Breakfast is served

TEN’s new morning show, simply titled Breakfast, is on the air -and already extending its first day to 10am.

The new show has aired 4 days ahead of its official launch due to the political news of Kevin Rudd resigning as Foreign Minister.

In its first day the show is extending to 10am to cover a 9am news conference by Julia Gillard.

The busy set for the show features a red couch and a light blue backdrop of Australiana, including an outback windmill, a moped and a wood-crate coffee table.

Adjacent to the host-set is a large screen that doubles for weather and live crosses.

New Zealander Paul Henry, Kathryn Robinson and Andrew Rochford are joined on the couch, with weather presenter Magdalena Roze occasionally visible.

This morning’s items have included several interviews on the Rudd / Gillard feud, comedians Anthony Ackroyd and Gabby Millgate doubling as the politicians, street vox pops, a story on the new Azaria Chamberlain inquiry, Paul Henry travelling around Australia, news bulletins, news updates, audience feedback and a segment called The Buzz.

So far the show is playing it safe, joining the genre format of its commercial rivals, rather than re-inventing the wheel. Paul Henry adds danger, and certainly isn’t shy at his comments at the end of many news items, which is presumably why he was hired. But the loose, off-script moments illustrate he’s very comfortable with Live television.

The show hasn’t been without some technical glitches with its vision switching, audio problems, hosts unsure of which item was next and a few unfinished sentences, but it’s early days and the audience is likely to give them more credit for starting ahead of time.

What are your initial thoughts on the show so far?

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  1. Why are people making such a big deal about the set, what it looks like, what should be were?

    Have we become a society that comments after visiting our friend’s homes, or the homes of people who have only just met, I don’t think so.

    I thought we were a society that accepted everyone, sometimes not understanding another’s choices, but accepting them anyway.

    BTW, I like the set. It’s colours are subdued, which is a nice change in the morning and the rustic icons around the set, sea chest, and wind mill remind me of images of Australia.

    If only I could see the show in real time here in the north.

  2. When Ten were the only network that given show Rudd’s speech from Washington live at 8am Queensland time (Sunrise, Today and ABC1 all showed it live) it was a tell tail sign that it cannot be a source for major news stories outside the south east states.

    I already had a dislike for Henry when he hosted Breakfast in New Zealand. My opinions haven’t changed after watching small bits of todays show.

    The item between Andrew and Paul about the iPhone caffinee app was enough for me.

  3. I really enjoyed it!

    Henry delivered like we expect, the other two impressed me more than I expected!

    As everyone else said the set is horrible!

    However, the graphics and colours are great! Very watchable and easy on the eye.

    I think this can beat Today – Henry is better than Karl just hope the others hold up their end.

    I think they should have gone for a desk and a couch – but in a smaller studio than Today.

    I hope this gets a crowd, its better than “The Project” and i actually enjoyed the experience.

    Henry Hotline- classic.

  4. I have watched the first half hour. That set is just a joke. Looks exactly like they bought some discount home wares for today’s show cause the set was not finished. The set has change improved. Why a windmill A motorbike and a coffee table like that?? And some mood lighting would help. The lighting is flat and bright. Looks like its lit by one or two lights. Paul is better than what I thought he would be but the others need to get some camera time. Audio had many problems. Weather presentation was good. Need a bit more variety with camera angle. The one shot of three on the couch got a bit boring. But please. Improve the set. Please.

  5. I flicked it over for 20 seconds just for a look as i was enjoying Sunrises Coverage of the political storm. Too early to form an opinion but that set was so annoying.

  6. It was woeful! not even live into WA or Wait Awhile. At least Sunrise and Today can cover it live into WA and I mean “live” when there’s big news going on.

  7. I was expecting it to be a morning version of The Project but it was mostly the same as the others. Paul Henry was more amusing than I was expecting and he carries the show. I agree that the set is awful. I’ll keep watching.

  8. When I saw that ghastly set I thought “Oh dear God” and it got worse as I watched. It was also disappointing that whereas ABC, 7 and 9 all went live into Queensland with Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard’s press conferences. I won’t be watching again tomorrow.

  9. It’s Mardi Gras so I’m sure there must be a sale on a gag for that Kiwi. He needs to let the other presenters speak without interruption. I’ll continue to wake up with Today I think.

  10. I gave them a go, but they failed. Set is terrible, I would go as far to say as one of the worst TV sets in Australia., replace that pirates treasure chest with a real desk and take away that motorbike, windmill etc in the background. The only good thing about the set is the weather area, and that’s not even that great.
    I don’t think the show should be all about Paul Henry, he needs to be put to where Andrew is and Andrew in the middle. I’ll stick to Sunrise…

  11. Does anyone remember the first days of Sunrise? I do and believe me it wasn’t slick… Come on guys give them a chance to settle in, tweak things a little. From the comfort of my couch, I think it’s going to be good.

  12. The set looked horrible, almost as horrible as Paul Henry. They axe him and i might give it a go, but won’t be watching while he’s hosting. He was asking a question to a politician and said “we need a foreign minister” and I was thinking well i’m sure NZ has a foreign minister already. Ten stuffed up signing Henry.

    ABC News Breakfast is what i’ll stay with

  13. This show is a disaster..Paul Henry keeps on talking over everybody..doesn’t he realise that viewers hate this?
    Rochford tried hard , but with an idiot like Henry dominating everything , what hope does the show have?
    Agian , like all live shows on Ten, their set is shocking..boring and ugly to look at..Back to Sunrise for me..I gave them a go

  14. Can’t say I enjoyed it… Perhaps it was the fact that TV this morning is incredibly tedious anyway, but the show seemed rather ‘flat’. There didn’t seem to be any energy between the presenters and the delivery was lacklustre at best. Maybe it will improve over time? It certainly wasn’t as annoying as Sunrise has become. (not to be confused with Weekend Sunrise, which is thoroughly enjoyable as a rule)

    Oh and the Kiwi guy grated on me, I’m sorry. Replace him and the show would improve overnight.

  15. Butterfly Carnage

    It was obviously a rushed job this morning. The set is a bit tacky; there is no outback chic, but compared to the other two shows it’s alright. ABC news breakfast mind you looks it’s done from a bus shelter. I thought the Rudd/Gillard mock off was all over the shop, works better on ABC 702’s TGIF. Paul Henry strikes like Alan Jones: empty vessels make the most noise. I like them to try a breakfast version of the Project. that might really work early morning.

  16. It was absolutely aweful. Paul Henry talked over everyone, Andrew Rochford looked completely frustrated with the interruptions and Kathryn Robinson looks a bit tense. But it’s only the first show.

  17. @ BigVic..I do not know how you can evalute a show in One Minute?!?!
    @ steve sydney….acording to what David wrote in the above article…yes, I read it….the couch is red….and the ‘coffee table’ is actually a wood crate….I assume in keeping with the general outback theme….

  18. I’m keen to give this a go, but not going live to the Rudd and Gillard press conferences in Qld, when every other network did, could be something they might regret.

  19. I watched 1 minute of the show this morning and quickly switched back to Sunrise, tbh the dullest and most boring show ever invented on Australian TV. Sunrise has all the elements of a breakfast show- entertainment, news, sport and a funny weather presenter to kick start your day bright and fresh every morning.

  20. I’m shocked by how ugly the set is… I mean they did have months to get it right. That ‘table’ looks more like a pirate treasure chest… needs to be fixed along with that orange couch.

    Oh and could Paul Henry tuck his shirt in?

  21. I Love the set! Finally some one is taking some risks which are paying off. So much better than all the other the boring chat show sets we see that are stuck in the 80s.

  22. How can anyone stand 5 minutes of this show, let alone an hour or more. It;s basically just tabloid TV but 10 times worse, therefore it is absolute rubbish.

  23. I want that coffee table!

    Okay it’s 10am here and still no Julia… not that I’m waiting for her. But did 7 & 9 bring QLD views live NSW coverage instead of the usual 1 hours delay because of DLS?

  24. Couldn’t stop laughing, Paul Henry is the most entertaining host on Australian television, too bad he isn’t Australian. Love the Henry call-in line, so many insults but they don’t care about the nonsense. One day, and I’m already a fan. Sunrise and Today are garbage compared to this.

  25. The delayed coverage (half hour) in Adelaide did not help them one bit. As soon as the Julia Gillard Press Conference went live, I tuned out. I want my news immediately, not half an hour after Seven, Nine, ABC etc have aired it live.

  26. I didn’t get a chance to see but from that photo, the Kiwi bloke dead-set looks like it’s like a comedy act parodying morning television. It’s like a cross between Rick Moranis and the Mad magazine dude.

  27. Actually… it seemed like perfectly fine brekky tv filling until The Circle came on and then you realised just how much more slick, funny and accessible they were by comparison.

  28. I find the set a little more appealing that the bright orange & reds! The coffee table looks cluttered!
    They talk & look at each other which means we see the sides of their heads! Early days but something alternate to the existing shows.

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