Larry Emdur tipped for Price is Right reboot

Larry Emdur is reportedly set to return to the hosting role of a reboot of The Price is Right for Seven.

The network is tipped to return the show to a 5pm weeknight slot, as part of a double act with Deal or No Deal.

Emdur remains a fervent believer in the format, recently appearing on the US version hosted by Drew Carey. He recently told TV Tonight, “Nobody else gets it, but the former host of The Price is Right to be randomly called out to be asked to host a segment of the American Price is Right was unbelievable. I’ll dine out on that story for a long time.”

But he’s also a very busy boy.

Andrew O’Keefe told News Limited, “I think Laz has a bit on his plate at the moment but he does have a particular fondness for the razzle dazzle of the game show genre.

“(But) I think that the prices have risen considerably since he was last in a supermarket.”

Former Price is Right host Ian Turpie passed away on the weekend, aged 68.

Emdur hosted the show for Nine years on Nine.


  1. HeyHey_Variety

    Channel Seven are reviving The Price is Right, so if we watch the show to get the ratings up. Nine might put another game show against The Price is Right at five o’clock….Like Sale of the Century.

    On the flip side, if Price goes good and Deal or No Deal continues to get bad ratings. Channel Seven just might axe Deal and put Price is Right on at 5.30.

  2. Get rid of Deal or No Deal, awful. The UK version is being investigated by the Gambling Commission. and KFed, Drew Carey has lost weight.

  3. Can we bring back Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, And Price is Right, and tell Deal or No Deal and AO’K to go jump? (well I can dream…)

  4. I’d prefer to see it at 5.30, I cannot stand Deal or No Deal.
    Drew Carey looks so different these days, when he was on Rove LA last year I barely recognized him. What I do’t get about the US version is the set, they’ve had this retro 70’s look for decades now.

  5. Fantastic news. I loved this show and good to see it return. I heard a rumour though that it will replace Deal at 5:30pm and Deal will be shunted back to 5pm. Time will tell i suppose but either way love the fact this show is coming back.

  6. It’d be great to see Larry back. In fact, I don’t know who else could do it the way that Larry did.
    Obviously they’re looking at building an audience from 5pm leading into DOND to counter Hot Seat’s recent higher ratings.

    Maybe they’ll flip them eventually, who knows.

  7. If Seven is commited in wanting to revive The Price Is Right, what format would they used if it’s in half hour (I rather prefer an hour). Would it be 2 pricing games plus showcase showdown and showcase OR the old fashioned 3 pricing game and a showcase playoff and showcase. How about the showcase, would it be the same format like our version or are we gonna go for the US format.

    Likewise good luck.

  8. It would be great to see Price is Right back with Laz as the host. The 4.30 news only needs to go for a half-hour and it would give Deal or no Deal better ratings.

  9. If they do bring back The Price Is Right to Australia, I hope there will be an overhaul of the format. I think the older format fell flat because it became stale after a while.

  10. Yes! Would watch this. I’ve always rated Larry highly and anything to drag him away from crappy morning TV would be great. Plus we get to see what hot models they find this time…yummy :)

  11. MotorSportKid

    I just had the pleasure of taking a walk down memory lane, by watching the last episode of the 05 Series on Youtube a matter of hours ago. Now, I read this, and hopefully by June, will be watching another memorable series of Price. Best News of the Year. You’ve made my morning!

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