Returning: My Kitchen Rules. Airdate: Please Marry My Boy

As expected, My Kitchen Rules returns to Seven next week from 7:30pm Monday.

Bolstered by its ratings success last year, this year the show will air four nights a week, from Monday – Thursday* as well as boosting the prize money from $100,000 to $250,000.

As previously reported, a NZ team also joins as part of the first of two cooking groups, with one Tassie team to join in Group Two.

New dating series Please Marry My Boy will premiere at 8:45pm Monday, hosted by Home and Away‘s Ada Nicodemou.

The series four mums joining their single sons for a series of speed dates with 10 female candidates.

The chosen girls will then move in with the son and his mother.

*NB: Previous programming advice that Better Homes and Gardens would return 7:30pm February 2nd will be amended by Seven with the show resuming on Friday February 3rd. Red herring anyone?



  1. Its good to see the the “White Australia Policy” is alive and well through the contestants on “Please Marry My Boy”. Well done Channel 7.

  2. I don’t think one NZ team is enough to make even NZ pay for this junk. For a start, the guy seems more of a Pom than a Kiwi, and then they would have to last through the series. Aren’t they a bit lacking in charisma, and/or cooking skills, for that?

    And as for ‘Please Marry My Boy’! If the reality is anything like as nauseating as the previews, I’ll be giving 7 a break for the next few months!

  3. Please Marry My Boy is Thursday night “light entertainment” at best, something trashy before the end of the week, surely not worthy of a prime Monday night slot, but are they just launching it off the return of MKR and then shift it to another night once viewers (Seven wishes) are hooked?

  4. please give the dating show a chance.I will(I normally watch the 7 mate Family Guy/American Dad Combination given the lack of anything decent elsewhere currently).

  5. @Mummy’s Boy. I don’t hate reality. I love MKR, Survivor and The Amazing Race. But I hate trashy shows which seem to be creeping more and more onto Aussie tv. It’s sad. And you’re right it will probably rate really well which is the other sad thing. Hope it bombs. Seven have the best list of shows, and they’re wasting a timeslot with this crap. Seven knew it was trash and probably saw the feedback of the initial promos, hence why they now have different promos making it out to be a heartwarming dating show.

  6. My Kitchen Rules was on Mon-Thurs nights last year as well. The report makes it sound liek it is something new to the show including it in the sentence with the new prize money value.

  7. I’.m glad they didn’t put Once Upon a Time or Downton Abbey on Monday at least so far. Hopefully reality TV will pay off for them although I’m watching Eleven at the moment. So it doesn’t cause any clashes which makes me happy. As I want to be able to watch the two shows mentioned above. I hope they schedule them well.

  8. @JB

    There is a place for reality and scripted drama.

    You are writing off Please Marry My Boy without even seeing it.

    And probably more people will watch it than Homocide and Rush. Those shows, as good as they were (Rush at least) were just more in a long line of cop shows. All Networks seem to want to make are cop shows, or boring middle of the road Winners and Losers style drama.

    At least reality TV offers different genres.

    You obviously hate reality TV so naturally have a bias against it.

    At least watch something before you form an opinion.

  9. Please Marry My Boy looks absolutely shocking .Granada are really struggling to pull off slick looking programs at the moment and I just can’t see this working.

  10. @Mummy’s Boy. Correction, crap like Please Marry My Boy are what’s killing Aussie tv. City Homicide and Rush two of the best Aussie shows in the last 10 years get axed cos networks don’t want to spend money on quality shows. Meanwhile networks are putting more and more trashy crap like this show on tv, including Four Weddings, Excess Baggage, Celebrity Apprentice. We’re starting to produce more trash than America. It’s sad. We’re gonna have a local Kardashians pretty soon, i can see it now. Heck their doing WAG Nation, and if Brynne Edelstein gets her own show Aussie tv will really have hit rock bottom.

  11. @Mommy’s Boy, at first they promoted it as car crash TV and now they’re going for a heart felt emotion ride. When we all know it’s going to be a cringe fest. Seven did air an American (I think) version in a late night slot, so why did they think it would be good. I think it deserves to be slagged off, if it’s the best they can come up with, instead of showing Downton Abbey Series 2

  12. This is great as it makes it easier to watch shows like The Biggest Loser, The Mentalist and Big Bang Theory. Nine and Ten should be happy. No cooking shows for me until after Easter. Masterchef is enough for me.

  13. All you people writing off Please Marry My Boy before actually seeing it are idiots. The way shows are promoted often has nothing to do with the show.

    Will it be car crash TV? Maybe, but stop judging a book by its cover or title even.

    You might be pleasantly surprised. Boone sets out to make a piece Of shit show.

    Where is your sense of fun. Your bitterness is killing Aussie TV just as much as anything else.

  14. Yeah apparently MKR was quite popular in New Zealand. But why don’t they just do a local version, they did for Masterchef.

    Please Marry My Boy looks like complete garbage, i hope it flops. Seven have Revenge, and Once Upon A Time, two of the best new US shows, and they put the trashy PMMB at 8.30. Plus there’s Downton Abbey, Criminal Minds, Castle, why waste a good timeslot with crap??

  15. also, HIMYM returns to Monday nights at 9:30 with double episodes from January 30th

    Desperate Housewives also returns at Thursdays 8:30pm from February 2nd

  16. They are giving Please Marry My Boy the prime 8:30pm Monday slot? Seriously? Seven WTF is going on. Revenge, Downton or Once should be in that timeslot not some stupid dating show

  17. Two rubbish shows if you ask me.

    Overkill on MKR…its just tacky. The people that go on this show are so unlikable.

    And Marry my boy is a steaming turd. Those sappy promos have been horrendous.

  18. That Please Marry My Boy show looks like a massive turd.

    I hope it flops – waste of a good timeslot that could have gone to Once Upon a Time or Revenge

    hopefully they bump it to 9:30, 10:30, 11:30, whatever, once it flops in the first few weeks

  19. Yes that Marry My Boy looks like trash Nine would normally serve up. So does this mean Seven too have now started programming before official ratings survey?

  20. So Please Marry will only be 4 episodes or is it 4 “boys” in each episode looking for love over a few more weeks.

    MKR 4 nights does not leave a lot of slots left over so it should be an interesting schedule once it is released. If MKR performs as it did las year it will set Seven up with a very strong start to the year.

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