Celebrity Apprentice 2012: cast

The cameras begin rolling in Sydney today on the second season of Nine’s Celebrity Apprentice.

Boss Mark Bouris resumes his chair, ready to fire anyone who underperforms. The first challenge will be filmed on Wednesday.

There was no shortage of celebs putting their hand up to participate but the cast, now confirmed by the Daily Telegraph, is:

David Hasselhoff (Baywatch, Knight Rider)
Jason Akermanis (former AFL player)
Ian “Dicko” Dickson (Australian Idol, Can of Worms)
Patti Newton (Dancing with the Stars)
Charlotte Dawson (Australia’s Next Top Model)
Nathan Jolliffe (The Amazing Race Australia)
Marion Grasby (MasterChef Australia)
Lauryn Eagle (Water-ski and boxing champ)
Vince Sorrenti (Comedian)
Fiona O’Loughlin (Comedian)
Ben Dark (Getaway)
Tania Zaetta (Bollywood actress)

It airs on Nine later this year.


  1. What a waste of money. Who the he’ll wants to watch this. Lauryn is a champ boxer?? She boxed for a month and got no where.. Desperate call to be famous.. And the rest well I would rather watch grass grow

  2. The worst line up a bunch of wanabes,no talent desperate to get their mug on tv.what was nine thinking.. Patti newton david hasselhof you have got to be kidding.

  3. OMG. All those that think it’s a crap line up. Don’t watch it! I think it’s a great line up and will be watching so will therefore be able to have an informed opinion!

  4. Few quick points..

    -Thanks Nine for listening to my recommendation of Fiona. You won’t be disappointed.
    -Charlotte Dawson is quickly becoming the most recognized and consistent person of the Australia’s Next Top Model brand. They need to give her hosting duties or get a huge global name to fill in from Sarah Murdoch
    -So with The Block underway in production as well as CA now beginning filming.. When can we expect these shows? My money is on Nine no longer being confident in Excess Baggage and are anticipating to replace it not long after it’s premiere..

  5. @ Andrew Mercado too right! Cannot believe this Z-list non-entity was even considered for this show. Let alone in it! The only intersting aspect of her “apperanace” will be to see what ‘charity” she is supporting in light of her own recent “chairty” issues…just Google; you’ll see…

  6. my money is on Marion for the win…smart lady and totally charming.
    This year’s Demi Hines to be Jason Akermanis. The most arrogant, self centred bloke i’ve ever met in my life. He won’t last a week.
    Dark Horse: Fiona O Laughlin….will win everyone over no doubt.
    What i wont miss: Jason Coleman saying “Mr Bouris” 20 times in every sentence.

  7. i would call david hasslehoff,tania zaetta, charlotte dawson all wanna bes they are nothing now and david cmon go back to your wife and daughters you are a wanna be and you couldn’t sing to pay your bills buddy

  8. Not as good as last year’s cast. Would have great to get someone from Underbelly or maybe an ex-Australian cricketer like Michael Slater etc. Hamish and Andy would have been fantastic.

    A-Grade: None
    B-Grade: David Hasselhoff
    C-Grade: Charlotte Dawson, Ian Dickson
    D-Grade: Jason Akermanis, Patti Newton, Vince Sorrenti, Fiona O’Loughlin
    E-Grade: Nathan Joliffe, Marion Grasby, Lauryn Eagle, Ben Dark, Tania Zaetta

  9. This isn’t too bad a lineup, much better than having racist Pauline Hanson or loudmouth Deni Hines. But I still wouldn’t watch this trash if you paid me, not a fan of stripped reality shows at all.

  10. Not a bad line up, does fall away a little after Marion in that list, but still some entertaining names.

    I wonder if Charlotte Dawson will return to her weekly spot on Seven’s The Morning Show now she’s primetime on Nine.

  11. That’s an astonishingly promising lineup. Good work getting Akermanis and O’Loughlin as equivalents to interesting characters last year. And utterly riveted by the idea of the Hoff!

  12. Its intertesting to see that nine have only included one of thier own ‘celebrities’ in this years show and Ben Dark has a relativley small profile compared to other nine personalities. If celebrity apprentice was a seven show you clould expect half the line up to be made of newsreaders and h&a cast members like whats happens every year on DWTS.

  13. Decent lineup, I can already see who will fall into the shoes of most annoying, attention seeker, biggest villain, boofhead, total bitch, dumbass that comes out on top, gay favourite ect.

    but no non-whites?

  14. Michelle Smith

    The casting for season 1 was unbeatable – they managed to cast just about every “love to hate” celeb in Aus. Season 2 cast is also full of some less than likeable people.
    Funniest thing in that list is the words “Bollywood actress” beside Tania Zaetta’s name. I donned a red suit once – does that make me Santa Claus?

  15. Vince Sorrenti = the Daryl Somers of “comedy”… Shudder.

    Now the rest of the list, great! I might actually watch this season now, the lack of actual celebs put me off last time. I’d love to see Patti and Acker come to blows.

  16. Wow, that is a fantastic cast. Arguably better than the best, but I guess we’ll see. Hope this isn’t too late in the year. Lauryn Eagle stands out for me considering she is the only one there that I don’t know, but the other eleven are pretty big names.

  17. Some interesting cast choices – and an Amazing Race contestant on 9 which will give some publicity to the return of the 7 show (see also Marion from Masterchef – I like the ‘network-blind’ style casting). Don’t know a few lower on the list. I’ll be watching though!

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