Sting in the tail of Monday ratings for Seven, Nine, TEN.

If you’re a Seven, Nine or TEN exec you’ll know by now why some people are a bit grumpy this morning.

They’ve just seen some of the ratings for Monday night.

ABC was on fire on Monday night, with ABC News pulling higher viewing numbers than either Seven News or Nine News. Just as well these three are not head to head or there would be real trouble. There were big figures for ABC’s Monday line up across the board.

Seven News was down because of its Melbourne bulletin, plummeting to just 192,000 viewers while Nine had 350,000.  Seven News won in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. What’s the deal with Melbourne?

TEN had a miserable night, unable to rise above its 5pm News. The audience has already rejected Ben and Kate, while New Girl is tanking. It was a big brighter in Breakfast land with a figure above ABC’s primary channel.

The star performer of the night was The X Factor.

Seven Network won with 30.6% then Nine 27.1%, ABC 23.2%, TEN 15.5% and SBS 3.6%.

The X Factor Performance was 1.48m for Seven then Seven News (1.08m), Today Tonight (1.00m), Home and Away (992,000), Scandal (743,000), Deal or No Deal (445,000) and The Amazing Race (313,000).

Nine News was 1.04m for Nine. ACA  was 1.00m, Big Brother was 899,000, The Mentalist was 799,000, Person of Interest was 550,000, Hot Seat was 543,000 and CSI: NY was 273,000.

ABC News was 1.12m for ABC1 then Four Corners (1.03m), Australian Story (982,000), Media Watch (950,000), 7:30 (886,000), Q & A (858,000) and Lateline (301,000).

TEN News (650,000) was best for TEN. Modern Family was 632,000, Can of Worms was 476,000, The Project 6pm was 389,000, New Girl was 370,000, Hawaii Five-0 was 282,000, and Ben and Kate was 219,000.

Mythbusters (208,000) led SBS ONE then World News Australia (156,000), Derren Brown: The Experiments (131,000) and Black Mirror (85,000).

The Big Bang Theory topped multichannels on 299,000.

Sunrise: 352,000
Today: 337,000
Breakfast: 48,000
ABC News Breakfast:  41,000 / 31,000

Monday 15 October 2012



  1. I totally agree with Johnny1P5, Ten really need to plug their shows, they are not promoting these fast-tracked shows enough. As you say Johnny, Underground got lots of promotion and did well into the bargain. I watch Eleven more than I watch Ten and I have not seen much promotion for their upcoming shows. I found out about Homeland being fast-tracked by reading articles on this site.

  2. Yes, Seven Melbourne does record evening news breaks – some as early as 5.00 pm.

    They just key-in the appropriate pre-recorded background of the city skyline to fit the time of night that it goes to air.

    Then, after the 6.00pm bulletin, they just switch off the lights and everyone (with the exception of one junior) goes home.

  3. For the 1st time in years i watched 7 news and recorded 9 news in Melb. Its sad 2 say that Peter Mitchell should go.
    9 news Melb has the highest rating news presenter in Australia. He doesn’t have the class that Peter Hitchener has!! He read’s the news very quickly and with no warmth regarding stories. Also when a big story breaks in the evening we never see Peter Mitchell in news breaks, they always come from Sydney.
    Not like Peter Hitchener who when news breaks his the one we see.
    2 tvtonight (DK) does 7 news Melb record news breaks and the reader goes home??

  4. They are dire Figures for ten. Probably the worst I have seen considering the shows are ok! What can ten do???? This might seem crazy but I think the only thing ten can do is this. Go back to a quality local ten news between 6pm and 7pm. With the project at 7pm. And stick with it for 12 months and throw everything as making a creditable news service. Why?? Ten news at 5pm might be a good performer but at 5pm….who cares??? It is a waste It does nothing for the network for the rest of the evening Ten news currently is the only resonable performer. 6-7 time slot has been a big problem to ten for years and years. They can’t get the right show for 6-7. And hence loose viewers for the rest of the night. Their news is ok quality and would probably do ok against the OTT news on 9and 7 With Abc news doing well people are getting tired of the 7/9 sensationalism.

    Many would probably disagree with this but it’s my two cents worth!!!

  5. Agree @oztvheritage. In my opinion Ten are targeting the wrong demographic.
    They have some good programs but they’re repetition of shows tends to confuse viewers as to what’s new especially if you aren’t a frequent viewer who catches the promos. Bizarre programming decision also don’t help eg the season premiere of SVU was a double ep in the US. Ten played it as a single ep with a repeat for the 2nd hour. Why?

    Prime example of slapping loyal viewers in the face: Ten Late News rated 96000 19th Sept 2012 starting at 10:30pm. 19th Sept 2011 Ten Late News with Sandra Sully rated 306,000 at 10:50pm start time. Now there’s some ratings figures I’m sure Murdoch would die for these days.

    Ten have no option but to try to ride out the remaining weeks of the ratings season and start afresh in 2013.

  6. Tens primary channel was half of abc 1. Ten are given it a go but the damage has been done. The brand is damaged. Nobody is watching thanks to shows that we’re axed 12 months ago. The reason ten are in the siht is because of ones mans actions. And you know his name. The sad thing is they turned away the loyal viewers that had grown up with ten. To concerntrate on a demo that had no loyalties at all and so many other entertainment options This will take years to repair….if at all given the current tv climate. Ten used to advertise on billboards to attract non ten viewers. maybe try that again. The problem is, if it does not rate and gets moved or axed. The billboard remains. All I can say it is all very sad to a network that many used to be proud of. On ya mr Murdoch. How’s that share price going???

  7. I’ll admit if Seven News do many more Gangnam stories this week I might just flick to Nine instead. Possibly stay there.

    Lastly thank you again to SBS for the history documentaries on SBS2 at 8.30pm Tuesdays. Today being the First World War. I’ll admit I hope you can one day play the Prohibition documentary then or elsewhere because of the Star Trek clash. Even if it’s next year. I’m not in a hurry.

  8. I think some readers have hit the nail on the head.

    It’s not just about the presenter.

    I’ve always said that Nine in Melbourne has produced better ‘packages’ with their stories, and integrated them into the bulletin as a whole.

    Better story selection, writing, shooting, graphics, editing – even the way their reporters are dressed.

    Whereas Seven is all about “Revealing”, “Telling you first”, and when you get to the actual story – there’s nothing it.

  9. @lordy16
    Homeland is a cable show. The S1 pilot rated 1m in the US (in a population of tion of 315m). The +7 figures for the first season were around 3m

    The final of Homeland S1 rated 938k here (5 Cities ). Many of the S1 episode only rated ~800k but with +7 numbers as high as 309k.

    I would argue Homeland rates much, much better in Australia and Europe than in the US. Homeland only rated 633k for the S2 premiere but if the +7 and online viewings were high it is still doing pretty well.

  10. I’ll admit I was one of the few watching Seven News Melbourne. Plus SBS News and Mythbusters. Also Supernatural, Q&A and Lateline.

    As for whats wrong with Seven News I agree the content and ridiculous cross promotions are not helping them. That said I like Peter Mitchell (not to mention Jennifer Keyte) and if he goes I’d seriously consider switching back to Nine. The reason why I stopped watching Nine is I couldn’t cope with how downhill their news service got when Brian Naylor left. And that’s nothing compared to how inane it can be now.

    Ironically what I really want to watch at 6pm or 6.05pm is Classic era Doctor Who. If only the ABC could put it on for the 50th year i.e. 2013. Then I’m theirs for years. But just one episode a day from 1963-1989 starting from the start.

    By the way I just want to add I’m largely happy with SBS and SBS News being on at 6.30pm especially if the ABC could play Doctor Who. I’d really hate that clash.

  11. Honestly, I think Channel 7 needs to dump Peter Mitchell as its weeknight news anchor for Melbourne. Rebecca Maddern or Jennifer Keyte could take the chair.

  12. Ten’s Breakfast is now looking a lot more likely to see out the year and see into next year, what with all of its recent figures being over the 40,000 mark, a far cry from figures of around 20,000 earlier in its life.

  13. With daylight savings It would be interesting to see 7 news radio figures. c7 broadcasts its news over local radio stations, my wife and I listen to it on the way home from work in the car

  14. I think Melbourne viewers have finally realized how bad Channel 7 do there news.I have always felt there newsreaders,reporters etc,have never had the polish Channel 9 put’s across

  15. ABC News does have a left-wing bias. However, that is tolerable compared to the commercial networks news coverage which is filled with cross-promotions, advertising disguised as news and disproportionate coverage on certain reports. I think the quality of news coverage on commercial networks is incredibly poor.

  16. Some facts:

    Last night’s figures for Seven News in Melbourne were the lowest it has rated since Christmas Day 2007.

    In the last ten years, it has only rated lower on two other occsions:
    20/04/2004 163,000
    25/12/2003 119,000

    10 of the 16 lowest rating nights for Seven News in Melbourne over the past five years have all occurred in the past three months.

    And note to @Darcey09 – Nine News is hardly struggling in Sydney and Brisbane. In fact, it has already won the ratings year in Sydney. In Brisbane, it’s a close battle.

  17. @lordy16 I think it’s the way TEN are Advertising, remember going back when people were asking about Hawaii Five-O and David said he couldn’t tell when the new season would start (day or date), as TEN weren’t saying.

    I think that is half the problem right now, TEN needed to blitz the media weeks before outside of there own station to when Homeland, Hawaii Five-O, The Good Wife and etc were starting in new seasons, given days times and stayed firm to that.

    Yes Underground – The Julian Assange Story did well, however that was on the back of plenty of outside TV promotion. It got good coverage from good reviews in all daily’s for one being seen at the Toronto International Film Festival a couple of weeks before airing here (and that fuelled other stories as well).

  18. Wow 192,000 for 7 News Melbourne is one of the lowest figures i can recall in over a decade. It takes me back to the days where 9 News would thrash 7’s by anywhere between 100,000 to 200,000 or more in Melbourne during the 90’s. Ironically, it was around that period that my family and myself all switched from 9 to 7 News.

    I’m sure many are quick to point the finger at Peter Mitchell (presenter in melb) However, i think that he is by far the biggest asset to their Melb news, and to figure out what’s going wrong they need to take a good hard look at the changes they have made during 2012.

    Firstly – Content! There has been a shift from reporting ‘real’ news stories to seemingly trying to equal that content with ‘light & fluffy’ reports which do not belong in a 6pm news bulletin. Kim Kardashian being interviewed and handed vegemite? What? How is that news? I might have been mistaken for watching Entertainment Tonight if wasn’t for the 7 News logo. Aside from that, there is a ‘special report’ almost each night which would be better suited to TT in most cases.

    Go back 12 months to now, and one wonders what has happened to their focus on world events? Only ‘major’ events (and even that is debatable) seem to get air time, and could they not spare ‘at least’ 1 whole minute to wrap up events around the world each night?

    I appreciate the focus on ‘Melbourne’ stories, and believe 7 do truly deliver this better than its competitors, but too much air time is given to them, and if cut back could make room for more ‘news.’ Look at the 7 News website and see how much content it contains, and then compare it to 7’s 6pm news. They almost appear as two seperate entities, whereas the 6pm News should be the ‘primary’ source of News. Unfortunately, it is coming across as a sample of the website.

    Aside from this, presentation standards are slipping. Cuts are not as precise or sharp. Live crosses to a location where something happened 3 weeks ago is unnecessary. Chatter between News/ Sport/ Weather is too long. Peter Mitchell is an excellent presenter but the team behind him needs a lot of fine tuning. I will stick with 7 News melbourne as 9 News certainly isn’t much better. I have no doubts 7 will act and start the slow crawl back to No1 in Melbourne if they stop and look at what’s changed in the past 12 months with their news

  19. I agree with Pete, what can ten do? They fast track new shows but no one seems to care.
    I am one of the few people who watched New Girl, Ben and Kate and Can of worms last night. Ben and Kate is very weak and probably belongs on eleven but what is there to replace it with?

  20. Maev….Sydney: I can remember when Breakfast was below 20,000 some days.

    The new set has helped the show a lot. Hopefully it will build to around 100,000 come next year.

    Admittedly, it still has a couple of flaws but at least it doesn’t have silly cash games and advertisements within the program like Sunrise and Today.

  21. Despite Seven’s problems in Melbourne, it is still winning nationally quite easily. It’s not just about Melbourne!! Nine is struggling in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth. Ten is struggling everywhere.
    Well done ABC.

  22. Great news for the A.B.C.
    9 news in Melbourne has been thrashing 7 news (Melb) for all of this year, they haven’t won 1 week.
    A new presenter and the way they report stories cld be the reason 7 news is going so badly.
    192,000 for 7 news is dreadful and it doesn’t look like daylight savings in the reason why, when 9 news is getting 350,000 in Melb. When big stories break ple do turn 2 9 news.
    Our family will always stick with the best news service in Melbourne – 9 News!!!

  23. Seven News seems to be clutching at straws a bit lately.

    The new look studio, yuck, the old one looked much nicer.

    Crossing to a reporter every time, that’s gotten old fast. Having a reporter standing next to a road because someone crashed the day before doesn’t add anything to the report.

    This fad of showing Youtube clips sucks as well. If I wanted to see them i’d be on Youtube, not the news.
    It’s not funniest home videos.

  24. It’s good to see ABC News rating so well.

    Daylight saving is definitely one factor. I think Seven News is also sinking because of the content and the lead-in.

    What is DOND’s rating by the way?

  25. Black Mirror dropped 20k from an already weak opener.I liked this episode better.Not that any of us are programmers,tho we all like to act the part,but I’d put the Sbs news right at 6 against the others.It has the international angle to differentiate,and serious news guys would look at it 1/2 hour in rather than tt and aca.Moving up the rest of the lineup might help the later shows too,and you’re obviating any need for the dreadful under performer Count Down.

  26. Maev....Sydney

    Yes…I think daylight savings keeps a lot of folk out at 6PM….and also….I use to watch late night news during DLS….but there is no decent late night new now….apart from SBS which is more, as it says, World News….
    And TEN Breakfast slowly creeping up…can remember it being 30 t0 32 thousand awhile back.

  27. its so strange that comedies like new girl and dramas like homeland that rate so well in the US tank on TEN.

    is it the wya they are marketed? is it becuase no one knows they are on because no one is watching already?

    or is it just the TEN brand in general that is no longer resonating with viewers?

  28. I’m glad 4 Corners broke a million last night, it was fascinating viewing. Oh and Rod Laver on Australian Story followed by Lance Armstrong doping … talk about a study in contrasts!

  29. Good result for Scandal.

    The Mentalist is no longer the massive ratings drawcard it once was. Back in the day it was pulling figures of 1.5 million

    Ten can’t keep New Girl and Ben and Kate on the air with those figures, thats just laughable

  30. I must say I enjoyed Scandal last night. Great performance by Kerry Washington i hope it remains in that timeslot because I beleive there’s on 7 or so episode in this season. Other than that I find Monday night’s television a bore and chose to watch The Sopranos on DVD

  31. When watching the first episode of Ben and Kate I almost had to double check if it was supposed to be a comedy or just a light hearted story. There was nothing to laugh at.

  32. Maybe it’s time the commercial networks realised that the reason the ABC news is gaining the ratings is because the give us the news, not trumped up special “investigations” and political agendas. The only thing worse than the commercial news services at the moment are their “current affairs” programmes which suffer from a more extreme version of the same. The ABC offers a degree of objectivity and runs real news stories. Unfortunately SBS has slipped recently, but it’s still preferrable to the commercials!

    • There are a number of factors here. While BB is on ABC News rises because it is the only one (aside from SBS) offering content that isn’t light. It was a trend that happened 12 months earlier when Celebrity Apprentice was on. You can also add in Daylight Saving as a factor. However neither of these explains the drop for Seven News Melbourne. If Nine News can get 350,000 in Daylight Saving then that doesn’t explain why Seven News gets 192,000. And it’s not just a one day anomaly, their figures have been sinking for weeks.

  33. What are Ten to do?

    They are fast tracking and playing new product and nobody is watching. Given the small number of weeks left in the ratings year, I would just stick with the line up for Mondays and start afresh next year.

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