Seven bumps The Price is Right in Melbourne to help Seven News

Seven is acting on its underperforming Seven News in Melbourne by trying to shore up its lead-in programmes.

From Monday The Price is Right moves to 3pm in the Melbourne market to be replaced by repeats of Victorian-based travel series Coxy’s Big Break, hosted by Geoff Cox. It remains at 5pm in all-other markets.

This week Seven News has rated 192,000 on Monday (its lowest since Xmas Day 2007), 245,000 on Tuesday and 235,000 on Wednesday while Nine has scored 350,000 / 413,000 / 365,000.

Around the rest of the country Seven News either wins or, as in Sydney, remains competitive.

There are also problems at 5:30pm with Hot Seat scoring 190,000 in Melbourne and Deal or No Deal on 105,000 yesterday .

Speculation about the future of Deal or No Deal continues with the show not rating a mention in Seven’s release of 2013 Programming highlights.



  1. By moving TPIR to a 3pm timeslot, they are asking it to fail, as nobody, except stay-at-home mum’s like me, are home to watch it. I used to watch channel 7 from 4pm onwards, now I just turn it on at 300 (if I’m home!) to watch TPIR, then again at 530 to watch DOND. At 6pm I switch over to channel 9 news anyway as I find their news coverage is better – sorry channel 7, but it is. I agree with previous comments that TPIR isn’t the same as the old format and the prizes do suck. However I have always loved the show so for that reason I will continue to make the effort to watch it, when I’m home to watch it. But please, move it back to the 5pm timeslot!! Otherwise you’ll find ratings for TPIR will drop too!!

  2. If 7’s Melbourne news content is as bad as Sydneys then I know why ratings are low. Maybe 7 could bring back Wheel of Fortune to 5.30, Deal has become boring. I agree with otehr comments about Price is Righ the 2012 revised version is not as good as previous efforts

  3. 5pm where I am from Adelaide.It’s the 5:30pm Game Show DOND that is killing them.I would rather personally have 7 put some How I met your Mother or something decent as a lead in to the news.

  4. not like I live in Melbourne , but does Channel 7 really think a repeat of Coxy’s Big Break will rate any higher and improve ratings for 7 News?

    Why not move TPIR to 7Two and keep it at the same timeslot?

  5. I also agree about The Rich List for 5:30, it would be a smart move! Would certainly help refresh the time slot! As for TPIS, a major reason it’s not as good as it once was is because of the crappy prizes on it now, it’s all a big ad for Big W! If the prizes were better it would work.

  6. It’s what on the news that is the problem and not what’s on before it. Seeing a ad before for what was on 7 news tonight in Melb and their big “First on 7” headline was a interview with Brynne Edelsten regarding the court case involving her husband. Ouch.

  7. Talk about clutching at straws.

    Not that I’m a viewer of The Price Is Right, it’s pretty low to blame the show for Seven’s dismal news figures in Melbourne.

    Take a real look at what you’re dishing up at 6.00pm, and use your ‘expert knowledge and expertise’ to improve the product.

  8. jezza the first original one

    The best way ch7 can improve ratings for the news in Melb is to…..errr….. improve the news and have some content as opposed to the mindless drivel they push out at the moment. As for the utterley pointless crappy live crosses…..well

  9. Definitely agree with @Bruce Banner and @Fitzah.

    Seven should bring back The Rich List at 5:30pm.

    The reason Hot Seat works is because it is interactive and people can play at home whereas DOND is not.

    Andrew O’Keefe is a great talent and would be able to express himself more with The Rich List.

    Do it Seven!

  10. 5:30pm is crap on commercial TV.

    I am lucky on digital to have a choice between that 70’s show on 7 mate or 11’s The Brady Bunch both of which are far better if you like a sitcom of some sort over the nonsense that passes for Deal and Hot Seat.Who seriously watches that junk except for people who don’t know any better.

  11. @ jonasboi
    Any similarity between ABC news 24 and 24 hour news coverage is purely incidental and in no way indicates the channel is a legitimate news service. This channel has more repeats than a Gatling gun.

  12. I watched the more recent version of Price Is Right a little while back and I didnt like it either. I use to enjoy the earlier versions firstly with Turps and later with Larry but this current version sux.

  13. @steviep, i don’t disagree that leadins imapct the news ratings, and DOND was part of the reason 7 had so many good years. but we arent talking about the news leadin here, we’re talking about the 5:00 show.

  14. why do we even need so much news? ABC has 24 hour coverage. why not spend the money and put more childrens programming on in the afternoons and move the game shows to 6pm.

  15. How can whether Price is Right is on or not affect the 6pm News? Surely the number of people who leave one channel on from 5pm into the night would be able to be counted on one hand?

  16. @Mr J
    Actually not really…if you present a show that people dont respond to and they are forced to flick the channel they are unlikely to flick back at 6.00pm.

    Why do you think 7 overtook 9’s news in the first place? A little show called Deal or No Deal……………………….!

  17. @TasTVcameraman – Totally agree. Seems like it’s someone showing off with “look what we can do with our new camera thing”. Very annoying. Don’t watch it anymore either.

  18. TasTVcameraman

    I stopped watching as soon as Price is Right came on with its crazy camera angles and I now watch, TEN’s news and sometimes our local news.

    The early news on Seven was quite good.

  19. changing the 5:00 show to help the 6:00 news seems like a low bow to draw.

    i rekon 5:30 is a gold mine waiting to be tapped by the first network to make a move. deal and hot seat are both garbage, so repetitive, but there are eyeballs that watch them anyway purely out of habit. 7 should make a cheap light talk show like the circle/morning show and i think people will come.

    that said, people seem to forget very quickly that just a few weeks ago, after the olympics, deal was consistently beating hot seat. these 5:30 shows have had rollercoaster ratings for years, if it is axed u’d hope the reason wasn’t a knee jerk reaction to a current trough.

  20. If 7 get rid of DOND, I’d love them to bring back a stripped down version of The Rich List, put Andrew back as host and cut it down to a 30 min show. I’d watch that in a heartbeat when I’m home, but I have no desire to watch people open suitcases to win money.

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