Respectable start for Being Lara Bingle

The premiere of Being Lara Bingle may have been third in its timeslot but it still pulled a respectable 924,000 viewers last night.

TEN’s new fly-on-the-wall series was beaten by The Big Bang Theory (1.25m) and Once Upon a Time (1.05m). On Twitter last night, many took aim at the show and Bingle herself, with many refusing to even view the episode.

Seven won the night thanks to Seven News (1.5m), Packed to the Rafters (1.38m), Today Tonight (1.28m), Home and Away (968,000), Deal or No Deal (724,000), Pictures of You (686,000) and The Price is Right (387,000).

The Block dominated at 7pm with 1.42m for Nine followed by Nine News (1.27m), ACA‘s Lindy Chamberlain exclusive (1.12m), Big Bang (ep 2: 984,000), Two Broke Girls (737,000), Hot Seat (702,000), Two and a Half Men (561,000). Survivor was 288,000.

Jamie Oliver’s appearance in MasterChef was strong with just under 1.3m viewers. Bikie Wars was 1.03m, TEN News was 790,000, NCIS was 562,000 and The Project 6pm was 432,000.

ABC News was 898,000 for ABC1 then 7:30 (682,000), Qi and Foreign Correspondent (both 609,000), Origins of Us (557,000), and Jennifer Byrne Presents (292,000).

On SBS ONE it was Who Do You Think You Are? (255,000), and Death Unexplained (248,000).

Neighbours was up to 354,000 on ELEVEN.

Tuesday 12 June 2012


  1. LOL at ricoz Comment “I’ve lost faith in 924,000 Australian’s today.”

    Unfortunately I was one them. I watched the show to give it a go, but not sure if I’ll be watching it next week.

  2. Can’t wait for Bikie Wars to get to point already. Last night was fifty percent padding. It should have been two telemovies not a six part series.

  3. I thought I was at a Christian Revivalist meeting instead of watching Jamie Oliver’s introduction to the Masterchef contestants last night. I know he’s a legend and all, and seems like a nice guy but please, people!

    And I’ll admit it, I watched BLB out of curiosity really, and she comes across as a bit lost, actually. Her brother however, is an absolute classic. Doesn’t want a girlfriend but seeing as it’s coming into winter … hope someone buys him a hot water bottle instead.

  4. Maev....Sydney

    I have to agree with Craig….it is your choice whether or not to watch…but you should watch if you are going to critique a show.
    And bother….I forgot Jamie Oliver was on last night.

  5. Another 3 or 4 episodes when the ratings have tanked, this will go by the way of all of ten’s other flops like ytt,etc, etc etc ……there are so many flops from ten ive lost track of them …….

  6. jezza the first original one

    Being Lara Bingle was great until my wife made me change channels. It had everything and is clearly the intellectual heavywieght of ch10s new shows this year. The segment where Hermione explained how she and Lara got together and became bff was riveting and compelling tv at its best. No wonder she jumped at the chance to be Lara’s manager. Great start, now just watch it rise….

  7. Did anyone else see that story on karl stefanovic? Ap Ten are looking to get him for the 7pm project hosting job when his contract ends in nov!

  8. I watched as a time waster before Bikie Wars and like Anthony and Carringbush, I was pleasantly surprised.

    The worst thing about the whole thing was the number of ads!

    There does seem to be more to her than the mags capture though so I will give it another go.

    Can’t wait for next week’s Bikie Wars!

  9. I don’t get people complaining about a show they don’t have to watch and because they don’t watch it how do they know how good or bad it is? You can’t complain a show is bad if you haven’t tried it… That said I didn’t watch it last night as I was watching Doctor Who on UKTV lol

  10. Carringbush

    Gave it a go to fill in time before Bikie Wars and it was far from the worst thing I’ve seen (certainly compared favourably to the nauseating fawning, swooning MC contestants when Jamie Oliver was introduced). Being a bloke the hint of a breast was good but it was an eye-opener to see what she does to keep the publicity machine chugging along. She is stunning but a warning for the next Mr Bingle – blokes need only look at the mum to see how their girlfriend / prospective wife will turn out.

  11. Jamie Oliver was a breath of fresh air last night, unprentenious food, showing why he is where he is, no flash,over top dishes, maybe it’s because he trained under Italian Chef Gennaro Contaldo, who taught him simple food is the best, not like that silly dish George thought up the night before.Whatever they paid him(Oliver) to be on it was well worth it.But please the swooning from the contestants…..

  12. I would have liked to watch “Being Lara Bingle” but I was watching my favourite show “Rules of Engagement” on Channel 11 instead.
    But I can always watch the “BLB” encore on Friday at 9pm after “The Living Room”.

  13. I’ve lost respect for 924,000 people. This should should have received around 5000 viewers all being teenage boys and Bingle wannabe girls.

  14. I really don’t like Lara Bingle and I was pretty certain that the show would be horrible. But I thought it was only fair to watch the first ep, in order to criticise it… But it was actually quite interesting. It’s light and fun, and it’s a ‘reality’ show so don’t expect much. Putting aside what could be scripted, I enjoyed watching it.

  15. is 925k for BLB based on its advertised 8.00 start time or does it take into account that Ten started it almost 15 minutes late and a lot of that 925k is just people watching the tail end of MasterChef

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