Airdate: Survivor: One World

At long last we have a premiere date for Survivor: One World on Nine.

It begins with a double episode at 10pm next Tuesday, May 15th. Two more will air the following week.

Nine has finally rescheduled the series after two thwarted attempts earlier.

But be warned, the finale airs in the US this Sunday (Monday AU), so watch out for online spoilers!


  1. As nine has survivor at a ridicuous timeslot I thought I could watch it on catch up tv,but it’s not there.What’s going on channel nine?

  2. Are Nine really showing new Survivor until 1am to kick off the season? Really can’t believe these choices. Stick it on a multichannel in primetime and it’d rate so much better for them.

  3. I just watched the finale. It rocks! everyone beware of spoilers. It was so good I have a quantum entanglement with this season and am sad it is no longer afoot, but I am excited for next season.

  4. @victweety said
    @JB – The Amazing Race has only 2 episodes left.

    I think you are missing the point @victweety.. it may only have two episodes left as far as you are concerned but for others they already know who has won.

    It’s the same with Survivor… the winner will be announced in the US before the season even goes to air in Australia…

    The Aussie networks are too far behind when airing these shows hence why tune in when most people, who have an interest, already have the results.

  5. If you watch US shows on Australian FTA television, you’d better avoid using the Internet or talking to anyone you know who uses it.

  6. I’ve watched every Survivor series and haven’t seen any episodes of the current series but 10:00 at night? Will they be repeating episodes on one of their digital channels?

  7. I’ve tried to hold off for this but it’s basically impossible when talking with other Aussie Survivor fans who have already seen it. Being in an online Australian community devoted to playing and watching Survivor, it’s hard to avoid spoilers!

  8. roaringdave

    I do wonder why they can’t play it say at 7.30 on GO! and then 10pm (or Sunday afternoon) on 9. I will be watching at 10pm (or 10.17) but I understand there are many who either can’t stay up or simply won’t know it’s on.

  9. Thank you David. If it wasn’t for your peristence in asking, me thinks this series may never have been shown in Australia. Channel 9 Execs are loony. You have a product, which you have paid for, but refuse to use it in any meaningful way.

  10. There is still someone that hasn’t seen it.Me! And i guess i won’t be tuning in at that timeslot.A bit late for me.Thanks channel nine.Can’t we have it at 8.30 on Gem or channel 94.

  11. AnnMareefromTaree

    Oh good, I’ll know the winner before it even starts on 9…..someone tell the execs the lunatics are running the asylum!

  12. Yeah i’m looking forward to the finale this Monday. Idiots Nine.

    And when’s Seven finishing the Amazing Race? My mum wants to know, cos i refused to tell her who won.

  13. With a timeslot like that … I fear the headline on TV Tonight the next day will read “Gone: Survivor: One World”

    If Nine are going to play it there, can they at least promise to keep it there!

  14. “39 Days. 18 People. 1…”
    “Wait Jeff!”
    “Channel 9 called.”
    “Not again…”
    “Yeah, after State of Origin. They say they mean it this time.”
    “We’ll be doing Survivor:Iceland by then. Big Bang repeats again?”
    “Well it is a funny show.”
    “Not anymore!”

  15. jezza the first original one

    A double episode starting at 10PM…..what the….
    Well that is simply not gonna rate and when it has been stuffed with ads will probably finish around 3.00am the following morning. If ch9, no longer like Survivor, then put it on a didg channel instead of all the turgid crap currently showing…..

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