1. bettestreep2008 loved your comment.


    Absolutely love your resume and potential turn around to Tens dilemma. In the process if you get the job could you please return our beloved and highly missed ‘The Circle’? If a petition is what you need The Circle Fan Page will help you 😉

  2. That’s the problem with celebrities…when they are on a successful program they leave that program to join another as they get big headed and then it flops…I suppose he will return to Packed To The Rafters with his tail between his legs…lol!!!

  3. I checked two online tv guides to see what time IWS starts tonight and both showed 7pm followed by the shire. And one of those guides was tens own iPhone app. What hope have they got of getting a decent audience when there own guide can’t keep up with their own changes…

  4. Just copy all my comments from yesterday. Majority could see this show would flop when it was announced, so why are Ten so delierious? They really need to wipe out the entire programming department and start again.
    Ten have so many great shows and they just get screwed by the network. And now they want to put all their money into trashy reality shows. They axe the best Aussie show in Rush so Lara Bingle can get her mug on telly. Pathetic. I just don’t care about Ten anymore. Use to be #1, still a lot of Ten shows i watch, just don’t watch them on Ten because i’m sick of them.

    And no this show doesn’t even appeal to gay males. i couldn’t care less and thought it was a dud when it was announced.

  5. Wow! Ch10 can’t make anything work!
    I agree with the sentiment that most people don’t watch, therefore miss the promos for shows & generally bad sentiment from online sources, unappealing shows or those that had a bad launch! I think that was EDN’s fault! Plus others shows like SYTYCD were asked when still had a fan base!
    Currently other alternatives 2,7&9 plus multi channels provide options! Other networks take note: keep upsetting viewers and you may be next!
    Plus I agree most youths use TV less than those who grew up without all the modern day distraction or entertainment devices!

  6. Secret Squirrel is onto a winner! Murdoch and his gang come in, turn the company upside down, green light some shows that simply are not good, others that are terrific but fail because of the overall public perception the network now has (leaving now two big groups of people out of work, ‘The Circle’ and now ‘EDN’) and continue to fail to learn from their mistakes.

    Paul Henry is a shocker. Six months after Breakfast launches, the program continues to languish in the ratings with no upward trend. 24,000 viewers yesterday. He’s completely unlikeable. He couldn’t be more biased if he tried. When will management get it? Henry was Murdoch’s personal appointment.

    “Who Murdoched Channel Ten?” indeed!!

  7. I really enjoyed this first episode. We weren’t subjected to the tiresome and tedious auditions, but launched straight into the competition. I’m pleased the nod to Priscilla has been steadfastly kept – thanks of course to Stephan Elliot – and it seems as it they aren’t going to shy away from all that glitters. It’s a great concept and the while some of the talent is green, some is clearly not. It’s a different angle on a talent quest, not to mention some of the talent they have lined up for the coming weeks.

  8. bettestreep2008

    John Jackson – I used to be a tragic Ten viewer too.

    Loved BB with Gretel – but Ten stuffed it up with Kyle and Jackie O.
    Loved GMA with Bert – but Ten stuffed it up somehow (Kim was great but David was boring).
    Loved Rove but I am guessing Ten rubbed him the wrong way and he just packed up and left.
    Loved BTG – but Ten shifted it to Thursday late and It just doesn’t feel the same anymore.
    Loved Idol – but Ten stuffed it up by getting rid of Mark Holden and focusing more on Vile Kyle.
    Loved SYTYCD – but they stuffed it up in the third season with a rotten timeslot. I’m sure the finale was on Wednesday night at 8.30pm
    Loved the revamp of YTT – but they stuffed it up by dumping it on Friday nights against the footy.
    Loved their AFL coverage – but they stuffed it up by not bidding for the rights again with Seven.
    Loved The Project – but being an hour long and having the likes of Steve Price on has really turned me off it.
    And they managed to stuff up MCA by sticking Renovators in the middle of season 3’s finale.

    Something is going on at Ten and I’d be very concerned if I was an employee and / or shareholder.

    Such a shame because it used to be the one network that we used to watch almost all the time.

  9. bettestreep2008

    Totally agree with you Secret Squirrel.

    Even The Circle rated better than Breakfast and that got canned.

    And it’s not only Breakfast that one has to question why it is still on.

    How about The Bolt Report? Isn’t that on Sunday evenings and rating under 500K?

    I think the only reason Paul Henry and Andrew Bolt remain on air is because Murdoch and Warburton have to please some board members and shareholders.

  10. Secret Squirrel

    Everybody Dance Now (385,000) – axed.
    Breakfast: (24,000) – still enjoying a charmed life.

    I know that comparing weekday morning ratings with those of Sunday primetime is like comparing apples with, idk, broccoli, but I have to wonder why Ten persist with Paul Henry. It’s almost as if somebody doesn’t want to admit that they made a big mistake when they ignored everyone’s cries of “Nooo!” once it was announced that he was to be fronting the show.

    Nobody is going to make a mini-series based on “Who Killed Channel Nine?” for fear of biting one of the big hands that feed them. However, it would be fairly safe to make one about what has happened to Ten over the last few years as you wouldn’t be too fussed if Ten got upset over it. May I suggest as a title – “Who Murdoched Channel Ten?”.

  11. Unfortunately Ch10’s perpetual third place of the big three commecial stations gives it an air of second rate that even non-TV heads like we TVTer’s. Survive started off with a bang with the contestants in drag doing Go West in the Erskineville Pub – that hooked me and I’ll be back next week.

  12. I think I’ve solved Ten’s problems: replay the previous week’s episode of Puberty Blues every night at 7:30pm and again at 7:30am then have infomercials all day until the news and The Project.

  13. italianguy1987

    I think 10 well stick with this show and keep it on their main channel.

    I think they need to stop putting it up against other top preforming shows like BB and X factor. They only do it as they think it will be a nice alternative. Obviously it’s not.

    Also, they need to produce more local dramas or comedies. They should have kept Rush, amazing local show.

    Maybe invest in 4 or 5 more local dramas or comedies and what their ratings soar.

    Why are networks scared of putting on local comedies like Mother and Son, Hey Dad! and Kath and Kim. We as Australians loved those shows and a fresh new one would do amazing on networks.

  14. So much to say here – John Jackson – You are absolutely right. It’s amazing how many times here people say Ten was their favourite network but not anymore. I would love to know the age of all the people here. Ten are wanting to attract the young audience with Shows like Bingle and Shire while at the same time alienating the audience that has been loyal for the last 20 years. The youth market they focusing on have so many other options and I don’t think are all that interested in TV.

    I really had no interest in IWS. After EDN really felt this would be a shocker. But was pleasantly surprised. Amazing how a good host and homegrown judges can make a difference. Well done to Hugh and Ms Taylor. Quite enjoyable, different and look forward to tonight’s show. Hopefully numbers pick up – It should be 800’s on Ten. But would be 1 mill plus on Seven.

    In what has been a shocking few weeks for Ten – Well done on this one.

  15. This message goes out to the people at TEN. I am offering my services free of charge. As an avid TV viewer I had seen the demise of the Australian networks, and most recently the challenges at TEN. Like many viewers I have shifted to alternate methods of watching my programs, therefore causing a decline in your ratings, which does not help you or your advertisers. I will come in and help you schedule your primary channel for the remainder of the ratings year and overhaul the general look.
    We will refresh the TEN logo taking inspiration from the TNT logo in the USA as it would not be a massive change. All on-screen graphics, promos, fonts, voice overs etc. will be standardised across the board, making a clear concise look and feel so people know they are watching TEN. Commercials will not be misleading to the events of the program or provide spoilers.
    I will need from you a detailed list of all the programming you have licenced to play, the number of new episodes available to play until end of ratings and the dates which they will be accessible to you. From this I will deliver a schedule which will work around the other networks drawcards and deliver results.
    When we catch up to the US screenings of shows, we will inform the viewer in the last commercial break and over the end credits (yes credits!) that the show will return at the same time/day in ‘X’ number of weeks due the catch-up. We will also advise what alternate program will be offered in its place, which will be a one off special and in the same 1hr or ½ hour slot, not changing the whole line up to throw in a 10 year old movie. No repeat programs will be aired in prime time after 7:30pm during ratings season.
    All programming will commence at the advertised time – I need your commitment to this. No 1hr shows will commence at 7pm, 8pm, etc. Stick to what works. All programs will display whether it is a new or repeat airing (we will not be using encore, classic etc.). Even the on screen promo card showing what will be on that night will show if it is a repeat as well as the voice over.
    I highly recommend that you take up my offer, as right now you don’t have much choice. If you don’t listen to what your viewers want then you will not succeed in turning around the current misfortunes.

  16. Ten just can’t cop a break. It’s gonna take some drastic re-strategising to gain the faith of the masses again with so many fails coz they’ve now got the stigma of being the Fail Station. C’mon Ten, you can do it!

  17. With so many disappointments on Ten,people don’t even want to bother giving a look-in to anything new that comes along.So for the niche shows like IWS,they really don’t have much of a chance from the get go.I think Ten need to re-assess what is going wrong and stop this over-saturation of reality type shows and take note of what the ratings are telling them.
    Also what’s going on with Breakfast?Why is it allowed to continue as it currently is?

  18. 24,000 for Breakfast, yet it lives on! WTF!

    I’m beginning to think there is something behind the rumours that TEN is being white-anted so it can be bought out by some draconian schemer.

  19. Yeah, this is kinda crazy. I was sincerely wanting to check this out but with 10 once being my fave channel I have not much idea what goes on there anymore. I was checking out x factor and bb last night instead which was hard enough, so this slipped my mind.

    I used to watch so much on 10, but now it is like it has lost a bit of its identity. Neighbours, big brother, rove, rush, the panel (and whatever else from working dog), occasional GMA with Bert or circle, anything with micallef (hurry up and give him a tonight show),before the game, and the 7pm project. So now the only thing I can watch is the project and a bit of before the game and watching the project is hard enough with it bring up against neighbours on 11 I can’t see either properly.

  20. While I think it was a good show, I’m not surprised it didn’t rate, because:

    (1) Ten is poison atm; and
    (2) People see it as just another reality show

  21. The problem is the TEN brand is damaged. If I will Survive was on Seven or Nine it would of got an easy million viewers. Hawaii five-o was my favorite show. Sure it only got 400k-600k viewers, but they dumped it with 2 episodes to go. That is still a lot of angry fans. If they had put in on at midnight so i could PVR it i would of been happy. They do this with lots of shows. I use to love The 7pm Project but they moved it. They dumped The Circle instead of trying to make it better. They can say what they like but at least The circle had cred, Breakfast has not and never will. I could keep on going. TEN just makes me angry. Rant over.

  22. All through Masterchef All Stars, premiere date for IWS was August 22 – Wednesday. Bringing the date 1 day forward with 6 days of notice will be part of the reason the figures were not as high as they should have been. Should have left it (as well as DTTB) same date as advertised previously. I am aware of a few people already who didn’t know it was on last night, and were looking for ward to its premiere “tonight”.

  23. I’m fed up to the back teeth with TEN, which I watch quite a lot despite being way out of their supposed demographic. The chopping and changing just about every night is just ridiculous. For instance House of Lies, with Don Cheadle, was Show of the Week in the Age Green Guide, Monday 9.40.

    Tuned in – well silly ol’ me. It wasn’t there of course. .

    I can’t remember what they’d shoved in, a repeat of something I think. Why do they Do this??? Printed guides are now totally obsolete, you can’t plan or count on anything being correct – ever.

    Talk about cutting your own throat. I’d hate to be working at TEN these days, it must be panic stations every day.

  24. How many people didn’t actually know it was on last night?
    Everything everywhere is still advertising it for tonight.
    With TEN’s schedule being a dog’s breakfast, who knows what’s on when.
    Ah yes, I know that’s why God invented the EPG but when something’s advertised as “Wednesday” then apparently appeared on Tuesday……

  25. mark from hawthorn

    Ratings for IWS are dissapointing…the show was light, fun and entertaining…Stephan Elliot was much better that i thought he would be. Hopefully people will give it a go.

  26. As much as I think Ten deserves what it gets, these numbers are surprisingly low for such a great show. This is the show they should strip each night at 7.30 – and Ten should get on to doing so asap – while it’s red hot in the twitterverse. It’s a very charming, intimate program.

  27. For me, last nights ratings confirmed that Anger Management did not deserve the 1 million viewers last week and that the numbers this week are exactly what it should be getting.

    The big surprise is that Winners and Losers maintained over 1 million viewers for its second episode which was shown well past 9.30 last night.

  28. Like The Shire and Lara Bingle, the concept is good, if it was for pay TV, or for Eleven, but other than gay males, the concept doesn’t have enough appeal, for a main channel reality show.

  29. Just amazing how resilient Deal or no Deal is in its battle with Hot Seat.When you figure its time to put a fork in it,and declare Eddie the winner,it comes back and been winning more times than losing of late.Maybe it correlates to the final prize up for grabs, I dunno.There is so little meat on the Deal bone,even though I haven’t watched in years,I’ve got to give props to Andrew O’keefe for staying in the game.Something seems to have changed from when Hot Seat was consistently 60 to 80k in front.

  30. bettestreep2008

    I wonder how many people taped IWS and will watch it later?

    Oztam are still doing that timeshifting thing aren’t they?

    I’m betting those soft figures will probably rise to a more respectable 700-750K.

    Can’t hurt Ten to repeat the two episodes (last night and tonight) on Saturday at 6.30pm?

  31. I think people put far too much weight on how well something is trending on Twitter. Twitter is not a definitive indicator of how well a show is rating since Twitter itself is niche. Only a small percentage of the population use it.

  32. No surprise re IWS as it does not have broad audience appeal, so I doubt whether it will build up much of an audience. No way can it compete with XF and BB.

  33. This genuinely shocks me. While I totally expected Everybody Dance Know to have the figures it got, based on social media comments (#iwillsurvive was consistently trending at number 1 with every comment I saw being very positive), this program should have done much much better. The show itself is fantastic. It deserves better and here’s hoping that talk after last night’s airing leads to better numbers next week. Aussie TV needs genuinely feel-good shows like this right now.

  34. I have to agree, I really loved this show, it was different, fresh and fun. Survive was trending above X Factor on Twitter last night. David, what did the show peak at, did the numbers grow and what happened when BB and X Factor finished? I’d like to know the full story please.

  35. Not surprising since I Will Survive was the only thing on after 7pm that was not a repeat. Give I Will Survive a go please. Last night was great fun.

  36. Hopefully 10 can turn this around. it was an enjoyable watch last night & i’m really looking forward to tonight’s ep. Hugh is a great host & the format I think works really well.

  37. No matter the amount of promotion Ten does for these shows, if it’s a turkey, it will not rate.

    IWS had no potential to be anything other than a niche show, especially up against X Factor.

    I’m also glad Anger Management slipped, I watched the first two episodes a few months ago and found it to be absolutely woeful. Charlie Sheen is the only worthwhile thing about the series

  38. I caught the end of IWS after The X-Factor and it looked interesting but up against The X-Factor it really never vstood a chance I feel. At least 10 has Puberty Blues unles they start changing time slots.

  39. jezza the first original one

    IWS had no appeal for me, just another conceptual ‘reality’ show. However I do hope ch10 bounce back tonight with PB. It would be nice for quality, locally produced drama to shine through the mush. Maybe then they (10) will find a way forward.

  40. bettestreep2008

    Such a shame for IWS.

    I watched it and enjoyed it – but I can’t see it competing with the family friendly X Factor.

    It won’t be axed like EDN – but it will find it’s way on Eleven in a few weeks.

  41. That’s bad. Seems like people have just completely forgotten about TEN altogether.
    I enjoyed it, and the Twitterverse had a lot more favourable comments than EDN. I’m guessing BB/XFactor stole most of it’s audience.

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