My Top 5 for 2012

This morning on ABC Radio National Breakfast with Fran Kelly I revealed my Top 5 shows for the year.

It was another tough choice and I decided to make life easier by focussing purely on content that made its debut in 2012.

Honourable mentions go to: Puberty Blues, Howzat, Call the Midwife, Jack Irish, Smash, Episodes, Hit & Miss and Game Change.

Drum roll….

5. The Newsroom
4. The Voice
3. Redfern Now
2. Mabo
1. Homeland.


  1. Like “Homeland” but agree with whoever said its become too much like “24” . The second series is a lot less believable than the first. I also question how you could leave off season 5 of “Mad Men” and arent we allowed to say season 3 of “Downton Abbey” because it was so much better than season two, just because Seven takes too long to show it. I find almost frightening so many people list “Revenge”. !!!???
    And seriously, “Redfern Now”is very very contrived.But as you say, its personal opinion. i couldnt rate anything Australian in a top 5 I am afraid
    5 Dexter
    4 Homeland
    3.Downton Abbey
    2. Mad Men
    1. Breaking Bad.

  2. TasTVcameraman

    My top 5 would be :
    1 Homeland
    2 Revenge
    3 Suits
    4 Jack Irish
    5 Neighbours – for consistency over many years
    Honourable mentions go to Howzat, Puberty Blues, White Collar, Suits, Downton Abbey and I think the best 20 minutes of any TV show made in Australia, the last 20 minutes of Winners and Losers the final episode. Good action and suspense. The rest of the series was OK !

  3. Best Shows

    Game of Thrones
    The Walking Dead
    Breaking Bad

    Can’t even rate which is better than the other.

    Best new shows.
    Moone Boy

    Plenty of other good shows, but yeah.

  4. I enjoy CW series. These are my top 5 this year

    5. Homeland
    4. Revenge
    3. The Vampire Diaries
    2. Teen Wolf
    1. Dexter

    I also enjoyed Arrow, Elementary, and Supernatural. Hooray for genre shows

  5. For me the top 5 of the year for me were

    5.The Voice
    4. Foxtel’s Olympic Coverage
    3. Sydney Swans win AFL GF
    2. Revenge
    1. Homeland

    Honourable mentions to Amazing Race Australia, The X Factor, Once Upon a Time, The Newsroom, Puberty Blues, Smash, Revolution and Redfern Now.

    Personally think Hozat and Beaconsfield were overrated dramas.

  6. My top 5 in no particular order:
    – The Newsroom
    – Homeland
    – Treme
    – Revenge
    – Mrs. Brown’s Boys (surprised it’s not on more people’s lists!)

  7. Channel 9 Olympic coverage
    Everybody dance now
    The shire
    Being. Lara bingle

    Just joking her are my Top 5 shows in order
    5 foxtels Olympic coverage
    4 master chef
    3 big brother
    2 the biggest loser
    1 puberty blues

  8. Thanks for sharing your choices, David. Definitely agree with Homeland!

    Am I the only one who thinks Redfern Now is a bit over-rated? I watched it and I enjoyed it, but I found it a bit cliched. I had really high expectations for this show…I thought we were going to get an Aboriginal version of ‘The Street’, but when I watched it I didn’t feel like I was watching any ‘real’ people (in the way I did with The Street, or shows like Friday Night Lights), and the representation of Redfern didn’t really seem authentic either. But that could just be me. Good to hear they got a second season.

    Also, I agree about The Hour, what a great show! Does anyone know if series 2 will be airing on ABC in the new year? It has already started airing in the UK.

  9. When sticking to debut series of 2012 I only have a top three and they were howzat kerry packers war, the voice and homeland. Would like to see the newsroom. I didn’t mind watching mabo or a moody christmas but wouldn’t say they were a fav.

  10. Absolutely no ‘reality’ or ‘talent’ show deserves a spot in the top 25 let alone the top 5.

    1. Game of Thrones
    2. Mad Men/Boardwalk Empire
    3. Rake
    4. Hit & Miss
    5. A Moody Christmas

  11. The Other Adam

    My personal top 5 are:

    Moody Christmas
    Breaking Bad
    Puberty Blues
    Big Brother

    Was a good year for TV this year, especially for Australian produced shows. I found my list really easy to make based on the shows we watched religiously

  12. Mine would have to be

    5 – teen wolf
    4 – revolution
    4 – grimm
    3 – the walking dead
    2 – the newsroom
    1 – falling skies

    besides, neighbours and spicks and specks I only watch foxtel.

  13. Drama-
    Breaking Bad
    Mad Men
    Game of Thrones
    The Hour (a better version of the Newsroom without the Preachyness)

    Homeland for the first 9 eps of the season before it turned into 24 (The CIA all of a sudden stopped bugging Brody’s phone the moment he starts talking to Abu Nazir… Really??)

    Parks and Rec
    30 Rock (sad to see you go)
    House of Lies (Entourage with an IQ)


    New Girl
    Happy Endings
    Modern Family

  14. you missed out on the great series of The Bridge. Although it wasn’t mainstream enough, you did make great reviews of it. Nice show tucked away on sbs2.

    Also, i wish Rake was there. It was in it’s second season though

  15. I’m assuming you missed season 5 of Mad Men since no-one in their right mind would have it on a list lower than The Newsroom, The Voice, Episodes or the execrable Smash.

  16. bettestreep2008

    Ugh – The Voice?

    How about shows that have been consistently excellent this year?

    The Good Wife
    Modern Family

    and out of left field – Into the Abyss and the Death Row documentaries by Werner Herzog.

  17. You left Smash off the top 5? But you love Smash, David! Definitely all for Homeland and as a huge West Wing fan, love The Newsroom too. I would round it out with Scandal, OUAT and Howzat.

  18. Oh tough one my top 5 of the year in no particular order.

    – Newsroom
    – Girls
    – Puberty Blues
    – Offspring
    – Dexter
    – Homeland

    Ok….I can’t choose 5 because I loved all 6 of the above that I couldn’t possibly cut one.

  19. Interesting list David – plenty of food for thought there.
    I strongly agree with both ‘Homeland’ (as top choice) and ‘The Newsroom’ – despite some reservations I have, there’s nothing else like it on TV, and it boasts incredibly strong performances from all the main cast members. ‘Howzat’ would definitely be in my own top five, along with ‘The Hour’ (technically it might have been made in 2011 but I think it premiered in Australia this year) and, perhaps, ‘Media Watch’ for being so consistently informative And entertaining.

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