Airdate: Puppetry of the Penis

ONE will air a 90 minute performance of the renowned (or is that notorious?) Puppetry of the Penis: Live at the Forum next month.

Get an eye-full of the Eiffel Tower, marvel at the slow emerging mollusc and sink your teeth into the hamburger and see why Puppetry of the Penis has taken the world by storm.

11:30pm Friday April 6th -a Good Friday alternative to religious and charity offerings, perhaps?

UPDATE: ONE pulls Puppetry of the Penis from Good Friday. Let the jokes and the conspiracy theories begin…..


  1. This is a bit stiff on those people wanting something different to watch on Good Friday.Ten should have just had the balls to show it despite the complaints. What junk are they going to be screening now?

  2. Secret Squirrel

    There’s something wrong if members of one particular religion can stop people who are not members of that religion from watching, listening to, or reading something. As Earthquake wrote, there is supposed to be a separation of church and state.

  3. Every Friday’s a good Friday as far as I’m concerned, weekends rule.

    I would’ve thought TEN would be all over the chance to up their dismal ratings with a bit of Christian controversy. I’d have loved to see Tony pontificating about it on the news, eyes bulging, spittle flying, budgie smugglers hopefully not in evidence. Vicars writing letters to the editor, priests condemning TV as the tool of Satan, on TV. Far more amusing than the impending return of BB, that new Shire nonsense or yet another damn cooking show.

  4. This is not a theocracy, there is a clear separation between church and state.

    While I’m not so sure that the show would be my thing, just because the airing happens to coincide with a religious holiday doesn’t mean it should be taken off the air.

    I am sure somewhere around the world every day there is a religious holiday – I doubt that the programmers would deliberately put something salacious on to annoy the Christians out there.

    And if they did, well that’s their choice. Don’t watch it. If you’re like most Christians you’re probably spending time with family on that day and wouldn’t have time to watch TV.

    Too bad One has bowed to the pressure of some extremists. Does a religious holiday mean that nobody can laugh or have fun on that day?

  5. @Moops RE: Muslim comment. I’m sure it’s a safe bet that throughout the years several “blasphemous” things have aired on dates that coincidentally happen to have been non-Christians holy days.

  6. @David Knox, yes, you are correct. Blasphemy in its strictest sense means an act or speech that is critical of God or sacred things. I guess I meant that Good Friday is the most sacred day in the Christian calendar so it is somewhat inappropriate to show something borderline obscene on TV on that particular day. However, people have a choice on whether to watch it or not and at least it is not in a timeslot where kids could chance upon it.

  7. @radiobenji – This is off a site on the net.

    In March 2003 the film received an SBS premier. Due to the restrictions placed on the screening of R18+ rated features on TV, the film had to be edited back to an MA15+. Full credit to Margaret Pomeranz who introduced the film and warned potential viewers that it had been necessary for SBS to make one cut. The print ran 109:16 and was missing the erection and penetration scene. This compares with 109:31 for the uncut print that screened on World Movies.

  8. I am having trouble understanding the problem that some people are having with this? ONE/TEN are not breaking any commercial rules, they are showing it in a timeslot that is not subject to young viewers, and it is only available on digital TV so if you have a problem with it there are 14 other channels to watch (or don’t be cheap and get Foxtel/Austar or rent/buy a movie). ONE seems to be showing a lot of comedy programming, and it was only a matter of time till they got to a world renowned comedy act that pushes the boundaries. My grandmother, may she rest in peace, went and saw there show (in one of the front rows mind you) at 68 years of age and she thought it was hilarous. If it is a religious reason why you have a problem with it, get Foxtel/Austar and tune into ACC for the night.
    @ Matt F – don’t know if you meant to write “make some religious people a bit testy”, but it gave me a laugh!

  9. Showing Puppetry of the Penis on Good Friday – wow, classy (not). Just goes to show that nothing is sacred and Christianity continues to be an easy target. They would not dare show this on a Muslim Holy Day such as the Prophet’s Birthday or the End of Ramadan as they know the non-stop shower of excrement that would descend upon them. But the holiest and most significant feast in the Christian calendar – yeah, go for it. Disgusting decision by ONE, blasphemous.

  10. I remember watching a film on SBS which contained an erect penis- was a good film too, The Idiots. And this was maybe 10 years.
    This country is growing prudish and it’s beginning to be embarrassing. Not to mention the amount of tits or vagina we are exposed to in TV/Film and yet people want to complain about a little penis every now and then? Sexist much? Women deserve an eye full too once in a while, ya know, it’s not all about the boosies.
    As for Good Friday – well, it’s only blasphemous if you buy into religion.

  11. Good on you ONE/Ch10 for having the balls to show this – it’ll make some religious people a bit testy, but nuts to them!

    They should show Tackle Happy as well… it’ll be the complete package!

  12. steve sydney

    I know others have clarified already but…

    from what I understand.. free to air television may not show anything qualifying an R rating. A penis, once erect is considered R rating material.

  13. danielgonline

    In response to Ryaneco’s query:

    Back in the days of “Big Brother: Uncut”, male genitals could be shown, so long as they were flaccid. According to Section 2.17.2 of the current Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice, “detailed genital nudity in a sexual context, or explicit depiction of sexual acts” are unsuitable for broadcast.

    Not having seen any of their shows, Puppetry of the Penis probably falls under non-sexual nudity.

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