TEN signs controversial NZ presenter for Breakfast

Controversial New Zealand TV presenter Paul Henry will join Andrew Rochford on TEN’s 2012 morning programme, Breakfast.

Currently host of a drive programme on the Radio Live station, Henry confirmed on NZ’s 3News on Saturday he will be paid paid more than $NZ1 million ($A767,813) after Lachlan Murdoch called to offer him the job.

He will conclude his radio show in March.

Henry, has previously hosted the NZ show of the same name, Breakfast, from 2004 to 2010 but it ended in controversy after his pronunciation of New Delhi’s chief minister Sheila Dikshit, which resulted in the New Zealand government apologising to India.

He has previously referred to homosexuals as “unnatural” and Susan Boyle as “retarded” -both of which resulted in complaints to the Broadcasting Standards Authority- and questioned the ethnicity of NZ Governor-General, Sir Anand Satyanand, born in Auckland to Indo-Fijian parents.

After being suspended Henry was forced to resign and apologised.

“It is also difficult for TVNZ to get on with the business of being a first-class broadcaster as long as I remain. I have apologised twice, and have meant every word. I again apologise to all those who were genuinely hurt by what I said.”

While working for TEN, Henry will also continue to work for TV3, filming his new Sunday night show in Sydney.

“The great thing about TEN is that they are edgy and prepared to have a laugh at life and themselves,” he told the Sunday Telegraph.

A female co-host for Breakfast is yet to be announced.

Source: NZ Herald, AAP


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