition away then the chatter about failure isn’t spoke about as much. Its a two edge sword really. If they succeed they trumpet it all around but if they fail its damage control and they always spin it positive.

  10. If Seven or any of the Networks want the discussion continue can’t they release the Top 200 shows and Top 100 Digital Channel shows in a Media Release. Because hopefully David can either place a link to it or quote it. Therefore everyone can continue the discussions and Seven can continue to look good based on the figures for the main and digital channels. Too impossible?

  11. I’ve always loved ABC’s wednesday night line up – and it really is paying off for them.

    Isn’t Oztam “owned” by all the networks? David’s lack of responses to the questions on rating publishing makes me think there’s an embargo, or the heavies have threatened to break his legs if he discusses it…

  12. Secret Squïrrel

    OzTAM have their collective heads up their ar$es if they think that this sort of draconian behaviour is going to have an overall positive effect. Look at how foolish Freeview appeared when they yanked that spoof commercial off YouTube – it was re-upped multiple times shortly afterwards and Freeview received negative publicity.

    I understand that they have a commercial interest to protect since they sell subscriptions to access the data, but what David was providing here – daily *preliminary* top 50 primetime program totals – is a small subset of the total data, and doesn’t contain the more commercially important category breakdowns (age, grocery buyers, etc)

    If they don’t reverse this stupid decision it will be a simple matter to post the relevant data on a website hosted and registered offshore and then plaster the link everywhere.

  13. @alvar – Well I remember H5-0 premiered to just under a million and then settled around the 700k mark which for 9.30 on Sunday was a decent effort.

    In regards to Oztam thing.. well, I think the Networks should be grateful that blogs like this exist so they can get an in depth look at what the viewing public are thinking and feeling. That’s all about to disappear now..

  14. @ Guy….do you think that OzTam have come under pressure from the failing networks. The discussions have been quite damming of many of the programming decisions of ch9 & ch10 this year. They have been severely exposed as a bunch of fairly useless tossers who cannot run a tv network. Take away the ammunition and the discussions can dry up and they can revert back to hiding their considerable incompetance. Just a thought….

  15. First to Wednesday night

    Again a good night for Seven with the win, Nine is consistent and so is ABC while TEN have fallen into a massive tailspin. I think they are going to be struggling next year i really do.

    To the OzTam thing that i think it is a complete joke that they are cracking down on what can be reported. Some of the shows i want to know about are outside the top 20 and i feel sorry for sites like TV Tonight and others who post the data for us and this is all about discussion. I think who ever made this decision is crazy. If the ratings are not shown for lower shows then discussions won’t happen and well the discussions will go down and down and down. Maybe we should start a Facebook or twitter campaign.

  16. @steve sydney

    Its not the timeslot, Hawaii Five O has never rated much more than that. I think its about time ten gave up on this and moved it to eleven or one.

    And just because an idiot abroad worked on one, why do ten think it would work on the main channel?

  17. Ten worse off without The Renovators; who would have thought????

    They need to switch An Idiot Abroad with Hawaii 5-0 which is ratings poison!! How is anything meant to improve on a leadin of less than 500k???

  18. I hear Modern Family is a funny show, but I missed the first ep and am aware oif the new eps and repeats being shown haphazardly. Never get why this is done??

  19. But why is channel ten showing an Idiot Abroad?
    I’m assuming they bought it off SBS, but didn’t SBS just show only a couple of months ago to decent ratings????

  20. @ aussie

    I’ve heard it’s because Oztam has decided to not allow David or other internet sites publish most of the figures. Not without being sued. As I said in the ratings thread I wish the really important clients would get them to reverse that decision. As it is up to them if they want people to be able to see and discuss TV shows and their ratings on the internet. And this will kill the discussions.

  21. Hawaii 5-0 needs to go back to Sunday nights at 9.30 with Ringer taking it’s place on Wednesday.

    Hunky Vet also needs to go back to Thursdays.

    This is what TEN gets for constantly moving shows around.

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