Sonia Kruger to host Big Brother?

Rumours are firming that Sonia Kruger is close to securing the hosting job on Nine’s Big Brother for 2012.

TV Tonight hears that the quick-witted Dancing with the Stars co-host is favoured by Nine to take the presenting role which catapulted Gretel Killeen to fame a decade ago on TEN.

Such a move would see Kruger exit her long-standing role on Seven’s variety series. She has appeared on the show for eleven seasons, alongside hosts Daryl Somers and Daniel MacPherson.

During that time she has attracted acclaim with viewers and critics alike for her ability to work off-script, qualities that are all required in the role of Big Brother host.

Since it emerged that Nine was reviving the Southern Star reality series there has been plenty of interest from online forums, with furious speculation about who will land the hosting role.

Media reports that Hamish and Andy might host were later denied by the comedy duo. Nostalgic fans have also called for Gretel Killeen to be reinstated.

Kruger is understood to be contracted to Dancing with the Stars on a series by series basis.

A Seven spokesperson would not confirm details of their 2012 plans, telling TV Tonight, “We’ll be looking at Dancing with the Stars early in the new year.”

Aside from Underbelly: Razor, Reality shows have been one of Nine’s sweet spots in 2011. With The Block currently in production, The Voice nearing cast completion, and Celebrity Apprentice expected to be renewed a Big Brother series helmed by Sonia Kruger could be quite a Reality slapdown.


  1. big brother australia was the best from 2001-2007
    in 2008 kyle and jackie o came in and hosted big brother…Thiss led to the axing of the show.
    Big Brother needs Gretel Killeen

  2. I hope Big brother australia in 2012 and on channel 9 would be a new hit. I mean let alone be the new big brother as of starting point round 1. so make it out that big brothr australia is new again and would look quite the same as to what it was in 2001 when big brother was new back then and no one new what was about to happen.

    There for big brother the return on the all new located channel channel 9 would be a suprise… just like how no one new much about big brother show or what are or about to happen day by day in 2001 of big brother series 1. Well it will be like that. It will be sort of different role… it could be like evictions on a friday rather then the traditional sunday. then they would have the big brother competition game for the money on a sunday while they might evict one secondary viceperson to a different secret room on a tuesday….. All mix and match… without the everyone nows how big brother works..

    as we recall evictions was on a sunday and fridays was big brother games… but this time it will be different.. it will have a much close role as to what it was with big brother series 1. Know the problem here is…. will big brother be a (number) or will it be 2012 1 series ? then 2013 2 series ? If big brother show the return in 2012 for all new start on channel 9 without a number series it is most likely this is going to be a one off season show unfortunally.

  3. Get over it people. She’s the host- that’s that. When did Australia become a bunch of online whingers?
    I, for one, believe that she will do a good job as BB Host. She doesn’t have to be perfect- It might help the show if she isn’t- but its good enough for me to tune in.
    On another note, Nine are really doing everything they can to win 2012. I hope they do- I really miss their “Still the One” promos.

  4. ive always found her quite tacky, fake and rather lame, not quite right for this role at all, i Love big brother so ill be watching, i just hope shes not the reason i lose interest, bad choice on behalf of nine if its true

    and id like to see these press releases confirming it that you all seem to be talking about, proof or silence :)

  5. Well thats a big risk that you are taking Sonya. Maybe she feels she needs a change. Fifi would be a good replacement I reckon. She does radio from melbourne so she wouldnt have to fly down plus she and Dan would work great together. Well Sonya there is your gig gone for the races as well.

    So if they promised Sonya a show then im guessing they arent going to cut off Ellen or the View. Watch out Kerri Anne.

  6. @ Gary.
    Yeah that’s fine.. I can understand where you are coming from and both your “negativity” and david’s anguish towards these other news sites.

    But I can confirm that the official Big Brother 2012 FB group/page that is run by and for ch 9 themselves has also confirmed all the leading reports today.

  7. Nooooo …… Big Brother without Gretel Killeen = no viewers.

    Big Brother Is Gretel Killeen, until tv execs realise this, the show will never be a huge success again.

    PS: Sonia is far too fake and cheesy to be likable and believable as a Big Bro host.

  8. Gary…

    I work in television and I can guarantee you, we received the media release today and at first thought it was rumor and then it was confirmed to us that yes, Sonia, is the host of Big Brother 2012.

  9. Sonia maybe witty etc, but can she actually manage hosting solo? It became apparent how difficult hosting Big Brother is once Kyle & ‘the kiss of death for any tv show” Jackie O took over from Gretel. Gretel was fabulous and I’d much prefer her to return than a new host.

  10. Well after 10 years with Seven it looks like Sonia is now some kind of golden girl for Nine. They’re saying she’s also getting a day time tv role as well. Mornings… with Sonia perhaps?

  11. @Robbie

    Yeah they stole the piece from David here at TV Tonight and made it look like she has a done deal. News Limited do it all the time. Sorry i don’t mean to sound negative here but until i hear it from Nine i won’t believe anything that is said. David said its just a rumour and i will trust it is a rumour at this stage. If its true then so be it but the 3 words i see “rumour has it” is just that at the moment.

  12. First please dont let the clowns Hamish and Andy for a (reality tv show) they do not belong there. They do stupid stunts or are they now wanna be the american version of the incident stunts? course they both did so to thier show and i think its rediculours for letting channel 9 show this… Also lets not hope with Jacki O and the other floosie who took over the big brother australia during 2007/2008 and there for the while big brother was failing to its feets.

    Yet along Kretel kalleen was the only one to do the original allways big brother show. She was the best. She new how to take control of the show. She was your headmaster during commercial breaks.. She was educational to you and what is good and what is bad. No other host have been as good as Kretell kalleen. Know im glad big brother show is comming back ones again (lets hope its not just a one off season) because channel 9 did so with tempts of trying with hey hey its saturday which didnt last long with the new come back.

    This new big brother show with the host: Sonia Kruge.r Wont be too bad i dont think.. So long she doesnt have that annoying voice and so long she isnt as floosie as jacki 0 and the other and the both clowns.. But she seems an O.K and i believe she will role play quite close as been your similar to kretal kalleen to your tv sets.n Im sure she will be good. I dont no her much… but i hope she is not one of these annoying voice typical blondies.. But im sure she is a mother who knows exactly how to make the show correctly.. No fooling about.. No rediculours jokes such as Jacki O and the other floosie who where like stoned on tv sets..

  13. @justin – couldn’t agree more!

    Sonia Kruger is one of the most untalented “talents” on Australian TV. Her “quick wit” is usually vacuous drivel that is more often than not painfully unfunny. And as for “thinking fast on her feet” on live TV – does anyone remember her parade of gaffes on DWTS eg: the Wendel Sailor tanning joke, the “Dancing with the SARS” joke – oh how witty 😐

    I knew Channel 9 would find a way to screw up the return of BB…

  14. Tasmanian de√il

    Side note:

    “Such a move would see Kruger exit her long-standing role on Seven’s variety series.”

    Is Dancing With The Stars considered a variety series? I fail to see where the variety is…

  15. Moanique in Brisbane

    I love Sonia, but I think it’s a bad move, because I don’t think Big Brother will succeed this time around. Hope she doesn’t burn her bridges, because there isn’t anything else at Nine for her if this doesn’t work.

  16. It is funny how people will moan about the show being reality trash. I watch barely any reality tv, but at it’s core big brother is better than most of the producer driven and decided reality show that clogs the airwaves these days. If they get a wide variety of people, then a look at ourselves and how we act could be very interesting. The problem is when they fill it with young idiots who are just looking to get 15 minutes of fame.

    Oh as far as Kruger is concerned, I couldnt think of many people worse for the job. It amazez me people are saying she is quick witted, just saying something quickly does not make it automatically witty. I never cared much for Gretel, but I would at least admit she is rather witty. Sonia is just a loud mouthed idiot who has next to no talent.

    Personally I think having two people would work better, make one of them a comedian so the viewers don’t have to sit through a non comedian trying and failing to be funny.

  17. @sedi thanks for the info they would have a bit of work ahead of them from a video i have seen on youtube it is very rundown but still looks fixable it makes sense to keep it at dreamworld but i would not have minded if it was in sydney the main thing it that it is coming back

  18. Very Happy!!!! If we cant have Gretel im happy with Sonia, she is very quick witted and funny, ill also be sad to see her not hosting DWTS anymore she also lit up the greenroom

  19. @Dan – the location is pretty much looking at Dreamworld again. Sources have revealed that they have started doing the place up again in preparation (they have even locked it from public access) Unfortunate I know, I would rather see it in Sydney.

  20. I would have rather seen mike goldman or gretal host it maybe even both i think sonia would be the next choice just so long as kyle the kiss of death lady eddie karl hamish and andy arent hosting it then i am happy now all we need to know is the location

  21. @ Steve Sydney – Yes agree, When will someone give Julia morris her own show. She should not have to go overseas to get work. If she was a bloke she would of had her own show years ago. I like Sonia Kruger but wonder whether her jokes were off the the cuff or prepared. We may soon see.

  22. I quite like this idea actually. I’m not a huge fan of her, but I think she’s okay.

    DansDan, it’s called an opinion and we have every right to express it.

  23. She would be a great choice as she has shown on numerous occasions a great ability to think on her feet. She is definitely not living up to her potential as cost host.

  24. I think Sonia’s style would suit BB more than it suits DWTS.

    Are Natalie garonzi and Daniel macpherson still together? Nat could be a great replacement for son on DWTS and then it would be a host couple.

  25. this would be pretty good, shes very good at thinking on her feet.

    the only downside is we’d have to see her awful vitamin ads which im sure they would play non stop.

  26. The louder people whinge and complain about someone being the wrong person for the job they inevitably end up being perfect… however so far most of the responses here have been positive. Doesnt look like she’ll be a perfect fit for the job then if we are to go on TVTonight’s ‘experts’

  27. Well if Julia Morris wins CA then how about her as host? This sort of role calls for a comedian type personality with television experience..

    Sonia isn’t comedic, she’s more shock value to me. Besides she maybe on DWTS on a season to season basis but she would still have a Seven contract wouldn’t she? As she’s often featured on other Seven programming and productions..

  28. Jezza (the first original one)

    ch9 tend to totally screw up their highly publicised Top Gear so I am not too sure about this. Sonya could do with a younger side kick like that Jescinta babe. Given 9s propensity for flashing the flesh I am looking forward to an adult episode of BB…

  29. Macarthurblack

    I really like Sonia and think she would be great on Big Brother but being a Dancing with the Stars and Channel 7 fan I would like to see her stay with seven. If she did go to nine I wonder who would take her place on Dancing. Gretel Kileen? :-)

  30. If this show has to come back (and I wish it wouldn’t), I think Sonia’s a great choice.

    Gretel was a pro, but I she doesn’t have Sonia’s quick – and slightly acid tongued – wit. This show needs it.

    As for the show, I think it will damage Nine’s brand way more than anything before it.

  31. Sonia Kruger I think is fine on Dancing With The Stars, however, I knew Nine would probably do something silly and miscast her as the host of Big Brother.

  32. Id sooner swallow bleach than watch big brother, but she would be a good host. BB needs a Gretel Killeen type that is funny and quick on their feet. Sonia has demonstrated year after year on DWTS that she is both of those things, Not to mention just a little controversial : )

  33. It could work with Sonia. It obviously needs a new spin on it. Gretel was Big Brother,but after her appalling turn at the Logies i cannot even watch her anymore.

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