Nine News to refresh graphics

EXCLUSIVE: Nine News will refresh its graphics next Monday.

The new look features shimmering opening titles with a rotating, animated globe.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House feature in the Sydney titles, with other new titles to feature in all markets from 6pm Monday, January 16.

There’s a strong use of white and bigger fonts in some of Nine’s transitions as well as Twitter details of reporters and presenters.

Looks pretty good….


  1. I think Nine’s new broadcast design package is a significant improvement opposed to last years – especially in regard to lower thirds, using white is a better alternative than over using red in their overlays (reminding me way too much of Seven networks signature colour). I’m glad they’ve brought back their globe, but overall I still think it doesn’t compare to the professionalism found through their graphics around 2005. I think blue and gold looked much better. See

    In regard to 7 News’ broadcast design, there’s somethings I like – such as their main titles (‘glassy’ Seven logo on main title), however, I really think using fonts ‘Arial’ and ‘Impact’ on banners is, well, unprofessional – and I think they clash a little. Ultimately, their (seemingly short lived) design package from 2010 seemed to compliment the sharpness of their main 7 logo and made the network more professional. I much preferred it. See:

    And as far as content goes (aside from graphics), I think I agree with a few people that ABC are the only ones delivering a professional bulletin on FreeTV (possibly SBS, I haven’t watched their bulletin).

    Thoughts? I know just someone has to disagree with me…

  2. A few simple tips for nine’s success;

    1) Use quality experienced reporters & presenters that look and sound mature (not necessarily barby dolls with fake voices they would never use in real life conversations); N.B: a great new find for Nine is Deborah Knight from network ten for example.
    2) Provide quality stories that really matter to viewers (avoid tabloid journalism);
    3) Strangely I find the graphics from about 2000 to 2002 for National Nine News were better looking than the graphics applied now. Water marks are too big & they don’t even bother to apply a date any more to the news graphics which added a subtle individual touch to each days news.
    4) After living in Perth for a year, they really need to invest money into the nine news service in Perth ( I understand it is owned and operated by WIN), but seriously you need to spend money to make money). They just did a slight upgrade to the studio and it’s still a Shocker! Most reporters look like cadet journalists. Seven is the people’s choice with Rick & Sue presenting.
    5) What made Brian Henderson & other News readers of his stature so successful was the ability to actually engage in a conversation style with the listener, while at the same time speaking with authority. Also, I miss the cliche good news / comedy story that used to make you feel good or have a little giggle after the weather was presented. Brian did a good job of that to…
    6) I suggest ACA be replaced with a Today style format in the evening with people sitting on a couch discussing a few relevant issues, rather than the trash we have been fed for the last 15 + years. The project on ten is doing a younger version of it already, albeit behind a desk.

  3. Look. Nine news, Seven News, there both pathetic. Not long ago Nine news was coping every single move made by Seven, from Sunrise, to how the presenter sat, to the timing of the opener on weeknights. They are both souless, pathetic news services that truely do not inform. We are all dumber at 6.30pm for having watched these services. Not smarter or more informed, but dumber. Who the hell cares about graphics, how the colours look, where the globe is, the new dots. It’s all so sad and pointless. Those with souls and purpose choose to watch ABC or sbs. These are respectable forms of nightly news in this Coutry. Seven and Nine are pathetic. They strive to be more like commerical American networks. Do you think they care about you (the viewer?) No. They hate you. they just want you to watch their network news. Go get a life people. Go for a jog. open a paper.

  4. Who approves the changes anyways? I get that people are small minded and can be sucked in with pretty colours and moving graphics. Its pathetic. content is what counts! it is a pity that ABC and SBS arent the most watched.

    A minority watch these channels, so Q: does that mean a minority of people out there are not deluded and sucked into the B S? and actually appreciate good news?…Shock…Im a graphic designer by the way!

  5. What are people doing watching commercial tv news nine and seven. Both garbage news want news watch ABC. The ony true news service which delivers news.Nine news new logo looks stupid why do we need sydney plastered all over the graphics its the bridge and opera house we all know where that is doh doh doh. Just shows the intelligence or lack of , of nine news viewers

  6. SR Queensland

    Kenny, you are embarrassing yourself. Nine News Won in Sydney in 2011 and is still flogging 7News Sydney on a weekly basis. Last night wasn’t a strong night for all non ratings programs but I feel sorry for 7 so i think they deserve 1 win :)

  7. Poor old deluded Kenny – Nine News won Sydney in 2011, Nine News will win Sydney 2012.

    Chris Bath is going down the gurglar, and Mr Personality Plus Ferguson is no answer.

  8. …and for those who don’t know where that bridge and that building are, we have to add a hideous red stripe with “Sydney”. Just like I have to be told the name of the program I’m watching and that it’s “Now”.

  9. I wonder what WIN will do in Adelaide and Perth? I noticed at Christmas in regional SA (on “proper” WIN in Mount Gambier) that they now call the Adelaide 9 news “WIN National News” and do a dodgy cover up of the dotty 9 news logo at the bottom right of the screen, but not from the titles etc. – so a normal WIN half-a*sed job. They remind me of the Simpsons “If you cut every corner things are really not so bad…” 😛

  10. @SR Queensland – “this should be the last nail in the coffin for 7News Sydney”
    Um, well, looking at last night’s figs. I’d say quite a few nails are needed by Nine, at least in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth.

    Seven News Network 7 1,220,000
    Sydney Melb Brisbane Adelaide Perth
    290,000 294,000 256,000 139,000 241,000

    Nine News Network 9 907,000
    255,000 336,000 174,000 71,000 71,000

    …but then, none of these programs can call themselves “news”. A thousand killed in The Philippines floods but not one mention on either 7 or 9. Lead stories are about some bogan’s dog being tossed out of a window. The dog did survive quite well, by the way. Thank God for ABC24 and SBS.

  11. Just some notes about the spinning globe. They finally seem to be using the dotty world in opening graphics that have been part of their studio set for the last couple of years (usually found behind the sports presenter in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane).

    Yet, I always laugh when networks like Seven, Nine & TEN use a world globe in their graphics or set. The only countries that should be highlighted in their ‘world’ are Australia & the United States.

  12. What happened to good news graphics. They had style and didn’t carry banners over the middle and down the bottom with things like “Tonight on ACA… Bad Neighbours and how to make them stop!” And such large watermarks. We need something that makes the news sound like news and not a program of “Current Affairs”!

    Yes Seven take note. Your graphics are so yesterday and the theme music is from 2005! All other networks have had a good refresh of the graphics and theme music since then!

  13. John from Sunny Coast

    They can refresh the graphics all they want, but it’s the news content and delivery that counts. That’s why the ABC and SBS news are still the best by far.

  14. Judging by the cap of Sydney’s opener, it looks great! Can’t wait to see it on air. This is how you do graphics. Take note Channel Seven.

  15. SR Queensland

    Looks good as always. Good work guys, this should be the last nail in the coffin for 7News Sydney (at least). Can’t wait to see what Perth & Adelaide come up with (if anything).

  16. @Tomothy Yer, I know it’s like they took a backwards step, The graphics seven had before the ones at the moment were better than the ones they have at the moment.
    Hopefully seven will change their graphics to something very good better than previous graphics they have had. This month hopefully….

  17. @John – They Are refreshing them network wide, David mentions that in the article: “with other new titles to feature in all markets from 6pm Monday, January 16.”

  18. What they also need to do is get rid off the pointless live croses sure have them on major stories but not on pointless ones like a live cross to ross greenwood about finance or a live cross to some repoters about sales and stop that blatant advertising for the daily telegraph that is in the weather each friday

  19. “Bigger fonts”. That’s all we need. Let’s hope the globe is turning in the right direction this time, unlike the Sydney opener from the Brian Henderson days when it was turning in the wrong direction.

  20. David, I like how you have your web address on the image – I guess this is a tounge and cheek poke at Nine for their excessive use of “First on Nine” “watermark” accross the screen.

  21. Looks more cartoonish from the look of that picture you’ve posted…but then that’s in line with Nine News nowadays – almost every story has some ridiculous cartoon graphic with stupid gimmicky bells and whistles.

  22. It looks fresher and more professional. Seven (and many of its presenters) are looking tired and flat of late. I feel positive energy for Nine this year. We’ll see soon enough!

  23. It shouldn’t be Nine that are changing their graphics it should be Seven, their graphics are terrible and are really cheap, Please Seven Change your graphics!!

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