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By David Knox on February 20, 2012 / Filed Under Programming 3

Next week SBS launches Danger 5, a bizarre, 1960s inspired version of World War II that follows a team of five spies on a mission to kill Adolf Hitler.

The six-part series has been created by 23 year-olds Dario Russo and David Ashby from South Australian production company Dinosaur Pty Ltd who created the 2008 low-budget cult internet parody Italian Spiderman, which began as a student film at Flinders University.

The SBS series is the first television action comedy series to be created in South Australia using entirely local key creatives and production crew. It will also be the first TV series for the writers, director, and producers in their roles.

Ashby also stars in the role of ‘Jackson’ while Russo is also directing the series and co-producing with Kate Croser of Cyan Films.

Danger 5 is made up of the finest group of special operatives the Allies have to offer: Jackson from the USA, Tucker from Australia, Ilsa from Russia, Claire from Britain and Pierre from Europe.

In each episode, Danger 5 unravels another of Hitler’s diabolical schemes as it travels across a myriad of exotic locations. The action and offbeat humour are relentless as Danger 5 mounts a series of thrilling missions which include discovering Josef Mengele’s perverted Antarctic death circus, busting down Erwin Rommel’s golden murder casino and posing as exotic dancers in an attempt to take out Hitler at his own birthday party.

In the first episode, Danger 5 travels to France on a mission to discover why Hitler has been abducting the world’s national monuments with his squad of Nazi zeppelins. There, the team find help from an all-girl posse of Resistance vixens, but their plans are swiftly hampered by a Nazi task force raid. Ilsa and Claire are taken to a torture dungeon where Josef Goebbels recruits them as part of his dance troupe for Hitler’s birthday spectacular.

9:30pm Monday, 27 February SBS ONE.


  1. Armchair Analyst February 21, 2012 at 5:03 pm -

    I am looking forward to this. Their is no way that this would be on commercial FTA maybe FOXtel. i will toon in and watch, the promos for this look good.

  2. Mr Rampage February 20, 2012 at 9:31 am -

    This could be very awesome. It’s one premiere I’m actually anticipating.

  3. radiobenji February 20, 2012 at 4:50 am -

    This is a great show- well, the 5 episodes that are on You Tube are (webisodes that is)
    I’ve been making sure to pass the link to everyone I can think of lol
    Can’t wait!

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