Axed: Everybody Dance Now

TEN has axed Everybody Dance Now from its Sunday night line-up following dire ratings.

James Warburton, Chief Executive Officer, said, “As part of the renewal of Network TEN’s creative content, we are trying new formats and creating more programming options. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the Everybody Dance Now format right. Kelly, Jason and Sarah are fantastic presenters. Their professionalism and commitment to Everybody Dance Now was remarkable, and the many talented dancers on the show were amazing. Although we worked with FremantleMedia to reset the program, clearly it has not struck a chord with viewers.”

TEN has again revamped its Sunday night line-up as follows:

6.00pm – The Project
6.30pm – The Simpsons rpt
7.00pm – Modern Family rpt
8.00pm – Graham Norton Express rpt
8.30pm – NCIS rpt
9.30pm – Moto GP – Live from Czech Republic, round 12.

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  1. To all those people who thinks Ten will be gone, can I ask one question – Where would I watch Formula 1 or Moto GP telecasts? AFAIK there are no pay-tv outlets to where I can see these.

  2. Guy: Channel 10 did put in a bid with 7 for the NRL over $1b which was higher than Channel 9’s first offer. Channel 9 had a right for last bid and topped it.

    The NRL has asked for $80m in cash up front, cut it to 4 years because CVC are close to insolvency. And forced 9 and Foxtel to give up the right to last bid in future.

  3. The Ten board, led my Murdoch, are the people are the people who took over the network and cancelled running One as a HD sports network and abolished the failed evening News and Current Affairs plan. They are also the people who put in money after CanWest got into financial difficulty and recently put in millions more in a capital raising to keep the network afloat.

    None of these programmes that aren’t doing well are terrible. It’s just that the number of slots when people are watching TV has declined, all the networks are making lots of Reality TV and there is a finite amount of it people will watch, and 7 and 9 have made some that it just a bit better.

  4. bettestreep2008

    I feel bad for the contestants and the crew who are now out of job.

    Sarah, Kelly and Jason probably had contracts that they would be paid for the whole series – regardless if it succeeded or not – so not sorry for them one bit.

    As for it being screened on Eleven? I think it cost way too much to justify screening it on a secondary channel.

    And I am surprised that despite the failures of reality shows like Renovators, EDN, Shire and Bingle – they are pushing ahead with more reality shows like The Audience and Recipe4riches.

    You would have to be very worried if you are a Ten employee or shareholder.

  5. @dan, I thought a similar thing. Do the contestants who already made it to the final have any legal recourse in this situation? It seems odd to me that it is acceptable just to can the show and have no responsibility to those who made it into the finals.

    @jezlee, no Kelly Rowland did not appear on The Project, despite her appearance being advertised earlier in the day. I’d say her and Jason have probably already jetted out of the country as there is no reason for them to stick around.

    I secretly admire Ten for taking chances with the stuff they are green lighting, but their instincts overall just aren’t cutting it. Reality TV is a double- edged sword and they are putting far too much of their time and money into developing shows with limited, niche market appeal. Unless it is DWTS, a dancing show will always have relatively limited appeal. Ditto a talent show about drag performance and a wedding stuff-ups show. These are more secondary channel or cable channel fare, not mainstream programming. They need to break out of that mode of thinking.

  6. Wow! So all those people who have rehearsed and the votes taken from the public and and everything and they wont even get some sort of an ending? No winner announced?

    That’s harsh.

  7. Why Channel TEN didn’t bid to hell and back for Rugby League is beyond me. Yes it is a huge huge cost but this network is sinking and investing money in sport is what they should have done. Instead they are falling off the wagon. There is hardly any good shows on here anymore and the ones they have are being shown in repeats, i speak of NCIS for one when new episodes are available. TEN are just a train wreck. RIP. I can’t see anything changing for them. When you get beaten by SBS you know there is a problem don’t you?

  8. There’s one reality show ch10 could produce that would rate its bum off. A show about the inner workings of a failed network showing the day to day failings as bumbling staff can’t seem to do anything right!

  9. Total Disgrace.I am old enough to remember the Seinfeld,Everybody Loves Raymond,Friends,Will and Grace and Taken Out Era before the 7pm Project replaced all of them and think what 10 is doing to us is a joke.This is the same network that dumped it’s 4:30pm Kids Shows of all sorts it had for many years for Bold and the Beautiful way back in 1996 by the way which is totally unacceptable.

  10. Dear Channel Ten – three words for you. Good News Week. Admit you were wrong and bring it back. Give it a regular timeslot and duration, don’t mess with the format and pretend you care by starting it (and everything else) at the advertised time. Your viewers will start to forgive the atrocities of the past year if you ‘fess up to having lost the plot and give the audience back the sharp witty comedy you took away by sending GNW to late night purgatory then cancelling it.

  11. jezza the first original one

    Unfortunately ch10 are just a One Trick Pony…Masterchef. They do produce some other very good shows, but no one will bother to watch them.

    Advertisers with a single brain cell or more will abandon them in droves as they can not be trusted.

    Financial ruin and possible collapse or foreclosure will follow. The landscape is movimg rapidly, a couple of big mistakes and you are gone…

  12. The new schedule seems a a bit erratic. Maybe keep it simple and go with this:

    6pm The Project
    7pm Modern Family rpt
    7:30pm The Paul Henry, Steve Price, and Andrew Bolt Happy Hour!
    8:30pm NCIS rpt
    9:30pm Moto GP/Formula One

    Jokes, but an hour of The Project into MF would give the schedule more consistency for the week.

  13. As someone else said, everyone on this site when these shows were announced all said how crap they were and would fail. The Shire, Bingle, EDN, I Will Survive, Don’t Tell The Bride. And we were all right, yet Ten somehow thought they’d be a hit.
    When Breakfast was announced most seemed interested, but then they announced Paul Henry as host and majority said it was the wrong call and decided not to watch then and there. How can Ten just get it so wrong all the time.

    Rush was the best Aussie show on tv and they axed it. All their hit shows have now been screwed by the network that even they don’t rate anymore.
    NCIS, House, NCIS LA, Modern Family, The Good Wife, L&O SVU all terrible in ratings lately.

    And even if they do fastrack all those shows ryan mentioned, they’ll start at 8.43 anyway. If they want to win viewers back, fastrack shows, and show them on time, and leave them in the one slot. Ten used to be the most trusted network, now it’s the worst of the lot.
    I watch most shows that air on Ten than any other network, yet i don’t watch any of them on Ten.

  14. Gotta feel sorry for the poor contestants who pinned all thier hopes on this show they were let down by some idiot who had the bright idea to launch it up against the final night of a major sporting event that only happens once every four years as I have said before the audience need to connect with the contestants from the start

  15. The honeymoon is over for L.M. Surely the past 12 months has demonstrated he has no credibility or ability to run a television network. He should step down.

    Mr Warburton’s probation is also passed. Great potential, but no runs on the board in over 8 months.

    However neither will be leaving soon.
    A scapegoat will emerge in the next week or so.
    The blurb will read “xxxxxxxx has left to pursue other opportunities……..etc etc”

    Watch this space

  16. The saddest thing about this is that Foxtel cancelled their dance show because it would air at the same time as this. Now there’s no dance show for dancers until next year.

  17. Given its improvement last Sunday I thought it may have got another week to improve more Really feel for the crew and dancers. But I suppose the cost of production each week made it not viable. Its Not like the whole series was shot within one week. I actually don’t have that bigger problem with the tighter format(last Sunday) It was the host and the 2x US judges that lost me. But these problems should have been recognized prior to going to air!!!

  18. Ten has major Super Sundays now lol, just look @ that lineup, David didnt you say ncis was going to sundays 8,30 new eps? Hopefully they listened and now have it where it belongs! Tues 8.30
    Ten has alot of shows to use coming up and they cant come quick enough here are some
    Glee new eps start sep13th/ Ncis new eps sep 25th/Law and order svu sep 26th/Modern family-sep 26th/Homeland-sep30th/Simpsons-sep 30th- needs to go back to ten.
    Ten need to fasttrack all of these shows so they can atleast have a good end of yr but they also need to be smart about where they put these shows:)

  19. That is sad. People work hard on shows and it’s always a downer for the industry when something gets canned, especially something like this which had great elements – the dancers were terrific. But Ten don’t seem very creative at all, Mr Warburton – you just seem to rehash tired formats and make a lot of trash. Why? I know it’s cheap(er) than say doing a drama but in the end it’s worse for your brand when they all tank. Ten becomes an untrusted laughing stock.

  20. What a massive disappointment all around.
    For those people, like me, who wanted to see a show back on TV showcasing dance. But mostly for all the dancers involved working to have their turn.

    Channel 10 has been pretty disappointing for quite some time. While I’m hating on them right now, I’ll just say it, bring back Good News Week.

  21. Oh god! Now Ten might listen to us and bring back a new season of So You Think You Can Dance!! It was a bloody awesome dance show that was killed off simply by The change in days, from sun/mons to wed/thur!!
    I say bring back sytycd and ask gretel if she wants to host??

  22. Well, this is sad actually – all those people out of work and so many dancers’ dreams shot.
    I personally love watching dance of any type – how can you not enjoy beautiful bodies in motion, but EDN really seemed to miss the point.
    (I’m also going to miss Secret Squirrel’s “corpse” & “turd” metaphors over the past week about this show!)
    Have you got a parting shot for EDN left in you, Secret? 😉

  23. Unfortunately not funny !

    Another $20m lost down the drain but at least they still have The Shire, Lara Bingle 2, The Bolt Report, Breakfast and those great rating morning format – and Don’t Tell the Bride of course.

    Utter disgrace Ten. The Board should wake up to themselves and get a real management team like they used to have.

  24. Nobody is buying this format not working excuse. The death of this show is a direct result of the toxic press following the failure of the first show, much like The Renovators never recovered.
    The lesson being don’t launch reality shows against the Olympics (or in the middle of MasterChef finales).

  25. JB…which of the commercial stations does currently know what Australia wants?

    They ruined the format and I’m afraid Sarah is just not a good host. The audience can’t connect with her at all. I actually feel a little sorry for her because I am sure she tries very hard, but…..

    The networks seem to trail after each other….X network gets overseas presenters/judges…Y network tries to do the same… rinse and repeat…and expect failures along the way.

    Someone said it here the other day…there was a time when we could be proud of Australian television and the relative risks that were taken…and the craft of creating a decent show. Hit and miss is now the theme throughout everything to do with Aussie free-to-air.

  26. wow that was quick! personally i think it was a little too hasty, they’ve already invested a crapload of money & time into it & do they have something to replace it with thats guaranteed to rate better?? They made obvious mistakes with the timeslot & its not the greatest show but surely the ratings would improve now its not up against top rating shows like Olympics & Howzat. Is it really that cuthroat they can’t give a show more than 2 episodes??

  27. And somebody had to tell Lachlan the news as well and the wasted $20 million.

    Going back when the list of current list of new shows on ten were named a number of months back, it cop flak from readers on this website from the word go and had the look of whats on the bottom shelf about it and proven correct so it be interesting what we get served new locally by ten in the next 6-12 months.
    In the meanwhile I’m just counting down the days till The Devil Wears Prada hits our screens again.

  28. All these comments about Ten have got me thinking. The last series I watched regularly on Ten was Rush.

    US series I used to watch on Ten I now tend to watch via other means these days. That way I don’t have to work out what time the show’s going to be on, whether it’s a repeat or not, how late it’s going to start, and I can watch a whole series at a time without it disappearing for weeks / months at a time.

    The other program I used to watch regularly on Ten was The Project, but when it was the 7PM Project. Now it’s on earlier I usually miss it.

    And finally after living in the UK and seeing the BBC’s MasterChef, I can’t watch the Australian version of Master-product-placement. It’s too irritating.

    Mind you, a lot of these comments also apply to our other commercial networks!

  29. Looks like it will be the first time this year that I won’t be watching TEN on Sunday night.
    Maybe it’s time to bring Rove or Talking Bout Your Generation back ? How about Thank God You’re Here ? Or 3 hours of The Project ?

  30. Heads need to roll in the programming department – they’ve got no idea what viewers want or what habits they have.

    EDN had problems, sure, but it wasn’t the worst show we’ve ever seen on Australian television.

    WTF were they thinking launching it against the Olympics, then the reboot at 8.06pm when they knew most of the show would be up against Kerry Packer’s War.

    Then they think Australians will turn into four different hour-long programs across the 7pm time slot, since abandoned with low rating repeats of Modern Family and being thrashed by a show they used to own!

    Why wasn’t another 7pm Monday – Friday ‘franchise’ show developed to take The Biggest Loser & MasterChef’s slot?

    Time for new heads to fix this awful mess they find themselves in.

  31. It’s not creative content when a lot of the new content Ten is trying to put out there,is just one form or another of these reality type shows,one after the other.It reeks of desperation and people can see through it.I’ve said it before,mix it up a bit and space it out better.Lastly,it must be said Ten have had a few good quality showings,but few and far between.

  32. Add that to the growing list of failures under Warburton’s leadership. Maybe he isn’t as good as what he thought he was and what people made him out to be. Seven should count their blessings, as it seems they dogded a massive bullet in not having Warburton as it’s CEO.

  33. I think Sunday night is a awful night for talent shows on Ten, first YTT struggled there and then EDN had even worse luck, Sunday nights just have really solid shows and it is hard to break through what the other channels have.

    Some YTT fans were hoping that when EDN was cancelled (when it become obvious it was in trouble) Ten would give the fate of YTT too, their own legal department has been telling people it was canned a month ago but the fans still have to sit and wait for the official word.

  34. How could anyone at TEN have looked at EDN and not seen it was going to fail ? The only good thing about it was the dancers. And who thought Aussies would want to watch a couple of Americans ‘competing’ with each other ?

  35. What a shock (not). Ten’s Super Sunday is now a lazy repeat-a-thon. Sunday will be another day of the week Ten will finish 4th! So glad I’m not a shareholder and at this rate I won’t be a viewer either.

  36. A revived SYTYCD would have been at the least, a modest success. Why tamper with a known format? And please don’t hire Sarah Murdoch for any more hosting gigs, and that includes ANTM. She had her chance with that show and she ditched it for this. Poor form.

    Look at Ten’s Sunday line up; repeats. Repeats rather than a new show. Just shocking. Ten need to go and spend some time in the naughty corner and think about their choices.

  37. A shame, as the idea behind the show was good, but the execution was clumsy. They would have been far better served reviving So You Think You Can Dance.

  38. It’s not even that they didn’t get the format right, they also tried to launch it when they knew the Olympics was rating well.

    Bring back SYTYCD I say. That’s a format that works.

  39. Just axe Channel Ten. It’s clear they have no idea what they’re doing, or what programs Australia wants. The network is now irrelevant.
    It knows how to do quality drama Rush, Offspring, Puberty Blues, but if it’d rather spend money on trashy crap like it’s been doing then what’s the point?

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