Blair McDonough exits with a bang

Blair McDonough fell victim to a soapie death last night on the season finale of Winners and Losers, exiting the series with a bang.

McDonough’s character Matt went up in flames when gas cylinders accidentally exploded in the back of his ute, right before the eyes of his wife Bec (Zoe Tuckwell-Smith) and new born baby. Yikes.

The finale, which Seven had even kept from the eyes of prying media, teased viewers with a number of potential victims hinting at road accidents and a crazed gunman. There were so many red herrings it was seemingly inspired by Who Shot Jr?

But in the end it was McDonough’s character that snuffed it.

Last night on Twitter Script Producer Dan Bennett tweeted: “#winnersandlosers has NEVER trended higher than it has tonight. On behalf of everyone, we could not thank you more for your support!!!

“After the most unspeakably horrendous week of my life, it’s nice to know the #winnersandlosers finale was received so well. Surprise…!! ;)”

The show was trending on Twitter with various reactions:

– Omg Matt died and he didn’t tell her the truth :'( #winnersandlosers

– um you cant just end like that #winnersandlosers

– So the moral of the story is don’t cheat on your wife cause you can die like Matt on #WinnersAndLosers lmao..

– Wow the way it ended better than I imagined I mean that’s what you call a season finale #winnersandlosers

– Totally guessed it was Matt who dies on #winnersandlosers but wow that ending was so well done. The suspense was awesome!!

– Ive spent the past hr balling my eyes out thnx to @DanMBennett & the rest of the team at #winnersandlosers (congrats tho on an amazing ep!)

– Waiting for #winnersandlosers season 3 is going to kill me… one of the best episodes yet!


  1. I have to admit, when I saw the headline I thought damn, now I know! As I don’t have a DVR and had missed the last few episodes I was waiting to get the DVD. But, I totally know that by going on a TV site I run the risk, hell, I know by logging onto FB I’ll probably find out news I sometimes don’t want to know, it’s up to me to do a blackout if it’s something really important to me. Once something has been aired, all bets are off!

  2. Unbelievable rant by KISSMAD. why would you logon to a TV site with current news and complain about spoilers of aired episodes? As a timeshift viewer It’s your responsibility to avoid spoilers.

  3. I mentioned this on the “Tonight’s Viewing” page yesterday, but I managed to see the episode before it had ever aired, thanks to JB HiFi selling the Season 2 DVD a day early…! I’d say it’s the first time that a season finale for an Australian series has been “spoiled” by an official DVD release! It’s bizarre that Seven would ban the media from previewing the episode, yet allow the DVDs to be shipped to the store before the episode has even aired. Anyway, it was a great finale!

  4. Yeah you can’t blame David for visiting a TV news site after something airs that you don’t want to be spoiled for. Once aired it’s news and site/forums are going to be talking about it.

    You’re not going to blame the TV news if you see the sports results before you had a chance to watch the grand final?

  5. I totally agree with Shire_Guy’s comment David. You are far too polite. Why on earth would someone come to this site and not expect to find up to date information like this. Even if this person isn’t a regular to this site, and googled winners and losers and stumbled across this site, why would u search if u didn’t want to know the outcome?
    I find out all my TV goss on this site and visit it daily. If it’s not on here then it’s not worth knowing. For someone to complain that they’d come to a website such as this and found out some “TV News” I find the most stupid comment I have read all year.
    Please don’t change a thing you are doing on the site David…

  6. You’re far too polite, David, lol. “Sod off” tends to encapsulate my thoughts, lol. Your rule is well known to all regular visitors.

    And if you’re a newbie that happens to stumble across the site, then the question has to be asked what are you doing looking at media?! As many others have noted, a self imposed black out is the way to go.

    Ah, common sense should be renamed for it is anything but these days…

    Keep up the great work, “news” and “spoilers” alike!

  7. I was convinced it was Sophie that was going to die. I was sure the 4 girls were returning but there were scenes during the show that made me think it was Sophie.

    Then I thought maybe Doug. The whole episode was great including the secret daughter and I like it how they showed these accidents but in the end it was a completely different one that killed Matt.

    I was shocked when the car exploded. I wonder if Blair chose to leave the show.

    Great episode and cant wait for season 3.

  8. I recorded W&L, didn’t look at TV Tonight until after I’d watched (as I do with any other programs I don’t want to know the ending/winner) and then jumped on to view David’s comments.

    Its not that hard people!!

    As David says – if its unaired then its a spolier, if it’s aired, its news.

    Not everyone records shows so it’s unfair for a tv news blog to wait a week incase people are too busy to watch a recording.

    It’s only TV people! Sheesh!

  9. As I work from home this site is like a water cooler moment for me. The day after something has aired we talk and debate and air our views. Its been seen by the Australian public so its news. You cannot ask a TV news site to hold off when its been to air, the masses are talking and so are we. And people even interact with TV as its on air. Its a brave new world.

  10. Kissmad: Based on your strategy, I could never have written “Julie Goodwin wins Masterchef” as a headline or used a photo while all other media, including social media, are freely discussing and publishing the info. Yet I run a dedicated TV blog. This makes no sense.

    I am still to have anybody clarify to me how long after an event I am free supposedly free to publish such headlines, or use such photos. 1 day? 1 week? You will soon see this is impractical.

    Rather than confuse everybody and changing strategies, I have a simple rule:

    Unaired= Spoiler.
    Aired = News.

    If you swim against the tide, you should modify behaviour not me. I am responding to content viewed by the masses. It is easier to have individuals modify their habit based on the content that they consider sensitive, than for a site to constantly change publishing strategies for drama storylines, awards results, reality finales, etc., plus factor in for Daylight Saving and time zones.

    Eurovision is a classic case. I withhold results until it has aired AEST on SBS despite News sites publishing on the same morning. Thanks.

    ps. Blair’s death is on HSun homepage in Confidential.

  11. I thought this Was David’s website !! And as far as I know its still a free country and everyone gets to say what they want (unless you slander someone then your in trouble). Some people are just I said earlier do not go on the internet if you dont want to know……..don’t worry David you can never please everyone !

  12. bettestreep2008

    For those who missed the finale – don’t worry , Home and Away has a similar storyline in tonight’s season finale.

    And Blair fans needn’t worry. Esther Anderson was killed off in H&A and she is apparently coming back – so who knows about Blair.

  13. Winners and Losers has been fanastic! it is now one of my favourite drama series… It was a great eposide last night great story writing indeed, everything was all happening in the show at once and you just had no idea what was going to come, great work to the cast and crew! should all deserve a pat on the back (:

  14. @KISSMAD – it was all over twitter and Facebook and news sites. And seriously with daylight savings, I found out he died before the show even started in Qld.

    But – it was a tense last 10 minutes. It was an old fashioned exploding series final. Loved it.

  15. How did i just know there would be a comment like Kissmad’s? when will people understand that the world doesn’t stand still to wait for individuals. If you timeshift you are responsible for not being spoiled and going on a media blackout, what are you doing on a tv website?

    I haven’t watched this season at all but caught last nights ep. and i am excited for season 3. the death was very well executed, If only mel’s death on PTTR was that unexpected.

  16. “I haven’t spoiled.”
    Yes you have. The viewers who come to this site before they watch the episode can see what has happened before viewing the episode.

    “Please also advise Editor of the Herald Sun which has the same story up.”
    I don’t visit that site! However I did have a look and there is nothing on the main page about the finale.

    “Also, what day after the event are you suggesting I am free to write the News? A question nobody has ever been able to answer directly. Thanks.”
    You can write about it any day you want. I’m not objecting to that. It’s the wording on the main page that I’m objecting to. You did not need to have the actors name in the headline. Something more appropriate like…
    “Guess who exits with a bang
    A beloved character fell victim to a soapie death last night on the season finale of Winners and Losers.”

  17. Its simple if you watch the show and you dont want to know who died until after you have watched it then dont go on the internet until you have watched it !

  18. @ KISSMAD: David didn’t ‘spoil’ it, You did by coming on a TV show website the morning after a season finale! I didn’t get to watch Winners & Losers until after midnight but in the meantime I stayed away from my computer knowing everyone would be talking about it.
    It really is that simple.

  19. @KISSMAD, you must be new to TV Tonight :) If something TV related is to be spoiled, it will happen here. Right in the title of the story – there’s no escaping it. Others before you have tried to reason (“Why do you have to spoil it in the title?”) but to no avail. David obviously has his reasons – his site, his rules. You just have to deal :)

  20. @KISSMAD – Is this not a TV news website? Better not read a newspaper (well, the News Ltd “news”papers) or listen to breakfast radio (the down-market stations at least), and especially, don’t view a TV news website if you don’t want to know about something that happened in a TV show yesterday.

  21. its_on_tracks_3and4

    Hear, hear David! The hard truth about timeshifting is – if you don’t want spoilers, you need to go on a self-imposed media blackout. In other words, with great time-shifting power, comes great responsibilty! PS Fantastic way to end a series, congratulations to the entire crew and cast.

  22. “Blair McDonough exits with a bang 2
    Blair McDonough fell victim to a soapie death last night on the season finale of Winners and Losers.”

    Thanks for spoiling the finale of Winners and Losers David!

    You could of at least not mentioned who dies on the main page. So that time shift viewers would not have the episode spoiled by that action. Viewers who wanted to know who dies could of clicked on the link to find out. Making all viewers happy.

    Not happy Jan!

    • I haven’t spoiled. I have written News on a dedicated TV site. Please also advise Editor of the Herald Sun which has the same story up. Also, what day after the event are you suggesting I am free to write the News? A question nobody has ever been able to answer directly. Thanks.

  23. I honestly thought Sophie was going to get shot but as soon as all the red herrings played out and the last scene started I knew Matt was going to die and it would somehow involve those gas cylinders Patrick put in the back of his ute.

  24. I haven’t watch the show since last season but caught the last few minutes with each incident then wondering who are they going to kill off. Then the final moment Wow way to kill someone off.

  25. the whole of the last 10 minutes of the show was just amazing and thrilling to watch. you just did not know how or who was going to get it but in the end im kinda glad it was matt as i just adore all the ladies in the show and want them all to return next year (hopefully sophie stys on) !

  26. Why did Blair get killed off? He was my favourite character on the show and I think he will be sadly missed. Did he leave or was pushed? He had a lot more spunk with his character than others, it dosen’t make sense. Excellent finale with the other characters.

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